Russian Missile Cruiser Sinks in Black Sea

A previous article explained that Russia’s missile cruiser Moskva sustained “serious damage” from a Wednesday night ammunition explosion caused by fire onboard.

No evidence supports Kiev’s claim about two Ukrainian anti-ship missiles striking the vessel.

While being towed to the Russian port city of Sevastopol, it sank in stormy waters, a Russian Defense Ministry saying the following:

“During the towing of the Moskva cruiser to the designation port, the ship lost stability due to hull damage, sustained during the detonation of ammunition because of a fire.” 

“Amid the heavy storm, the ship sank.”

Commissioned in 1983, the Moskva was the flagship of Russia’s Black Ship fleet.

Loss of the vessel will have little or no effect on Russia’s special military operation.

Things continue as planned.

Military expert Andrei Martyanov explained the following about the Moksa:

At this time, it’s unknown what caused a fire on board to occur.

(I)t’s too early to speculate,” he said.

He doubts that Ukrainian missiles struck the vessel.

The incident “will change absolutely nothing in the outcome of (Russian’s military operation).” 

“(B)ut if any Western power (was) involved, there will be retaliation.”

Loss of the Moskva wasn’t the first vessel to suffer this fate.

Nor was the incident unique to Russia.

The vaunted US navy experienced fires and other non-combat damage to warships, including because of negligence — at a cost of billions of dollars in repairs.

As expected, US/Western propaganda is taking full advantage.

From the NYT: “Ukraine said it struck the vessel with Ukrainian-made Neptune missiles, which have never been used in combat.”

It’s unlikely.

If fired, the Moskva would have detected their electronic signal straightaway.

Its crew would have reacted defensively to intercept and destroy them.

Neptune anti-ship missiles are “sea-skimming and would have hit low on the hull and not on top where the ‘artillery/AA’ are stationed,” Nightvision explained.

US war department spokesman Kirby said that the Pentagon hadn’t determined what caused a fire aboard the Moskva.

If by Ukrainian missiles, the US surely would have screamed it for propaganda value.

Yet according to Times Russophobic propaganda:

“(S)inking of the Moskva was a potent symbolic victory for the Ukrainian military, an embarrassment for Moscow and — if a Neptune was used — a demonstration of the power that new weapons could have in shaping the war (sic).”

WaPo: “The flagship of Russia’s Black Sea fleet sank after an attack from Ukrainian forces triggered a ‘significant explosion” as the vessel floated off the coast of Ukraine (sic).”

AP News: “(L)oss of the warship named for the Russian capital is a devastating symbolic defeat for Moscow (sic).”

“It’s also a blow to Moscow’s prestige in a war already widely seen as a historic blunder (sic).” 

Russia’s operation “stalled amid resistance from Ukrainian fighters (sic).” 

Puppet Zelensky was quoted, taking credit for what Ukraine likely had nothing to do with.

The WSJ headlined: “Russia’s Black Sea Flagship Sinks After Ukraine Claims Missile Strike (sic)”

Along with fake news about Ukraine sinking the vessel, CNN falsely claimed that “(a) Ukraine special-operations unit destroyed a bridge near Izium” that remains very much intact. 

A National Pentagon Radio (NPR) report was similar to the above, including additional fake news about a “Russian supply ship sunk (by Ukraine) that’s very much afloat.

From BBC propaganda: The Moskva “is thought to have been hit by Ukrainian missiles (sic).”

And this YouTube fake news: “Ukraine Sinks Battlecruiser Moskva (sic)”

According to Martyanov:

Amid screaming “recriminations (and acrimony, it’ll) take some effort to squeeze facts from the thick jelly of media BS and conspiracy theory.”

Separately in defiance of Russia’s Defense Ministry warning about striking Ukrainian “decision-making centers” in Kiev and elsewhere if the Zelensky regime continues cross-border attacks on Russian territory, they continue.

As explained earlier, the Pentagon and CIA control Ukraine’s military.

Hegemon USA wants forever proxy war continued on Russia, restoration of peace and stability avoided.

With hot war on the ground virtually lost to superior Russian military strength, Ukraine’s only recourse is to pursue MSM propaganda victories.

On Thursday, Martyanov reported that Russian retaliatory strikes on Kiev decision-making centers began in response to cross-border attacks on its territory.

“(S)ome of them rather dramatic,” he said.

Potential decision-making targets are as follows:

“Military decision centers:

Ministry of Defense of Ukraine 

General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine 

Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

Headquarters of the Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Security Service of Ukraine

Ministry of Internal Affairs 

State Border Service

Main Directorate of the National Guard of Ukraine

Political decision-making centers:

Headquarters of the Supreme Commander 

Verkhovna Rada (parliament) of Ukraine

Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine”

If Russia intends to cripple Ukraine militarily and politically, taking out the above targets would accomplish the objective.

Along with finishing off what remains of Ukrainian weapons, munitions, related equipment and morale of its surviving forces.

2 thoughts on “Russian Missile Cruiser Sinks in Black Sea

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  1. Hmmm. Thanks for this “balancing” report. In any scenario or from any aspect, not good optics for Russia at this crucial juncture. I’m staying tuned for further developments….


  2. Mr Lendman

    I knew immediately there was absolutely no way a Ukrainian

    Neptune Missile hit the Moscow..!

    knowing it’s specific characteristics.

    I remember commenting at the time…the incrudulity of that.

    Russia at the time said it was still unclear.

    Okay..fair enough.
    I commented, “Okay, Well see!”

    Knowing full well
    Benny and Brits had bragged they sent…

    “Shore to Ship Missiles ”
    to Ukrainian Nazis..!

    And no..the Russians didn’t want to blow up the Facts around the Attack.

    That’s why they played down

    Didn’t mention the obvious facts that they already knew

    Or rather assumed

    from their expertise in
    Naval Weaponry.

    It had to be USA or British.

    Takes a very sophisticated rocket to do that.

    So advanced…that

    Now we see it takes satellite assistance…!

    To enhance the telemetry in the final approach.

    I didn’t know that.

    Hence, yesterday Pres Putin

    warned the USA to stop sending weapons to Ukraine!

    Okay…it will not qualitatively alter the Dynamics of the Theater.


    Apparently not one Officer or Sailor was injured.

    Go Russia..
    To Total Victory..!

    Liked by 1 person

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