MSM Never Diverge from the Fabricated Official Narrative

Exhibit A domestically are kill shots and all else flu/covid related with the worst of diabolical aims in mind.

Geopolitically, Exhibit A includes all things related to invented US enemy Russia, especially its special military operation in Ukraine.

In its latest fake news edition, the NYT quoted puppet Zelensky’s Big Lie claim that Russian forces are “deliberately trying to destroy every” remaining regime fighter in Mariupol (sic).

Except for perhaps a few scattered holdouts, all others remain inside the city’s Azovstal steel plant.

Comprised of Nazi thugs and mercenaries cut from the same mold, the Times left this key information unexplained.

Nor did it explain that Russia called for them to surrender, noting that none would be physically harmed, the way they brutalize captives.

At the same time, elements in their ranks responsible for war crimes will be held fully accountable for their breach of international law.

Falsely accusing Russian forces of “atrocities” ignored that Ukrainian forces alone are guilty of this crime against humanity — what the Times and other MSM consistently ignore.

Time and again instead, Russian forces alone are falsely blamed for what they had nothing to do with.

Indisputable evidence proved it.

More Times Big Lies followed, its consistent pattern throughout Russia’s campaign.

None of its forces “faced weeks of setbacks” anywhere in Ukraine.

Ukrainian forces had nothing to do with a fire causing detonations aboard Russia’s Moskva missile cruiser, resulting in its loss in stormy waters while being towed to Sevastopol.

The Times falsely claimed otherwise, citing no evidence because there’s none to cite.

No Russian missiles or rockets struck residential areas of Ukraine where civilians are based — nor nonmilitary infrastructure.

The Times repeatedly claimed otherwise — knowing what it reported was fabricated, based on state-approved talking points.

Little or no US and/or European aid is earmarked for ordinary Ukrainians, as the Times and other MSM falsely claimed.

Billions of US/Western dollars have gone almost entirely for weapons, munitions, and related equipment for perpetual proxy war on Russia — at the expense of ignoring the needs and well-being of ordinary Ukrainians.

Calling conditions in Mariupol “inhuman (and) as severe as possible” — puppet Zelensky’s remark quoted by the Times — his regime ordered remaining Ukrainian fighters in the city to continue resisting to the death, warning:

Anyone who surrenders to Russian forces will be executed for treason if returns to Ukraine.

The Times left the above threat unreported, falsely calling Nazified thugs “defenders (sic).”

No mass killing of civilians were carried out by Russian forces in Mariupol or anywhere else in Ukraine, no war crimes.

The Times lied claiming otherwise, ignoring executions, torture, bodily dismemberments and other heinous crimes by Nazified Ukrainian thugs.

Virtually everything Russia was falsely accused of was committed by these assassins.

According to WaPo fake news, “Russian forces failed to capture Ukraine’s capital, Kiev (sic).”

They made no attempt to take the city, wanting the risk of civilian casualties avoided.

Make no mistake. If Kiev becomes a strategic target ahead, Russian forces will overwhelm Ukrainian troops to the city.

The same goes for other Ukrainian cities. There’s no doubt about it.

WaPo lied claiming that “the Kremlin appeared confident that the city would fall without a fight (sic).”

No such notion existed about a city Russian forces had no design on.

No “Russian forces stalled outside the city (sic), hobbled by poor planning and critical supply shortages (sic).”

There was no lack of manpower to take and occupy the city.

WaPo claims otherwise were fake news rubbish, its longstanding specialty in similar fashion to Big Lies and mass deception by the Times and other MSM.

No “losing” Russian battles were fought.

Since launched, its campaign has been decidedly one-sided against an inferior adversary.

What Wapo, the Times and other MSM suppressed is what’s most important for readers to know.

What they feature includes a litany of Russia bashing Big Lies and mass deception.

On all things related to invented US enemies and vital issues across the board, it’s the longstanding American way — by official sources and their MSM co-conspirators.

6 thoughts on “MSM Never Diverge from the Fabricated Official Narrative

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  1. A stimulating, inclusive, satisfying read, Mr. Lendman. Thank you! You are essential to my day….

    “Billions of US/Western dollars have gone almost entirely for weapons, munitions, and related equipment for perpetual proxy war on Russia — at the expense of ignoring the needs and well-being of ordinary Ukrainians.”
    That’s the rapacious here-there-everywhere (esp. US) MICs’ M/O. Note: I admit that my admittedly shallow and uninformed mind can’t figure out why Russia is unwilling or unable to interdict-and-destroy all such “weapons, munitions….” Surely it/Russia has the area/locale advantage and the firepower means to do so…why any reluctance or “restraint,” if “restraint” might have any part to play…?


  2. Mr Lendman,

    ( This one counts, sir)

    CNN is featuring Jake Tapper’s interview with Zelensky.

    The two Jewish Nazis.

    With the half pint Himmler

    saying the Uki Nazis will not
    give up the Eastern Ukraine

    Here’s what’s extremely important.

    Why now the NaziFuxs. Switch back to this position.

    The timing is impeccable.

    They are desperately trying to goad Russia into their trap.

    The incendiary tone, language and politics

    are like waving
    a Red Flag at a Bull.

    This is obviously meant to Rush the Red Army into their trap.

    Rather than attempting a modern Pickett’s Charge..

    Just stand back and hit them with Artillery, Missiles and
    High Altitude bombing.

    It will not only destroy them materially, disrupt all their plans

    But will drive them to surrender much quicker.

    Stay away from the Killing Field
    But reenforce Kharkov perhaps.

    Go Russia..
    To Total Victory.

    Attention please to Mr Garcia

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Mr Lendman,

    Ways to help and assist the
    Russian economy are vastly important.

    The left hand as opposed to the right hand fighting the War.

    Oleg Deripaska of RUSAL
    Suggested a Pension at 45

    One thing that accomplishes
    ( Left unsaid )

    It injects Money ( M1 ) thru the Economy.

    That’s much needed.

    I suggest a monthly check to all the Citizens of $25 to $50 that must be spent within 30 days.

    Stutter the payments by the four weeks thusly,

    Last Names start go thru
    A to L
    L to P…etc…

    Keeps a constant flow of liquid flowing like antifreeze in a car..

    2) Bifurcation of the Ruble
    Using two different colors

    One for Goods
    One for Services..

    The Service Ruble can be presented to the state by the Merchant and be partially subsidized at the Federal Level.

    3)…take 1% of all the estimated assets of Russian Commodities

    In the Ground..Gold, Oil, Lithium
    Water, Timber Etc..

    Should be a Trillion.. amalgamated into a Trust Fund

    To pay a yearly Dividend to every Citizen.

    4)..a 1% Kickback with every purchase the Citizens make

    To be matched by the State .
    To total 2%

    And sent to the Citizens on
    Dec 1 every year.

    5)..Every renter petition and receive one free monthly rent or mortgage payment

    To be subsidized by the State
    That’s to get the Family out from behind the 8 Ball..!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Mr Lendman,

    I felt this was important enough to say immediately.

    Not sure exactly why..
    You tell me

    So this week I deleted 3 more
    Supporters of Ukrainian Nazis

    Last week I deleted 9..
    FB ” Friends ” that had Uki Flags

    As I scrolled thru the panoply

    I said to myself…

    ” I’m Looking for
    Nazi Collaborators…!”


    That’s exactly the term every sane should be using to describe them…


    Make it Sting
    With the Bad Karma attached

    Jake Tapper…Nazi Collaborator

    Used in a Sentence,

    “Today on CNN, Dana Bash
    the known Nazi Collaborator

    That’s all.
    Words can kill.

    GO RUSSIA..!

    Liked by 1 person

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