The Battle to Liberate Donbass from Nazified Occupation Begun?

Since Monday, Russian military operations in and around Donbass greatly increased.

While its Defense Ministry hasn’t announced the start of ground operations to liberate what remains of Ukrainian occupation of Donbass territory, what’s ongoing looks like the train left the station.

Sergey Lavrov indicated that the liberation of what remains of occupied Donbass began, his remarks quoted in a same-day article. 

The liberation of Donbass throughout its territory is just a matter of time.

Only the duration and tactics of Russia’s operation remain unknown.

Most likely, Russian forces will take care of business with increased intensity to declare mission accomplished as soon as possible — though triumph may be weeks away.

For what it’s worth, puppet Zelensky said the following on Monday from his Polish hideout:

“We can now confirm that Russian troops have begun the battle for Donbass,” his so-called chief of staff adding:

The “second phase of (conflict) has started in the east.”

Defying indisputable reality otherwise, he added:

Ukrainians should “believe in our army (sic). It is very strong (sic).”

More on this below.

Related to the battle for Donbass and demilitarizing Ukraine, Russia’s Defense Ministry spokesman General Igor Konashenkov announced the following on Monday.

“On the morning of 18 April, air-launched missiles fired by the Russian Aerospace Forces delivered a precision strike against the 124th Joint Logistics Center of the Logistics Forces Command of the Ukrainian armed forces near Lvov.” 

“The logistics center and a large batch of foreign weapons delivered to Ukraine over the past six days from the US and European countries was destroyed.”

On the same day, a large Ukrainian ammo depot was destroyed near Kiev.

So was a tactical missile repair facility.

Concentrations of Ukrainian troops, weapons, munitions and equipment were also struck in and around Donbass.

Last week, the Kremlin warned the Biden regime to stop sending weapons to Ukraine or face “unpredictable consequences.”

What’s reported above with more of the same ahead is what Moscow meant — notably how its demilitarization and deNazification of Ukraine intensified.

According to analyst Larry Johnson, Russian forces control Ukraine’s “southern coast…with a combination of naval and ground forces.”

The fall of Odessa is sure to follow, cutting off Ukraine entirely from the 

Black Sea.

In Western Ukraine, Russian forces destroyed three sites where US/Western weapons were stored.

At this time, “Russian tanks reportedly are bombarding Ukrainian positions” around Donbass.

Notably, Ukrainian forces are not counter-attacking.

It had the means, it would surely be used.

No counter-attack is clear evidence of Ukrainian units on their back foot.

In Mariupol and elsewhere, hundreds of Ukrainian forces have been laying down their arms and surrendering — thousands throughout April.

Johnson noted the following:

“The limited ability of Ukrainian forces to respond in kind means the units are hunkered down and taking a brutal beating.” 

“If they poke their heads out of their bunkers, they are likely to lose their noggin.”

“Besides physically killing Ukrainian soldiers, Russian sustained bombardments are also killing the will to fight among some of the units.” 

“Significant numbers are surrendering to Russian units.”

They’d rather live than fight and die.

Johnson also stressed that if Ukrainian forces were achieving battlefield successes, they’d be press briefings to tout them.

Their absence signifies defeats, not triumphs.

Russia destroyed Ukrainian command and control capabilities.

The inability of its military to “communicat(e) with front line units and ensure they are fully supplied with ammunition, weapons and food is a death spiral for any military organization,” Johnson stressed.

Rosy scenario reports by Kiev, its state-controlled media and US/Western MSM are pure fiction.

Notably their fake news is unaccompanied by video and/or other evidence of Ukrainian battlefield successes.

It’s clearly because they haven’t occurred since Russia’s campaign began on Feb. 24.

It’s proceeding as planned to demilitarize and deNazify Ukraine, along with achieving other stated objectives.

It’s just a matter of time before mission accomplished is announced by Moscow.

To minimize embarrassment for fake news reporting while pretending otherwise, MSM will likely to shift to a new narrative — while continuing all-out Russia bashing based on state-supplied talking points.


3 thoughts on “The Battle to Liberate Donbass from Nazified Occupation Begun?

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  1. First off …Be Perfectly Clear

    The entire secret to Success for the Ukis so far..

    Is to wait..

    And let the Russians come to them..

    Over and over again..

    While they have the enormous
    Home Field Advantage of

    The Defense is 3:1 anyway .

    Interior lines
    Set Up Fire Zones
    Mine fields
    Booby Traps
    Completely Dug in


    Almost a no lose situation.

    Why give that up..?
    They won’t.

    That’s the Key to the Game

    The Ukis don’t counter attack because it would be a disaster

    They be out in the open.

    They’re dug in now
    They’d have to go out and get

    clobbered left and right by

    Russian Tanks
    High Altitude Bombing

    They’d be toast.

    That’s why it’s so critically important that the Red Army

    Not feel the need to get mauled attacking the Uki defensive positions.

    They had 8 yrs of Professional CIA expertise in setting up the Defense.

    EIN so..
    Time is completely on the Russians side..

    If they just

    Let the Nazis sit there in the rain..hungry…


    In fact, Russia has nothing to do except

    EVERY DAY..!

    From long Range.

    No Russians get killed
    Ukis die like fleas.

    That simple.

    That’s why the Bourgeois Media
    Is Running.Headlines

    CBS, NBC, CNN..all run the Same thing..

    “Escalation has Begun”

    No it hasn’t..

    Only the build up of men and material has.

    But that’s what the Ukis are praying for..

    Proselytizing for..

    Spin weaving their Western Lies.

    The Ukis can’t sit there forever
    Getting bombed.

    They won’t last two weeks.

    Russia just stay back
    And fux em up.

    Pile it on.

    Russian Aero doing a
    Fantastic job.

    Keep doing it

    Hitting the Rat lines

    The HQs of the Ukis
    Weapons Caches

    And Roads, Bridges, Airports

    More is always gonna be better.

    Never enough when you’re
    Fighting Nazi Terrorists.

    Doing a Great Job, Captain
    Steady as she goes..

    Just steer clear of all the shoals, reefs, corral and gales

    You don’t need to do anything
    Except what you’re doing now.


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  2. Read with satisfaction and hope…may sanity, recognition of each government’s/peoples’ et al needs for their own “core national security and societal interests”…prevail. As always, thank you for your reporting, Mr. Lendman.

    Won’t all of this trauma surrounding Russia-Ukraine-Donbass-NATO-‘hegemon’ US et al be resolved with some/considerable recourse to respect, diplomacy, an end to militarism, a start at *disarmament* all across this insane globe, “commerce and friendly relations among nations”…? One might hope….


  3. Mr Lendman


    This war is similar to the Spanish Civil War..

    In that they’re testing new weapons.

    Moreover because of the Weapons…

    The entire Art of Warfare hss changed..

    Morphed into the Dynamics
    Of the new Weapons..

    And Developing Broad New Vistas the Weaponry implicitly
    Is leading them to.

    For instance..

    The First War with Total Transparency..

    Satellites on both sides.


    This is the First War

    Two others but the Bad Guy reading this also.

    ( You understand )

    Be mindful..

    The Modern Battlefield..

    Is not exactly the same as the
    Modern War.

    The Moscow going down with a Missile w Satellite navigation..!

    If Adm Mahon who wrote the book on Use of Naval Power
    In the 1880s

    If he was alive for
    41s Iraqi War in the 1980s
    And saw missiles

    Or better yet
    Was alive in 2000
    And saw missiles

    That were shore to ship.

    he would have said that
    at least half the ships
    in Half the Navies in the World

    Are completely obsolete.

    That will bring huge changes.

    The Drones and the Satellites
    Are only two legs of the stool now.

    The Third leg…
    The Bourgeois Media Lies.

    Like Razor Sharp Cutlasses
    Weilded by Professional Liars

    But the Final Detail of the
    Bourgeois Media Sword

    Will manifest itself at the very worst and most critical time

    The Ether wears off
    The Lie is exposed.

    ” You can win a Campaign
    With lies..

    But you can’t win a War…!_

    Soon…Bio Weapons Horrors
    And the truth about Buscia..

    Will pop up..
    Like Long John Silver…
    From the Crypt.


    This time



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