Sergey Lavrov’s Straight Talk on Ukraine

As long as hegemon USA controls Ukraine — using it as platform for proxy war on Russia — restoration of peace and stability in central Europe as it should be remains off the table.

Russia’s campaign was launched to smash Ukraine’s war-making machine, deNazify it, protect its security from US-control of the country and liberate Donbass entirely from endless war on its people.

Commenting on EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell’s statement about about defeating Russia on the battlefield in Ukraine, Lavrov said the following:

The view he expressed “is a major shift in the policy of the EU and the entire West.”

It “occurred after the start of our special military operation.”

The US-dominated West is using what’s happening in Ukraine as a pretext to subjugate and subordinate Russia “to the global system built by the West,” Lavrov explained.

“Our special military operation is designed to put an end to NATO’s unlimited expansion and to keep the US and other NATO countries from achieving total domination in the world arena.” 

“They are building this system based on ‘rules’ (that) violat(e) international law in the crudest manner.”

Their ruling regimes “are cultivating neo-Nazis and ultra-radicals on our borders.” 

“The Pentagon set up dozens of laboratories to develop biological weapons” for use in war-making.

Vladimir Putin “explained in detail (why Russia launched its) special military operation.” 

It followed “eight years of sabotage of the Minsk agreements, accompanied by daily bombing of Donbass,” as well as: 

Flooding Ukraine with Western weapons.

Sending US-Western instructors to train Nazi-infested units. 

“They (comprise) the backbone of groups now resisting our operation to demilitarize and deNazify Ukraine.” 

“Western propaganda used all this to portray Russia as pure evil and themselves, consequently, as purely good.” 

“The Ukrainian regime is described as a model of democracy, justice, freedom and European aspirations in all things, including values that Europe has supposedly always preached.” 

What’s going on reflects their drive for unchallenged dominance.  

Russia…will never accept a subordinate status” to Western interests. 

“We can be members of the international community only on equal terms, on conditions of indivisible security.” 

“We wanted to reach some accommodation but were ignored by” the West. 

They’re not “colleagues,” Sergey.

They’re diabolical mortal enemies against virtually everything most people cherish, want established and preserved.

Borrell’s belligerent remark transformed the EU from a political to a military organization allied with US-dominated NATO’s war machine.

“Whenever the chief diplomat of a country or an organization says that a conflict can be resolved exclusively by military means, that is how such a statement is construed,” said Lavrov.

As for an international tribunal to hold nations and individuals accountable for war crimes in Ukraine, there’s no ambiguity about who’s culpable and the other way around.

Not a shred of evidence points fingers at Russia.

The US, its NATO and Ukraine vassal states bear full responsibility for the highest of high crimes from at least the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 Maidan coup in Kiev to the present time.

They’re responsible for 8 years of aggression by Kiev on Donbass, for permitting torture and other atrocities to be perpetrated by Nazi thugs and for tyrannical rule in Ukraine.

Over seven years of Russian diplomacy to end conflict proved fruitless because hegemon US wants a permanent state of war along its border, EU vassal states going along with what demanded denunciation and opposition.

While Moscow still prefers resolving what’s going on diplomatically to restore peace and stability, Putin, Lavrov and other Russian officials know, or should know, that dominant Biden regime hardliners won’t tolerate it.

And they control all things Ukraine, especially what relates to Russia.

Putin erred by ordering a pause in Russia’s campaign weeks earlier, a foolhardy decision against a US-controlled regime with no intention of keeping its word for peace on anything agreed on.

Virtually straightaway he realized his error and ordered a full resumption of Russia’s campaign.

It’s the only language the West and Kiev understand.

Lavrov correctly explained that the Bucha and Kramatorsk false flags will be followed by more of the same, an issue I discussed in a previous article.

Saying he sees no reasons for halting talks with Ukraine while Russia’s campaign continues ignored the reality of US control over Kiev delegates — with no intention of permitting agreement on conflict resolution.

Smashing Ukraine’s military and achieving Russia’s other objectives on the battlefield are the only viable options.

Nothing else can work.

It hasn’t worked so far and won’t ahead because dominant Biden regime hardliners want conflict continued to the last Ukrainian proxy fighter.

When things end and Russia can declare mission accomplished, restoration of lasting peace and stability in central Europe will have miles to go before achieving this goal is possible.

As for restoration of any resembling more normalized East/West relations, perhaps a generation or longer will be necessary.

The diabolical actions of US/Western regimes proved that they can never be trusted going forward.

It’ll likely take a whole new political mindset in the West under a new breed of leadership to undue enormous damage to relations with Russia.

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  1. The best-kept secrets on earth are what makes Ben Davidson the most important voice on the planet. In 20 years or so the magnetic poles will flip on what might be called a Columbia-Laos axis, but it can be seen in this Ben Davidson video: “Magnetic Pole Shift, Solar Filament Watch | S0 News Apr.9.2022” at

    The video starts at 1:20 where he begins reporting on studies supporting the 6000-year cycle of reversal. The map of the magnetic excursion will appear by the 2:50 mark.

    In about 20 years Antartica will be near the equator. There is also a micronova of the sun coming as this is the 12,000-year event and not a 6,000-year harmonic like the Noah Event that came with the last magnetic reversal.


  2. Mr Lendman,

    What did Tesla say,

    ” if they can make you _?_

    They will make you commit unbelievable Crimes as well..!”

    The nexus of this Nazi Filth
    The very DNA of the
    Mass Psychology of Fascism..

    Is you must be made a child

    Take the leap into juvenile awareness.

    Willing to believe
    Any Lie such as Buchia
    with no forensic evidence.

    Start War
    WWIII maybe with no evidence.

    IN FACT.

    if the State was prosecuting a citizen for Jaywalking
    Or stealing empty Coke bottles

    Or even a DWI…

    And there was no evidence
    none of any kind..

    It would be thrown out of Court.

    Not one shred of evidence

    Except the film shows people moving after being killed

    And Uki Bedwetters and Pedos setting up the Scene.


    All on the Word of Proven Liars

    Who have never told the Truth

    The track record

    238 Loses
    0 Wins

    And yet all belief and empirical evidence disregard..

    Covered Up by the Bedwetters and Pedos on Nazi TV.

    All this putrid backwardness
    Replete with stupid lies you are asked to blindly believe.

    You are required to be stupid
    Like them .

    The macabre truth of their own
    Heinous Nazi Crimes are to be obfuscated by these lies.

    Fundamental Darkness
    Is who your Enemy is.

    Backwards a 1000 yrs
    Is your real Enemy

    Illiterates pushing Heroin
    And Murder..
    Mass Murder .

    That’s your Enemy..

    Exactly Mr Lavrov..

    The Ruling Class in the USA ..

    With their Neo Nazi Rags

    And the lillerate Heroin Pushers

    In their feeble criminally insane minds..



    The only reason the

    Fourth Reich isn’t on
    the Battlefield fighting you

    Is because they can’t.

    They know they’d he destroyed.
    And they haven’t got an Army they can trust

    Nor the Support of the Public.

    Dirty Ops.
    Maidan events
    Cyber war
    Bio War

    And Preposterous Lies
    Their Weapons.

    And a Sneak attack on Russia from a Border state

    To drop Tactical Nukes
    On Russia, let’s say in August..

    That’s the Real World Mr Lavrov

    Smell the Coffee, sir.
    An Evil so profane..

    As to make the last batch of Nazis whi attacked in 1941..

    Look like Peter Pan.

    Yes, Please Mr Lavrov
    I’m so excited you see that, now.

    Be Clear .very Clear..
    perfectly clear..

    I support your Fight against
    US and NATO Imperialism.

    As well as the entire World, sir.
    Hope you mean it.

    No backtracking.
    You took off your Pusey Riot hat .
    It would be the Greatest thing to happen for Russia and the entire World…!





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