Ukraine Update, Day 48

On Tuesday, Vladimir Putin virtually admitted that so-called peace talks between Russian and Ukrainian forces have been a waste of time and effort since begun on Feb. 28.

After the illusion of progress along the way, talks are “deadlock(ed),” he said.

It’s because dominant US hardliners want a state of perpetual war along Russia’s borders, he knows but failed to explain.

Russia never should have agreed to talks in the first place.

The only language the US-dominated West understands is toughness.

As directed by its high power in Washington, the puppet Zelensky regime appears willing to continue fighting to the last Ukrainian — no matter the cost to the nation, its shattered economy and people.

Russia should focus solely on smashing Kiev’s war machine, rendering it inoperable as a fighting force and deNazifying the country.

Nothing else, especially no further going nowhere peace talks with delegates of a puppet regime serving US/Western interests and what benefits its own elites to the exclusion of conflict resolution and concern for the well-being of ordinary Ukrainians.

On Monday, Sergey Lavrov said Russia’s campaign will continue until its goals are achieved, adding:

Ukrainians have not been negotiating in good faith, saying one thing, doing another.

Kiev’s revised draft proposal was “unacceptable.”

Chances for puppet Zelensky to turn a page for real conflict resolution are virtually nil — not as long as dominant US hardliners reject the notion.

While Zelensky said he’s “no longer interested” in NATO’s diplomacy “that leads to the destruction of my country,” he bows and scrapes to its will.

Notably on orders from his higher power in Washington, he won’t recognize Crimea as Russian territory or accept Donetsk and Lugansk sovereign independence from Ukraine.

Nor will he halt fighting as long as ordered to continue it indefinitely.

Separately, NATO’s provocative Operation Bold Dragon war games began in Estonia near Russia’s border.

According to commander of NATO Battlegroup Estonia, Lt. Col Ru Streatfeild:

“In the days to come, each subunit of the battlegroup – from the UK, Denmark as well as France – will show what they are capable of, with the goal of integrating into the 1st Infantry Battalion as an efficient military unit.”

At this time, around 40,000 NATO forces are based in Eastern Europe near Russia’s borders, more reportedly on the way.

Will their presence and hostile intent provoke East/West confrontation?

Will hegemon USA risk what’s unthinkable?

In response to the dubious accusation of chemical weapons use by Russian forces in Ukraine, Britain’s BoJo regime said “all possible options are on the table in terms of how the West might respond.”

MP Heappey said Britain has no evidence to suggest that any chemical agents were used by Russia.

Spokesman for DPR forces, Eduard Basurin, said there’s been no use of chemical weapons in the battle to liberate Mariupol from the scourge of its Nazi infestation.

After dementia Joe’s double diverged from lines scripted for him to recite, saying:

The Biden regime would respond “in kind” to alleged use of chemical weapons by Russia in Ukraine, the White House and State Department went into damage control mode, stepping back from his unscripted remark.

Around five years ago in 2017, the OPCW confirmed the elimination of remaining chemical weapons in Russia.

In stark contrast, hegemon USA has long maintained stockpiles of banned chemical, biological, chemical and other banned terror weapons — for use in warfare.

On Tuesday, Russia’s Defense Ministry’s spokesman General Igor Konashenkov reported the following about the battle to liberate Mariupol from the scourge of remaining Nazified occupation, saying:

“On 11 April in Mariupol, the remnants of Ukrainian troops surrounded on the territory of the ‘Ilyich’ plant made an unsuccessful attempt to break out of the city at night.”

“A group of up to 100 Ukrainian soldiers in armored vehicles tried to fight their way out of the plant and leave the city in a northern direction.”

“Air and artillery strikes foiled this breakthrough attempt.”

Three Ukrainian tanks, five infantry fighting vehicles, and seven light vehicles were destroyed. 

Around 50 troops were killed.

“Another 42 laid down their arms and surrendered.”

On Monday, Mariupol’s port was entirely cleared of Ukrainian Nazi fighters.

A few thousand remain holed up in the city’s Azovsal steel plant — “converted into a fortress.”

On Tuesday, Konashenkov also updated Russia’s destruction of Kiev’s military, its eroded ability to continue operating as a fighting force, saying:

To date, “130 aircraft, 99 helicopters, 244 surface-to-air missile systems, 443 unmanned aerial vehicles, 2,139 tanks and other combat armored vehicles, 241 multiple rocket launchers, 917 field artillery guns and mortars, and 2,046 special military motor vehicles” were destroyed.

So were 32 military military facilities,” more oil, weapons and munitions depots.

Each day, the ability of Ukraine’s military to operate as a fighting force more greatly erodes.

It’s just a matter of time before it’s too battered and beaten to continue what’s been futile against superior Russian military strength all along.


3 thoughts on “Ukraine Update, Day 48

Add yours

    1. Mr Lendman,

      “Ten Plays That Shook the World !”

      1)…Regarding Gen Shoigu.

      The lying Bourgeois Press has concocted all sorts of lies about his whereabouts..

      Drawing up the horrors that befell him

      his horrible fate..

      Beating him up with the old Stalin stick..

      Hence, it would behoove Russia to show the opposite is true ..

      To dispel those lies..!

      Remember at the End the Wizard of Oz

      The Wiz says,

      “I may be a bad Wizard,
      But I’m not a bad man..”

      Shoigu is not a bad General
      And certainly not a bad man…!

      No it’s in the Land of Lies
      That soldiers disappear.

      Like what happened to
      Pat Tillman..?


      I shook Pat Tillman’s hand the night before Ariz St played in the Rose Bowl.

      As they say down South,
      “The guy was put together!”

      What a Stud.
      A Real American Hero

      At the Bank now.
      Been waiting for my number to come up..

      It’s next.
      Will be back

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Mr Lendman..

    Post Mortem of “Ten Plays”

    Forgot every one of them by now

    This is the
    Day before New Year here..

    Starts tonight..
    A 4 or 5 day Celebration..!

    It’s Big….dog!

    What did I say above..
    I’ll be right back.


    I had a day right out of the Adventures of Huck Finn..!


    Walked into my apt

    Had left the TV
    No sound so I overlooked it.

    CNN ..Jake the Snake was interviewing Nec Price..

    I could see Jake was extremely distraught..

    I hit the Sound..
    Ned was giving out his usual
    Used Car Sales Speech.

    Jake was underimpresed.

    I mean visibly annoyed how bad the bullshit is failing.

    He’s the Poster Boy.

    The Barometric Pressure Gauge on the State Dept News…!

    As you’re quite aware..

    The War is fought in two theaters..

    In the Media
    And in reality on the battlefield

    Up until now

    The Media, their Queen on the Chessboard has been winning ferociously..

    And in Reality
    On the Battlefield

    They’re about to get fuxin Checkmated..!

    The Media
    Their Battle Mace
    Their Battering Ram

    Has been highly effective
    But no longer works so well.


    And the Gangsters Are All In
    And in big trouble.

    Even with a
    Total Blackout of the Truth..
    By the Worldwide Nazi Press.

    And a Complete Monopoly on the News..

    They’re trending downward rapidly..




    The More he Lies about Russia
    The further his numbers drop..!

    (Every other lying War Criminal President who started a War got a Bounce the first years..!)

    (That shows the ether wearing off on the Long Curve readout)

    Problems..needless to say
    “the Big Guy…has

    a myriad of other chronic problems that are systematic

    and cannot be fixed under Late Capitalism…!

    Bad now..
    Gonna get worse.

    The Whole World already feeling the first initial trembles

    of the “Fall of Rome 2..”

    We’re heading into Fascism
    Straight Up and On the Rocks

    The Belgian Marxist Economist
    Ernest Mandel called Fascism.

    “Extreme Capitalism”

    Tyrannical Fascism
    Uless the Working Class
    wakes up in time ..


    I might add in closing
    Since I forgot the point

    BTW…Mandel once said the easiest way to discern the distinct period of
    ” Late Capitalism. ”

    “As simply the growth in the enormous disparity of wealth”

    Privately, between Nations and Continents.”

    ( I’m exhausted..
    Need to sleep ..
    Be back.. whenever.)


    BTW…speaking metaphorically

    one of the Forks on Satan’s Pitchfork was to initiate

    This Whole designer war to divert the Enormous Crimes of the Criminal Elite..

    And the most sinister and deadly Scam (WAR)

    on Humanity..with the Poison Jab.

    Are they just gonna go on..
    And walk away Scott Free?

    The World is in Free Fall…
    Chaos and then a New Renaissance to follow.

    Thiscperiod much like the Century after
    the 476 AD final Fall of Rome.

    The Sorting Out..
    And Waste Removal Events.


    I’ve meb


    Currently 5 hours later.


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