The Scourge of Fake News War on Russia

Straightaway after Russia’s special military operation began in Ukraine, there was no ambiguity about the outcome.

Ukraine’s military is a shadow of Russia’s strength and overall capabilities.

The only alternative way of besting Russia has been all-out — MSM-led — psyops war, an attempt to win the hearts and minds of a know-nothing public by a daily drumbeat of state-approved fake news.

Infowar propaganda works. 

Hegemon USA and its MSM press agents excel at waging it.

Efforts by Russia pale in comparison.

I slammed RT before for failing to deliver hard-hitting, no punches pulled reports, including with knowledgable, straight-talking guests over largely lesser ones invited on with disturbing regularity.

While some excellent ones do appear occasionally, they’re too few in number to effectively counter the daily US/Western anti-Russia pysops blitzkrieg.

Notably because of US/Western sanctions and proxy hot war against Russia, it’s astonishing and disturbing that its English language media haven’t countered its propaganda war in similar fashion.

Viewing RT in hopes for reports as they should be at all times — especially now — is like waiting for Godot. 

Equally disturbing is negotiating peace with Ukrainian delegates controlled by the US.

Multiple rounds of talks accomplished nothing.

Nor will further ones succeed because hegemon USA wants perpetual sanctions and proxy hot war on Russia — peace, stability and normalized East/West relations  rejected.

It wants a Russian quagmire — no matter the human and economic toll, no matter the harm from soaring inflation, disrupted supply chains and other adversity throughout the US/West.

The latest US psyops fake news includes the following:

According to the financed-to-lie and deceive NYT propaganda machine, Russian forces are responsible for “horrors” in Ukraine (sic).

“Russian soldiers a(re) brutal, sadistic, ill-disciplined and juvenile (sic).”

“Every day, Ukrainian investigators step into a dank cellar or muddy field or someone’s backyard and discover bodies of villagers who were shot in the head or bear signs of torture (sic).” 

“More accounts are surfacing of civilians being held as human shields and some dying from lack of food, water or heat (sic).”

“On Friday, Ukrainian officials said Russian forces killed at least 900 civilians as they withdrew from the Kiev region (sic).”

Ukrainian forces, especially Nazified ones, bear full responsibility for crimes of war, against humanity and related atrocities.

Virtually daily, Russian forces are falsely blamed for their crimes.

A Times report on the above in its latest edition reflects its steady drumbeat of Russia bashing infowar propaganda rubbish — truth and full disclosure about what’s going on nowhere in sight.

On Thursday, Russia’s Defense Ministry announced the following:

“Overnight, Kalibr sea-launched long-range precision missiles delivered a strike against a military facility on the outskirts of Kiev.” 

“As a result of the strike on the Zhulyany-based Vizar machine-building factory, the workshops of the production and repair of long-and medium-range surface-to-air missile systems and also anti-ship missiles were destroyed.”

“The number and scope of missile strikes on facilities in Kiev will increase in response to any terror-related attacks or subversive acts by the Kiev nationalist regime on Russian territory.”

Citing the puppet Zelensky regime, the Times falsely called the above reality “a ruse aimed at stirring up anti-Ukraine sentiment in Russia (sic).”

And this Times fake news:

On Saturday, puppet Zelensky said that “Russian forces (were) expelled from nearly 1,000 villages, towns and cities of varying sizes across Ukraine (sic).”

“Most of the liberated communities (sic) are in the northern parts of the country and suffered extensive damage under Russian occupation (sic).”

No retreat of Russian forces occurred.

After accomplishing their military objectives near Kiev and elsewhere, they were redeployed to liberate areas of Donbass still occupied by Ukrainian troops, including Mariupol.

And this fake news:

“Ukraine lost 2,500 to 3,000 troops since the Russian invasion began, another 10,000 suffering injuries (sic)” — according to Zelensky’s perversion of reality.

He “said Russia’s losses were far greater, estimating that as many as 20,000 Russian troops had been killed (sic).” 

And this:

“Russian forces shelled buses carrying evacuees, killing 7, (Ukrainian) official says.”

“Prized Russian ship was hit by missiles, US officials say” — despite no evidence suggesting it.

According to WaPo fake news:

“(T)he Russian military is deliberately targeting civilians with artillery, air and missile strikes and summary execution, torture and rape (sic).”

“The Russian strategy is to raze any towns that refuse to surrender (sic).” 

“When the Russians take over towns, they launch a reign of terror (sic).”

They’ve “been avidly looting anything they can get their hands on, from washing machines to flat-screen TVs (sic).”

“Although Russia has a much larger and better-funded military than Ukraine, its combat performance has been abysmal (sic).”

“There are many reasons the Russians are losing this war (sic) — in particular the valor and skill of their Ukrainian adversaries (sic).” 

The problem with the above rubbish is that most Americans believe it.

According to Pew Research, 85% of Americans favor “strict economic sanctions” on Russia.

Over three-fourths of Americans (77%) favor keeping large numbers of US/NATO forces near Ukraine — meaning near Russia’s borders.

Half of Americans consider Russia’s military operation a major threat to US interests.

Over two-thirds of Americans (72%) “have confidence” in (US-installed) puppet Zelensky.

Only 6% feel likewise about Vladimir Putin.

Mind-manipulated by what passes for TV news and information, along with print versions, proves time and again that the US is a nation of morons.

What applies to a large majority of the know-nothing public is the disturbing reality — why it’s easy to convince them of almost anything by the power of repetition.

3 thoughts on “The Scourge of Fake News War on Russia

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman

    Yes, well said.
    Perfectly said, in fact.

    Horrifying isn’t it..?

    The Bolivian Tin Worker
    Is smarter than the Wokie

    Who graduated from College with three degrees in USA..

    And lives in delusional lies.

    The Bolivian has a clearer idea of the World operates

    and who represents his interests..than the guy driving his Mercedes Benz down the NJ Turnpike.


    That’s what 12 years of
    Public Education

    Does in America

    The Kids can’t tell the difference between Good or Evil..

    John McCain and
    Madeline Albright are heros

    Julian Assange and
    Chelsea Manning
    are the Criminals..

    Teachers put Putins face next to Hitler’s…

    Instead of Bush, Cheney, Brennan, Clapper, Hillary, Obama and Dirty Joe.

    Bizarro World..
    The Criminals are the Cops !

    Keep in mind..
    At the beginning of the
    War on Vietnam..

    The ignorant Public was also duped by the TV Man.

    That changed drastically
    The ether wore off.

    This will also.
    BIG TIME..

    How do I know..

    Because everything they touch turns to shit.

    BTW..with all the Problems.

    systemic problems

    falling Standard of Living



    Real Hunger in America..

    Drug Addiction
    Jabbed Addiction


    And then..


    Mark my words..
    The Working Class will get a shot at the Brass Ring..

    We’ll get an opportunity

    To Take State Power away from the Gangsters.

    It’s the 99%

    Have proven themselves unfit to Rule.

    “When the Band that binds a People together has been broken…”

    It’s time for a Reshuffle.

    Time for new Evaluation of our Agenda…

    and make the requisite changes.

    Them or Us…
    us being the 99%


    As the Beastie Boys said,

    “It’s time to Fight For Our Right
    To Party..”

    Liked by 1 person

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