Disturbing News from the Homefront

With attribution to famed singer/entertainer Al Jolson:

“You ain’t seen nothing yet.”

For him, it meant a more impressive performance to follow.

I cringe agreeing with Trump, but he’s right saying that if a solution isn’t found to the road to war, “there will be nothing left but death, destruction, and carnage (and we’ll all) be dead.”

He left unexplained that hegemon USA is nominally headed by a fake JB.

The cognitively out of touch with reality real Biden is secreted from public view who knows where.

Since usurping power by the most brazen election fraud in US history, undemocratic Dems have gone all out to eliminate millions of unwanted Americans and billions of others worldwide by kill shots and all else flu/covid related.

They invented a nonexistent pandemic from a nonexistent SARS-CoV-2 virus.

They reinvented garden variety flu by renaming it covid.

Their recklessly dangerous domestic and geopolitical agenda let inflation soar to the highest level in the past 75 years.

In the process, they more greatly impoverished tens of millions of US households — while the nation’s super-rich never had things better.

The threat of growing hunger, malnutrition — and dare I suggest possible starvation — haunts millions of food insecure families in the world’s richest country.

Millions of Americans are unsure about where the next meal is coming from.

Inflated housing prices eliminated the dream of home ownership for increasing millions of households.

The vast majority of working Americans needed two or more jobs to survive.

The vast majority of newly created jobs are low-pay with few or no benefits rotten ones.

Real unemployment in the nation hovers around 25%.

Largely comprised of discouraged workers, it’s in stark contrast to the fake headlined lowball number.

All of the above and what relates to it didn’t begin with the illegitimate regime in power.

Instead of focusing on turning around a bad situation inherited, the Biden regime made things far worse by reckless domestic and geopolitical policies.

Looking ahead, things most likely will more greatly worsen through yearend and beyond.

Analyst Doug Casey explained that commodity prices nearly doubled in the past year — including for energy, fertilizer to grow crops, corn, wheat, soybeans and other staples.

Prices are likely to stay high and go higher throughout the year.

Are things headed for “financial chaos, which will lead to economic chaos, political chaos, and social chaos,” as Casey warned?

I earlier discussed the thirdworldizing of America.

Poverty and deprivation are growth industries — real pandemics in the self-styled indispensable state.

Millions of US households are a lost job or major illness away from possible homelessness.

Long ago affordable education and healthcare as they should be are too costly for growing millions of Americans.

In recent months, the cost of food rose about 30%.

Heading higher, it may double in price ahead year-over-year.

For tens of millions of US households, America resembles Guatemala and other impoverished nations.

By yearend, will things be far worse than now?

Will what little remains of greatly eroded freedom be gone altogether — on the phony pretext of protecting national security from nonexistent barbarians at the gates?

Will US-dominated NATO push things too far in challenging Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine?

Will unthinkable East/West confrontation occur?

If begun, will WW III follow?

Will nukes be used for the first time in multiple numbers — ones infinitely more destructive than Fat Man and Little Boy?

Will hegemon USA destroy planet earth and all its life forms by the fanatical rage of its ruling class to own everything?

At a time when US/Western regimes are dangerously incompetent and fanatical, armageddon is more possible than any previous time in world history.

Dr. Vernon Coleman’s wisdom and expertise goes way beyond all things medical — saying the following days earlier:

“The conspiracy practitioners behind the Great Reset recruited the gullible, the ignorant, the easily manipulated, the greedy and the corrupt and those so full of hatred for themselves, their culture, their history and the people around them that” that they recklessly endanger everyone, adding:

Advocates of sanctions war on Russia ignore that the country “produces 43% of the world’s palladium, 15% of the world’s platinum and hefty percentages of the world’s supplies of copper, aluminum, wheat, nickel, gas and oil.” 

“Some 90% of the world’s supply of neon comes from Russia and Ukraine.” 

“The world’s biggest supplies of titanium come from Russia.” 

“Those who cheered when sanctions were introduced should also cheer when the cost of absolutely everything goes through the roof” — and becomes unaffordable for most people.

Note: According to government data in Argentina, current annualized inflation exceeds 55% and it’s rising.

Is that where things are heading in the US and West overall?

Will political, economic, financial and social chaos follow?

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  1. “7 Different Patented Poisons in CV19 Injections – Karen Kingston” By Greg Hunter On April 19, 2022 In Political Analysis 141 Comments — embedded video link — https://usawatchdog.com/7-different-patented-poisons-in-cv19-injections-karen-kingston/#more-26344

    What makes Lendman is his swinging of conclusions. What makes the Hunter-Kingston video is a series of conclusions and the proper language needed to state those conclusions– “bioweapon” being a very proper word.

    Have a nice treason, everyone.


  2. Hmmm — this grim assessment, with pertinent, searing questions across many spheres, noted….

    IMO, the real “elephant(s) in the room” is/are the Dem-Rep duopoly, the MIC, Zionism’s chokehold on the US, and — yes — Big Pharma, the MSM, rapacious capitalism…the room is full of ’em. Can I opt out?–sadly, I odn’t have the strength other than simply maintaining a simple, somewhat balanced, aged, waiting-for-my-inevitable-passing release from this culmination of “quiet desperation.”


  3. Mr Lendman

    A very brief but important document.

    Sadly, sir.

    The USA is way beyond
    Critical Mass..

    All the Systemic Problems you mentioned..

    Those are only the tip of the Iceberg.

    I could name some more
    We all could..
    But No need to.

    That’s our Reality.
    Bad Now..
    Gonna get even Worse.

    People are gonna start dying off..

    A New Dark Ages looms over the West.

    Remember Ursula Le Guinn’s

    “Left Hand of Darkness .”

    Need a Complete transformation of Society

    From Top to Bottom.

    Or let’s simpy look at like a
    Math teacher would.

    99.99% own……3%
    .01 own……97%

    You tell me..


    The Aftermath of the Bio War on the World’s Proletariat..

    Will be like nothing imaginable
    That has come before.


    the Original Human being has
    Been seriously altered.

    1.7 Million years standing up to pick fruit off a tree..

    Took a million years of Human faculties developing to invent a Chair…

    And now

    the Entire Race has been

    In the old days, Texas Cowboys called a bogus deck…

    A ” trick deck” of cards
    A “crinked deck”



    Easier to Manipulate.
    The Weakened Gene Pool.

    One of the Greatest Crimes
    Right before your eyes.

    By chump ass Actors reading a CIA SCRIPT

    And 200 Million Americans
    Got duped into a Death Shot.

    Lordy Lordy
    Come Judgement Day!

    ” Oh..
    I want to be in that number..

    Oh when the Saints
    come Marchin in…!”

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