Propaganda TV Follies, Fakery and Fraud

The usual suspects show up with disturbing regularity to mind-manipulate viewers with what’s contrary to indisputable reality.

It’s an every day thing on US propaganda TV.

Truth and full disclosure on major domestic and geopolitical issues were long ago banned.

Press agent services for US dark forces replaced it.

Relying on propaganda TV to stay informed is the surest path to ignorance.

Its collective mission is to treat viewers like mushrooms — keeping them well-watered and in dark on what’s most important to know.

It’s the American way.

American exceptionalism and moral superiority, land of the free and home of the brave, the indispensable state and democratic rule are illusions — worlds apart from reality.

Governance of, by and for the privileged few at the expense of most others reflects America unmasked.

The same goes for its perpetual wars on humanity — at home and worldwide.

What propaganda TV conceals is what’s most important for everyone to know.

Sunday on CBS (fake) News Face the Nation, undemocratic Dem Senator Chris Coons virtually called for sending US troops to Ukraine.

Saying the move needs to be considered, he added:

Vladimir Putin “will only stop when we stop him.”

Congress and the Biden regime must be “willing to go the next step and to send not just arms but troops to the aid in defense of Ukraine.”

Does he and likeminded lunatics in the Washington asylum have WW III in mind?

Are they mindless about what war on Russia would risk?

Are they willing to risk the destruction of planet earth and all its life forms by confronting Russia militarily?

What Coons called the “tragedy in Ukraine” was made-in-the-USA.

What he urged is suicidal.

He’s not alone. 

Washington is infested with lots more like him.

Humanity is more gravely at risk today than at any time during the Cold War or what preceded it — because of the likes of Coons and likeminded lunatics.

Nazi-infested Ukraine’s so-called foreign minister Kuleba showed up on the same program to mass deceive viewers.

He lied accusing Russia of intending “to raze (Mariupol) to the ground at any cost (sic).”

He lied blaming Russian forces for the made-in-the-USA/Kiev implemented Bucha false flag.

He lied accusing Russia of “missile attacks on Kiev and other cities across Ukraine (sic).”

He lied claiming that arrested, detained, tortured and otherwise mistreated opposition Ukrainian politician Viktor Medvechuk “enjoy(s) all procedural rights (sic) because we are a country of the rule of law (sic).”

He lied claiming that Ukraine “do(es) not exclude any political options (sic).”

He falsely accused Medvedchuk of “crimes…against Ukraine (sic).”

His “crimes” are wanting cooperative, not confrontational, relations with Russia, wanting Ukraine democratically ruled, wanting peace and stability, not war,  and wanting the rights of all Ukrainians respected.

Ignoring 8 years of Kiev’s war on Donbass, Kuleba falsely accused Russia of “aggression (sic).”

He laughably praised dementia Joe’s double of “true leadership (sic).”

His beginning-to-end remarks were  lies, Big Lies and whoppers, not a kernel of truth uttered.

Separately on CNN’s (dismal) State of the Union, US-installed puppet  Zelensky showed up from his hideout in Poland to lie and mass deceive viewers.

He lied claiming that Ukraine sank Russia’s Moskva missile cruiser — despite no evidence suggesting that   a fire aboard the vessel causing detonations was from a Kiev attack.

CNN lied claiming that Ukraine “won the battle of Kiev” never fought.

Saying it’s important for Kiev “to win the battle for Donbass,” Zelensky ignored the following:

Comprised of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, they’re independent from Ukraine.

Parts of their territory have been illegally occupied by Ukrainian forces.

Russia is aiding Donbass become free from the scourge of Nazified occupation and 8 years of Kiev’s aggression.

Since Moscow’s special military operation began, Russian forces overwhelmed inferior Ukrainian troops.

There’s no ambiguity about the ability of Russian forces to liberate Donbass entirely.

The only unknown is how long it may take.

Like CIA director Burns, Zelensky lied suggesting that Russia may use tactical nukes against Ukrainian forces.

He lied saying that for Russia, “life of the people is nothing (sic).”

He lied accusing Russia of using “chemical weapons (sic).”

He lied claiming that Russian forces treat the people of Mariupol inhumanely.

He lied accusing them of killing thousands of civilians in the city.

He lied about numbers of Ukrainian forces killed or wounded, greatly downplaying the toll — while falsely elevating numbers of Russian casualties.

He was silent about Nazi-infested Ukraine, about the scourge it represents, about his puppet status.

All things related to Ukraine and Russia are controlled by Kiev’s higher power in Washington.

Zelensky has no say over what relates to Russia or its special military operation.

Installed by the US, he’s a caricature of a leader, worlds apart from the real thing.

Based on what was discussed about Russia’s strategy in a previous article, his days in office are likely numbered.

At most, he may serve one term until expires after Ukraine’s March 31, 2024 presidential “election.”

More likely, he’ll be gone sooner.

He won’t be missed, notably not by most Ukrainians.


4 thoughts on “Propaganda TV Follies, Fakery and Fraud

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman,

    Watching all the Sunday Shows with all the Really Big Liars..!

    Nazi Collaborator Fareed spent all his time lecturing Russians

    On all the things they need to do…

    Obviously do everything the exact opposite of what the Nazi Moron said.

    Like this pitch,

    Pitching a diversion to go to Odessa..

    Nazi Freak Fareed splains to the Russians…

    The Ukrainians are helpless against the Russian Navy..


    Not with USA shore to ship missiles, you asshole..

    Like Uki missiles did it.
    right, Nazi Boy..!


    Next …if there is a next
    About to rain.

    Gonna half to leave
    Be back in 20 minutes or so.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mr Lendman..

    Second Reading.

    Zelensky will get popped out in Biscayne Bay..

    A boat
    A Cigarette with some Gusanos
    Will pull up…

    Pop pop
    Pop pop

    Good Bye Baby Blue
    Dead Men Tell No Tales.

    2)..So now Sputnik Article

    Says the French cannot say it’s Russian Genocide in the Ukraine…

    A Parade has begun..

    The Russians are holding or about to hold

    A Slew of French Fuxs..

    Captured with the Nazis in Azovstol..!

    BTW…only saw it in Sputnik

    We have French TV here..
    Once again..

    Not a word..
    I can see.

    Same thing as the USA..
    Not reporting it.


    If a tree falls in the forest
    And nobody hears it..

    Does it really make a sound?

    3)…Sen Coons
    Known Nazi Collaborator

    And the other Piece of Shit from Delaware..

    Wants to send
    American Soldiers to fight in the Ukraine with the Nazis

    Hey Sen Coons

    Are your Yalie kids going?
    Michael, Maggie or Jack?

    Didn’t think so..?

    They’ll be nice, safe and
    Making lots of money..

    When are you gonna put some skin in the game…

    You heinous War Criminal?

    Don’t have any problem sending Working Class kids to die…huh?

    You despicable fuxing Hypocrite…!

    Should be in Prison..!
    Maybe someday..

    Someday soon.

    4)…Spy Satellites

    Would the USA allow Spy Satellites over American soil?

    Think not.

    Are they open source..?

    Think not.

    Let’s be reasonable.

    Prima facie .

    Especially from a proven
    Nazi Collaborator…?

    Think not.

    No big surprise..but

    Satellites can be shot down easily with lasers.

    White and Blue Light combination

    Blinds the
    The see spots
    Get Floaters..

    Like looking into Headlights if on coming traffic

    Electromagnetic Flux can even put them out permanently..

    $10,000,000 satellite
    Popped with a s100 worth of Plasma.

    Good Luck with that.
    Do the World a Favor Jesus

    Come Clean with your Schnizzle.

    Liked by 1 person

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