Ukraine’s Military Smashed, MSM pretend Otherwise

According to NYT fake news, Russia is “weakened by losses, exhaustion and low morale (sic).”

It “pummeled forces…pulled back from the north (sic).”

“Russia may have to scale back its ambitions in the southeast” because of its lost Moskva missile cruiser (sic).”

According to CIA director Burns, “potential desperation (sic)” for what the Times called “a semblance of victory (sic)” might get Vladimir Putin of authorize use of a “tactical or low-yield nuclear weapon (sic).”

“Desperation” reflects to what extremes the Times and other MSM go to try reinventing overwhelming Russian battlefield successes as defeats.

What the Times called “ramped up (Russian) propaganda is truth-telling about its special military operation.”

What the Times and other MSM call news and information about what’s going on in Ukraine is turning truth on its head.

What’s called a Ukrainian “counteroffensive” has been nowhere in sight since Russia’s campaign began on Feb. 24.

Claiming loss of the Moskva missile cruiser will make capturing Odessa harder ignores Russia’s ability to rid any part of Ukraine from its Nazi infestation.

The battle of Mariupol is nearly won. In its final stages, thousands of cutthroat-killer Nazi thugs were decimated.

Holdouts will meet the same fate.

Surrounded largely in the city’s Azovstal steel plant with little or no food and little remaining ammunition, their options are surrender or die.

Their presence in the city’s Illich Iron & Steel Works was eliminated.

On Friday, Russia’s Defense Ministry spokesman Dmitry Konashenkov reported the following:

“Overnight, Kalibr sea-launched long-range precision missiles delivered a strike against a (missile) facility on the outskirts of Kiev.” 

“As a result of the strike on the Zhulyany-based Vizar machine-building factory, the workshops of the production and repair of long-and medium-range surface-to-air missile systems and also anti-ship missiles were destroyed.

“The number and scope of missile strikes on facilities in Kiev will increase in response to any terror-related attacks or subversive acts by the Kiev nationalist regime on Russian territory.”

According to the Times — quoting Zelensky regime propaganda — “Kiev dismissed the (above claim) as a ruse, aimed at “ramping up anti-Ukrainian hysteria in Russia (sic).”

Claiming Kiev forces sank Russia’s Moskva missile cruiser is belied by no information suggesting it.

Knowing that Ukraine had nothing to do with fire aboard the vessel causing detonations that sank it while being towed to Sevastopol in rough waters, Zelensky virtually ignored what happened in a Friday address.

According to WaPo fake news:

“Ukraine’s brave and brilliant response (sic) to Russia’s attack is rightly being celebrated across the world (sic).”

No self-respecting editor would touch what WaPo editors nearly headlined.

And this perversion of reality from WaPo:

Russian forces “are being stymied by the extraordinary courage of the (Mykolaiv’s) inhabitants (sic).”

Yet “Putin seems determined to press on, no matter the costs (sic).”

No “purported success of (Kiev’s) Neptune missiles” occurred.

Chance of a Russian “military defeat” in an operation already overwhelmingly won is nonexistent.

“Putin’s Plan A failed?

Russian forces achieved overwhelming one-sided victory.

Saying “we cannot let his Plan B succeed” ignores its victory before launched.

Fake news about nonexistent “Russian atrocities,” nonexistent “genocide,” nonexistent bombing of residential areas or other nonmilitary targets, nonexistent large-scale numbers of civilian casualties at the hands of Russian forces.

WSJ claims of “fierce resistance from Ukraine” is nowhere in sight — except to some extent by largely wiped out Nazified thugs in Mariupol — ones who held out by holding civilians as human shields.

Virtually everything resembling a war crime in Ukraine attributed to Russian forces was committed by Kiev forces, mainly Nazified ones.

Journal claims about possible Russian use of “chemical, biological or other unconventional weapons” is propaganda rubbish.

Ignored is that hegemon USA uses banned terror weapons in all its aggressive wars on invented enemies.

No Russian aim to topple the Zelensky regime exists.

No “robust” Ukrainian defense “foiled” what wasn’t planned.

Russia continues to greatly degrade Ukraine’s military daily.

Overnight alone, 12 more Ukrainian military facilities were destroyed, including two arms depots.

Another MiG-29 warplane, an Mi-8 helicopter, and a Turkish supplied Bayraktar TB-2 drone were eliminated.

Overnight as well, Russian aircraft “eliminated 48 Ukrainian military sites overnight, including two command posts, a radar station, two positions of multiple launch rocket systems, an artillery battery, six missile and artillery arms depots, and also 48 areas of the amassment of Ukrainian combat equipment.”

In the last 24 hours, 1,160 more Ukrainian troops laid down their arms and surrendered, including 134 during the liberation of Mariupol.

The above reality is what MSM call tactical Russian defeats, fierce Ukrainian resistance and counteroffensives.

You have to be delusional to believe it.

A Final Comment

According to UK citizen Aiden Aslin, a figure who fought with Ukrainian forces before surrendering:

“The situation in Mariupol is catastrophic.” 

“It could have been avoided should Ukraine have left but they chose to stay.” 

Seeing Ukraine’s military by being with it “was like seeing reality for the first time,” he said.

There was “lack of care for civilians.” 

Ukrainian forces “looted supermarkets when civilians needed food to survive.” 

They “took food from the supermarkets. They would stop civilians (from) going out to get water.”

“They are criminals.”

They’re torturers and brutal killers.

They’re valued US/Western proxy forces.

2 thoughts on “Ukraine’s Military Smashed, MSM pretend Otherwise

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  1. Mr Lendman,

    ( This one counts)

    Today…the rabbi slept late.

    New Years and Passover, parenthetically…

    I have been literally,

    Woke up in a egg shell.
    Never came out.

    Haven’t seen or spoken one word to anyone all day.

    Can’t even remember that happening, it’s so rare…

    or feeling like this in a long time.

    Completely impervious to Everything

    EXCEPT…for what I’m going to tell you.

    Let’s just say,
    On the Highest
    of the Highest Holidays

    I turned off the computer and went with the Force.

    I might add, the Flagship Moscow went down

    and on land, the appropriate bombing response was initiated
    by Aero.

    Yes, I’ll come back to those at the end

    We need to concentrate on the subject matter in Center Stage.

    This should be entitled
    ” Know Your Enemy ”

    Our Mortal Enemy
    the Western Media..

    Keeps saying this:

    “May 9…
    May 9…
    May 9..

    May 9…’Putin’ has a
    Big Celebration …

    He needs a big victory
    Before May 9..!

    He needs to show the Russian People…yada yada yada…!”

    Here’s why they are pimping Crazy.

    It’s a Critical Set Up..

    Right now the Russian Army
    Is in an Operational Pause.


    They’re in the process of redeployment…etc.

    Also leaving aside the second Helicopter Attack…

    Which I see as Probes now
    More than simple Kamikazes

    Here’s What’s Up Doc…

    The Next Phase

    1)…Ukis are in a strong well planned Defensive Position

    They’re dug in…had plenty of time

    2)…DEFENSE always has a
    3:1 advantage..

    Coupled with the new Russian Army Bible Program they have a 30:1 advantage.

    3)..The CIA and MI6
    have had years to position and train the Ukis


    Not only years to prepare but obviously as the Moscow exemplifies…

    Higher level and more sophisticated weapons have reached their lines.

    The Gangsters are now providing them with.

    4)..the Ukis also have Satellite
    Total Surveillance provided by the Gangsters

    5)..this is a Rainy month
    The Ground is terrible for an Offense..

    but perfect for Dug In

    6)…Mines and Kill Zones perfectly set up.

    Cross Fire exchanges.
    The Whole Nine Yards.

    7)..The Strategic Advantage now Flips to the Nazis.

    8)…this is trap.

    This is the Dog Leg
    Par 7 the Nazis want
    The Russians to attack.

    They want to Rush the Russians into it .

    “May 9…
    May 9…
    May 9…

    the May 9 doggerel..
    Is chanted repeatedly

    In deadly earnest.


    “RELAX .. DON’T DO IT..”

    Here’s how you go thru it.


    Maybe two months..

    Raining outside.. nothing to do anyway in the Mud.

    (Me..I’d Chemtrail Spray the Motherfuxers with LSD ..

    So they’re dead..
    But they don’t know it)

    That should soften the Odds.

    Anything else..
    Is a Death Trap..

    ” A suicide rap ..
    Better get out while you can..!”

    10)…It’s their big play,
    Biggest Play of the Century.

    They’re counting on you being in a Hurry.

    Praying you’re a hurry and consequently imprudent.

    Why President Putin has plenty of Goodies for May 9 already

    The Area under Russian Control
    Is now roughly the size of

    Boston to Jacksonville..
    To the Appalachian Mountains

    And we’ll throw in the Azov Sea
    Just like the Gulf of Mexico

    Plenty of Goodies.
    Astonishing amount.

    I’ve been saying for 20 yrs

    Virtually Half of Half the Navies in the World are obsolete.

    When you have missiles you probably only need submarines.

    Also in Closing…

    Tanks are from a Different Era in 75% of the Function


    “Why do you need tanks, soldier?”

    “Well sir, our objective is to get to East Bumfux as fast as possible

    and secure the Airport,
    City Hall and Media Center

    So we need them to blow up the tanks and armor in our path

    To accomplish that mission!”

    ” Why don’t you use Motorcycles ..dirty bikes

    And just go around the Tanks on the road that are blocking your path?”

    This is very important for Garcia

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