Russia Update on Day 55 of its Ukraine Operation

Demilitarizing a nation takes time — especially when taking care to keep civilians out of harm’s way and targeting no nonmilitary sites.

On day 55 of Russia’s operation, there’s no ambiguity about the overpowering superiority of its forces over Ukraine’s.

Fake news otherwise by what passes for MSM in West doesn’t change reality.

Russia’s military responds by taking care of business on the ground in Ukraine.

Its operation has been decidedly one-sided since day-one of its operation.

Commenting on what’s going on, Sergey Lavrov stressed the following:

“We are not up for regime change in Ukraine.”

“We have said it repeatedly.” 

“We want the people to be free to decide how they want to live in Ukraine”

Millions of Donbass residents  “suffered for eight years.”

They want an end to Ukrainian state terror by the Nazi infested country.

The US-dominated “West (uses) Zelensky (as an imperial tool) against Russia.”

Had he or his predecessor Poroshenko implemented Minsk I and 2 conflict resolution agreements, Russia’s special military operation never would have been launched.

They’re the “cornerstone” of peace in Donbass, Lavrov stressed.

Kiev’s higher power in Washington forbade the regimes it installed from complying with terms of Minsk — to maintain perpetual war along Russia’s borders.

Lavrov also stressed that Russian forces “ha(ve) only been targeting military infrastructure and not civilians.” 

“The Ukrainian army has been using civilians as human shields.”

Under international law, they’re protected persons.

According to Fourth Geneva, Article 49:

“The Occupying Power shall not detain protected persons in an area particularly exposed to the dangers of war unless the security of the population or imperative military reasons so demand.”

Article 51 states:

“Protected persons may not be compelled to undertake any work which would involve them in the obligation of taking part in military operations.”

The International Criminal Court said the following about Additional Protocol I (API) of the Geneva Conventions pertaining to civilians:

“(U)tilizing the presence of a civilian or other protected person to render certain points, areas or military forces immune from military operations” constitutes a war crime in international armed conflicts.

ADI, Article 48 states:

“In order to ensure respect for and protection of the civilian population and civilian objects, the Parties to the conflict shall at all times distinguish between the civilian population and combatants and between civilian objects and military objectives and accordingly shall direct their operations only against military objectives.”

API, Article 5 states:

“Making the civilian population or individual civilians the object of attack is a war crime, regardless of conflict classification.”

US military commissions may prosecute “(a)ny person…who positions, or otherwise takes advantage of, a protected person with the intent to shield a military objective from attack, or to shield, favor, or impede military operations, shall be punished, if death results to one or more of the victims…” 

Lavrov also explained the following:

Following WW II, the US-dominated West “declared themselves winners and, in violation of their promises to the Soviet and Russian leadership, they started moving NATO eastward.” 

“They kept saying: ‘Don’t worry, it’s a defensive alliance (sic).”

“It’s not a threat to Russian security (sic).” 

The so-called “line of defense for this defensive alliance (moved) eastward five times” toward Russia’s borders — menacingly.

“(C)urrent events are rooted in the US and the collective West’s desire to rule and dominate the world and show everyone that there would be no multipolarity,” said Lavrov. 

The US “created a springboard in Ukraine against Russia and pumped arms into the country, saying that Kiev may join NATO and nobody can stop” it.”

Separately on Tuesday, Russia’s Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said the following:

“The plan for the liberation of the Donetsk and Lugansk people’s republics is being implemented systematically, and measures are being taken to restore life to normal.”

That’s what the battle already begun in Donbass is all about.

Russia intends to end 8 years of US-orchestrated and directed war on its people, to liberate parts of its territory occupied by Ukrainian forces, and restore peace, stability and normality for its long-suffering people.

Four million Donbass residents would surely agree that those aims are worth fighting for.

They won’t be gotten any other way.

A Final Comment

Shoigu also explained the following:

“This year, 30 organizational events will be held in (Russia’s) Southern Military District.”

“Over 3,000 advanced weapons and items of military hardware will be supplied (to its forces), and about 170 military infrastructure facilities will be built and put into operation.”

Training remains a priority.

At the same time, “(w)e continue providing (Southern Military District) personnel and their families with service and permanent housing,” including proper healthcare as needed.

Maintaining military capabilities with advanced weapons, along with providing for the needs of its personnel and families are dual priorities for Russia.

In stark contrast, Ukraine’s military is largely dysfunctional.

With ranks filled mostly with involuntary conscripts, they abhor war and yearn to be home with their families.

Corruption is rampant. Hundreds of millions of dollars disappeared into the pockets of high-ranking military and US-installed regime officials. 

Ordinary Ukrainians suffer enormously from impoverishment, unemployment, inflation, unaffordable goods and services, along with Nazi-infested fascist rule.

Intelligence obtained by Russia and Donbass showed poor morale, alcohol abuse, violations of military discipline, and crimes committed against Ukrainian civilians.

Thousands of its troops deserted, especially after Russia’s operation began. 

Some moved cross-border. Others allied with Donbass freedom fighters — because Ukrainian forces are underpaid, poorly fed and mistreated.

It’s no surprise that Russia’s demilitarizing campaign is proceeding as planned.

7 thoughts on “Russia Update on Day 55 of its Ukraine Operation

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  1. Mr Lendman,

    The minute I read your words,
    Minsk I or Minsk II..

    I was furious..
    The entire World should be enraged .

    Now the NATO bitches are crying …

    for their little cowardly Uki Nazi bitches…

    But the pathetic War Criminals

    Didn’t say shit about their Nazi bitches honoring Minsk..!

    The Righteous Party is Clearly Russia..!

    Hey Wasn’t the E-3..

    UK, Germany and France
    The Co Signers..?

    What happened?
    No say..?

    You did nothing…
    No you cry.

    Not me..
    All of History will call you trash.

    So disreputable.
    So Vile.
    So Criminally incapable.

    All the heinous obsolete
    Capitalist Ruling Class can do is lie.

    Going into Minsk you know,

    Obviously the USA is lying and will break it..

    Of course..
    That’s to be expected..

    The USA has never honored a Treaty in my entire life.

    They’re Pathological Liars.
    Signatures are worthless.

    That’s the Filth Russia
    and China..have to deal with.

    It’s a Fuxing Godsend
    Russia can extricate themselves from the
    Degenerated Sick
    Backward Vulgar
    Society of Perversion.

    Detach from the
    Transmission belt of Insanity.

    Maria Z the FM Spox

    Spends most of her da just debunking one lie after another.

    The entire Western World
    a Lie.

    A House of Cards.

    On the Verge of
    Colony Collapse.

    Grown sick on their own poison.

    Covered in debt from Imperial Wars..

    Raping Pillaging Plundering the World..

    And murdered around
    25 to 30 Million since 1945.

    29 YRS OLD NOW

    Russia Go East, Young Man!

    200 yrs the British and then the US Imperialists always wanted to keep Germany from marrying Russia..

    They’d engage the wheels of their economy.

    Both brought exactly what the other party needed.

    ( The Brits remember
    Catherine the Great..

    Didn’t want that Hair Pin Turn again )

    So the plan was successful for two centuries.

    Thru two World Wars.

    I’m struck by what
    Albert Maltz said once

    Maltz was one of the Hollywood Thirteen in the 50’s

    He said Lenin was reported to have said

    If Bismarck had been born 20 yrs later…

    There never would have been a WWI…”

    I’ve never seen that anywhere.

    But his Hollywood Agent
    A New Yorker..
    A big Agent..

    Forgot his name..
    Huge Agent
    Very Political

    But was over there in Moscow
    And hung out with the original Bolsheviks.

    Knew so much personal anecdotes about their lives.

    He told Maltz that.



    Now Russia and China getting Married.


    Beautiful Children..

    History full of quirks.

    If Seward and Chase
    hadn’t Poisoned
    the Hawaiian Princess

    Betrothed to a Japanese Prince
    Hawaii would be Japanese now.

    Twain was over in Hawaii then.
    He mentioned it to his editor or publisher…

    That’s what he thought happened.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This all needn’t have been…god damn the US (esp.), NATO, EU, and all the rest of the scofflaws who didn’t/don’t recognize Russia’s legitimate — patriotic — core national-security needs. Now, the piper is being paid…I expect worldwide economic disruptions, transportation mayhem, food/commodites/energy shortages, famine, (increased) poverty among the “other”…. (I read something about *diesel fuel* the other day…scary.)

    So be it. It might well be time to turn out the lights on civilization (sic) and Mother Earth. Sayonara.

    Thanks for this depressing — but essential — post, Mr. Lendman.

    This esp. appreciated:
    “Had (Z…) or his predecessor Poroshenko implemented Minsk I and 2 conflict resolution agreements, Russia’s special military operation never would have been launched.
    “They’re the “cornerstone” of peace in Donbass, Lavrov stressed.”

    My bottom line: Bit*h Victoria Nuland — Jew, Zionist, neocon — should have a rail run up her arse (reminders of President Ghaddafi, eviscerated in Libya by Killary + goons) and be run out of ZioOccupied WashDC on that rail.


  3. Mr Lendman..

    April 20, 1939

    “London Bridges Falling Down”

    All the Nazi Collaborators in the West are sending even more weapons to the Uki Nazis.

    And qualitatively more deadly and sophisticated weapons.

    President Putin has warned them repeatedly to stop.

    Precisely like JFK warned Russia to stop sending weapons to Cuba.

    The Western Nazis ignore him.

    Apparently they are still sending the weapons..

    One last and final warning should be announced.


    I avoid WW III

    Russia should blow up
    Ten Cities simultaneously:


    Non Nuclear.
    Warning Shots.

    President Putin,
    “Hear Me Now..?”

    It’s Now or Never..

    Pres Putin continues,

    “Because WWIII will not be
    Fought on Russian Soil..

    And we have the military capabilities to execute that
    ‘ Monroe Doctrine..’

    Last and final Warning..”

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Mr Lendman

    Keep in mind…

    The Worldwide Nazi Press
    Are giving the announcements of new weapons..

    Enormous Fanfare..
    Unusually high volume


    To scare the Russians
    That they better hurry up


    Start their Pickett’s Charge
    Against the Bulwarks of Death

    The Area North of the Donbass
    The Kill Zone..

    Which The Nazis have spent
    8 yrs elaborately building up.

    Red Army..
    Has all the time you need..

    Once again..

    Just avoid it..
    Don’t engage .

    Let them rot.

    And continue to
    OUT OF THEM..!

    Moreover give em an
    Extra Dose of Medicine

    On the Announcements of more Nazi Weapons being sent.

    Lastly..After letting the
    Nazi Human Filth remain
    stationary and get pulverized

    In their “Enchondroma”

    For a month..while it RAINS..

    As you are aware..

    Anticipate a big Swans Song
    drive / penetration into Russia. From the Losers…

    North or South of Kharkov
    Expect diversionary feints

    Like Allies used several at Normandy pre invasion.

    Go Russia
    To Total Victory..!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Mr Lendman..

    April 20..

    Today is Hitler’s Birthday..!

    Comrade Tovarish..

    Like there was no tomorrow..!

    Expand the Strike zone
    On their precious Holiday.

    Give em some extra icing on the Cake


    Liked by 1 person

  6. Mr Lendman..

    April 20..

    RE: Azovstol Steel Mill

    I see the Russians are giving the Nazis one more chance.


    Fux them but not one drop of Precious Russian blood wasted on this Filth.

    I’d like to make a suggestion
    From the Annals of History

    “I’d like to solve the Puzzle, Pat”

    When Alexander went up to Current day Afghanistan

    Upper Bactria..

    The Most vicious of his opponents..

    The were defeated in a Standing battle..

    Actually a draw..

    But rather than surrender
    They hid in their caves.

    Elaborate, ostensibly.

    And Alex couldn’t proceed leaving them in his rear.

    He tried many things to coax or flush them out…

    All unsuccessfully.

    I think it was Callimachus

    ( Aristotle’s nephew or
    Genrral Perdicus the Younger)

    Who suggested roasting huge slabs of meat on spits…

    And the Aroma would drive hungry men insane

    Sure Nuff..
    It worked .

    They came out .
    Were properly Feed..
    Treated kindly

    Alex respected them as warriors.

    In fact,

    Subsequently made a Treaty with them

    Which both honored.

    And Iskandar even started. bangin Princess Roxanne..

    Whom he later married.

    EIN so…worth a Try..

    And if it doesn’t
    the Red Army has a big BBQ!

    BTW…these Nazis coming out
    Would be a little different than the Bactrians…

    They sould be treated “Justly…”

    At the Swingers Club..!

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    1. Mr Lendman..

      Gotta leave for kick boxing class in 20 minutes.

      Realized I wouldn’t be able to concentrate..

      (And that’s one hour when you really need your head in the Game..)

      Without dropping this:


      The Leader of the New World Nazi Coalition ..
      Crashing World Economy
      Sending Weapons to Ukis

      Starting WWIII

      Is controlled by
      Stuffed Animal that follows the Idiot around..!”

      Would Hitler Laugh?
      How about Joe Stalin?

      The Vice President
      Just a Freaky..
      A unique Weirdo

      Needs a Disney Character to follow her around and

      Hold her mouth while the Imbecile starts laughing inexplicably..!

      This my fellow POWs
      Is the “Leadership “.

      That’s taking us into WWIII

      Liked by 1 person

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