Notes from the Front Lines

If MSNBC analyst Malcomb Nance quit to fight for Nazi-infested Ukraine against Russia as claimed, perhaps US MSM are not just lying machines but brain-dead to boot.

On air this week, Nance said the following:

“The more I saw of the war going on (sic), the more I thought, I’m done talking (sic).”

“It’s time to take action here (sic).”

“So, about a month ago, I joined the international legion here in Ukraine, and I am here to help this country fight, you know, what essentially is a war of extermination (sic).”

“This is an existential war (sic), and Russia has brought it to these people, and they are mass murdering civilians (sic).” 

If Nance actually believes what he said, he’s as mind-manipulated/brainwashed as followers of MSNBC and other MSM.

He and they know nothing about reality on the ground in Ukraine — a US-colonized, Nazi-infested rogue state, a malignant tumor in Europe’s heartland.

Days earlier, Chilean-American blogger Gonzalo Lira — who’d been reporting from Kharkov, Ukraine — disappeared, his whereabouts unknown since April 15.

Scheduled to appear on former UK MP George Galloway’s radio program last Sunday, he no-showed, apparently through no fault of his own.

On his show, Galloway said “(i)t’s with great regret and even greater sense of concern and anxiety and more, that I have to tell you that there is still no sign of our first guest Gonzalo Lira.”

A critic of the puppet Zelensky regime, his blogging reflects it.

Earlier he said that Ukraine’s Security Service tried and failed to disappear him twice, adding that he luckily escaped capture.

Last month, he tweeted:

“If you haven’t heard from me in 12 hours or more, put my name on (disappeared, detained or killed) list.”

An unconfirmed report suggested that he was kidnapped, detained and tortured.

Disappearing and murdering regime critics by Kiev has gone on since the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 Maidan coup — replacing democratic rule with Nazi-infested tyranny.

Separately, Nightvision reported the following:

A Russian missile strike on Lvov in Western Ukraine destroyed “(a) stockpile of American, German and British anti-tank missiles.”

They were transported “secretly (to Ukraine) on commercial and civilian vehicles.”

“(A)n investigation is now underway as to why the Russians were able to figure out all three storage sites.”

Reports indicate that “80% of remaining (Nazified) Azov (fighters in the Azovstal plant) want to surrender.”

They’re being held “at gunpoint” by the other 20% to prevent them from leaving.

Those trying are “shot in the back by (their) comrades” if spotted.

Nightvision stressed that because they “know too much valuable information,” Kiev wants them dead if try to surrender.

Perhaps it’ll take “another week or two” to rid Azovstal of their presence unless they give up the ghost and surrender.

The steel plant heavily fortified with subterranean passageways.

There’s no simple way to force elements inside out.

“Ukraine is running out of ways to repair its own vehicles” because of Russian airstrikes, Nightvision adding:

Russian forces “have been regularly attacking the military industry facilities” of the Kiev regime successfully. 

“Now the repair of damaged equipment of the Kiev regime will be handled by Czech defense enterprises.” 

“Since Kiev is no longer able to repair armored vehicles on its own,” it has to ship them out.

And there’s this unconfirmed report:

“Poland is secretly preparing a ‘liberation campaign’ against Ukraine.”

“(A) set of measures is being carried out – the supply of weapons, equipment and mercenaries across the Polish-Ukrainian border.” 

“Several formations of the Polish Army – the 18th motorized rifle division and the 6th airborne brigade – are preparing for a ‘peacekeeping mission.’ ”

Nightvision believes that Russia’s Phase 2 only began in “probing” form so far — its full extent not yet initiated.

It’s likely so as Russian forces and equipment are still being deployed to positioning points.

Perhaps things will be ramped up incrementally — rather than a full-scale blitzkrieg from the get-go.

Since begun, Russian forces have outmaneuvered, outwitted and out-gunned US-directed Ukrainian troops.

The successful is strategy is highly likely to continue ahead.

At the same time, make no mistake.

US-dominated NATO is at war on Russia without formally declaring it.

Never before in world history was war between nations with super-weapons able to destroy planet earth and all its life forms as ominously possible as now.

Is that where things are heading?

Has the die been cast?

Has the train left the station on a one-way trip — its destination armageddon?

On an entirely unrelated light note change of pace at a time when relief from anxiety is welcome:

The irrepressible former Boston Celtics player/now an ESPN sports analyst, Kendrick Perkins, said the following after the Brooklyn Nets lost to his former team in embarrassing fashion twice because of poor play by its star, Kevin Duran:

“KD is in the the Boston Celtics Correctional Facility.”

“I mean he’s under the jailhouse…(He) got punked.”

Born and bred in Boston, I long ago followed the team when it dominated the NBA.

More important things obsess me now, but I was struck by Perkins’ remark so quoted him.

He brought back fond memories of my years in Boston through college.

It’ll always be my home town, and the ordinary neighborhood I grew up in will always be special.


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  1. Mr Lendman,

    Love your title..
    Should be a Feature everyday

    “Notes From the Front Lines”

    Has an Ernie Pyle Appeal..

    Edith Piaf, ” Alas Citizens..
    To the Barricades..!”

    I LOve IT..!

    I love it
    Because that’s where we are.

    Burt Lancaster & Your Momma

    Rolling around in Byron Bay

    “From Here to Eternity..!”

    And Mr Lendman,

    Here’s the most significant thing from the Front Line.

    I really wanted to say
    ” the most beautiful thing!”

    But significant works.

    Today, April 22
    In the Historic 2nd Mariupol

    Comrade Tovarish,

    Some people know him as President Putin..

    Showed the Gangsters
    the Sharmat Format..!


    I remember assholes in the Gangsters Press saying,

    “They don’t really have them!”


    here’s the Real News from the Front..

    President Putin..

    Announced that Russia is not to be disregarded.

    We mean what we say
    So please listen up .

    Russia not in a Battle with just Ukis

    Russia is in a War

    Where Civilization itself
    Meets Fundamental Darkness

    Russia is in a Life or Death Fight Against Fascism..

    Every Cowboy in the Rodeo should know by now..

    They had two choices..

    Forward to socialized Wealth
    A Planned Economy

    Or Fascism

    The Degenerated West
    Had Chosen Nazism.

    Pity the children.

    All my beautiful friends in Germany, Austria, Netherlands

    And particularly Scandinavians.
    Now in the Nazi Coalition

    Fought them in WWII..
    Now Joining the Fourth Reich
    In a Death Ceremony.

    Left unsaid, Mr Putin
    Didn’t mention

    Berlin……3 minutes
    London…5 Minutes
    NYC…..10 Minutes
    LA……..15 Minutes

    Actually, importantly
    Now that I think about it..

    It’s Perfect,

    Please Mr Putin..
    Wear the exact same clothes

    Pick up the Dialogue
    Exactly where you left off..

    (So the tape looks like
    it was just edited
    to give you two installments..)

    President Putin
    And then say

    London… in 5 minutes
    NYC……in 10 minutes

    I hope you hear me now ..!”



    Can you hear Andy of Mayberry
    Telling the “Man From NBC”

    ” Looks like you boys gotta
    Tiger By The Tail ..!”


    “Tac em up
    Jack em up

    gonna shut you down..!”


    Lastly on Mr Nance..

    Been watching this idiot
    Aware of his sad trajectory

    All that comes to mind
    Blurs out everything else

    Because of the Gravitas
    of the Words..

    ” The White Man after killing off the Red Man..

    Sends the Black and Brown man
    To kill the Yellow Man…!”

    Have truer words
    Ever been spoken.

    My Father, Malcolm.

    The Prolific Truth
    Such as the Words ..
    of my American Father..

    Everything else
    Pales thin.

    Nance a mere peeble
    On the Beach.

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  2. Mr Lendman.

    The Second Reading.

    Poland..the butt boys for USA

    Amazingly these are the
    exact same Nazi Collaborators

    Who went crazy killing Jews in WWII..

    Certainly if Chuikov wasn’t a Brilliant General

    A tough sonofabitch
    A real Fighting Motherfuxer

    The Poles would have killed every Jew in Poland..

    Couldn’t kill enough?

    Wait Wolf Blitzer..
    Are these your hero’s now

    Didn’t your Parents escape Nazi Poland…?

    The Polish Jokes.

    They’re Defense Minister is in Washington as we speak.

    Preparing for a Invasion
    Most likely.

    I suggest..
    Russia invoke
    the Bush Doctrine immediately

    Why wait for a Mushroom Cloud

    I mean the same Treatment
    The Zionists give Syria or Gaza

    Bush gave Iraq .
    Hit 10 cities in Poland.

    Boom Bam Bing.
    Wanna fight..?

    Here’s the Most important thing
    Comrade Tovarish..

    The River of Threats
    The Rivers of Weapons


    The Nazi Collaborators are way over the Red Line

    Act Now..
    Avoid WWIII.

    pimps for
    Fourth Reich

    Poland is set to launch WWIII

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  3. There’s no “nuance” in Nance. Such a fool. I’d never before encountered his name, since I have nothing to do with MSNBC…rhymes with “Dance.” Will a “Dance with Death” be his fate within all this danse macabre? If so, so be it.

    Mr. Lendman, re your Boston reminiscence, I’m mid/upstate New York “bred”; I was a devoted fan of the Celtics back in the day…Larry Bird?–my all-time BB guy. That front line of Bird-Parish-McHale was, IMO, “slam dunk” the best ever…. Thanks for the memories of better/simpler/pleasurable days!


  4. Mr Lendman,

    In Dec of 1941
    Stalin made two decisions
    That would win WWII

    One…to relinquish control of the Army Operations

    Step back and get out of the Kitchen.

    Remember Hitler couldn’t and wouldn’t do that.

    Second Excellent Decision
    he was smart enough to turn it over to Zhukov..

    The Rest is History.

    Remember the First 5 months of WWII

    Were disasterous for the
    Soviet Union..

    Then with the Nazis at the Gates of Moscow itself in Dec

    Zhukov took over..
    And never looked back.

    Success wipes away all the previous early Failures.

    Just like a Field Goal kicker who missed three during the game..

    But comes back to kick the winner at the end.

    Such is the Story of all Great Battles..

    Pulling Victory from the Jaws of Defeat.

    The World had counted USSR out of the Game Xmas 42

    German Radio was reporting Victory in Stalingrad..



    The World should long remember as Hemingway
    So eloquently said.

    The Red Army..
    Then …Now … Always


    April 23..4:00 am
    Reading all the news
    Looking at Maps…

    All the Roads and RR tracks
    Bridges that disappeared.

    Like Poetry.

    like Andrew Dice Clay maybe,
    Wasn’t he a Poet..?

    “Hickory Dickery Dock..

    Nazis getting bombed like fux
    A Round the Clock..!”

    That Dniper River
    Wide like the Mississippi

    Checking on how deep rivers are..

    Where are the barges..
    Who could move Heavy Artillery

    Looking up all the Spots
    The Russians bombed

    I’m sitting here crying..
    It’s so beautiful.

    So elegant.
    That’s how you do it boys
    Old School.

    Kinda like Patton said,
    “Have the other Motherfuxer die

    This is the end of the Beginning

    I Remember..

    (If my memory is still working
    Kinda sorta..LOL..)

    On Jan 1, 1945
    The Red Army
    Was 100 miles from Berlin.

    Konev and Chuikov
    Had 3.5 to 4 Million Men

    And didn’t raise the Flag over Berlin until May 5, 1945..!

    Take all the Time you need..

    The job is finished when it’s finished.


    Forward to Total Victory..!

    And the Legend of the
    Red Rider..grows yet still.

    Then.. Now.. Always..!

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  5. Mr Lendman

    April 23..Moscow State Univ

    Now that is perfectly clear Russia will survive..

    (And the West near collapse)

    This Exciting Announcement can be made.

    The most precious Rare Earth Minerals

    That will be requisite for the next stage of manufacturing

    Pulse Plasma Energy Systems
    and 90% of all Space Tools,

    Coatings, Adhesives and Nano.

    Are all completely controlled by Russia..

    As over 90% come from Russia

    And 3 are Only Found in Russia!


    7)..Iridium 2..discovered 2026
    8)..ilyium……discovered 2027

    Of course Russia will share these precious metals with their friends..

    All the other countries..
    Not so much .!



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  6. Mr Lendman,

    “How Can I Help Russia?”
    Day 9,682

    Report from the Shop Floor

    1)..from the very point of Production..

    Every function and part needs to be examined.

    The Modus Operandum is simple:

    How can we build this part ?
    How fast…?

    What can our Friends provide us..

    What can we provide our Friends

    A Quasi E Bay for Next World Paradigm of Technologies..!

    2)..Russia should never overlook R &D

    The percentage of Capital expended should actually rise.

    The concrete items should be

    Gathering of the Young Turks in all Fields of Science

    Big Monthly Univ Meetings

    And funding of Start Ups..

    Start with $100 Million.

    Perhaps projects funded at three levels…

    A).. Million Dollar Projects
    B)..$100,000 Projects
    C)…$10,000 Projects

    The Desired Results is Domestic Innovation

    and importantly

    Russia must capture and harness the Spirit, Hopes

    Dreams and Ambitions of
    the Youth.

    That’s Particularly important.

    3)…Also please fund the
    Social Sciences, Classics
    and Humanities..

    That’s extremely important..
    As few Countries in the World

    can match Russia’s contribution
    To the Arts and Culture.

    5)…Expand Sports

    Start Volleyball Ball Leagues
    New Sports are being invented

    More Women’s teams
    ( Must be born a woman )


    Few if any can rival Russia in World Athletic Competition..!


    Thank God
    You’re Able

    Because of the Wealth of your Country

    And the Heroic Courage and Sacrifice

    Of your Forefathers & Mother’s!


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  7. Mr Lendman,

    Russia..please have a Day in Moscow..

    The Center of the Free World
    Have a Day in Commeration of

    Malcolm X
    Che Guevara
    Fredi Hapton
    Patrice Lumumba

    (JFK and RFK)
    ( Also murdered by CIA)


    The Whole World is Watching!

    Live..From the Center of the
    Free World..

    Have Edward Snowden address the crowd .

    ( Stream the live video if you feel it best..!)

    I humbly suggest
    Comrade Tovarish..

    Since ‘you are ‘
    the Center of the Free World.

    Particularly to European
    American, Canadian..etc

    students with deepening questions about their own despicable Leadership!

    “Non Leadership” a better word.

    You Hold the Flame, sir
    You and President Xi

    The Torch of Freedom
    And Sanctity of Life..

    You have the Moral Authority
    Please shine it back in the face

    Of the Wretched Lying Cockroach Infested West…!

    Give that expression
    Carry the Football.

    Russia has carried the World
    On its Shoulders..

    once before… in the very
    Darkest of Times…

    Man vs a Monstrous Machine!

    A Soviet Man against the Killing Juggernaut..!

    The Red Army soldier won.
    It was imperative that he did.

    Same as today…

    Russia has carried the World
    on it’s Broad Shoulders for a long long time…

    And Hark, Rejoice for I bring you the Good News..

    China now fully grown.
    The Bruiser Class

    The Invincible Class

    Now the next Mohammed Ali..
    The Next World Champ

    And that’s Russia’s
    Tag Team Partner..!


    Not to mention
    Iran and Pakistan and even India …

    Joining the Winning Team.
    That’s 67% if the World

    And that’s just Asia..!

    One more operation is needed to cut out the Cancer..

    Boom..the World will be
    “Good to Go” for ten centuries.


    A Spanish guy told me
    the Mexico Russian Clubs

    In Mexico are going like
    Gang Busters..!

    Tremendous Reception!

    Of course, Mexican People despise the Yanks..

    They know them to well..!

    Could have told you that..
    Being a Gringo

    Wait …I did..!


    Mexicans envision Che
    Emiliano Zapata and the
    Su 37 with a Red Star on it’s
    Tail feather…

    in the same Mind’s Eye !

    Russia All over the World,
    You are an Inspiration…!

    A Symbol of Liberation and Inspiration

    And now with China ..
    A Double Dose of Hope.

    “There’s One thing I can’t get too much of..

    It’s a Double Shot of my
    Baby’s Love..!”


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  8. Mr Lendman

    Leaving on fast train..
    For some water..
    Can never run out..

    But I just read your article a third time..

    Wanted to say..
    Rather Sing..

    ” On the banks of the
    River Charles..


    Boston you’re my home…!


    Doing the Math backwards
    You’re at Harvard

    Bill Russell coming in the League

    Grew up Bob Cousy
    Was the Star

    Of the Real Star and Visionary
    Red Auerbach..

    Who thoroughly knew the Game and where it was Going

    Those are the Prehistoric
    Times of what the NBA
    Was to become.

    Me I remember the
    Qwirkest Series of all time

    The 80s..

    The All Time Classic.

    Lakers with Magic Karen
    Celtics Byrd, DJ, McHale

    The Championship Series

    The Celtics lost 3 Straight to the Lakers

    Came back and won 4 games

    Took the Title.

    I took the Hit..!

    OF THE YEAR..!

    Worth every penny
    Never enjoyed anything so much.

    The Celtics.
    Write On..

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