Russia Intensifies its Special Military Operation

On Thursday, Russia’s Defense Ministry’s General Igor Konashenkov said its forces intend to increase the number and scope of strikes on Ukrainian targets in response to the Zelensky regime’s cross-border terror attacks or attempted sabotage.

Overnight, a Ukrainian missile producing facility was destroyed.

Russian helicopters are now conducting daily strikes to eliminate Ukrainian Nazified thugs, their weapons and equipment.

Days earlier, a Russian “air group…conducted an airstrike (against) nationalist units. As a result, an armed group” was eliminated.

Russian helicopters “fly at low altitudes, where it is easier to detect targets and locate the enemy’s masked positions.”

On Friday, Russian air defenses foiled an attempted Kiev missile strike on the Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant north of Crimea.

It regulates the flow of Dnieper River water, generates Kherson region electricity, and supplies water for agricultural areas of southern Ukraine and northern Crimea.

“If the dam of the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant had been destroyed with the strike, this would have resulted in the uncontrolled discharge of the Dnieper water and in flooding of numerous inhabited localities in the Kherson region, along with people to pin down the Russian armed forces,” Konashenkov stressed.

Overnight, Russian forces struck 811 Ukrainian military targets.

A total of 67 military sites, their weapons, equipment and forces were eliminated.

According to Yasinovataya, Donetsk’s mayor Dmitry Shevchenko on Friday:

In the past two days, cross-border shelling by Kiev forces destroyed “45 objects” in the city, adding:

“(T)here is not a single street in this city spared by a Grad rocket or a 120mm mine.” 

“Apartment buildings and private houses have been destroyed.”

“In the past months, about 600 dwellings have been destroyed.”

“This includes private houses and apartment buildings.”

“Industrial facilities, a railroad and the Yasinovataya Machine-Building Plant have been destroyed.”

On Friday, Donetsk’s deputy defense chief of staff Eduard Basurin reported the following:

“Operative information shows that Kiev regime is plotting another bloody provocation similar to what happened in Kramatorsk to blame Russian troops for a massacre of civilians.” 

“For that purpose, a division of the 19th separate missile brigade will deliver a Tochka-U strike on the railway station in Lozovaya (south of the Khrakov region).”

The Donetsk News Agency added:

“The enemy plans to launch a missile from the whereabouts of Staromikhailovka on the western outskirts of Donetsk to picture the attack as launched from the territory controlled by Russia-led coalition forces.”

Separately by diplomatic note, Russia warned the Biden regime of “adding fuel” to the conflict by continuing to supply Kiev with weapons, what could cause “unpredictable consequences,” adding:

US-dominated NATO pressured Ukraine to continue “bloodshed (by) abandon(ing)” peace talks with Moscow.

The above information begs the question.

Why does Russia waste time and effort believing that perhaps it can convince dominant US hardliners to change their wicked ways.

That diplomatic outreach to the US might work.

That it could end ongoing conflict in Ukraine sooner.

Time and again, I explained that hegemon USA wants forever sanctions and proxy hot war on Russia.

It wants the Russian Federation undermined politically, economically and financially.

It wants Russia weakened by protracted conflict in Ukraine, no matter the toll on its people.

It wants Russia transformed into a US vassal state, its territory partitioned for easier control and looting of its resources.

Good faith Russian efforts to reason with the US aren’t reciprocated. 

They fall on deaf ears.

They show weakness, not strength.

They ignore reality.

Chances for the US to turn a page for improved relations with Russia — or other nations free from its control — are nil.

What’s conceivable in the distant future — perhaps generations from now — is no more likely at this time than frigid Chicago winters turning balmy henceforth.


8 thoughts on “Russia Intensifies its Special Military Operation

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  1. Mr Lendman

    Excellent Article..!

    I was looking forward to your summary and analysis.


    ” That’s What I’m Talking About Dave ..!”


    811 Neo Nazi Sites Deleted..

    43 Neo Nazi Political Centers

    67 Neo Nazi Military HQs

    ( and important to note
    not one Russian soldier injured)

    As they say down South,

    “Russia ..

    justa dancin with the gal
    That brought em to the Party

    The Big High End ” Technique”
    (And 73 yrs of Soviet Science)

    “Look…Up in the Sky..!”
    No…Up higher in sky..

    Higher than where Birds fly.

    Is it a Bird..
    Is it a Plane..
    Is it Superman..

    No it’s the proud Bird

    With the golden trail
    And the Big Red Star on her tail




    Wait…first on Sinatra Song
    For old times sake

    ” Fools Rush in where Wise Men
    Fear to tread..!”


    The real deal…

    Kansas City Chiefs Coach,
    Hank Stram

    “Take your time boys,
    Just keep Matriculating
    the Ball down the Field…!”


    When you run out of targets.

    BTW…I might add

    I think the Big End a Round Play
    For the Nazis..

    Their Jeb Stuart
    Ride thru Russia
    “The Steel Swastika Your”

    Coming thru Kharkov
    N or South..

    Nazi Troop deployment ?
    I’m in Left Field looking at maps

    The Point: make sure you have plenty of Rockets.

    Especially..Air Defense

    They may go big.
    All in..


    You see the Half Pint
    Midget Brained
    Jewish Nazi

    Is touting ” The Russians are Planning to Use Nukes..!”

    No need to waste brain cells on where that leads, Gentleman

    Most importantly
    These are insane Killers.

    MAD MEN.
    Capable of any Crime.

    Heroin Pushers.

    Criminally Deranged..
    Beyond the Scope of the Human faculties to fathom.

    You tell me!

    I think they make,

    Albert Speer,
    Ferdie Porsche
    Adm Canaris,
    Von Ribbentrop

    Look like your Sunday School Teacher

    Compared to these
    Blood Simple Serial Killers.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mr Lendman,

    Second Reading.
    Your Point, sir.

    “I ask only..
    Comrade Tovarish..

    You’ve been talking to the Gangsters be for 30 years

    And where has it gotten you
    Barbarians back at the Gate

    Bloodthirsty insane Nazis
    And peaceful countries like Finland want to join

    A Gang that burns swastikas on poor innocent women.

    Is that who you are..?

    Yada yada yada.

    Only one thing the Dope Dealer
    The Pusher Man understands

    The Strong Right Fist of the
    Red Army !

    Don’t blame you going thru protocol

    You’re real Diplomats
    From a Peaceful
    Civilized Nation..

    Crawling in the sewage
    To speak with heinous
    tattooed filthy Nazis

    The most insidious
    Wearing Brooks Bros.
    And have Oxford degrees

    Or the American model
    The Jake Sullivan
    Harvard liars

    Telling Lies to Start Wars..


    So blatant

    The Trial will take 15 minutes
    These are the Real Nazis

    Never any skin in the Game.
    Just PROFIT.

    Yes, yes sir..
    That’s the heart of it.

    Putin talked for ten years
    Till he was blue in the Face.

    No one wanted to listen.
    Chumoed the Russians.

    President Putin..

    The First time to bomb London
    Or Warsaw for sending weapons to the Ukraine

    As you have warned them


    President Putin
    The First time you bomb London or Poland

    That will the first day .
    Of the End of the War.

    The War will be over in 72 Hours..!

    If Crack Head Sam
    And pedo John Bull

    Put a gun in Nazi Boy’s hand
    And pay him to shoot Russians

    Are they accomplices..?
    Of course.

    But Furthermore

    Aren’t they the perpetrators

    Just like the Nazi Boy who pulled the trigger.

    Reprimand them
    Just exactly like you said.

    Invoke the Bush Doctrine
    The British Pirates were happy about it then.

    They could get over and spread their filth and start looting..

    The British Pirates way

    Best of all…

    They’re not going to do anything except wake up!


    I’ll be back to tell you why..

    ( I’m outside and it started raining)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Mr Lendman..

    The World Crisis is depending..
    With no solutions.

    Every Aspect of our well being deteriorating

    Every Social endeavor is now impinged by the rapid demise

    Class tensions are exploding and Sharpening in every demographic..!

    Ask a Brit or American
    And you’ll get

    About the same answer:

    Inflation is killing us..!
    Petro alone is killing us !

    Smaller and smaller budgets for Food.

    125,000,000 Americans are hungry in the USA

    Especially the Elderly.

    Drugs from Oxycodone
    or Heroin is rampant

    Crime going thru the Roof

    Homeless has never been this prevalent since 1930s

    Tens of thousands of People coming thru our Borders


    A Big Pharm CNN Scam that killed and harmed millions

    And 100x more are infected
    “JABBED ”

    Only to spend a life time of misery and poor health.

    And sadly, die young.

    Listening to the TV man.

    Kids are back to wearing masks in School..

    like the DUCK and COVER
    Propaganda of the 50s

    To make them slaves.

    Fearful and loathing
    Brainless sycophants

    Who listen to the



    All Bullshit
    A Hoax

    the Gangsters pony up Trillions for NAZIS in the Ukraine

    Haven’t even paid 1/1000th of what they pledged at DOHA

    Meanwhile the Polar Caps melt
    Extreme Weather Events
    Are up 700%

    Fracking destroyed 50%
    of our Aquafir water
    and 33% of topsoil.

    Water and Air Quality
    The Worst ever

    And degenerating quicker than even experts expected.

    And the Big Bonus Round


    Not a Penny for Infrastructure

    But Trillions for Nazis in the Ukraine…!

    Huh..go figure.

    Another Bankers War.

    Take a Walk Across America
    Down Main St

    Hoovervilles by the 1000s Across America

    3% of Americans

    eat part of their meals from a Dempster Dumpster

    Two Americas.

    And the Government

    Our Idiots.
    Criminally Insane.

    First the Moron
    Dirty Joe and Dirty Joe’s family

    My God.

    This is the Leader of the

    and BoJo the Clown

    While President Putin and President Xi

    Worry about real problems

    BoJo may have to go into the Dog House for not wearing a
    Mask at his Xmas Party..


    BoJo got three demirits..
    He’ll be spanked

    With his knickers down
    By the Oxford MI 6 Dons.


    “Oh, the Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie..!”

    Now then with Joey in the TIOLET

    About to get flushed
    At 36 % Approval

    ( 64% of Americans

    Would rather fight Dirty Joe
    And CNN..than Russians..!)

    And BoJo the Clown

    On the High Wire
    No safety net .

    Let’s just say,
    There isn’t a mood for war.

    In fact, Wars Breed Revolution
    And this Dead End we’re at now

    Is the Perfect Storm.

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