Disgracing Itself Is an Everyday Thing at the NYT Lying Machine

Times correspondents, columnists and contributors represent a Noah’s Ark of scam artists.

Scamming readers with fake news over the real thing is what they do.

What the Times calls “all the news that’s fit to print” is a collection of state-approved Big Lies and mass deception on major domestic and geopolitical issues.

Truth and full disclosure are banned from Times editions on issues mattering most.

On Wednesday, a perversion of reality column paid homage to US-installed Ukrainian puppet Zelensky, a caricature of a leader, clearly not the real thing.

The Times expressed admiration for a figure to despise.

Instead of opposing the scourge of Nazism, he embraces it. 

Instead of cooperating with Russia, he colludes with US-dominated NATO’s proxy war on the country.

Since installed by the US in May 2019, he more greatly wrecked Ukraine’s economy, immiserated its people more than already and terrorizes them under tyrannical rule.

Continuing years of aggression against Donbass — begun in April 2014 — forced Russia’s intervention to protect its security, along with freeing Donetsk and Lugansk from the ordeal of endless war on their territory.

Sounding delusional, the Times praised the “courage” of a figure who’s been hiding out in Poland while pretending to be in Kiev.

Saying he “grasps the power of personal example and physical presence” ignored the above reality.

The same goes for calling his words “inspir(ational)” — what’s scripted for him to recite by his master in Washington.

Saying he’s a “statesman” is like calling a barely operating used car a Rolls or Mercedes.

As part of its editorial war of words on Russia, the Times turned reality on its head by falsely calling preeminent world leader Vladimir Putin a “Russian dictator (sic)…a “Stalin(ist) despot (sic).”

In the same breath, the Times equated Nazi-infested fascist tyranny in Ukraine with a “state (that) first and foremost protect(s) the rights of” its people (sic).

It equated puppet Zelensky with “Moses in the face of Pharoah (sic),” adding:

He’s a “canny underdog who, with skill and wits, makes up for what he lacks in fearsomeness and brawn (sic).”

He’s a “prophet (who’s) lead(ing) (Ukrainians) through trials toward a political culture based on self-determination, freedom and ethics (sic).”

He “rouses the better angels of our nature (sic).”

“His (fantasy) leadership made (dementia Joe’s double) a better (fake) president (sic), Germany a better country (sic), NATO a better alliance (sic).”

Ignoring Nazi-infested tyrannical rule in Ukraine, the Times lied calling democratic Russia “fascis(t).”

And this Times fake news:

“We admire Zelensky because he models what a man should be (sic): impressive without being imposing (sic); confident without being cocksure (sic); intelligent without pretending to be infallible (sic); sincere rather than cynical (sic); courageous…because he advances with a clear conscience (sic).”

And this rubbish:

“We admire Zelensky because he holds out the hope that our own (fantasy) democracies may elect leaders who can inspire, ennoble, even save us (sic).” 

“Perhaps we can when the hour isn’t quite as late as it is now for the people of Ukraine and their indomitable leader (sic).

I have to reflect hard trying to remember having read rot as outlandish as all of the above.

The attempt to turn sow’s ear Zelensky into a silk purse fell flatter than day’s old pancakes turned rancid.

Only Times and other MSM editors would feature rot like the above.

No respectable ones would touch it.

None would tolerate the likes of anyone writing it.

A Final Comment

In the same fake news edition, the Times called Ukrainian Nazi thugs — and mercenaries cut from the same mold — holed up in Mariupol’s Azovstal plant “defenders” of the city (sic).

For years, they’ve been terrorizing, torturing, tormenting and murdering its residents.

Their day of reckoning is long overdue.

It’s coming and when arrives, the Times will likely call them prisoners of conscience.

Holed up like moles to avoid capture, the Times likened the Azovstal steel plant to a “Ukrainian Alamo (sic).”

At the same time, the self-styled newspaper of record pretends that hundreds of civilians held as human shields inside the plant are there voluntarily for self-protection.

Scores managing to escape captivity set the record straight on the horrific ordeal they endured for weeks at the hands of their brutal captors.

What the Times should explain, it consistently suppresses.

What it features is worlds apart from journalism as it should be.

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