MSM Re-Defined: Mainstream Misinformation Making Up Stuff Mush

US/Western MSM is a 4-letter word with three letters.

MSM-style “journalism” and truth-telling on major domestic and geopolitical issues are mortal enemies.

On what’s most important for everyone to know, state-approved fake news substitutes for the real thing to manufacture consent.

The public mind is consistently manipulated and brainwashed to go along with what serves wealth, power and privileged interests at the expense of most others.

Corporate giants control America’s mass media.

In cahoots with the bought and paid for political class, they operate as thought control gatekeepers.

Their modus operandi is controlling the message — deciding what’s reported and suppressed.

Digital democracy is the last frontier of media freedom.

Yet it’s assaulted in favor of managed news misinformation and disinformation.

Currently with intent to undermine it, will free and open speech and media freedom be banned if current tactics fail?

Is that where things are heading?

Is the US on a path similar to what happened in Germany after Hitler became chancellor in January 1933?

Along with US broadcasters and cable giants, Google, Facebook, Twitter and other online gatekeepers comprise a real-life Orwellian ministry of truth.

Featuring state-approved fake news, truth and full disclosure are filtered out and suppressed.

Societies cannot be free and open without speech, media and academic freedoms.

Without them, all other rights are on the chopping block for elimination.

That’s today’s reality throughout the US/West.

Along with fantasy democracies, is full-blown tyranny a greater mother of all false flags ahead?

Are MSM already enlisted to support what no one should tolerate?

Who could have imagined their support for mass-extermination and elimination of what remains of greatly eroded freedoms by kill shots and all else flu/covid related?

Who would thought that they’d encourage people to self-inflict harm with intent to eliminate them?

Everyone jabbed was irreparably harmed — the more jabs gotten, the greater the harm to health, including by weakening their immune systems.

When weak, vulnerability to one or more serious diseases greatly increases.

Based on official US VAERS and European Medicines Agency data, kill shots harmed over five million people to date.

Tens of thousands died from their toxins.

The true casualty count is much greater than what’s been officially reported.

Throughout the US alone, likely half a million or more individuals died from kill shots so far — likely many millions throughout the West and elsewhere.

All others had their lifespans shortened.

Pharma wants everyone jabbed annually or semi-annually in perpetuity. 

The more toxins pumped into maximum numbers of people, the sooner billions of unwanted people can be culled from world populations.

Last week, Health Impact News (HIN) reported a “1,000% increase in (mass-jabbing) deaths and injuries” from Pfizer’s mRNA gene-altering kill shots to children aged-5 to 11.

The company and other kill shot producers want everyone jabbed and multi-jabbed from infancy to old age — with maximum harm to maximum numbers of people in mind.

Based on VAERS data, HIN also reported a 17,500% increase in children becoming ill from heart disease from kill shots, a 22,000% increase among adults over age-50, thousands of fetal deaths and serious harm to pregnant women from toxins in jabs.

Compared to 1.5 miscarriages among pregnant women monthly following flu shots, 251 fetal deaths have been occurring on average monthly following kill shots — a 16,633% increase since mass-jabbing began over two years ago.

And this admission from fraudster Fauci.

Draconian lockdowns were unrelated to protecting Americans from flu/covid infection.

They were all about “get(ting) people” jabbed.

Separately last week, Dr. Vernon Coleman — author of over 100 books on health related issues — said flu/covid hysteria “destroyed…children…mentally and physically.”

Throughout the West and elsewhere, a generation of children has been gravely harmed.

Coleman cited evidence to show that “many children have become withdrawn and frightened of approaching strangers – especially if they are not wearing masks” that harm and don’t protect.

There’s been “a massive rise in the incidence of mental and emotional problems in children under 11 years of age.”

They’re “worried about dying, about their friends and family dying, about their future, about missing school, about loneliness, about future epidemics.”

Many aren’t eating or sleeping properly. “Panic attacks” are more commonplace.

“(Y)et deaths among healthy children are so rare that it has been suggested that lightning is a bigger threat to children and that it would make more sense to tell children to wear helmets to protect them against meteors than to recommend that they wore masks or practiced social distancing.”

Studies show that masks cause irritability, headaches, difficulty in concentrating and communicating.

They cause shortness of breath, fatigue, weakness and dizziness when worn for long hours daily.

They impair speech development of young children.

Growing up long ago at a time when things were worlds apart different from now, I’m chilled by knowing how greatly my development might have been if forced to be masked all day in school — year after year after year.

I doubt I’d be alive today from years of inhaling who knows what concentrated inside my mask, likely including toxins in concentrated form.

Everything mandated and recommended about what relates to flu/covid has been to inflict maximum harm on maximum numbers of people.

Nothing — repeat nothing — has been with providing protection to health in mind.

What’s gone on since made-in-the-USA flu/covid was rolled out over two years is indisputably the mother of all state-sponsored crimes against humanity — with the worst of diabolical aims in mind.

By heavily promoting the health-destroying scam, MSM are guilty for being co-conspirators.

Based on FOIA-gotten federal documents, the Biden regime secretly paid the NYT and other MSM a billion dollars to push kill shots and all else flu/covid related.

To provide positive coverage exclusively at the expense of truth and full disclosure.

To falsely call kill shots safe and effective.

To suppress all things negative.

To lie and mass deceive for big bucks.

2 thoughts on “MSM Re-Defined: Mainstream Misinformation Making Up Stuff Mush

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  1. Noted, with interest. But factually, candidly (I can’t write with knowledge or conviction about kids and the encompassing effects of the pandemic on them), I must note that in 2021 at age 77 I had shortly before become a resident of an adult care home — since removed at my own election — and was required to receive both Phiser Jabs 1 and 2. I had no — none — physical or mental side effects. I was and had been, for decades, avid, obsessive toward maintaining my physical health then and remain so now. I was/am not obese by any means; my immune system, through years (back in the day…) of marathon and other running and physical conditioning, eating properly, sleeping properly et al, is *world class.” My personal belief is that most Americans (well over 60 percent? I don’t know the statistic) are OBESE and are THEIR OWN WORST ENEMY. They should get off their fat arses and MAKE THEIR IMMUNE SYSTEMS *WORLD CLASS”! There are many more aspects and manipulations and malign acts by our rapacious, capitalist, “exceptionalist” government (sic) and all its MSM and other appurtenances, but I believe that I am “proof”: TAKE PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR ONE’S OWN HEALTH…then all else will fall into balance and order…. (P.s. I am not “boosted” and have no intention…for 50 years I declined to subject myself to the annual “flu shot” with no ill effect…I haven’t had the common cold since 1982 nor any fever or infection, cancer et al, and I intend to die “my way” in due course and fade away from this vale of tears, this “life of quiet desperation”…. My passion in life, as a widower, is geopoltics with prime emphasis on justice and human rights for the Palestinians, my adopted people/cause since 1964…perhaps that fixation is a major factor in my maintaining focus, empathy, a relatively sharp mind, health, balance…?)

    Another P.s. I don’t know — am vastly ignorant about — how other governments/peoples across the globe — e.g., China; Vietnam; Thailand; Cuba; South Africa — are handling the pandemic. Are more “authoritarian,” societal-control-oriented governments requiring “the jab” in addition to lockdowns and STRICT/INTENSE MANAGEMENT of the pandemic? I believe that China has a very, very low rate of deaths due to CoVID…what is the PRIME factor behind its success? [Do kids wear masks in China?] Can’t “lessons” be learned from it/them?

    Oh well: it’s all useless in the end; all useless….


    1. Mr Lendman

      One of the Greatest Crimes in all of History.

      One of the Greatest
      Tragedies in all of History!

      In the Past

      Because of lack of Science
      People died.

      They called those
      Natural Deaths.

      Went on for a Million
      and a Half Years..!

      Now…the Real Tragedy
      The needless

      Duping innocent and ignorant people that it is Science..

      And for what..?

      Not to just make Billions for Big Pharm..

      The horrible Truth
      almost to much to grasp

      How big and deep is the Darkness and Evil that bewitches Mankind …

      We are in The Opening Chapter of the End.

      The Final Solution.
      The Last Extinction…us.

      Will the Citizens of the World revolt..?

      Fight for their own Survival

      Man at the Cross Roads..!

      The Crucible.

      The Rubicon.

      Where will our leaders come from..

      How will we know how to fight..

      It’s Life or Death.

      What else matters..
      If you’re unhealthy..?

      Gonna take it with you.

      A Time Bandit
      Stole 4,000,000,000 Souls

      Still in the Ivory Tower
      Pushing out Death.

      Paul Craig Roberts,
      The Great Man,


      ” Where are our Leaders?”

      You are our Leader,
      Dr Roberts

      Me ,
      I was saved..
      Because I read Lendman.

      “Splained it ”

      Real straightforward
      And simple like

      For an idiot like me..


      Thank you, Mr Lendman.

      You’ve saved countless life’s.

      You’re our Leader.

      The Chronicles of the
      People in the Iron Mask

      A Walk thru a
      Haunted House.

      A Freak Show.
      A Horror Movie.

      A The Killer
      Ain’t the Butler with a Blunt Object in the Billard Room

      No it’s Fuxing Evil Little
      Dr. Fausti…!

      His Name will be Mudd,
      In History.

      (Course I haven’t had a shot of Poison in 60 yrs.)

      (Healthy as a horse )

      Except now
      Cell Phone Towers
      are killing me.

      John Connor
      Please Call Home.

      Liked by 1 person

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