Fake News “Evidence” of Alleged Russian Atrocities in Ukraine

Atrocities R’us reflects longstanding US policy in all its wars of aggression on invented enemies since the republic’s inception.

Not a shred of evidence links Russian forces to operating this way in Ukraine.

Just the opposite is true. 

Indisputable evidence shows how Russian forces protect civilians and nonmilitary infrastructure.

Russia bashing NYT rubbish continues to falsely claim otherwise — as part of its press agent services for US hegemony.

Throughout Russia’s special military operation since begun on February 24, the Times featured fake news reports exclusively on what’s gone on.

In its latest fake news edition, the Times falsely accused Russia of “reducing (Ukrainian) cities to rubble (sic), forc(ing) millions from their homes and kill(ing) untold numbers of civilians (sic).”

It lied calling Russia’s campaign “a failure because its forces failed for weeks to take” Kiev — ignoring that they had no intention to attack and occupy the city.

The Times cited a phony Biden regime justice department claim that it disrupted a Russian cyberattack on “networks of private computers with malicious software to create a botnet that could have been used for surveillance or destructive attacks (sic).”

No evidence was cited to corroborate the above claim because there is none.

Because China hasn’t supported US/Western infowar propaganda about what happened in Bucha — Russia falsely blamed for a made-in-the-USA/Kiev implemented false flag — the Times accused Beijing of “echo(ing)” straight talk about the Bucha incident that Russian forces had nothing to do with.

And this fake news from the Times:

“Russia (reportedly) may be planning to use…chemical weapons as part of its offensive in eastern Ukraine” — despite no evidence suggesting it. 

Here’s more from WaPo, claiming:

“If Putin isn’t stopped in Ukraine, the Baltics are likely next (sic).”

Putin seeks “to restore Russian hegemony over its ‘near abroad (sic).’ ”

“His success in Ukraine would pave the way for future horrors (sic).”

Smashed and beaten “Ukraine’s military, with aggressive help from NATO, must defeat Russian forces (sic), or the US might soon face the question: Do we really fight for Lithuania (sic)?”

And this WSJ fake news:

“Russian mercenaries…played a leading role in the” Bucha incident — ignoring indisputable evidence of noninvolvement by Moscow.

LA Times editors called for “Putin and Russia (to) answer for atrocities in Ukraine” — committed by the regime’s Nazified thugs.

BBC rubbish falsely accused Russia’s military of “atrocities and alleged war crimes (sic),” adding:

Russian media “pursuade(d) (viewers and readers that its forces) in Ukraine are battling ‘Nazis,’ ‘neo-Nazis,’ ‘ultra-nationalists’ and are ‘liberating Ukraine from fascism’ — creating a parallel reality around events there (sic).”

According to Al Jazeera fake news, Russian forces are responsible for “killing about 21,000 civilian residents of” Mariupol (sic).

They “raped women and committed other forms of sexual violence (sic).” 

Canada’s CBC “accused (Russia) of war crimes in Ukraine” — committed by Zelensky regime forces.

Even Haaretz transformed itself into a pro-Nazi-infested Ukraine echo chamber with fake news like the following:

Russia committed “atrocities and war crimes in Ukraine (sic).”

“Russian strikes hit a children’s hospital (sic) and a theater housing hundreds of civilians (sic).”

Russia’s “claimed deNazification of Ukraine (is a) chilling manifesto for genocide (sic).”

It’s “widely assumed that Russia committed war crimes in Ukraine (sic).”

Its “forces carried out widespread murders among the occupied population (sic) before retreating (sic).”

“European investigators document(ed) a catalogue of inhumanity by Russian forces (sic).”

“Putin’s back is against the wall (sic).”

“Ukraine is the beginning of the end for Putin (sic).”

The above rubbish reflects propaganda infowar backing of Nazi-infested Ukraine over Russia’s campaign to smash its war-making machine and deNazify it.

Ongoing throughout the run-up to Russia’s campaign and since begun is highly likely to continue when its mission is accomplished and fighting ends.

One thought on “Fake News “Evidence” of Alleged Russian Atrocities in Ukraine

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  1. This is Mythland where no truth goes unopposed.

    The Wee People are continually poisoned with lies. Its all Big Lie technique, but their is too much contamination for this to hold. Mythlanders don’t talk to me much about their poisoned views, but if somebody says the Russians are committing these atrocities or the Ukranians are wearing down the Russians, I have some boilerplate ready for them: “You are too stupid to talk to.” Time is extremely precious as the the totalitarian gate is shutting (5G: The Ultimate Weapon) It is idiot hopping time.

    There has to be a documentary on the battle of Mariupol in the works and the world is going to be shocked by the level of cruelty imposed by the Dollar Empire funders. The greatest cruelty of today is allowing the war to continue and that is not looking through a straw of the command to fight to the last Ukranian.

    The Empire of Lies is also an Empire of Cruelty and an Empire of Poisons.


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