More Straight Talk by Russia at the Security Council

In stark contrast to US, UK, EU Russia bashing Big Lies and mass deception, Moscow at all times sets the record straight on all things related to Ukraine and its special military operation.

During a Tuesday Security Council session on the humanitarian situation in Ukraine, Russian deputy UN envoy Dmitry Polyansky minced no words as follows, saying:

“Russia faced the consequences of the degrading situation in Ukraine right after the (Obama/Biden regime’s) unconstitutional coup of February 2014.”

Since “the Maidan coup, at least 2.5 million Ukrainians found shelter in Russia” out of harm’s way.

US/Western regimes ignore why they fled.

They ignore the scourge of Nazi-infested Ukraine, its deep-seated “corruption, and skyrocketing numbers of politically-motivated murders, most of which remained unpunished, (along with) unprecedented persecution of opposition leaders and mass closures of opposition media.”

They support an “unprecedented crackdown on the Russian language and its speakers,” along with other flagrant human rights abuses and US-installed tyrannical rule.

“According to your baseless assertions, what happened on 24 February was Russia’s ‘unprovoked and unprecedented aggression’ or a ‘war of choice’ ” — a bald-faced Big Lie. 

“(Y)ou hypocritically pretend that the world has not seen anything as atrocious since the end of Word War II (sic).” 

“But you eagerly sweep under the carpet the fact that military adventures of (US-dominated) Western (regimes) in Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq, Yugoslavia, Libya and Syria claimed hundreds of thousands of lives.” 

On Monday, Damascus circulated a letter about the disastrous consequences of the US-led rape and destruction of Raqqa in 2017. 

What happened to Raqqa, Mosul in Iraq, Baghdad, Belgrade and other targeted cities will forevermore symbolize how US-dominated NATO “obliterat(es) cities” and their residents by naked aggression.

Hegemon USA and its Western vassal states “are trying to rewrite modern history in an (egregious) anti-Russian manner,” Polyansky stressed.

Ignored are “blatant manifestations of neo-Nazism in Ukraine.”

It’s why “denazification is one of the goals of our special military operation.” 

“This must be done so that no threat either to the people of Donetsk and Lugansk, or to Russia, ever comes from the territory of Ukraine.” 

It “must be done for Ukrainians who have become hostages to their authorities.”

For US-dominated NATO, Ukrainians are used “as cannon fodder in (waging) proxy war against Russia.”

US/Western arms makers never had things better than when perpetual wars are waged — always on invented enemies threatening no one.

Most weapons sent to Ukraine are “obsolete Soviet-era” ones US/Western regimes want to get rid of.

As for their sanctions war — in flagrant breach of the UN Charter — Russia “is coping with (their) pressure successfully,” Polyansky stressed, adding:

“We keep finding new opportunities for development and engagement with new reliable partners.” 

“The only countr(ies) losing” out are European ones by effectively sanctioning themselves and their people — while Kiev gains nothing. 

For the past 8 years, their long-suffering people lost political and economic freedom under Nazi-infested fascist rule — controlled by hegemon USA.

Russia documented indisputable evidence of war crimes by Ukrainian forces, especially by its Nazified ones.

“There is abundant evidence that we will surely share with you,” said Polyansky, adding: 

“(W)ill you want to hear or see it?”

“We doubt it in light of the fact that you spent 8 years ignoring civilians – women, children, and elderly – die in Donbass” — while doing nothing to stop the carnage. 

Fully supporting it instead!

Russia documented “evidence that the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission in Ukraine, instead of monitoring and recording all ceasefire violations, actually spied in Kiev’s interests.” 

“The SMM shared feed from surveillance cameras with Ukrainians so they could do fire adjustment.” 

“We continue collecting” more evidence, including OSCE support for Azov Nazis.

Polyansky stressed that “goals of (Russia’s) special military operation on the liberation of Donbass, demilitarization and deNazification of Ukraine, (as well as) elimination of threats pose(d) to Russia will be achieved.”

And there’s not a thing that US-dominated NATO can do about it. 

4 thoughts on “More Straight Talk by Russia at the Security Council

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  1. Mr Lendman..

    The Nazi Coalition has declared total war on Russia..

    On it’s People
    On it’s Economy
    On it’s Culture
    On it’s History..

    On it’s Place in the Sun.

    What did you expect..?
    These are Nazis.

    Well, just like Nazis
    But illiterates.

    See how the Germans dropped Schlotzy the Clown
    14 pts in 6 weeks.

    The First Week of the War when
    the started sucking Crack Head Sams ass..?

    LePen could be Macroni

    But the Gangsters will steal it inevitably.

    Electoral Politics are almost finished..

    Played out..
    Everyone keeps voting but nothing changes..
    Just keeps getting worse..

    And all the
    Capitalist War Parties

    Always sell the constituents out!

    Not one represents the People

    Die Linke and LePen somewhat excluded..

    And of course Orban and Serbia

    But it’s coming to an abrupt end


    People will soon be voting with their feet

    Out in the Street
    Very soon
    With Extreme Prejudice..!

    Like 78 AD..
    3 Centuries of Imperial Wars

    Have left Rome morally and financially bankrupt

    Deprivation was beginning
    Society unraveling

    Heading into the most tempetous period of Rome in over 7 Centuries..

    Right Now .

    The Roman Social Wars
    Are just beginning..

    Someone’s leaving
    Somebody is coming

    Only one thing certain

    Besides the fact that it will
    Be Bloody..

    You can be certain,
    everything will change.

    No one is safe.
    In the Collapsing Western World!

    A New Paradigm is unfolding.
    New Hegemonic masculinity

    about to blow over the Who’re House and the Temple of Satan.

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  2. Mr Lendman,

    Comrade Tovarish,
    What’s to explain..?

    The People of the Donbass
    Are getting bombarded by artillery day and night

    For Eight Fuxing Years..

    8 Years of Bombardment
    from Real Nazis right across the Border.

    8 yrs is like 4,000 Days

    The Poor People getting bombed almost everyday

    Round the Clock Murder

    Nuland Nazis Murdering People

    What’s to explain..
    Comrade Tovarish ?


    Watch my Lips,

    “Americans would put up with that shit for about 10 minutes!”

    Holy Fux

    I’d say stop ” Splaining”

    But I know it’s important to debunk the never ending lies.

    The Coin of the Realm
    Is Preposterous Lies.

    Total Filth
    Late Stage Cancerous Bile.

    A sure sign of the Totem’s Coming Death.

    If you can ever just finish
    Debunking the lie from a Month ago..

    Since there have been 25 to 30
    New Lies since.

    Three today sitting in your
    In Box..

    If you could hire
    5,000 people
    You might catch up

    With all the Deranged Nazi Propaganda..

    And then..
    And then..

    You could go on Offense.
    Splain some of their ENORMOUS CRIMES..


    Like Hey Kamala .
    You want a New Treaty

    (Some pundit mentioned how

    easy it actually is to blow up Satellites with Lasers..

    He said, using Blue and White Light..

    I had to chuckle..

    Must have Studied Physics at Virginia Tech or something..

    Blue and White Light

    The pundit must have had some

    smathering of knowledge
    about lasers..and physics..)

    And Today Kamala proposed a New Treaty about not blowing up their Spy Satellites..


    Causes debris..


    While the USA is planning to shoot Pulse Plasma Lasers at Planets and Celestial bodies

    to blow them up..
    To see what happens..

    That’s the Plan.

    Just like USA did in 1950s
    In the South Pacific
    With 1000s of Nukes.

    The Mad Men
    The Serial Killers .
    A Plague on Humanity..

    When they tore a hole in the Ozone Layer that still hasn’t been repaired..!

    The USA wants a Treaty .


    Hey Kamala..
    Why doesn’t the USA honor

    The Minsk Treaty..
    Or Astana..
    Or the JCPOA..

    Or the ABM Treaty
    Or the Fly Over Treaty..

    Or Any Treaty..?
    You’re signature is worthless.


    Total Waste of Time.

    Russia is blessed by the Gods
    To get away from this Filth.

    Extricate themselves from this insanity

    Bonfire of Nazi Lies.

    It will only pull you down
    Into the dregs of Society

    Witness the Quisling
    The Spanish Franco Fascist
    And the Angel of Treblinka
    Miss Piggy and the Kaganites


    Run Forest Run .
    Run Russia Run

    Here’s some Good News
    Absolutely Fabulous News

    As I was coming into the
    Media Center

    I saw the footage of the Su 34
    Blowing up Nazis.

    So fuxing beautiful.
    Like the Nutcracker Suite

    Hit like 87

    Fabulous Job

    Winning the War.
    With Science.

    Just Spectacular.

    The Su -34 Bad Boy
    Specifically designed

    To be the All Round
    Multi functional


    The Ultimate Midnight Tripper…
    The Su -34..

    Kinda feel like sangin a little a song..Dandy Don..

    “Pretty Pretty Pretty
    Little Peggy Su

    I love you..
    Pretty Pretty Pretty
    Little Peggy Su ..!”



    Liked by 1 person

  3. Mr Lendman..

    I meant to say..

    While you’re debunking
    Crack Head Sam’s Lies.

    Why don’t you in the same breath..

    Raise some of their Skeletons!

    They have millions of buried bodies everywhere..!


    While you cry crocodile tears in Southampton
    Bel Air
    Westchester County..

    For the Bandera Nazis

    What about the tears for the
    30 Million Afghanis your starving to death..
    As we speak..

    Having Stolen all their money..
    Oh, sound Familiar..?


    ( BTW..the Gangsters
    Only took $9 Billion off the Afghanis

    They got
    What metaphorically could be called “a Fed Ex Delivery”

    Of $300 Billion off the Russian

    Anyway you shake it
    Or cut the cards
    Or roll the bones..

    It all comes out
    Weird and Sketchy.



    Good Luck getting it back.
    From the Gangsters Court.

    Really, I mean that sincerely.

    Enough said.

    Russia is gonna be just fine.
    Perfectly positioned for the next
    Century in almost every area.

    Russia and China.laying deep roots..

    Next Century Landscaping
    Integration and oarthership.

    Built on Fidelity.
    Semper Fi.

    The Real McCoy.

    President Xi gives his word.
    It’s Gold !

    When President Putin
    Gives his Word

    It’s Gold..!

    The World Can Be Healed.

    This is the permanent architecture that will be the Axial Bearing and Integrity..

    For the next Epoch
    Of Humanity..

    That 3,000 years hence
    Will be standing like
    Roman Aqueducts..

    And still functioning perfectly.

    China and Russia..

    This is
    A Wedding Made in Heaven..!

    Liked by 1 person

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