Infowar Propaganda Works

Time and again I stressed that most people are easy marks to be mind-manipulated and deceived no matter how many times before they were lied to before and betrayed.

A new Quinnipiac University (QU) poll provides more evidence.

Based on a total of 1,412 US adults polled from April 7 – 11, QU found the following:

Nearly three-fourths (74%) of respondents believe the worst of things in Ukraine lies ahead.

Only 11% disagreed.

Only 33% approve of how (the fake) Biden is handling his job.

A 54% majority disapproves, another 13% with no opinion, QU saying:

(The fake) “Biden’s 33 percent job approval ties the low that he received in a Quinnipiac University poll on January 12, 2022 when his job approval rating was a negative 33 – 53 percent.”

On his regime’s response to Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine — what QU called “war” and “invasion” — 39% expressed support while 48% disapprove.

An 82% majority of respondents consider Russian President Vladimir Putin a war criminal — despite no credible evidence suggesting it, QU failed to explain.

Over two-thirds (71%) think Putin ordered Russian forces to kill civilians in Ukraine — despite indisputable evidence proving otherwise.

Two-thirds of respondents (68%) think (hegemon) USA has a moral responsibility to stop the killing of civilians in Ukraine.

Left unexplained is that Ukrainian forces alone are responsible for this war crime, especially US/Western supported Nazified thugs in their ranks.

A slim majority (52%) of respondents think (hegemon) USA should do more to support Ukraine.

For most of the above with this view, not at the risk of direct confrontation with Russia.

Nearly half (49%) of respondents believe sanctions are effective in pressuring Russia to halt its operation in Ukraine — what’s polar opposite reality.

QU’s poll results — like many others — once again revealed public ignorance about what Russia’s campaign in Ukraine is all about.

In the run-up to and since it began, Americans have been mind-manipulated by the most intense, sustained round-the-clock 24/7 hate-mongering MSM assault on truth in modern memory on all thing Russia.

Based on state-approved talking points, reality about Russia, its leadership and why its Ukraine campaign was launched was suppressed in daily infowar propaganda demonizing reports.

Most Americans get their so-called news from television.

It’s proof positive that America is a mind-manipulated nation of know-nothing morons.

The power of endlessly repeated propaganda convinced most Americans that good is evil, that US-controlled, Nazi-infested Ukraine is democratically run, a victim of nonexistent Russian “aggression.”

At the same time, QU polling found that for nearly one-third of respondents (30%), inflation is the most urgent US issue.

Only 14% called Russia’s Ukraine campaign most important.

Over two-fifths of respondents (41%) blame the Biden regime for sky-high gasoline prices.

Less than one-fourth of respondents (24%) blame Russia for the high price.

Over one-third of respondents (35%) said they cut back on spending for groceries to pay for gasoline.

Nearly one-third (30%) said they changed their summer vacation plans because of high-cost gasoline.

As discussed in a previous article:

Based on how calculated pre-1990 — before formula rigging artificially lowered it multiple times — current US inflation at 17.15% is highest since its 17.6% level in 1947.

Soaring prices for food, energy and other essentials risk impoverishment for millions more Americans than already.

It risks growing deprivation and desperation — while countless billions are handed to weapons makers, Wall Street crooks, Big Oil, Pharma and other corporate predators, at the expense of a nation safe and fit to live in.

At the expense of growing millions unable to make ends meet.

US/Western policymakers bear full responsibility for nightmarish inflation and its fallout — not Russia or Vladimir Putin personally.

Looking ahead, things are far more likely to worsen than improve.

At the same time, eroding freedom in the USA is at risk of disappearing altogether — on the phony pretext of protecting national security from nonexistent barbarians at the gates.

Notably post-9/11 — exacerbated since kill shots and all else flu/covid related because official policy — police state laws, presidential executive orders, national security and homeland security presidential directives, congressional authorization for endless wars, global war OF terror, not on it, US inner cities turned into virtual battlegrounds, along with governance serving privileged interests exclusively headed things for full-blown tyranny.

If US/Western war on Russia occurs — by accident or intent — all bets are off.

3 thoughts on “Infowar Propaganda Works

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman..

    Bad now…
    Gonna get miserably worse

    Within a year with the collapse
    Of the Petro Dollar..

    I mean Hoovervilles and Gangs roaming the streets of the

    Hamptons, Grosse Pointe..
    And Preston Hollow..!

    Georgetown and Silver Springs

    What kind of Gangs..?
    Nazj Gangs..!

    Nazis like you sponsor in the Ukraine..

    Call it Karma, call it Blowback

    Gee you’re special..
    Couldn’t happen here .

    Gee..couldn’t happen to a nicer set of Narco Terrorists.. huh?

    Enjoy the ride to hell

    On your way to meet your Lord
    In the Temple of Satan..!

    BTW ..the So Called Democratic States of Sweden and Finland

    Are actually Fascist States ruled by the Criminal Elite

    I can prove it easily;

    Why don’t the Fascists let their Citizens vote on Joining NATO


    Like a Democracy..?
    Why not..what’s the Criminal Nazi Gangs worried about..
    The Pimps say they represent the People..!




    The Nazi Dream
    Hitler’s Dream
    Of Destroying Peaceful Russia

    Will get you killed.

    You leave the Russians few options

    Are you hoping to be a Part of that ..?

    Wait..have you had any problems with Russia in 75 yrs?

    I don’t mean the Problems the Heroin Pushers have

    Uncle Sam’s problems

    Are not peaceful Sweden or Finland’s problem.


    Also on the Same team w ISIS

    Bunch of Nazy Rats in History

    While the Pentagon and Wall St
    Have miurdered 25-30 MILLION

    You join the Serial Killers.
    The Zionists control you also?

    THe People should vote on whether they want to get

    annihilated by Russian Missiles in 3 and 4 minutes respectively.

    There’s 90% Chance
    There gonna be a Nuclear War

    NATO Has no Weapons to Save you

    None at all.

    I love the people of
    Sweden and Finland..

    Love them.

    If we had email back then.
    I’d have been married 10 times!

    Sweden and Finland
    Please choose wisely.

    Demand a REFERENDUM..!


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