Smashing Ukraine’s Nazi-Infested War-Making Machine with Precision Accuracy

Since Russia’s special military operation began on Feb. 24, US/Western MSM suppressed how effectively its forces pummeled and battered Ukrainian troops with devastating force from day-one to the present time.

Because of what’s gone on, thousands of largely conscript Ukrainian forces laid down their arms, surrendered or deserted their ranks.

There’s no ambiguity why. They’d rather live than die.

Many crossed into Russian territory or allied with Donbass militia fighters against the scourge of Nazi-infested Ukraine.

On Thursday, Russian Foreign Ministry’s Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) head, Alexey Polishchuk, repeated what Vladimir Putin stressed, saying:

“The special military operation (SMO) will end when its tasks are fulfilled.” 

“Among them are the protection of the peaceful population of Donbass, demilitarization and deNazification of Ukraine, as well as elimination of threats to Russia coming from (Nazi-infested) Ukrainian territory due to its capturing by (US-dominated) NATO” regimes.

“All (SMO) goals will be reached.”

Separately in response to multiple attempts by Russia to get Nazi thugs and likeminded mercenaries holed up in Mariupol’s sprawling Azovstal’s steel plant to lay down their arms, surrender, and be granted the right to life and humane treatment, they absurdly demanded the following:

They refuse to surrender to Russian or Donetsk militia forces.

They’ll leave the plant on condition of support by an unspecified “third party” nation.

They reserve the right to retain their personal weapons — and to evacuate hundreds of wounded and fallen fighters.

Russia’s Defense Ministry responded as follows, saying:

“(C)ommanders of (elements inside Azovstal) did not use another opportunity to save themselves and lives of their subordinates.”

“Russia has done everything to save your lives.” 

“You should have pleaded directly with the Ukrainian leadership, which treacherously abandoned you long ago.”

Separately in response to pro-Western imperial tool Antonio Guterres’ call for a four-day “Easter ceasefire,” Donetsk’s Foreign Minister Natalia Nikonorova slammed the sham proposal as follows, saying:

“Ukraine (earlier) used ceasefires to regroup, to fortify positions.” 

“Every time, ceasefires ended up in reinforced barrages and civilian casualties and victims.” 

“We (reject) this kind of ceasefire.”

Ukraine’s so-called foreign minister Kuleba responded to Guterres with a mixed message, saying:

“The question of ending (conflict) with Russia will be resolved on the battlefield, not at the negotiating table…through diplomacy.” 

At the same time, he added:

Ukraine “always has been and remains committed to solving the conflict by peaceful and diplomatic means (sic).”

As earlier explained, hegemon USA controls everything related to Russia and Ukraine.

Kiev is powerless, its actions orchestrated and directed by dominant Biden regime hardliners, the Pentagon and CIA.

Russia did not officially respond to Guterres.

On Tuesday at the Security Council,  its deputy UN envoy, Dmitry Polyansky, stressed that the Kiev regime repeatedly misused or refused to use humanitarian corridors established by Russia to evacuate civilians out of harm’s way.

Russian Security Council deputy chair Dmitry Medvedev noted that nearly straightaway after Guterres’ proposal, German chancellor Scholz called for Western regimes to send more heavy weapons to Ukraine — for perpetual proxy war on Russia.

Hegemon USA rejects restoration of peace and stability to central Europe in favor of endless sanctions and proxy hot war on Russia.

And this April 19 “emergency statement” from Russia’s Defense Ministry:

“According to available reliable information, the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) is preparing another (false flag) provocation to accuse the servicemen of the Russian Federation of so-called war crimes with the mass destruction of civilians in the Odessa region.”

“To this end, in the near future it is planned to dress one of the SSU units in the uniform of Russian servicemen and make a demonstrative shooting of local residents.”

“Photo and video footage of this action with (falsely) alleged ‘Russian atrocities’ will be published by Ukrainian and Western news agencies to immediately promote fakes.”

“The upcoming provocation of the Ukrainian authorities demonstrates their inhumane attitude to the fate of peaceful citizens of Ukraine and testifies to the complete disregard for all norms of morality and international humanitarian law.”

“We warn (Western regime) led by (hegemon USA) in advance that the Russian Federation has an operational evidence base about the upcoming next terrible crimes of the Kiev regime.”

Separately in the last 24 hours through Wednesday, Russia’s Defense Ministry explained the following:

Its “missile and artillery troops delivered strikes on 1,053 Ukrainian military infrastructure facilities.”

Russian forces also eliminated 31 Ukrainian command posts, six fuel depots, 910 strongholds and areas of enemy manpower amassment, (as well as) 106 artillery positions.

“Operational-tactical and army aviation aircraft of Russia’s Aerospace Forces struck 73 Ukrainian military sites overnight.” 

“These targets included four command posts, 57 areas of the amassment of Ukrainian manpower and military hardware, seven strongholds and four ammunition depots.” 

“Also, air strikes destroyed six tanks, nine armored vehicles and a battery of 152mm Msta-B howitzers.”

Six drones and two (Soviet era) Tochka-U tactical missiles were shot down.

While US/Western regimes and their MSM press agents praise Ukraine’s fantasy democracy — the real thing banned — its Nazified secret police are systematically eliminating anyone critical of US-installed tyrannical rule and/or who supports anything Russian.

On Wednesday, Ukrainian blogger Valery Kuleshov was assassinated for his pro-Russian views.

Not a word about his cold-blooded murder was reported by Western regimes or their media.

Their silence is clear evidence of support and complicity.

The same goes for pushing endless proxy war on Russia to isolate and undermine the country — with regime change, looting its resources and exploiting its people the goals in mind.

8 thoughts on “Smashing Ukraine’s Nazi-Infested War-Making Machine with Precision Accuracy

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  1. Mr Lendman..

    You said it all in two words,

    Smashing Uki War Machine with “Precision Accuracy..!”

    Taking em apart from
    Long Range and High Up .

    So much Good News.


    Be back ..
    Someone spilled coffee.


  2. Gonzalo Lira disappeared several days ago and Scott Ritter wrote he was tortured and killed.

    It is appalling clear, Conquered America/ Dollar empire is ruthlessly killing civilians by using them as human shields or outright executing them. The civilians are being starved as military gangsters eat first. People stealing food are called marauders and taped to trees or poles for public humiliation and beatings.

    I have outrage for anything different The American slaves will not be able to negotiate a return to Constitutional government.

    From radio to television, from newspapers and magazines, Truth is betrayed everywhere.

    Treason fills the air.

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  3. Mr Lendman..

    Russia owns the Sky.

    See where the Ukis who were getting bombed for four days

    Remaining Static in the Rain

    Thought they’d move..

    Tanks, Anti Armor and Company of Infantry

    So they attacked DPR…
    Got fried from the Sky..!

    And Schnizzled..

    The whole company..
    At once..!

    Satellite Imagery showed
    The Uki “Vushnikov Car”

    The Uki Medical Unit
    But no wounded to pick up .

    Nuland Nazis..
    What’s a Company in Uki Army

    20-30-40 guys..?

    An example if they leave their lines.

    Damned if they don’t
    Damned if they do .

    As Springsteen said,

    “They’re caught in a Crossfire..
    That They don’t understand..!”

    This is how Russia can
    And will win the War.

    Give em another week of Hell..
    Even intensify the Firepower

    That will send another message!

    So what you’re running out of Targets..

    are standing around you..

    Some starved to Death in Leningrad

    Some clubbed to death by the Butt of Rifle..

    Some blown to pieces by Nazj artillery hiding in Minsk, Pinsk and Belgorod.

    You can find new places and new ways to kill Nazis..

    Reclean around the


    Once Again

    Russia is doing everything
    Just Perfectly Correct.

    Simply Perfect.

    Red Orchestra getting in
    Perfect Harmony..

    No pressing reason to lauch prematurely.

    Broad Strategic Outline.

    1)..Short qwick moves

    No long extension of lines or target practice for Drones

    As you’re doing

    Matriculating the ball up the Field to Kharkov

    Much to say on Odessa..
    And Mariupol.


    Following Comments are all brief, disparate and noteworthy.

    1)…The F-35 was supposed to be the Axis Powers Sky Ranger
    In the Ukraine.


    Didn’t make the Big Nazi Party !

    Remember, Americans

    (that can’t fly )


    Was Three Infrastructure Plans which USA hasn’t had a Nickel invested in 60 yrs.

    Every since the CIA and Mob shot JFK…all war

    Nothing But War

    The Gangsters already Robbed Medicare and Social Security

    That money will go towards a Space Force…

    For more wars in Outer Space.

    2) The Russians are using a new Katooshka Rocket System

    The SMERCH
    BM-30 and PK 58

    Invented in 1980.
    Brings back fond memories..!

    “Let em go

    The Pipes…

    The Pipes are planning for you and me Danny Boy..

    3)…Gotta laugh at the Ukrainian Comedian..

    Told German Pres Steinmeier
    He wasn’t wanted in Kiev


    Fuxed himself with the
    Biggest Player in Europe.

    Germany 82.5% of the European Economies…

    Including little england
    Germany is 80%…LOL

    Little England.
    Dirty Ops

    Lies , False Flags
    And mass Murder .

    And looting of course
    The British Pirates

    4)…The Gangsters keep saying they’re sending weapons to the Nazis by the Shitload…

    Like Heavy Duty Artillery
    Only C130s can carry that..

    No C-130 should be safe flying East of Munich.

    5)…Gotta Laugh
    Harley Schlanger pointed out

    FT reports,

    ( Financia Times )

    said World Coalition of Nazis are fighting for the

    ” Right of Sovernity”

    Like the Sovernity the Gangsters respect

    in Syria or Iraq or Afghanistan.

    Etc …about 139 Countries the Gangsters

    ” lean on

    All around the World..
    As we speak

    Laughable, huh?
    So Preposterous.

    Yes, The Nazis have lost the Narrative.



    Liked by 1 person

  4. Mr Lendman

    Article is so dense .
    So much jam packed into it.


    First off..

    The Russian Retort to the

    Crazy Motherfuxer
    Major Volna of the Azov Nazis

    Could have one important
    Very important..

    Caveat added to the Reply..


    What kind of Leverage do you really have on this delusional fux

    Only One:

    ” Okay well just close it up
    Come back in a month..

    You’ll starve and die of thirst
    And we’ll just pick up the Bodies.

    No matter what kind of shape the corpses are in..

    Forensics will be able to identify you

    Most importantly, Major..

    Well publish a list of all the Azov
    Battalion that held hostages ..

    So their Relatives will know it was you who needlessly killed them…

    They’ll probably have some kind words for your Family as well..!”

    Their families are hostages also.

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  5. Mr Lendman,

    My fondest hope
    Is that the Russians can take Azovstol Steel Mill

    Without getting on Russian soldier hurt or killed.

    Why waste 1 life on this Filth..!


    The Police Guys

    Trained to talk people down from jumping off Bridges..etc

    Look….Here’s the tip off.

    the Russian speaking to the Nazi Fux

    Didn’t really say the right thing:

    Example: when Russian said,

    ” You should ask Zelensky
    It’s their fault …!”.

    Of course it is..

    But that simply reenforced his recalcitrance to see reason..

    Made him more defensive..
    More combative..

    He dug in.

    Why even go there?
    We know it..
    But this Crazy Deranged Nazi isn’t receptive to discussing right or wrong ..

    Or water under the Bridge..

    Not disappointed
    Russian Officer tried

    But a Real Pro
    Trained only for that

    Would have handled it differently

    Maybe saying..
    “Major, they tried several times
    To get you out..

    We blew em up every time..
    They’re all Dead.

    And you’re alive..!

    Got any kids
    Got a Wife..

    Do you care about them?
    Of course you do..
    Want to see them again…?

    Come on out..

    We’ll garantee we wouldn’t shoot you..!


    these Nazi fuxs are on some kinda drug..


    For this idiot to think he can get a third party to escort him .

    or keep his weapons..

    Tells you he doesn’t have a grasp of Reality.

    “Are you hungry Major
    We’ll feed you right off..!”

    Whatever words the Pros can
    Muscle into the Conversation

    Will be crucial.

    They might be able to do it
    Without any Bloodshed.

    They’re pros..use them.

    Lastly..Take all the Time in the World..

    They’re not going anywhere.

    Go Russia..
    To Total Victory..!

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  6. Mr Lendman..

    The Odessa file.
    In a nutshell.

    Without diverting any troops
    To that theater..yet

    The Russians have the Ukis with a large army trapped and sitting idle in Odessa.


    Obviously, the key factor
    Is to shut down ..

    the ability for the Western Nazis to unload cargo.

    Of course.
    So important.

    In the meantime.

    If Russian Aero just knock out
    All the Major roads and bridges

    How the Nazis gonna transport it?

    I count about 8 Roads
    8 bombs.

    M15..M16..E 93..R 95..E3

    And the Palanka Road

    Bridges at Bilhoroad Dnistroski
    And the Kryzhanivka..

    The lake and quarry at Palanka
    Sure looks like a pirate cove.

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  7. As always, sir, your pointed commentary is appreciated.

    One despairs….

    [My — sad — takeaway among many takeaways: “On Wednesday, Ukrainian blogger Valery Kuleshov was assassinated for his pro-Russian views. … Not a word about his cold-blooded murder was reported by Western regimes or their media.” May Valery R.I.P. — but how can he under the circumstances?]


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