Supporting Grand Theft of Russian Assets

Last month, Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov explained the following:

About half of Bank of Russia’s $640 billion in reserves are frozen by US sanctions.

They cannot be used.

Why about $300 billion were held in the US currency — leaving the amount vulnerable to confiscation — Siluanov left unexplained.

The bridge is burned and can’t be rebuilt. 

Only a new one can be constructed in rubles, Chinese yuan, perhaps other non-Western currencies of trusted partnered countries and gold.

What Biden regime crooks froze, they now confiscated with no intention of returning Russian assets to its rightful owner.

On Thursday, so-called US national security advisor Sullivan said the following:

“Our goal (meaning intention) is not to give (the assets) back.” 

They’ll be used “in a better way (sic).”

“There are authorities we have (sic), and there are further authorities that maybe we could develop (sic), and that’s something we’re actively looking at.”

Vladimir Putin said that the Kremlin doesn’t plan to nationalize foreign assets in Russia.

“Unlike Western countries, we will respect property rights,” he said.

Russia certainly is entitled to seek compensation for lost assets to Biden regime grand theft.

Why not nationalize US-related assets to get as much as possible for what’s lost to the mother of all mega-thieves.

The Russophobic NYT supports US grand theft of Russian assets.

Giving feature op-ed space to Harvard Law professor Laurence Tribe and one of his brainwashed students (LT et al below), they headlined:

“Don’t Just Freeze Russia’s Money. Seize (Steal) It,” saying:

“As Vladimir Putin vows to continue his genocidal invasion of Ukraine (sic), investigators at the Treasury Department and Justice Department are scrambling to seize Russian yachts, mansions and the other spoils of his despotic regime (sic).”

No responsible editor would touch the above perversion of reality in the extreme.

By publishing it, the Times wholeheartedly concurs with what disgracefully turned truth on its head and trampled on it.

LT et al called for handing stolen Russian wealth to Nazi-infested Ukraine in the form of “tanks, antiaircraft missiles, food and medicine” — with emphasis on what’s needed for endless proxy aggression on Russia.

What LT et al called “Russian atrocities” were committed by US/Western/Times-supported Nazified Ukrainian thugs and imported mercenaries cut from the same mold

What they called making Russia “pay for…war crimes” ignored where responsibility lies — and it’s not on Russian forces or Vladimir Putin.

Reinventing the rule of law, LT et al defied the real thing by virtually arguing that the Biden regime should use stolen Russian assets to achieve its own diabolical imperial aims.

No authority permits grand theft of another nation’s assets. 

No legislation justifies what’s unjustifiable.

Twisted arguments otherwise by LT et al fell flat.

In cahoots with US dark forces, they willfully and maliciously lied by falsely accusing Russia of “violat(ing) the most basic principles of international law and human rights (sic).”

Citing dire needs of the Ukrainian people, they ignored the root cause of their dismal state — the 2014 Obama/Biden Maidan coup in Kiev, followed by transforming the country into a cesspool of Nazi-infested fascist tyranny.

What LT et al failed to explain is most important for everyone to know.

What they wrote amounts to gratuitous Russia bashing by a litany of bald-faced Big Lies.

No Russian crimes of war, against humanity or genocide occurred in Ukraine.

LT et al lied claiming otherwise.

Calling for “help(ing) the courageous people of Ukraine survive and defeat” Vladimir Putin, LT el al used the wrong adjective.

The vast majority of ordinary Ukrainians are repressed and exploited.

Ones with Russian roots are terrorized as enemies of the state.

Putin might be criticized for conducting Russia’s military campaign with restraint, for protecting civilians and non-military infrastructure at the cost of slow-going to declare mission accomplished.

Clearly not for genocide or other crimes.

To their disgrace, LT et al falsely blamed Russia for high crimes committed by US/Western regimes and their Ukrainian proxies, notably their Nazified thuggish foot soldiers.

There’s no ambiguity why eminent Law Professor Francis Boyle once warned parents against sending their children to Harvard Law School.

Note the following that LT et al ignored:

According to the International Criminal Court:

“(D)estroying or seizing the enemy’s property unless such destruction or seizure be imperatively demanded by the necessities of war” constitutes a war crime in international armed conflicts.

This rule is included in military manuals.

It’s applicable to armed conflicts.

Its violation is an offense, according to laws of many nation states on what’s permitted or not in armed conflicts.

And this resolution adopted by the UN General Assembly in February 1946.

It’s not binding international law like Security Council resolutions but significant nonetheless.

“The premises of the United Nations shall be inviolable.” 

“The property and assets of the United Nations (meaning its member states), wherever located and by whomsoever held, shall be immune from search, requisition, confiscation, expropriation and any other form of interference, whether by executive, administrative, judicial or legislative action.”


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  1. The idea there is truth or justice is the Conquered American way is obscene. The 535 Conspiracy does what they are told by their Khazarian/WEF masters. The Great Pretenders are absolutely bound to their pretending.

    Jordan Peterson sys malevolence is the worst human trait and it is on display everywhere in Mythland if awareness id devoted to it. The vaccine program always was an abomination set to attack the immune system the human body uses to stay alive, starting on the day of birth. Permanently separating a child from its mother for chasing a chicken across the road by means of Child Kidnapping services is another.

    In Ukraine civilians were forced into basements to survive without a supply of food or water and were openly shot, much less used as human shields. The survivors will tell the story and Zelenski will be known as the Murderer of Ukraine. What the Dollar Empire has done to Ukraine and Russia is known to the world on the whole and another forest of paper by the NYT won’t change that.

    The survivors all the same song– It’s the Americans and their Nazis.

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  2. I agree with he OP article in its entirety. I almost never agree with a narrative of that scope wholeheartedly, always finding a small detail to contest or complain about. But this here is he Truth, capital ‘T’ and all. Stephen’s honesty and bravery in reporting Truth while the US “consent-manufacturing industry” covers the land with its lies.

    Now.. I’m not so sue about this Mike Preston guy though. “Jordan Peterson says..” how is that supposed to convince a person who isn’t a JP fanboi? I’ve seen JP’s idiocy on youtube. The guy claimed Henry Ford was the ideal American capitalist. One problem with that: Henry Ford was literally Adolf Hitler’s “inspiration”. So his means that JP is actually touting NeoNazi dogwhistles of he super-obvious variety, or he is a clueless tool who doesn’t do his research before discussing a topic. (its the 2nd option with JP. Mike though? I dunno.) JP is quite bright and knowledgeable in psychology, which sometimes contrasts with his far-right Faux Noose parroting re: abject cowardice towards Black people, women, and people who actually have a deep understanding of a scientific domain due to their backgound in preparing as a scientist in said domain. However, even a stopped clock is right twice a day, so I suggest looking at each statement of his piecemeal. I do know he has the market cornered on “masculine advice for sexually insecure semi-disenfranchised white gamers”. That is a HUGE market- and comprises pretty much all of Western civilization – so my hat goes off to him for that.

    You don’t need to hide your meaning behind words like “Khazarians”. We all know you are talking about Jews, Mike. Also: “Permanently separating a child from its mother”? What planet do you live on, anyway? If by permanent you mean for the entire week or two to manage a COVID infection, and in a non-legally binding fashion. (Eg its a suggestion, but not actually required) then yes, its a thing. When you are finished with your hysteria / histrionics, please give that vagina back to you mother. You’ll feel alot better afterwards.

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