Ukraine’s Battered, Beaten and Broken Military

According to NYT fake news, Ukraine’s badly beaten military forced the “Russian army (to) retreat everywhere (sic).”

Its “success (sic) dr(ove) the Russians…into peace negotiations (sic).”

According to WaPo fake news, Russia (is) losing (in Ukraine) because of its dysfunctional military (sic).”

And this WSJ fake news:

“The secret of Ukraine’s military success (is) years of NATO training (sic).”

According to NBC (fake) News:

“The secret to the Ukrainian military’s success (is) that a technically inferior adversary can impose surprisingly sharp costs (sic).”

Other MSM featured similar fake news, defying reality on the ground.

Here’s what Russia’s Defense Ministry spokesman General Igor Konashenkov reported on Sunday:

“Since the start of the special military operation, a total of 136 warplanes, 471 Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles, 249 air defense systems, 2,308 tanks and other armored vehicles, 254 multiple launch rocket systems, 998 field artillery guns and mortars, 2,171 special military vehicles have been destroyed” — as well as a missile production plant  and an ammunition storage area.

Overall, 814 military targets were either rendered inoperable or destroyed, most Ukrainian oil depots eliminated.

On Sunday, Russian “missile forces and artillery hit 113 military targets in Ukraine, including four army control centers, four artillery batteries, two fuels depots, and 103 strongholds and areas of the deployment of the enemy manpower.”

Separately according to head of Russia’s National Defense Management Center, General Mikhail Mizintsev:

Nazified Ukrainian “mobile groups equipped with mortars (intend) to shell Orthodox churches on (April 24, orthodox Christian) Easter Sunday in Zaporozhye, Nikolaev, Odessa, Sumy, and Kharkov. 

Falsely “accus(ing) Russian troops of mass murder of civilians on this holy day” is planned, adding:

“(S)everal Western countries (are aiding Kiev prepare to launch) sophisticated monstrous provocations with numerous victims.”

False flags like the above when occur are made-in-the-the USA.

Time and again, vassal state Britain is involved.

This time, if the above atrocity occurs, perhaps France and/or Germany as well.

Their ruling regimes long ago abandoned the rule of law in favor of hegemon USA’s “rules-based order” — in flagrant breach of international law.

US/NATO supplied terror weapons are also used by Ukrainian forces, including against Donbass civilians.

According to Russia’s Defense Ministry, internationally banned MON-50 and MON-90 mines were discovered in Mariupol — ones used by Nazified Ukrainian forces.

The puppet Zelensky regime falsely claimed that it destroyed these terror weapons, that Ukraine’s military no longer had them.

He lied like countless times before.

In early April, imperial tool Human Rights Watch falsely accused Russia of using these banned weapons — citing no evidence because there is none.

Separately on Monday, Russia’s Defense Ministry estimated that over 6,800 foreign mercenaries from 63 countries came to Ukraine to fight for the Zelensky regime.

At this time, over 1,000 were killed. Nearly the same number returned home.

Nearly 4,900 remain in Ukraine, around 400 holed up with Nazified regime fighters in Mariupol’s Azovstal’s steel plant.

Ones captured by Russian forces will not be treated like POWs.

They’re hired gun mercenaries, elements paid to kill Russian forces, Russia’s Defense Ministry explained, adding:

They’ll either perish ahead or face “criminal liability (charges if captured) and long prison terms” doing hard time.”

Weeks earlier, the Zelensky regime promised visa-free entry into Ukraine for foreign mercenaries willing to combat Russian forces.

On day 54 of Russia’s operation in Ukraine, there’s no ambiguity about how things have gone so far.

Ukraine’s inferior military to superior Russian forces has been battered, degraded and largely isolated in parts of the country with little remaining command and control or ability for the parts to work effectively as a whole against Russia’s military in control of where its forces are deployed.

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  1. Mr Lendman

    I’d love to play Russia’s hand.

    I’m holding the Winning Hand

    But needs to be played correctly.

    A better analogy
    Is Chess..

    You may have the perfect combination of moves

    Say the Ruiz-Lopez
    But each piece has to move in order .

    If the order is out of sync
    You lose a Big Piece or two

    Grab Defeat from the Obvious Victory waiting to be executed.

    EIN SO..

    The Ukis are extremely well trained
    Co ordinated by US Satellite

    Their ordinance is State of the Art..

    And the Nazis in Washington and London want to pay

    To take down Russia.

    Cheney’s one big Finale..
    Before the Lights go out

    Actually the Working Class already in motion

    Fed up

    I’ll come back to that ..

    Brits, French and Germans already getting rambunctious

    already …

    Wait till Mid Summer
    No Air in Big Bldg

    Petro is 7 times more
    Food is 3 times more

    By this Summer there will be riots of Millions of People..

    If Putin ..

    ( The Atlanticists…
    Who need commission checks to cover their Mortgages in Aspen and Miami Beach..

    can live without a bag of Peanuts

    Maybe a few Bill

    from the Gangsters for just a month. .

    We’ll have Riots starting in May .

    Why wait..?

    I must admit..
    I’m confounded by it.. everyone else is )

    Notice honest Russia paid the Premiums to the Gangsters of $667 M..

    And as I predicted..
    Rather, simply asked why?

    They just robbed you of
    $330 B..
    Well the Babysitter

    Left it over at their “house”
    And you lost it..

    What’s $300 Bill

    Let’s Review:

    AND THEN..


    And then they say you haven’t paid Russia Will Default.


    The best thing that could ever
    Happen to Russia

    Is to be disconnected from this HUMAN FILTH…!

    A Godsend.


    Russia is gonna put this away.

    All they need to do..
    Is not do anything rash.

    Let the Nazis come to them
    When they’re starving

    And getting blown to shit.

    The Russians are completely in Control.

    Slow and Steady
    as she goes, Skipper…!

    Prudent assessment of every gopher hole on the Pitch.

    The CIA AND MI 6


    This is their Superbowl.
    Here’s the Good News

    Actually the Great News
    Militarily as Russia has to do

    Is Bomb the Living Shit out of the Nazis.

    Nothing more for at least a month

    In broad strategic terms
    Knock off the corners on the Rat Lines.

    Hit some Kiev and Lviv
    Political Centers.

    Shake em.

    Consider hitting a few
    Corpuscles in Poland
    On the Rat Line.

    Oh and got subs.
    Give me the Meatball sandwich

    With mustard and a pickle


    Combination of Arms.
    Just go with the High Tech

    And while you’re Bombing these Nazis..

    Not one Russian soldier is getting Killed.

    Precious Russian Blood.

    Russians spilled enough blood in the Ukraine 75 years ago to last 10 Centuries.

    They lost a Million Men..


    Saved a Million Jews from the Nazis in the Ukraine

    There were 2.2 Million.Jews in the Pale…

    When WWII started…

    The Nazis would have killed them all..

    If it wasn’t for the Red Army.

    Everyone has seen the picture from the 1940s

    With Azov Bandera Nazis ..

    Shooting Jews and throwing them into open pits..

    The Very same Nazis

    The Jewish Press and Reporters

    Like Dana Bash, John Berman, Jake Tapper, Wolf Blitzer

    now vociferously

    Amazing huh..?

    What’s changed..
    No Difference Between WWII
    And now .


    Well nothing has changed..
    Only the current

    Jewish Nazi Collaborators
    Have degenerated
    And become deformed.

    The Uki Army is somewhat a big mystery..

    The Rat Lines are running.

    That’s the most important thing we can learn from the Moscow going down..!

    That missile was made in the USA and guided by the USA.

    Mindful always ..

    to the Deranged Mad Men
    the USA is Already at War..

    Russia will wake up
    If they aren’t already.

    Who knows what the Nazis have…

    Oldest trick in the
    Nazi Handbook is the
    “Sleeping dog”..

    and the ” Possum”
    The Battle of the Bulge
    A Classic Possum.

    But it’s the weaponry that needs to simply be circumvented.

    That’s easy.
    Stay back and bomb out

    Dont even let them use their Cheap Trix.

    Go Russia..
    Just Win Baby…
    You got this thing…!

    The Sleeping Dog

    Your 11th man lined up as the Wide Receiver

    Ostensibly appears to be
    When the ball is snapped.

    He runs straight down the Field
    Nobody’s covering him

    QB throws the Long Ball..

    on the sideline

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mr Lendman,

    Tuesday the 19th..

    Why even get one Russian soldier killed or injured?

    Why not just leave the Nazis in the Azovstol Steel Mill..

    Leave em there for a month.

    Lock all the hatches.
    No way to get out.

    ” We can’t get the factory up and running anyway..

    For at least a month..
    Maybe more..

    So we’ll just lock them in
    and come back and pick up the Bodies…!”

    Huh ..?
    Sound realistic?

    Sound scary as hell for the Nazis..?

    And not one drop of blood spilled by Russian soldiers!

    I would announce it to the Nazis..

    “Is this your final offer ..

    Liked by 1 person

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