Swinging All-Out with Both Gloves on Wins Conflicts

With attribution to a good friend for the above title, conflicts by any other name require unrestrained swinging to triumph.

It’s well intentioned to try minimizing harm to civilians and infrastructure they rely on.

At the same time, the worst of pure evil Russia faces in Ukraine operates by its own degenerate rules, ignoring the rule of law.

As orchestrated and directed by Pentagon and CIA elements — including on the front lines — anything goes is how Ukrainian forces operate, especially Nazified ones.

Calling them “nationalists” by RT and other Russian media conceals their Nazified evil.

The same goes for RT calling the  Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 Maidan coup in Kiev a “revolution (sic).”

The only thing revolutionary about what happened was replacing democratic rule in Ukraine with Nazi-infested tyranny.

Winning the battle of Ukraine is vital to demilitarize and deNazify the country.

It’s to help long-suffering Donbass residents be free at last from the scourge of Nazified occupation and related brutality.

Re-democratizing Ukraine by helping its people become free from US-controlled tyrannical rule is likely another unstated aim.

Based on Russian and Donbass sources, analyst John Helmer believes that the Kremlin’s plan includes the following:

Transforming Ukraine into “a loose confederation in which the controlling regions will be the eastern Russian-speaking, Orthodox regions of Kharkov, Lugansk, Donetsk, Zaporozhye, Kherson, Nikolaev, Mariupol, and Odessa.” 

“They will be run by newly installed administrations and locally recruited security forces, both controlled by Russia.” 

“Dniepropetrovsk, Poltava and Kremenchuk are likely to be part of this federal alliance…” 

If formed, the above confederation “will be strong enough to win the next Ukrainian presidential election, replacing (US-controlled puppet) Zelensky” and his regime once and for all. 

Kiev’s future is “undecided.”

Russia’s plan does not include “the breakup of Ukraine” or accession of Novorussia.

It’s a plan “to keep Ukraine broken” by reforming the country — henceforth to be controlled by its eastern, largely Russian-speaking people.

It’s a plan to smash Ukraine as it now exists, replacing it with an independent nation state, freed from the scourge of US control as a platform for endless proxy war on Russia.

According to military analyst Andrei Martyanov, so-called US “advisors” on the front lines are directing Ukrainian forces, notably their Nazified ones.

Telling them to use civilians as human shields, these (Pentagon and CIA) advisors “cannot win a single war even against” invented enemies with greatly inferior military power to what the self-styled indispensable state claims to have.

Martyanov noted that on Saturday, Russian-intercepted radio communications between Nazified forces in Mariupol’s Azovstal steel plant revealed their hopeless situation.

Lacking food and water, their choice is surrender or die.

In response to permission demanded from Kiev authorities to choose the former over the latter option, they were threatened with execution if refuse to fight to the death.

By this standard, either way they’re dead.

Most likely what remains of their ranks will lay down their arms and hope for the best when taken captive by Russian forces.

It can happen at any time in the coming hours, days at most.

At that time, Mariupol, Donetsk will be free at last from the scourge they represent.

As for captured remnants of Nazified forces in the city, they’ll be treated as POWs according to Fourth Geneva principles.

Ones responsible for torture and/or other atrocities will be prosecuted by a Russian War Crimes Tribunal.

Ones convicted of war crimes will be imprisoned longterm.

Their days of viciously terrorizing victims are over once and for all.

The same goes for foreign mercenaries and US/Western elements directing them.

Geneva Conventions do not consider them legitimate combatants.

They’ll be tried as war criminals.

Payback is long overdue behind bars doing hard time.

Russian forces already captured US, UK and other military personnel.

They’ll be held accountable for crimes of war and against humanity too grievous to ignore.

At the same time, a final battle to liberate what remains of occupied Donbass territory is imminent — likely to begin in earnest when Mariupol is fully freed from the scourge of Nazified occupation.

In stark contrast to MSM fake news about Ukrainian forces holding their own and counterattacking Russian troops, analyst Larry Johnson noted the following:

“Russian military units, missiles and aircraft are moving freely around Ukraine.” 

Videos show “thousands of Ukrainian military personnel surrendering and leaving behind large caches of NATO supplied weapons.”

Even US/Western MSM now admit that Russian forces virtually won the battle for Mariupol.

Stopping short of acknowledging that the near-liberated city is a major development, they’re silent about Ukraine’s certain defeat in the weeks ahead.

It’s just a matter of time.


4 thoughts on “Swinging All-Out with Both Gloves on Wins Conflicts

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman..

    From the very first word..
    Starting with the Brilliant Title,

    I knew God was talking to Man.

    This sir,
    Is a Walk Off Home Run.

    Thank you.

    I must comment

    There’s so much there there..
    It’s dense..

    As Buddy Hackett remarked,

    “t might take two Scoops, Johnny..!”

    K…Let’s get started.

    I’m an old dog..

    I’ve never seen anything like the rabid dogs of War..

    Like these.

    Mr Lendman..
    The Entire World Capitalism is being hustled into WWIII

    By the newest most insane
    Little Corporal

    To every hit the Big Time..!

    Mad Dick Cheney

    All in..

    Because this is their

    Before they Crash

    Scared shitless…
    Running like mad dogs

    USS TRUMAN off the Coast of Korea ..

    Maidan Events in Georgia
    3 countries in Africa

    Pakistan and Indonesia

    Finland and Sweden getting hustled into the Scam..

    Economies of 27 Euro countries entering the Intensive Care Unit

    Already on the Critical List

    Le Pen gaining on Macroni.

    Orban says thryre paying with Rubles..

    France and Finland having a Food Fight now

    Macron wouldn’t even look at BoJo having just lost a Food Fight

    And got fuxed by his close allies on the Sub Deal.

    Notice that AUKUS didn’t include The Fifth Republic

    Also Notice
    Since the 001%

    That Comprise
    the Criminal Elite..

    Began this Gang Rape
    And Ethnic Cleansing

    On Russia..

    The most prominent,
    Biggest and Leading Country of EUROPE…

    They’ve gone right into the skids

    Scholtzy Approval Rates dropped 10 pts in 5 weeks

    He’ll be gone..
    a One Hit Wonder

    Etc ..Etc…


    ( There for a Reason)


    Congress and the” Big Guy” say

    They’re sending more WEAPONS


    The Last Push..

    This is the A Plan..

    Not sure if the Kids in the Hall
    Even Have a B Plan..

    In some convoluted way
    ” Tis the Final Conflict”

    Yes sir,
    As commented on previously

    They Have a Death Wish.

    Mind you ..
    So imprudent

    As to include China
    In their one / Two Punch..

    So desperate and stupid their are

    myopic, perhaps the Best word.

    That they include China
    In the Take Down…

    All at once.





    The Idiot from Delaware
    The “Delaware Destroyer”

    Is gonna fight Bruce Lee and Ivan Rockonikoff at the same time.

    This Crazy Deranged
    Motherfuxer, Uncle Sam

    We’re all gonna Die..!”

    To End..

    Like a Greek Tragedy
    From the Golden Age

    Worthy of Europedes
    Or Aeschylus

    President Putin vowed that

    “WWIII wouldn’t take place on Russian Soil…!”

    Like the Thebians
    Before their Bronze Gate

    I pray to Zeus .
    He keeps that sacrosanct vow!


  2. Mr Lendman

    Sadly..with great sorrow in my heart..

    It’s time to Bomb DC & London

    By invoking the Bush Doctrine.
    That simple.

    Clearly as Spox Mariah Zak says

    They don’t listen..
    They ignore us..


    We have ten years on tape
    A 100 times Putin tried.

    What more can you do..?

    Easy answer.
    A No Brainer.

    Bomb em.

    “Can you hear me now..?”

    I wish I was kidding.

    “Pres Biden…
    Dirty Joe Biden in History

    your 8:00 am Wake Up Call..!”

    Hey Bush used it.
    Anybody say anything then?

    Israel used it 8 times last week…!

    Who’s gonna say anything..
    International HEROIN Pushers?

    Old Barnyard sayin
    From Hooterville

    “What’s good for the Goose
    Is good for the Gander ..!

    Gonna have to bomb them anyway..

    Sooner or later..

    When they attempt to drop Nukes on you..

    In the Late Summer.

    Your 8:00 Am Wake Up Call..


    1. No bombs necessary. the Chinese are too smart for that. Just let our suicidal military overspending cannibalize our own economy, as perhaps over 50% of America starts slowly starving, tying to make a spare dollar here and there with online prostitution or even real slavery again- as the average income here plummets to similar levels as in Afghanistan. Ironically, Africa may send us Bibles to save ourselves with rather than food- a nod to Sally Struthers if nothing else


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