Another Made-in-the-USA Massacre in Ukraine

Nothing — repeat nothing — claimed by hegemon USA, its NATO vassal states and MSM press agents passes the smell test.

Virtually everything claimed about all things Russia and Ukraine is infowar fake news rubbish.

Reality should surprise no one paying attention.

It’s what they do — bashing invented enemies relentlessly, supporting friendly despots and vassal states of every shape and kind.

Citing notoriously unreliable Pentagon claims and images about Russia in Ukraine, WaPo and other MSM falsely blamed Moscow for an alleged mass grave near Mariupol.

Citing no evidence because none exists, WaPo accused Russian forces of “d(igging) new trenches and fill(ing) them with corpses every day throughout April (sic).”

At the same time, WaPo admitted that there’s “no independent verification” to back alleged claims.

Ukrainian Nazis and perhaps regular forces bear full responsibility for whatever mass graves exist around Mariupol and elsewhere.

Not a shred of credible evidence links them to Russia.

No evidence suggests that “20,000 people (were) killed in Mariupol” since Russia’s special military operation began.

Nothing links Russia to war crimes.

Indisputable evidence links Ukrainian forces — notably Nazified ones — to mass-murder, torture and other atrocities.

Separately on Tuesday, Sergey Lavrov discussed what led to Russia’s special operation in Ukraine, saying:

The Obama/Biden regime 2014 Maidan coup was the root cause of what followed, what led to Russia’s operation begun on Feb. 24.

Before the coup, “hundreds and hundreds of US, UK, and other Western security and military experts (were directing) Ukrain(e’s) security apparatus.” 

“They basically were running the place.”

Straightaway after launching its operation in response to requested help by Donetsk and Lugansk, Russia complied fully “with Article 51 of the UN Charter,” said Lavrov, adding:

It’s purpose isn’t to wage war on Ukraine.

It’s “to demilitarize and denazify Ukrainians.”

“These two problems are intimately linked.” 

“We have been targeting only military infrastructure.”

“The Ukrainian army and (Nazified) battalions, which are using swastikas…and insignia of Waffen-SS battalions…continue to use civilians as human shields.” 

“They plac(ed) heavy weapons in towns and cities next to schools, kindergartens, and hospitals.” 

“The internet is full of the testimonies of people who were living in these places, and who were asking these people not to do this” in vain.

The US-dominated West and its press agent media ignored the above.

They focused instead on staging false flags to wrongfully blame Russia for atrocities its forces had nothing to do with.

First Bucha, then, Kramatorsk, now alleged mass graves outside Mariupol with more of the same to come.

Lavrov stressed that Russia is investigating atrocities committed by Ukrainian Nazified and regular forces to document what’s gone on.

He explained that Russian law “prohibits the military to do anything which is not allowed under international humanitarian law.” 

“Any violations are registered and investigated.”

Before the Maidan coup or shortly after it occurred, the US called Nazified Azov elements a group it cannot support.

At the time, Congress prohibited assistance to its members in any form.

Now according to dominant Biden regime hardliners, they’re our guys, embracing their thuggishness for use against Russia.

In response to puppet Zelensky’s false claim that Russia intends to use tactical nukes against Ukraine, Lavrov responded, saying:

“He says many things. Depends on what he drinks and what he smokes.”

It largely depends on direction by his US/Western handlers, Lavrov neglected to add.

He did stress that “the West played Zelensky against Russia,” mainly the US and UK, other EU regimes tagging along as “obedient servants.”

Russia agreed to peace talks because Zelensky requested them.

So where do things stand?

Ukraine nominally agreed to some things, then went the other way.

It’s why Vladimir Putin said talks reached a “dead end.”

According to Lavrov, Zelensky — or rather his US handlers — sabotaged talks.

There’s no ambiguity why.

Hegemon USA and its Western vassal states want permanent proxy war on Russia.

Peace and stability defeat their diabolical agenda.

So it’s off the table while falsely pretending otherwise.

Talks to date were a colossal waste of time and effort.

The same goes if continue them.

The only language understood by the US/West and Zelensky is toughness.

Russia’s only sensible option is to continue providing a bellyful.

A Final Comment

I strongly disagree with remarks by Jeffrey Sachs on Thursday, saying:

“Putin started the war in Ukraine and has said negotiations have reached an impasse.”

Putin authorized a special military operation — not war.

Indeed Russian/Ukrainian talks are at impasse.

Sachs failed to explain why.

Kiev and its US master bear fully responsibility, not Russia.

In saying that the “only one answer to ‘war’ in Ukraine (is) a peace deal,” Sachs ignored that hegemon USA controls all things Ukraine against Russia.

Powerless Kiev has no say over anything going on.

The US and NATO vassal states are notorious for agreeing to one thing, then flagrantly breaching it.

All the while falsely blaming invented enemies for what they had nothing to do with.

Sachs knows this but stayed silent.

If Ukraine agrees to peace ahead, its words won’t be worth the paper they’re written on.

Russia is following its only sensible plan — an all-out effort to demilitarize and deNazify Ukraine by smashing its US-created and controlled war-making machine.

Nothing less can achieve its aims.

They include protecting its security from a Nazified Ukrainian menace and ending 8 years of US-orchestrated and directed war on Donbass.

What Sachs should have explained he remained silent about — in support of Western interests over peace, stability, cooperative relations among nations and compliance with the rule of law.


5 thoughts on “Another Made-in-the-USA Massacre in Ukraine

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  1. Russia was an ally of the Beast with 2 horns like a lamb. The Beast’s aim was to have Russian and Germans killing one another in WW2. The Beast entered WW2 past half-time to claim victory – same as for WW1. The Beast was the architect of both WW1 and WW2.

    When the Russians had done their job, they were immediately treated as enemies. Same script for Saddam Hussein, Noriega, Gaddafi and others.

    Soon, it will be Zelensky’s turn. He is definitely not in Kiev. Proof is the stream of European leaders visiting him to brainwashed the public into thinking he in Kiev.

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  2. Mr Lendman,

    April 23..Saturday..6:45 pm..

    Nuland warning Russia
    Not to use “Tactical Nukes!”

    Which Means ..

    Miss Piggy and the tribe of insane Kaganites..

    The PNAC Cabal

    Have decided to use Nukes
    “Tactical Nukes ”

    On Russia.

    Since they’re probably
    Unable to deliver them
    From North America

    They’ll probably launch
    From Poland..l

    (Poles would love to blow up the Whole Country of Poland.

    To kill a million Russians.

    Polish would think it’s a
    Good Deal..!)


    Or Take off from lil england..
    With Strategic Bombers..

    Maybe Germany..

    Read the Tea Leaves..
    They ain’t just Whistling Dixien for nuthin…

    Something Evil Comes This Way.

    Bush didn’t invent
    And use …l

    The Bush Doctrine
    For nuthin..

    Yep they’re telling you.

    Reminded me of
    The USA in the 1930s

    Building B-19s
    at Boeing in Seattle.

    People would ask why they’re building Long Range bombers

    And US said, “Too bomb Japan”

    With the Tribe of Kaganites
    Just turn everything on it’s head

    Notorious Liars and War Criminals.

    Nuland is a Perfect
    Continuation of
    Mad Madeline Albright..

    Notorious War Criminals.

    What’s particularly sick..

    Nuland and the Kaganites
    Are Jewish Nazis..

    Are the “God” Parents of this
    Nazi Filth

    Boycott Nuland Nazi Filth
    (kosher now..?)

    Nuland spits in the Eye of her own Grandfather..!

    “Beware, Iago..
    She betrayed her own Father

    And she’ll betray you as well..”

    William S.

    Absolutely insane are these the Charlatans.

    Mad Men.

    Worst in all the history not Civilization.

    Russia sure needs to respond to this Epic Event.

    I read Missy Piggies fatwah on RT…

    So they’re on it?


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  3. Mr Lendman..

    I’ve been hesitant to say this.

    It occurred to me about a week ago.

    I alluded to it once before.
    But not stated forthrightly..

    The Nazi Collaborators in Washington

    The Kaganites Nazis
    Are gonna blow up Mariupol

    And the Azovstol Steel Mill
    With a Tactical Nuke.

    My biggest fear now.

    Miss Piggy put out her
    ” Russia will … Yada yada ”

    On a Friday..
    That’s another l bad sign as well..

    Yep… that’s my biggest concern
    Has been for awhile

    The Crazy Nazi Horse/ Cow

    Putting out that obviously
    Stupid Fatwah..

    Only increased my concern.

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