Negotiations with Ukraine: A Waste of Time and Effort

According to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov on Wednesday:

Vladimir Putin stressed that the Kiev regime “always backs out (of) previously achieved agreements, backs out from their own words.” 

“This has very bad consequences in terms of efficiency of negotiations.” 

“Currently, the Ukrainian side was presented with our draft document that includes perfectly clear wording.” 

“The ball is on their side. We are waiting for an answer.” 

The timeframe to respond is up to Kiev. 

“We’ve said it repeatedly that the rate of work of the Ukrainian side leaves a lot to be desired, and the Ukrainians do not display great willingness to intensify the negotiations process.”

Since begun on Feb. 28, multiple rounds of talks between Russian and Ukrainian delegations accomplished nothing.

They were a colossal waste of time.

The same reality applies ahead — no matter how many more rounds are held.

There’s no ambiguity why.

Hegemon USA controls all things related to Ukraine and Russia.

The puppet Zelensky regime has no say. It’s powerless.

Dominant US hardliners want a permanent state of proxy war on Russia to the last cannon fodder Ukrainian foot soldier.

Peace and stability defeat the Biden regime’s anti-Russia agenda.

So why does the Kremlin go along with the charade?

Why did it seek conflict resolution through diplomacy in the first place?

Why does it want dead-on-arrival talks continued — knowing — or should know that — they’ll accomplish nothing?

Why does Vladimir Putin put up with the likes of Bank of Russia governor Elvira Nabiullina.

As custodian of Russian assets, her wrongheaded policies cost the Kremlin nearly half of Russian reserves by keeping them in dollars instead of rubles, Chinese yuan and/or currenc(ies) or other friendly countries.

Dollar assets are vulnerable to US grand theft — precisely what happened with no prospect for Russia to recover what’s lost.

On Tuesday, Nabiulliana said the following:

“This freezing of gold and foreign exchange reserves was unprecedented, so we are going to work on legal claims, and we are getting ready to put them forward (sic).”

The US “block on the gold and foreign exchange reserves of such a large country is unprecedented on a global scale (sic).”

Nabiullina appears to be as incompetent on all things legal as she is about central banking as it should be.

Pursuing legal action against the Biden regime’s grand theft will prove futile no matter what may be achieved judicially.

Hegemon USA operates exclusively by its own rules — in flagrant breach of the rule of law.

If faced with one or more legal judgments against its grand theft, ordering return of stolen Russian actions, rest assured.

The Biden regime will ignore the ruling(s).

Stolen Russian assets are lost.

Judicial rulings Russia may win won’t mean a thing.

They’ll achieve nothing toward return of stolen Russian assets.

Judge her by her actions.

Nabiullina showed that she’s more beholden to US/Western economic and financial interests than Russia’s — by keeping nearly half of its reserves in dollars.

It was a virtual invitation for grand theft — as part of US war on Russia by other means.

As the saying goes, after the horse was stolen, Nabiullina now pretends to want the barn door closed and Russia’s stolen wealth returned.

Along with wanting Ukraine demilitarized and deNazified, the soundest move Putin could make domestically is ridding Russia of the likes of her — along with others in high places cut from the same mold.

Yet he foolishly nominated her for another term — instead of replacing her with a competent central banker who’ll serve Russian interests exclusively. 

It’s not a good sign going forward.

It facilitates longstanding US/Western aims — to transform Russia into a vassal state, subservient to their interests over its own.

On a positive note, the puppet Zelensky regime said if Russian forces take full control of Mariupol by eliminating what remains of holdout fighters inside the Azovstal steel plant — by surrender or otherwise — “there may be no (more) peace talks.”

Along with knowing that talks accomplished nothing — nor will that reality change ahead — the above ultimatum should encourage Russian forces to eliminate resistance of remaining Ukrainian fighters in Mariupol.

The sooner the better — and damn further waste-of-time peace talks!

A Final Comment

As directed by its higher power in Washington, the puppet Zelensky regime agreed to pro-Western imperial tool Antonio Guterres’ proposal for a four-day “humanitarian” pause in Ukraine — from April 21 – 24.

It’s head-fake deception by Guterres to give battered and beaten Ukrainian forces time to regroup before resumption of conflict.

Russia’s only alternative is ignoring the UN proposal — what aims to benefit Ukrainian Nazis at Russia’s expense.

Its response should be to sustain and increase its operation over halting it for a few days. 

3 thoughts on “Negotiations with Ukraine: A Waste of Time and Effort

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman

    I begin at the Last Paragraph

    With the despicable
    Court Serpent Guterres..

    Of course they want a 4 Day
    Cease Fire..

    Now that Nazis are getting bombed..

    Fatso Didn’t ask for a

    Moratorium on Killing Innocent People in the Donbass did he..?

    Should have..
    As UN Secretary

    I’d also say ignore him ..


    If the Piece of a shit
    UN Secretary

    Can get the Hostages out of
    Azovstol Steel Mill..

    Safely..upon verification

    Russia is prepared to offer you
    some Moratorium.

    Undecided and
    Unspecified at this time.


    Mariupol is the place to begin.
    Start there.

    I mean..if you can’t talk some Nazi Filth into a deal..

    How you gonna be the
    CEO for the World…

    Overseer for 8 BILLION PEOPLE

    You know what I mean..?

    So get that resolved first,
    Then give us a Call.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mr Lendman,


    Talking at the Gangsters
    Impossible to speak with them

    So far below the bar
    These thuggees are.

    I call the Yada yada yada
    A Big Circle Jerk.

    Zelensky only decides what he having for lunch .

    And what drugs he feels like after lunch..

    Told Herr Steinmeier ..

    The President of Germany he wasn’t welcome..!

    Zelensky..Mr Big Bottom

    Went off the Reservation
    Startin Splainin

    Took the 82.5% of the
    Whole Shittenkaboodle

    right out of the deal..

    Accompanied him on the Train.

    The small time Gangsters
    Zelensky popped the bubble

    They were packaging themselves for the
    Big presentation..

    The Big Whoop Ta Doh..
    The Film these Hypocrites want to show their voters..

    All Crass Opportunists,
    As well as War Criminals..!

    And Nazi Collaborators.


    The War is being won by Russia

    Three Things the Russians learned..


    Russia has 200,000 men in the Ukraine..

    The Ukrainian Army is 400,000 …to easily 500,000..!

    CIA / CNN Hosery

    2)…the Ukis are really gonna want to surrender in about two or three weeks


    if the Russians keep Bombing the shit out of them.

    A Couple of more weeks of
    Aero Bombing..

    Maybe one good thoroughly convincing one..

    Start the Leaflets.

    3)…all Russia needs to do is completely avoid the Area the CIA set up between say the box

    The Triangle
    From Izylun to Dniepro and Kiev
    The Mash Fields ready to kill 50,000 Russians

    All set up and waiting for you.

    Just don’t engage at..

    Like the Ramones
    Blitzkrieg Bop

    “They’re all dressed up
    And nowhere to go..!”

    Nobody to use their high tech ordinance..

    Switch Blade Drones with
    Night Vision

    Made in the USA Death

    Just bomb the Fux out em.

    While they sit there
    Their Ordinance is worthless.

    Be sure to just move some troops around as ploys

    Like Alexander moved troops
    Marching up and down the Hydras River of the Ganges .

    To Confuse Porus..

    And also keep his men from the rigimortis a soldier gets

    And particularly an old soldier
    Old Veterans,

    They go stiff
    from laying supine too long.

    Bottom Line

    Russia is simply rolling this Puppy.

    But expect some desperate moves from Desperate Men.


    Liked by 1 person

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