Freedom Approaches for Mariupol Residents

Mariupol, Donetsk is virtually free from Nazified Ukrainian occupation — except for an estimated 2 – 3 thousand hardcore extremist fighters and likeminded mercenaries holed up in the city’s sprawling Azovstal steel plant.

According to a Facebook posting by a Ukrainian commander inside the facility:

With no food, water and perhaps most ammo gone, the last Ukrainian stronghold in the city “may be facing (its) last days, if not hours.”

Situation hopeless as “(t)he enemy (sic) is outnumbering us 10 to one.”

So why haven’t they laid down their arms and surrendered — notably since Russian forces guaranteed them “life” over certain death.

In stark contrast to how ruthlessly Azov and other Ukrainian Nazis treat Russian POWs — virtually torturing them to death while dismembering their bodies while alive — Russian forces treat Kiev POWs humanely.

They’re fed, clothed and given medical treatment as needed.

True enough, ones guilty of war crimes will be prosecuted and imprisoned longterm doing hard time.

The alternative to surrender for Ukrainian forces inside Azovstal is death by Russian firepower, starvation and/or dehydration.

The obvious choice is declined because hegemon USA wants perpetual war on Russia to the last Ukrainian.

The Pentagon and CIA control Kiev forces.

Kiev has no say over all things related to Russia.

Trapped Ukrainian forces in Azovstal were warned against surrendering — no matter the dire alternative.

Elements surrendering who return home will be charged with treason and executed.

Despite twice offered and declined,  Russian Defense Ministry’s National Defense Control Center head, General Mikhail Mizintsev again offered trapped Kiev forces in Azovstal a chance to lay down their arms, surrender and stay alive, saying:

“Despite the absence of any elementary actions on the part of the Kiev authorities to save the military personnel of their country, and also realizing the complete irresponsibility of officials of the Kiev regime for the predicted sad outcome of resistance in the remaining hearth of Mariupol, the Russian Armed Forces, guided by purely humane principles, again offer the militants…and foreign mercenaries to cease hostilities and lay down their arms from 14:00 Moscow time on April 20, 2022.”

“The leadership of the Russian Federation guarantees the preservation of life, complete safety and the provision of qualified medical care to all those who laid down their arms.”

“The Russian side guarantees compliance with the Geneva Conventions on the treatment of prisoners of war.”

Like the previous one, the latest offer is being transmitted to trapped Kiev fighters every 30 minutes by radio channels.

On Tuesday, about 120 civilians held hostage as human shields by Ukrainian Nazis in Avovstal managed to escape captivity through a humanitarian corridor established by Russia from the plant.

Free at last, they began explaining the horror they endured throughout their long ordeal at the hands of their ruthless captors.

According to Donetsk authorities:

“Having used the proposal made by the DPR People’s Militia and the Russian armed forces, five servicemen of the Ukrainian armed forces laid down their arms and voluntarily left the territory of the Azovstal plant.”

Perhaps their surrender will be followed by greater numbers.

Separately on Tuesday, pro-Western imperial tool Antonio Guterres ignored hegemon USA’s responsibility for all things related to Ukraine, saying:

I “call on Russians and Ukrainians to silence the guns and forge a path to safety for so many at immediate risk.” 

“The 4-day Easter period should be a moment to unite around saving lives and furthering dialogue to end the suffering in Ukraine.”

What he called “the message of Easter” should be delivered to Washington, London, Paris, Berlin and Kiev, not Moscow.

Earlier he virtually blamed Russia for made-in-the-USA conflict — showing where he stands on all things related to Nazi-infested Ukraine.

Ignoring 8 years of Kiev aggression on Donbass, he called what’s going on “absurd (sic).”

Falsely calling Russia’s special military operation “war,” he said “continuing (it) is morally unacceptable, politically indefensible, and militarily nonsensical (sic).”

Like most of his predecessors, he was installed by hegemon USA to serve its interests.

As long as the Biden regime and key NATO vassal states want perpetual war on Russia, central European peace in our time will remain off the table.

Ukrainian forces will remain cannon fodder up against overwhelming Russian firepower.

Separately as ordered by dominant Biden regime hardliners, more US/EU sanctions are coming against Russia.

According to White House spokeswoman Psaki:

The Biden regime and its European vassals continue to “coordinate efforts to impose severe economic costs (on) Russia….including…through the G7, EU, and NATO.”

At this time, EU regimes are discussing a total embargo of Russian oil.

Resisting the move so far, Germany said it’ll plunge the continent into deep recession.

Hungary and Austria also oppose the move.

According to head of global commodities strategy at JP Morgan, Natasha Kaneva, brent crude could skyrocket by 65% to about $185 dollars a barrel if EU regimes ban imports of Russian oil.

A new round of US/EU sanctions will likely target Russian energy by further cutting imports.

France’s Macron regime called for a total embargo on Russian oil.

At this time, EU regimes are still importing about $850 worth of Russian oil and gas daily.

The amount may be substantially cut by yearend.

What benefits Big Oil and other US corporate predators comes at the expense of EU economies.

Instead of recognizing and opposing the Biden regime’s dirty game, EU sanctions war on Russia sanctions their own nations, enterprises and people.

Russia is entirely self-sufficient in food and energy, largely self-sufficient overall.

While sanctions impose costs on targeted nations, history shows that they don’t work.

They haven’t against North Korea throughout most of the post-

WW II period, Cuba for over 60 years, Iran for over 40 years or Venezuela for over 20 years.

They’re largely shooting blanks against Russia.

EU nations imposing them are shooting themselves.

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  1. Mr Lendman..

    I was riding my bike home
    From the Gym when it hit me:

    I saw the Near Future Headlines

    “WHO KNEW..

    ” Nazi Experiments & Horrors Revealed in the Ukraine..!”

    “Even Hitler Would Be Shocked
    Graphic Pictures of Torture..!”


    “Biden Crime Family Disgraced!”


    So you’re gonna tell me..

    That nobody was aware of the Horrendous Experiments and Deadly Biological Warfare..?”


    It involves Tens of Billions of Dollars..

    1000s of People..

    100’s of Bio Weapon Factories
    All over the World…

    And you Nazis are going to tell us…
    “Gee, we didn’t know..”

    Not so fast my friend

    Wouldn’t you want to know, Senator..

    After Nuland told Rubio,

    ” Gee..I sure hope the
    Russians don’t find out..!”

    Wouldn’t you ask,
    “Find out What..?”

    Isn’t that your job, Senator?

    Besides stealing money from the Public, you piece of shit..?

    Down in that pit in Azovstol is something very very evil.

    Highly incriminating.
    Real Nazi Stuff.

    Run by a for, Real Nazis.
    Like Jens and Borrel.

    That’s why I would prefer ithe evidence didn’t get blown up or destroyed.

    Last stroke..

    Mostly worried that the Nazis in Washington might drop a nuke on Mariupol to destroy the evidence..

    I’m sure they have discussed Ii
    But realized the entire World would know it’s the Filth..

    Destroying the evidence,

    Because the Russians sure wouldn’t have any motivation
    to destroy all the Evidence..!

    The Horrendous Truth about our Criminal Elite..

    So shameful the Stink will never wear off.the Human Filth..

    “The Lie
    And the Truths that Won’t Die..!”

    You fuxing Criminal.
    You Nazi Collaborator..

    Tell Judge Jackson
    You were

    Hitler told von Paulus and the 250,000 man Sixth Army not to surrender.

    No different, really.

    As we all know.. who’s really making the decision in that

    Nazi Hellhole letting the

    Nazis Die..and poor innocent Hostages also maybe..

    Is Nuland & the Kaganite Nazis

    Jens, Borrell, BoJo, Van der Lies and the Dead Man Walking, Joe

    The Real Nazi Elite.


  2. Hello, Mr. Lendman. I wish to thank you for your excellent journalism.
    I have for several months been posting on a site called “Natural News”, under the name “Mark M”. An author or two there will tell the truth about all things Russia/Ukraine, but a few are propagandists. In the case of those who are propagandists pushing “official” narratives, I refute them with facts as I’ve found them around the internet and have often sent people to your website here for the best information they can get.
    But a number of my posts have been “removed” from the Natural News site, no reasons or explanations given; though most of my removed posts have been in connection with ones posted against the propaganda pushed by one JD Heyes. I’m wondering if Heyes himself is removing some of my posts. This despite the fact that I do not troll people, I do not engage in ad hominem attacks, I usually don’t even “downvote” people I disagree with in the comments. Instead, I provide intelligent analysis and tell people where they can get solid information and documentation. Still, I’m being subjected to censorship. This is absurd, especially since Natural News claims to be “in a fight against censorship”!

    Anyway, thank you a thousand times Mr. Lendman for telling the truth about the PLANdemic and the potentially lethal injections, and especially about all things Russia/Ukraine. You are much appreciated and wherever I go on the internet, I will recommend you to others.


  3. Mr Lendman,

    Thursday..April 21st

    Poland will be the launch pad for Nuking Russia.

    That’s why the Polish Defense Nazi is in Washington for a week to discuss with our Criminally Insane Dead Enders.

    Immediate agenda is Poland getting the Rat lines expedited..

    The Red Ball Express…
    As best they can.

    With all their hearts and souls to kill Russians.

    A Slovakian guy who lives here told me,

    ” the Poles would give their first born son to kill a Russian..

    And think it was a good deal…

    No, actually he would kill both his sons to kill a Russian..

    And think it’s a good deal..
    Remember they’re Polish..!”


    Polish are so far down on the Scale of Humanity

    All they can do is attempt to tear down the Russians.

    That’s all they know..
    That’s their Superbowl.

    With every success the Russians have

    The Polish are deeply distressed…

    Why I wonder.

    But stop and think..

    Name one thing the Polish have ever done in all of History..?

    I’m waiting…

    Very very few people can name even one thing..

    Maybe one in a million

    Like me, I’d say Copernicus was Polish wasn’t he…?

    Other than that…

    Oh Kosciusko was Polish..

    Fought in Our Revolution..
    By General Washington’s side.

    Then the Record goes dark.

    Mark my words,

    Russia is going to have to jack these Slugs up…

    Sooner or later.

    And sooner would be better

    As they transport Weapons into the Ukraine to kill Russians.


  4. Good reporting, sir. Thank you.

    I assume $850 here should be ‘$850K’? — “At this time, EU regimes are still importing about $850 worth of Russian oil and gas daily.”


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