Strikes on Russian Territory by Ukraine

Russia’s Defense Ministry warned that if Ukraine continues cross-border strikes on its territory, it’ll respond by striking “decision-making centers” and other strategic targets in Kiev, what it refrained from doing so far.

On Thursday, two Ukrainian helicopters attacked the Russian village of Klimovo in the country’s Bryansk Region.

Reportedly, seven civilians were injured — including a pregnant women and her two-year-old son.

Residential buildings were also damaged.

On the same day, Ukrainian shelling struck an area southwest of Klimovo, Russia.

Russian border guards reported that mortar fire targeted Ukrainian refugees at a border crossing in Russia, no casualties reported.

Separately, governor of Russia’s Belgorod region said that Ukraine attacked the village of Spodaryushino.

No casualties occurred, but area residents were evacuated as a precautionary measure.

When will Russia take out Kiev’s “decision-making centers” and all else military related in an around the city not already targeted?

When will it hit back hard to send a clear and unequivocal message to the Zelensky regime — that strikes on Russian territory won’t be tolerated.

That retaliation will be harsh and swift in response when occur.

That nothing in Ukraine will be off-limits henceforth, including the puppet president’s official residence, where parliament is based (the Verkovna Rada bldg.), and other regime locations.

The only language understood by the US-dominated West and Ukraine is toughness.

In response to cross-border strikes by Ukraine’s military — as directed by the Pentagon and CIA — it’s time for Russia to respond beyond where it’s gone before.

A same-day article discussed a fire onboard Russia’s Moskva missile cruiser, causing detonations and significant damage.

Some Western reports falsely claimed that Ukraine’s military sank the ship by missile strikes.

It’s very much afloat, Russia’s Defense Ministry saying:

Fire on the vessel was extinguished.

“The detonation of armaments ceased.”

Preparations are being made to tow the vessel to the Russian port of Sevastopol.

Cause of what happened is being investigated.

Russia’s Ministry earlier said that fire likely caused munitions to explode.

Crew members were safely evacuated.

Updating the toll on Ukraine’s military by Russian forces through Wednesday, Defense Ministry spokesman General Igor Konashenkov explained the following:

“Overall, the following targets have been destroyed since the beginning of the special military operation: 

131 aircraft, 104 helicopters, 245 surface-to-air missile systems, 448 unmanned aerial vehicles, 2,179 tanks and other combat armored vehicles, 248 multiple launch rocket systems, 944 field artillery guns and mortars and 2,088 special military motor vehicles.”

“Overnight (Wednesday), 12 enemy facilities were destroyed by precision weapons, including two missile and artillery depots of the Ukrainian armed forces in the settlements of Velikaya Mikhailovka and Bogatyr and a Ukrainian MiG-29 fighter, a Mi-8 helicopter and a Bayraktar TB-2 drone at the Dnepr airfield.”

“Russian missile and artillery troops struck 770 facilities, including nine command posts, 101 strongholds, 548 areas of the amassment of Ukrainian manpower and weapon systems, 110 artillery positions, an S-300 surface-to-air missile system and an ammo depot.”

“Operational-tactical aircraft eliminated 48 Ukrainian military sites overnight, including two command posts, a radar station, two positions of multiple launch rocket systems, an artillery battery, six missile and artillery arms depots, and also 48 areas of the amassment of Ukrainian combat equipment.”

“During the operation to liberate Mariupol, another 134 Ukrainian servicemen, including 14 officers, voluntarily laid down their arms.”

“Overall, 1,160 Ukrainian service members of the 36th marine infantry brigade voluntarily surrendered over the past 24 hours, including 176 officers.”

Bottom line:

While Ukrainian forces — mainly in and around Donbass — remain to be defeated in battle ahead, the regime’s military was greatly degraded by superior Russian forces.

Because of efforts to protect civilians and nonmilitary infrastructure, caution was taken in pursuing Russia’s military objectives.

If its campaign was ruthless like how US-dominated NATO operates is its wars of aggression against invented enemies, Russia likely could have declared mission accomplished much sooner.

It’s coming but taking longer to achieve by observing the UN Charter, Geneva Convention principles and other international law.

A Final Comment

According to US MSM reports, the Biden regime is expanding its intelligence-sharing with Ukraine with striking targets on Russian territory in mind, including Crimea.

Are dominant US hardliners pursuing this policy to prevent conflict resolution by continuing forever war? 

Are they encouraging Russian retaliation, a way to falsely accuse its forces — and Vladimir Putin personally — of greater invented war crimes than already falsely claimed?

Since the 2014 Maidan coup in Kiev, hegemon USA pursued proxy hot war on Russia and war by other means against the country.

Do dominant Biden regime hardliners intend to escalate undeclared war on Russia?

Are they deranged enough to risk direct hot war between the world’s leading nuclear powers?

Do they have a death wish for themselves and all others?


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  1. A US/NATO-concocted provocation by Ukrainian proxy-stooges?–it hardly seems necessary to so opine. They’re playing with (nuclear) fire….

    “On Thursday, two Ukrainian helicopters attacked the Russian village of Klimovo in the country’s Bryansk Region.

    “Reportedly, seven civilians were injured — including a pregnant women and her two-year-old son.”

    Uhh…did CNN report the above? Rhetorical question…thank you, sir, for reporting it and for your everyday valiant efforts to present Truth to Power (I’ve never quite been sure of that word group and quite when/how to use it…).


  2. Mr Lendman..

    The Above, sir..

    One of the most important 1000 word documents ever written..

    YES..our Ruling Class has a Death Wish .

    And sadly, it includes us.

    They’re no different than the Azov Nazis..

    They’re holding us hostages
    Using us as Camouflage.

    They don’t give a fux about us.

    Did the Gangsters mind killing 3000 Americans on 911

    So they could get over to the Heroin in Afghanistan..?

    No…they don’t give a fux about us

    BTW..that figure of people killed
    On 911 should be 4,000 counting FIRST RESPONDERS

    Recalll Jon Stewart crying before Congress about the FIRST RESPONDERS…?

    Nothing changed one iota..

    Like the fuxing AIPAC Congress
    Cared ..!


    Investigate 911..



    And Three guys with ..

    Box Cutters can take out
    the Pentagon…!


    And not a peep .
    Not one question

    From the Fifth Columnists in AIPAC CONGRESS…!

    Sick Fuxing Country.
    A Narco Terrorist Country

    A Sodom and Gomorrah

    That should be destroyed by the Hand of God..!


    Chances are very high it was a British anti Ship Missile .

    I suggest firmly,
    If the Brits want to play “ROCKETS ..”

    And apparently they do.

    They want to play with the big boys ..little england..

    Russia should blow up a

    Queen Elizabeth Class
    Aircraft Carrier..

    On the Sea or in Portsmouth..
    Just for shits and giggles..!

    Don’t let the scurvy covered
    venereal diseased

    Pathetic little limey fuxs think they can act with impugnity

    And just kill Russians.
    no skin in the Game

    Playing Rockets
    Door swings both ways.

    And here is the Absolute
    Best News about blowing up a QE Carrier..
    There is nothing the British Pedos can do about it..


    Except cry.

    LOOK MA.
    NO HANDS..!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Mr Lendman,

    April 15..

    Time to ” Saddle Up” boys.
    Nazis are Coming, sure as hell

    Been down this road..
    A 100 times..

    I know backwards.
    And Forwards.


    Time to Saddle Up, Boys.
    Lock and Load

    Barbarians are at your Gate.
    Shitting on your porch..

    Planning on hanging one of your pets…

    Cutting off his
    Hanging him out

    You know…NAZI STUFF..
    Old Fashioned Nazi Stuff

    Like in the old Days.
    But more insane

    Illiterates on Crystal Meth
    the Nuland Nazis,

    Kaganite Killers..
    Want to torture your pets and then torture you.

    Similar to the poor women found on the floor with a

    SWASTIKA burned on her stomach….

    And her vagina blown apart by a Nazi with a pistol.

    You know
    The Good Guys..

    Jens the Quisling
    Criminally Deranged.

    Russia wake up

    The Human Filth
    IS back at your Front door.

    Time to Pony Up..
    Be All in.

    And stop playing Catch Up

    Russia never plats Offense
    Only Defense.

    Russia never gets the Ball..?

    This is Stalingrad.
    Take possession of the Ball.

    The Time for Talking is Over
    The time for Step and Fetchit

    With the Serial Killers
    Is Over..

    Need to stop completely
    Letting the “Ubermenchen”

    Constantly take shots on you
    While you turn the other cheek

    Take off the Pussy Riot Tshirts.
    Time to Lock and Load.

    Grass on the Field…
    Time to Play Ball..!

    BTW..I know exactly why Putin has been recalcitrant to make the Winning Play on the West

    Shutting them off 100%
    And watching the West crash,

    Because Putin is a Capitalist
    And wants to save Capitalism



    Eventually Joining their Club.

    They’re should be no illusions

    Ethnic Cleansing
    And Genocide

    Is the Capitalist West’s
    Plan for RUSSIA..!

    Same as Hitler.

    No biggy..
    Perfectly Obvious.

    There are some dualisms.
    Hegelian Contradictions.


    The Barbaric criminally insane Capitalists of the degenerated West..

    Has forced his Hand.
    Putin knows now ..

    He has no Friends amongst the Wretched Human Filth

    of the Nazi Axis Powers vassals of the Fourth Reich.

    Actually..tee hee

    China and Iran are the best two allies anyone could have.

    If they get India..
    That’s another Big Bat on a
    Perennial World Series Winner!

    BTW..I think Russia has shut it off or has really made the decision to.


    And as predicted by Nostradamus

    After getting stiffed by the Gangsters for a months energy.



    The Criminally Deranged

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