CIA-Connected WaPo on Russia and Ukraine

Like the disgraced NYT and other MSM, WaPo specializes in fake news over the real thing on virtually all domestic and geopolitical issues mattering most.

Truth and full disclosure are banned in its daily editions.

On all things Russia, hate-mongering viciousness is standard daily fare. See below.

On Wednesday, Russia successfully tested its state-of-the-art Sarmat ICBM from the Plesetsk cosmodrome, its Defense Ministry saying the following:

“The launch’s tasks were achieved in full.” 

“The designated characteristics were confirmed at all the stages of flight.” 

“The practice warheads arrived at the designated area at the Kura proving ground on the Kamchatka Peninsula.”

“Work is underway at the Uzhursky missile formation to prepare a forward missile regiment for its rearmament with the new missile system.”

Able to carry multiple nuclear and/or conventional warheads to strike separate targets with pinpoint accuracy, Sarmat will enter into service when testing concludes.

Its “unique characteristics enable it reliably to breach any existing and future anti-ballistic missile defenses.”

It can strike targets anywhere on earth through North or South Pole trajectories.

In response to the successful test, Vladimir Putin said the following:

“It is a great and landmark event in the development of advanced weapon systems in the Russian army.”

“It has no analogs in the world and will not have any for a long time to come.” 

“This truly unique weapon will bolster the combat capabilities of our Armed Forces.”

It’ll “reliably safeguard Russia’s security from external threats and will make those who in the frenzy of rabid and aggressive rhetoric are trying to threaten our country think twice.”

“I would like to stress that in creating Sarmat, the parts (and) components of exclusively domestic manufacture were used.” 

“Of course, this will make its batch production easier and will accelerate the process of providing it for the Strategic Missile Force.”

According to NYT fake news:

Russia’s Sarmat test shows “Russia is now so isolated from the rest of the world that Mr. Putin sees little downside to provocative actions (sic).

In response to the test, WaPo quoted Pentagon spokesman Kirby, saying:

Russia “properly notified the (Biden regime) under its new START Treaty obligations.”

“Such testing is routine, and it was not a surprise.” 

“It was not deemed be a threat to the US or its allies.”

Separately, Kirby, WaPo and other MSM maintained the myth of “active Ukrainian resistance” in Mariupol.

The Donetsk city is liberated from Nazified occupation — except for a few thousand Kiev regime fighters and mercenaries remaining holed up in the city’s Azovstal steel plant.

While refusing to lay down their arms and surrender, they virtually admitted the hopelessness of their situation.

Even WaPo admitted that they’re “dying” — from lack of food and water.

A brigade commander inside was quoted, saying:

“While the world is asleep, in Mariupol, the guys are dying. They’re suffering losses.”

According to Donetsk militia fighters in the city, a “mop-up operation in Mariupol (is) nearing its conclusion.”

Saying “Ukraine clings to the port city” by WaPo left the above reality unexplained.

The fake Biden was quoted on Wednesday.

Sounding delusional, distracted and disconnected from reality, he claimed to be “amazed (sic)” about the “tough(ness) (sic)” of Ukrainian forces in Mariupol and elsewhere. 

Defying reality as well, WaPo falsely claimed that “Kiev is moving with increased urgency to save 1,000 civilians who are holed up in (Mariupol’s Azovstal) steel plant.”

Polar opposite reflects official regime policy throughout Ukraine.

Kiev and its US master don’t give a damn about Ukrainian civilians — or the fate of its military.

They’re being sacrificed as cannon fodder in the face of vastly superior Russian strength and overall capabilities.

Puppet Zelensky was quoted on Wednesday.

Sounding as delusional and out-of-tough with reality as dementia Joe’s double, he farcically claimed:

Fighters in Mariupol need “serious and heavy weapons” to keep up their resistance (sic).”

“So far we do not have enough (sic).” 

What WaPo called Zelensky’s “steely resilience (sic)” is a facade, a pretense fooling no one, except perhaps himself.

WaPo also defied reality by falsely claiming that attempting to pour more weapons into Ukraine by the US/West can make a difference (sic).

There’s no ambiguity about the ability of Russian forces to win the battle for Donbass now begun.

WaPo pretended otherwise.

A Biden regime war department official was quoted, saying:

“Our task is to keep guns and ammo flowing.”

“If we do that, the Ukrainians will stay in the fight (sic).”

After pouring billions of dollars worth of weapons, munitions and related equipment into Ukraine since 2014, Russia destroyed most of it since Feb. 24.

As more of the same pours in — if manages to arrive — it’ll be targeted and eliminated in similar fashion.

Ukraine’s Nazified and conscript military has been on its back foot from day-one of Russia’s special military operation.

It’s being systematically smashed.

There’s no ambiguity about Russia ability to demilitarize Ukraine.

It’s just a matter of how long it’ll take.

Saying “Ukrainians have shown that they can mount a courageous and disciplined defense (sic)” showed detachment from reality by WaPo.

Separately, it reported that Biden regime officials walked out of a G20 meeting in Washington when Russian officials began to speak, adding:

Officials of some US vassal states walked out with them.

Left unexplained by WaPo is that the Kremlin didn’t give a damn.

It’s focused on taking care of business in Ukraine and maintaining relations with friendly nations like China, India and many others.

A Final Comment

On Thursday, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu announced the following:

Mariupol is liberated.

“During the liberation of the city, more than 4,000 (Ukrainian fighters) were eliminated.”

Another “1,478 surrendered.” 

“The remaining group, more than 2,000, was blockaded in the industrial zone of the Azovstal plant.”

Their elimination by surrender or demise is virtually certain ahead — in days at most.

For them, it’s all over except for postmortems.

At the same time, Russian forces evacuated over 140,000 civilians from the city to safety out of harm’s way cross-border.

End of the illegal occupation of Mariupol since 2014 by Nazified and conscript Ukrainian forces is fast approaching.

It’s been virtually achieved at this time.


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