Biden Regime OKs More Weapons for Russia to Destroy in Ukraine

The more weapons and munitions shipped to Ukraine by the Biden regime, the greater the profits for US merchants of death and destruction.

Their business models depend on war-making. Peace and stability are anathema to their bottom line.

Earlier I cited a February 2018 Project Censored report about $21 trillion gone missing from the federal budget throughout the 1998 – 2015 period.

Since then, trillions more enriched war profiteers, Wall Street, Big Oil, Pharma and other corporate favorites — while ordinary Americans are exploited and vital homeland needs go begging.

War is good for business. Waged in multiple theaters for protracted periods is best of all.

It’s the American way, what the scourge of imperial rampaging is all about — by direct and/or proxy means.

On Wednesday, the Biden regime authorized another $800 million worth of weapons and munitions be shipped to Nazi-infested Ukraine.

When spotted entering the country in convoys by Russian surveillance, they’ll be targeted and destroyed.

If some slip through, they’ll be destroyed where stored or when hauled out for use.

In the past eight years, the US poured billions of dollars worth of weapons, munitions and equipment into Ukraine for war-making, not defense.

Russia wants Ukraine demilitarized, a key aim of its ongoing operation.

Daily aerial, naval and ground strikes by Russian forces on Ukraine’s war machine greatly eroded it.

They continue with intent to destroy it altogether, save for a small remaining force for security.

No matter how much the US and its NATO vassal states feed Ukraine’s war machine, it’s no match against Russia’s superior military strength and tactical capabilities.

Commenting on the Biden regime’s intent to pour more weapons into Ukraine, the NYT reported the following fake news, saying:

“(A)dditional aid follows growing evidence of atrocities committed by Russian troops in the suburbs of Kiev (sic).”

No such evidence exists. 

Despite knowing the claim is false, the Times made it anyway as part of providing press agent services for US dark forces — to aid their sanctions and proxy hot war on Russia.

Saying Ukrainian “ ‘investigators’ (are) combing through images to identify Russian soldiers believed to have committed war crimes” ignored that Kiev’s forces alone are responsible — mainly Nazified ones.

Citing fake news by Ukrainian officials, the Times falsely accused Russian forces of “lac(ing) large swaths of the country with buried land mines and jury-rigged bombs — some hidden as booby traps inside homes (sic).”

Ukrainian forces alone are guilty of this practice.

Not a shred of evidence links Russia to what’s gone on.

And this rubbish from the Times:

Vladimir Putin “is doing all he can to prevent Russians from learning” about what’s going on in Ukraine (sic),” adding:

“(R)eports of atrocities make plain the brutality of the Kremlin’s tactics (sic).”

“Russia presents a sanitized version of” its special military operation (sic) with defined objectives that the Times and other MSM falsely called its “war” — falsely implying aggression.

What’s longstanding US/NATO policy is polar opposite how Moscow operates.

The Times also tried and failed to reinvent US Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty propaganda as “US-funded but independent news (sic).”

Media control is how the US and its Western vassal states operate.

Across the board with nary an exception, MSM throughout the US/West stick strictly to the fabricated official narrative on virtually all major domestic and geopolitical issues — based on state-approved talking points.

The self-styled newspaper of record has been operating by this standard for time immemorial.

It accepts dirty money to heavily promote kill shots and all else flu/covid related — taking more to regurgitate propaganda rubbish on all things Russia and other invented US enemies.

And there’s this from notorious prostitute of the press Thomas Friedman in the latest Times edition:

Ignoring how Russian forces smashed Ukraine’s military, greatly eroding its effective, Friedman defied reality by calling its campaign “misbegotten (sic).”

He lied claiming that Ukrainian forces have weapons able to counter Russia effectively (sic).

He lied saying that Russian forces are unable “to administer a knockout blow (sic).”

He laughably claimed that “(t)he longer fighting goes on, the tougher Ukrainian resistance” becomes (sic), adding:

Russia’s “military (is) embarrassed by (its) relatively poor performance (sic).”

Reality on the ground is worlds apart from Friedman’s delusions.

His consistent fake news doesn’t pass the smell test.

2 thoughts on “Biden Regime OKs More Weapons for Russia to Destroy in Ukraine

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  1. Mr Lendman

    UK said they sent anti Ship Missiles to the Ukraine.

    If the evidence is uncovered that they did indeed do that

    What should Russia do?

    A No Brainer
    Invoke the Bush Doctrine

    Moreover, not to be redundant

    Use the same rules Israel does to consistently bomb Syria.

    Put a Non Nuclear Missile.on the Piccadilly.

    Moreover the AIPAC Congress Serial Killers & Dirty Joe’s Adm

    Are sending Billions of Dollars
    Worth of Weapons

    Since there’s a 90% Chance of Nuclear War this year..

    I’d definitely put a Missile in Rock Creek Park this weekend.

    What are you waiting for

    The Mushroom Cloud over
    St Petersburg this August..?

    Right now

    While you got em

    And the Nazis don’t
    And they’re helpless.

    Blow up a Few Nazi Sites

    Washington, London, Oslo
    Warsaw, Tallinn..

    Berlin and Tokyo

    ( Who have recently signed a Secret Fascist Blood Pact )

    These Tojo fuxing Fascist have Been given too many chances

    To come clean.

    Blow em..
    It’ll be there bad karma

    For Destroying all the Oceans of
    The World with FUKUSHIMA..!

    Notice in Tojo Land
    You go to Prison if you say one word about FUKUSHIMA

    If you Tell the Truth.

    These Tojo Fascist really don’t serve their people.

    The Japanese people are completely opposite in opinion from the TOJO FASCIST.

    They are sadly one of the most backward ugliest people in the World.

    Liked by 1 person

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