Smashing Ukraine’s War Machine Continues on Day 49 of Russia’s Special Operation

If Ukraine weren’t controlled by its US master, surrender to superior Russian military strength most likely would have happened well before now.

Ordered to keep fighting no matter the cost to Ukraine’s battered and beaten military, it people, its economy and inability to prevent collapse from daily pummeling by Russian forces, putting on a brave face by puppet Zelensky is a facade to conceal the hopeless of pursuing a lost cause.

Overnight, Russian forces “eliminated 46 (more) Ukrainian military facilities,” Russian Defense Ministry spokesman General Igor Konashenkov explained, adding:

Sites destroyed included two multiple launch rocket systems, four depots for storing military hardware and more UAVs.

Russia’s Black Sea fleet launched six Kalibr cruise missiles against designated ground targets, destroying them.

Two Ukrainian missile and artillery arms depots were eliminated.

Through Tuesday, Russia destroyed  “130 aircraft, 99 helicopters, 244 surface-to-air missile systems, 443 unmanned aerial vehicles, 2,139 tanks and other combat armored vehicles, 241 multiple rocket launchers, 917 field artillery guns and mortars, and also 2,046 special military motor vehicles.”

“Operational-tactical aircraft eliminated 32 Ukrainian military facilities, a Buk-M1 surface-to-air missile system, guidance radar of an S-300 anti-aircraft missile system, a command post, and 18” sites where weapons and munitions were stored.

It’s unclear how much more of this Ukraine’s military can take before collapsing.

Attempts to deliver more weapons are countered when spotted by Russia’s aerial surveillance.

On Wednesday, Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov “warn(ed) that American-NATO transports carrying weapons across the Ukrainian territory are considered legitimate military targets.”

Another round of going nowhere peace talks began today.

According to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov:

“(S)tatements are made as soon as information comes in and as soon as the reasons for making public certain results appear.” 

“There is nothing to say at the moment.”

Why Russia permits this charade to go on is for its leadership to explain.

Chances for anything positive from talks are virtually nil.

As explained before, if anything is agreed on, it won’t be worth the paper it’s written on.

Hegemon USA controls Ukraine.

Dominant Biden regime hardliners want a permanent state of war along Russia’s border.

They reject conflict resolution.

It’ll only be won by rendering Ukraine’s war machine inoperable.

Separately, Russia’s Foreign Ministry said the following:

The US-dominated West “turned a blind eye to and is therefore encouraging Ukrainian (Nazis) to deliver missile attacks and stage provocations against peaceful civilians.”

They want Russia falsely blamed for their deaths.

At the same time, EU foreign policy chief Borrell and EC president Ursula von der Leyen falsely blamed Russia for their high crimes.  

“We regard this as especially detestable in the context of the numerous victims of the regular Ukrainian shelling attacks on Donbass cities and villages,” the Ministry said, adding: 

“Not a single EU official visited the region since 2014.”

None condemned atrocities by Kiev.

“EU hypocrisy is boundless.”

It includes aiding Ukrainian Nazis “who kill civilians with impunity” with US/Western supplied weapons. 

“Another proof of the real values of the ‘civilized West’ is the broad use by EU politicians of the ‘Slava Ukraini’ greeting…a carbon copy of the phrase used in Nazi Germany.” 

EU regimes “are (eliminating) alternative views.” 

“Unprecedented pressure is being (used against) ethnic Russians and Russian speakers (in EU countries) to force them to forsake their ancestral homeland.”

Resolving things politically “disappeared from the EU vocabulary.” 

“This is understandable.”

“A political solution will interfere with their main goal, which is to continue the proxy war to the last Ukrainian.”

So-called “EU ‘diplomacy’ is running counter to the interests of Europeans, who need peace and stability and are against any manifestations of Nazism and discrimination on our common continent.”

Separately on Wednesday, Putin said the following:

“When it comes to Russian oil, gas and coal, we will be able to increase their consumption on the domestic market and stimulate the deep processing of raw materials.” 

“We will also increase the supply of energy resources to other regions of the world where they are really needed.”

“Of course, (Russia) is facing problems but this opens up new opportunities.”

Putin left unexplained why Russia hasn’t halted what remains of Russian commodity exports to hostile nations.

They cannot be replaced by other nations.

Punishing European regimes in similar fashion to their war on Russia by other means is the only way to get their attention — by the only language they understand.

If unable to get vital Russian oil, gas and other key commodities, the economies of Germany and other hostile European economies will risk collapse.

To avoid it, their only option should be to restore normal trade relations with Russia.

If unwilling, they should be made to feel pain similar to what they forced on Russia and its people.

Because of what’s going on, Mr. Nice Guy is wrongheaded policy.

Toughness is the only way forward.

That’s the surest fire way for hostile nations to reconsider war on Russia by other means as ordered by their higher power in Washington.

The surest way for them to say enough is enough and begin reversing course.

Stewing in their own juice long enough may leave them no other choice.


2 thoughts on “Smashing Ukraine’s War Machine Continues on Day 49 of Russia’s Special Operation

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  1. Mr Lendman,

    Excellent Article..!

    It literally boggles the mind

    why Russia doesn’t shut down the flow of Critically needed products to the Nazi NATO

    Countries that are in a Blood Pact to destroy Russia.. !

    Not one person can explain it to me.

    I mean people who support Russia with all their hearts.

    People living here from Minsk, Serbia and Uzbekistan.

    None of them.

    Italian Cimmunists can’t explain.

    Russian guys in my Kick Boxing Class can’t.

    It literally boggles the mind.

    Be mindful it took 30 yrs for Putin to unplug from the Poison

    he got intravenously from the ELVIRA and the Atlanticists




    The Ruble would be 180 today
    And the Economy on the skids.

    Thank God For PCR & Gerasov!

    One person said, she’s certain they “Have something on Putin”

    Maybe that’s it.
    Only thing logical.

    What ..Russia needs the
    $ 2 Bill a week..

    Sell it to China
    In future delivery Contract

    One month sales is maybe
    $ 25 Bill at most..
    Across the Board

    Nothing to sneeze at..

    But one month after the
    Shut Off…

    Russia Couldn’t live without it
    I know ELVIRA moved all the Russian Reserves to the West

    Between June 2021 and Feb 22
    For some strange Reason..
    So you’re ba little lighter.

    Only $300 Billion..
    The Price Russia paid for ELVIRA Yalie Club Sustainer

    What’s $300 Bill
    When you need to sell your Only milk cow for $2.5 Billion a week

    Sell it to China on a Future Delivery

    Cut off the Nazis

    And BOOM ..
    What could be more simple..?

    Can’t shut Russia’s avowedly
    Future assassin’s off for even
    a month..?

    And watch them crash.

    After late Summer when the Nazis plan on dropping Nukes on Russia..

    I guess it won’t matter…anyway

    I wonder..everyone is starting too

    What could they possibly have on him ..?

    Obviously Putin isn’t stupid…
    He’s brilliant.

    So why is he so Stupid…?

    Sorry..really..buts that’s the correct word, Tovarish.

    Okay, to be more diplomatic, sir
    More discreet..

    I ask humbly, really
    In all humility..

    Why are you so “blind ” on the winning play…?


    However, maybe Russia has decided to shut em off

    And they’re not telling anyone.

    I’d offer a $100 to anyone who could explain President Putin’s recalcitrance to winning the Game..!

    I’m stupified.
    And mortified.

    Certainly one of the Greatest Tragedies of this Century.

    Like Ripley’s Believe it Or Not!


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