Developments in the Battle Against Nazi-Infested Ukraine

According to Russia’s Defense Ministry on Saturday, its air defense forces downed Western military transport plane.

Reportedly it was targeted for carrying arms and munitions to Ukrainian forces with continuing endless US/NATO proxy war on Russia in mind.

The report shows that Western shipments of weapons et al to Ukraine are likely to be targeted for elimination.

In response to puppet Zelensky’s fake claim of from 2,500 – 3,000 deaths of Ukrainian military personnel since Russia’s campaign began, its Defense Ministry set the record straight, saying:

“(T)rue losses in the Ukrainian army, National Guard and among foreign mercenaries, which Zelensky is frightened to communicate to the people of Ukraine (total) 23,367.”

Thousands more Ukrainian forces were taken prisoner after laying down their arms and surrendering.

Besides the above totals, it’s believed that additional thousands deserted their ranks, returned home, crossed into Russia or went elsewhere.

Through Saturday, Russia’s Defense Ministry reported the following toll to date on Ukraine’s battered and degraded military:

The toll includes “134 aircraft, 460 unmanned aerial vehicles, 246 surface-to-air missile systems, 2,269 tanks and other combat armored vehicles, 252 multiple launch rocket systems, 987 field artillery guns and mortars and 2,158 special military motor vehicles.”

The Kiev regime “employed a total of 6,824 foreign mercenaries from 63 countries since the start of the special military operation.”

Their numbers include 1,717 from Poland, 1,500 from the US, Canada and Romania, around 300 from Britain and Georgia, as well as nearly 200 from Turkish-controlled Syrian territory.

Up to around 2,500 Nazified fighters and foreign mercenaries remain holed up in Mariupol’s Azovstal steel plant.

Virtually out of food and water, their choice is surrender or die.

In the battle to liberate Mariupol, nearly 1,500 largely Nazified forces surrendered, their numbers increasing daily.

According to Donetsk leader Denis Pushilin, remaining Nazified forces in Mariupol must either surrender or be eliminated.

On Friday, the Prosecutor General’s Office of Donetsk initiated a criminal case against OSCE Special Monitoring Mission personnel for colluding with Kiev against the People’s Republic, saying:

Its culpable personnel are charged with “us(ing) video equipment to record the location of units of the republic’s People’s Militia, state bodies and institutions.” 

“The information was collected in electronic format, (then) transferred to representatives of foreign intelligence agencies, including the Ukrainian Defense Ministry’s Main Intelligence Directorate and the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU).”

According to Russia’s OSCE envoy Alexander Lukashevich:

Members of its monitoring mission in Ukraine operated unlawfully by supporting its interests in defiance of its mandate.

Separately according to Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova:

Russian forces found documents to show involvement by Germany in “military biological activities” — in cahoots with the Pentagon in Ukraine, adding:

A “crude attempt by the (Biden regime) to divert public attention from this dangerously explosive issue of US-controlled biological laboratories in Ukraine and to drown it in this ‘apocalyptic sensation’ was…strongly supported by German political leadership.” 

“A number of leading German politicians and top officials, including Chancellor Olaf Scholz, released statements that mimic the US narrative in the form of righteous threats and warnings directed at Russia.” 

“Germany, alongside the US, has been conducting vigorous military biological activities in Ukraine for many years” — with intend to develop bioweapons for war-making.

“German specialists from the Institute of Microbiology of the German Armed Forces, Friedrich Loeffler Institute, Bernhard Nocht Institute for Tropical Medicine and Robert Koch Institute” have been involved in this diabolical research and development. 

Separately, Russia’s Valdai Club program director, Andrey Sushentsov, falsely believes that there’s room for compromise between Russia and the West.

Indisputable evidence long ago proved otherwise.

Time and again, I stressed that hegemon USA-dominated NATO doesn’t compromise.

It demands — why diplomacy with its ruling regimes and Western vassal states is a colossal waste of time when undertaken.

No evidence suggests a change in the above reality ahead — just the opposite.

4 thoughts on “Developments in the Battle Against Nazi-Infested Ukraine

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  1. Mr Lendman..

    The Big Nazi Galtletiers..

    In Brussels, Washington and London

    Are hoping to keep this thing going until Late Summer

    To keep the Russians occupied looking at the trees

    Instead of the Forest.
    So the Nazis can dropi Nukes

    On Russia then..

    That’s their Plan..
    Isn’t it.

    I always laugh
    When I ask t

    Cuz they’re trial will only take
    3 minutes.

    Should he able to accommodate about 200 a day

    For 6 Months.

    Highest Ratings Ever.

    Yes…this is the A Plan
    How it ends with Nazi Filth.

    Oh..and attack and blow up Kaliningrad..

    Can’t make this shit up.
    It’s so macabre..
    So horrendous

    The Insane Rulling Class..!

    2)…The Bourgeois Media still calling for Russia to start their Offensive

    Trying to coax them into coming into their Spyder Web

    Laughable how Desperate they are.

    Don’t move an inch

    Time is on your side..
    “Oh yes it is..”


    Starving, wet and running out of shit…


    Relentlessly for another week.

    They thought it was over

    DPR Chechnya Russian
    Soldiers stay way back
    Behind lines

    And use heavy artillery on them.
    Blow em the Fux

    Hear the Chondells?
    ” For every she’ll you give me
    I’ll give you three…!”


    That’s all
    Don’t worry about moving into the

    They need that..
    To survive

    Stiff em
    Deprive em

    Let em rot


    They’ll surrender.

    Start the Leaflets after one more really thorough bombing

    Note..Many times the Rats move to a previous location that was already bombed

    Thinking that’s safe.

    So you’ll want to clean up around the TIOLET BOWL.

    Too bad you don’t Have
    Some old Soviet Katooskas

    for their Nazi asses..
    Like Uncle Joe had.

    After the Artillery
    He’d hit em with 10,000 rockets

    Scary shit, me droogs
    Me mateys..

    3) The Gangsters have a
    Rat Line..

    The Moscow a perfect equipment is getting thru…

    Sadly, outside..
    Way the Fux out in the Jungle
    And raining again.

    Sorry be back soon.

    When I come back I’ll tell you why it’s all hallowed ground

    To the World it’s just the plains of Ukraine

    To me it’s hallowed ground


  2. Mr Lendman

    Was just gonna take off
    And Boom
    stopped raining.

    Very Important to note
    The corroborating evidence

    Of the May 9 Spin
    On both sides of Nazidom.

    NBC and Across the Pond..

    In the MI 6 Biggest Think Tank
    The Chatham House expert


    “Yes any day now..any hour..


    How’s that for Promo..?

    A Little ‘English’ on the Ball


    “oh please Russia..
    Please come into the PIT..”

    Let the Nazi Bastards go stiff.
    Waiting and getting bombed.

    The Point..

    This place where we are now
    On the Golden Prairie

    The Bread Basket of the World

    Is where the famous
    Earth Shattering

    Of Jan 44..took place..

    Most people
    But not military historians

    Skip from Aug 43 at Kursk

    To all of a Sudden
    the Red Army is taking Berlin

    No comrades.

    After Kursk ..

    Although badly mauled and beaten..

    The Nazi Army still had
    4.5 to 5 Million Men.

    100 “full” Divisions
    Instead of 150 depleted.

    No small matter.
    Plenty of Weapons left

    And still a 1000 miles to Berlin

    And now after..
    Kursk…..……..July Aug 43

    In Jan 44…


    What would they do with it?

    That’s when Konev walked into the Stage of History..

    The Genius at Blitzkrieg
    Zhukov loved him.

    Promoted him in every way.
    His Assistant Coach

    Konev’s picture
    Reminded me of Tom Landry..

    Or Sammie Baugh
    Jumping up on his his card slinging the football..!

    In these Horrific Battles
    In the Cauldren

    In the Blast Furnace of Hell

    The Nazi Invaders..
    Fought like Beasts
    Like Trapped Beasts..!

    The Red Army lost a Million Men in the Ukraine

    The Nazis the Same.

    I remember reading Zhukovs memoirs in the 60s

    He said they lost almost half their men

    while the Nazis were retreating..

    They were so skillful an Army still.

    This is where the Ghosts of History still gather in the Dusk

    To sing the song of the Brave Soldiers who died in Fighting the Scourge of Nazism.

    No it shall never be vanquished from the Annals of Time.

    In this hallowed Ground
    in the Ukraine…

    Russian for a 1000 yrs

    Brave Soldiers of the Fighting Red Army…

    I salute you ..
    I honor your Valor..
    Your deeds live Forever..

    Forward Russia..
    To Total Victory!

    Konev the Great General
    was coming into his own

    The Guy who wrote the Book

    Every Soviet


  3. Mr Lendman..

    The Third Reich now in collusion with Fourth Reich

    On Bio Weapons Labs..
    OH BOY..

    The Germans now doing ..
    “EXPERIMENTS” again..

    Just like the old days.

    And no doubt send it to their blood Brothers working with

    the Tojo Fascists in Japan’s
    In Cell #713…!

    Of course,

    The Nazi Collaborators in the Press and Congress…

    Will try to cover these up..

    But the ENORMOUS CRIMES will not be contained Forever.

    Just like the other Nazi Crimes in WWII..

    We’ll have a Swingers Club again.

    Separate but related..
    Yesterday Sputnik article:

    “US Military Intelligence
    Says there was no Genocide in the Ukraine..!”

    One step closer to truth than

    ” US Intelligence Cannot ‘Confirm’ there was Genocide”

    EIN so…

    Why is the Bad Guy saying
    good things now ..?

    All revolves around Gen Coulter
    I believe..

    Perhaps the Russians already captured him .

    Or made a deal something like this…

    “You show us something
    We’ll discuss his disposition..!”

    Putin apparently did budge with Nehammer

    Or Nehammer deserves an Oscar for his performance.

    The one step up..
    For no reason..

    Would then have a reason behind the reason…!

    Subsequently, I never saw it once in the Bourgeois Media

    Not once..
    ” The US Intell says.
    yada yada..!”

    So it was never seen or heard in the West.

    Business as Usual..

    Hate and kill Russians.
    Pray for the poor Ukrainians
    Support giving the Nazis money

    Could have wasted it on Infrastructure for America

    Better we give our Nazj Brethren the money.

    A deal made with the Devil
    With no payoff.

    3)…in UK MI 6 trying desperately to dump BoJo

    Going to put in Tobias Ellwood

    Lt Col of the Royal Green Jacket

    Defense Select Chair of Parliament…

    Leader of The Tory War Wagon

    That’s paramount to War..

    The analogy would be as soon as Stalin and Hitler

    Saw Churchill was back..

    They knew it was War !

    5)…So BoJo walked around Kiev or Lviv with half pint Moses…

    And didn’t get shot.
    See no worries,

    The set up for the CIA to shoot Dirty Joe…

    Blame Russia.

    Perhaps the Russians should point that out..

    Just show his mystery handshake

    And his Numbers..

    Everyone will understand.


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