Have the Gods Made Puppet Zelensky Mad?

Installed by hegemon USA in May 2019 as Ukrainian front man to pursue endless proxy war on Russia, comedian/performer Zelensky and leadership as it should be are on different planets.

Delivering nightly addresses to Ukrainians via TV from his Polish hideout — while pretending to be defending the nation from Kiev — he increasingly sounds like the Gods turned him mad.

On the one hand, scripted remarks were prepared for him to recite nightly by his US handlers.

On the other hand, his tone reflects growing frustration about the reality of Ukraine’s battered and degraded military at the hands of superior Russian forces — while pretending otherwise.

Here’s an example, Zelensky saying:

“There is a military way” to victory in Mariupol (sic).

“We need to prepare for it (sic).” 

“We are preparing to be strong (sic), but here we need the help of our partners.”

We will “fight to the end (sic).”

Fact: Russian and Donetsk militia forces liberated Mariupol.

Fact: It’s free from the scourge of US/NATO created and supported Nazified forces — and likeminded foreign mercenaries.

Remaining ones in the city are holed up in the subterranean bowels of the sprawling Azovstal steel plant.

Vladimir Putin wisely decided not to storm the facility to eliminate them — to protect the lives and well-being of Russian forces.

Let ‘em eat cake until expire instead.

Inside Azovstal they’re doomed.

Surrender assures them life, sustenance, as well as treatment for wounds and other health issues.

Hundreds inside are reportedly in bad shape physically.

Reportedly as well, most want to surrender.

They’re prevented from leaving by fanatical holdouts, vowing to lethally shoot anyone trying to end their ordeal.

Reality in Mariupol is as follows, according to noted military analyst Andrei Martyanov on Thursday:

“Not only is (the city) liberated, but it…was (occupied by) the most heavily armed and trained (Ukrainian regulars) and Nazi brigades which w(ere) supposed to repeat Stalingrad which was annihilated.”

“The plan for defense of this (fortress) was developed (by the) Pentagon and, naturally, it failed” — dismally. 

The US hasn’t won an imperial war since WW II in the Pacific.

Russian forces defeated Nazi Germany’s Wehrmacht in Europe. 

The US played a subordinate role.

Without Russia’s indispensable contributions, Germany likely would have won the European war.

Reinvented US/Western history of the war reads like fiction over reality.

Turning truth on its head about all things Ukraine and Russia’s special military operation reads the same way.

In stark contrast to US/Western double-talk, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu’s straight talk candor stressed the following:

“The total liberation of Mariupol by allied (Russian and Donetsk) forces has been achieved.”

Only holdouts in Azovstal remain —surrounded by Russian forces with no way to escape.

If elements inside surface to fight, they’ll get their heads blown off straightaway.

If remain inside unwilling to surrender, the choice will be suicidal.

According to straight talk by analyst Larry Johnson, an estimated 2,500 Ukrainian Nazified and mercenary fighters remain holed up inside Azovstal — with no means of being resupplied, no outside help.

They’re trapped and will perish if don’t surrender.

There is nothing the empire, its vassal states or Ukrainian proxies can do to prevent restoration of normality to Mariupol, Donetsk for its residents.

Though it’ll take time because of heavily damaged structures throughout the city.

Johnson compared Ukrainian fighters in Azovstal to “a Japanese regiment (in WW II) on an isolated island with no means of resupply by air or sea.”

Situation hopeless! Surrender and live or hold out and die.

US/Western claims about significantly degraded Russian forces from the battle for Mariupol are fake news rubbish.

Video evidence debunked them.

There are no images of destroyed or badly damaged Russian tanks and equipment.

None showing large-scale Russian casualties.

Russian airstrikes and artillery continue to batter Ukrainian forces elsewhere.

They’re isolated with no command and control, no means of resupply.

In the next few weeks according to Johnson, “Russia will encircle Ukrainian units and either accept their surrender or destroy them,” adding:

“(I)t appears (that) the Russians are destroying the western military supplies being sent to Ukraine.” 

“Russia is acting firmly to destroy this materiel before it has a chance to make it to the front.”

Russian Foreign Ministry’s North America Department director Sergei Koshelev stressed the following:

“We are increasingly alarmed by the mushrooming statements by the (Biden regime) about (its) intention to continue massive deliveries of weapons and military equipment for the armed forces of Ukraine, despite the hopeless situation of their Kiev counterparts,” adding: 

“The calculation is clear: to slow down our special operation and inflict maximum damage on the Russian armed forces.”

Moscow regards US/NATO arms convoys to Ukraine as “legitimate targets.”

As spotted, they’ll be intercepted and destroyed.

Pentagon claims about being able to resupply Ukrainian forces are infowar propaganda rubbish.

Reality on the ground is worlds apart different.

It’ll be apparent when thousands more Ukrainian forces surrender, when the country has been effectively demilitarized, when Russia declares mission accomplished.

When US/Western propaganda reports no longer fool anyone paying attention.

A Final Comment

Earlier this week, Ukrainian forces attacked Russia’s Belgorod and Bryansk border areas.

Over two dozen Gladkov village residential buildings were damaged.

Civilians in harm’s way were injured.

Russian forces responded by intensifying strikes on Ukrainian targets.

Earlier its Defense Ministry warned that it would attack Ukrainian “decision-making centers, including (in and around) Kiev” if these incidents continue.

The puppet Zelensky regime ignored the warning — as directed by the Pentagon and CIA.

It’s time for Russia to remove both gloves.

It’s time to destroy all Ukrainian “decision-making centers” wherever located.

All of them and all other strategic targets!

4 thoughts on “Have the Gods Made Puppet Zelensky Mad?

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman


    Take off the Velvet Gloves
    Put on the Voit 16oz …

    Punch the Bastards
    Right in the Nose.

    Mr Lendman..

    I think they have, sir.

    I noticed some of the Uki Pieces aren’t on the board this week…!

    They were there just last week.



    Perhaps I’ve gone Mad
    With excitement

    Like the VT Fight song
    (Virginia Tech Hoakies )

    “Oh The Aero Aero Aero Smiths
    From Moscow Tech..!”

    Just keep Bombing em.

    Red Army ..

    Just keep doing what you’re doing…It’s a Game Winner..!



    “Just keep Matriculating the ball up the Field, boys!”

    The particular aspects I liked about your Comment

    Time to upgrade the focus on
    Political Centers, perhaps..

    But the drip drip drip
    Slow and steady annihilation

    Without giving the Nazis anything to attack

    Evasive like Ghost Fighters
    Will destroy the Nuland Nazis

    All of NATO

    And all they’re wild dreams
    A Hitlerian Fantasy…

    of what they were gonna do to the Russians..

    Soon they will be freezing
    And running away from their angry citizens..

    KARMA, ain’t it a Bitch.

    Wait till the Nazi Bio Weapons

    OH BOY..
    Yes , my sensay..

    ” To be born in interesting times!”

    And we were born at the very Creation of the New World..

    The Fruit Grows Rotten on the Vine..

    A evil poisonous root
    That engulfs our Shire

    The Stalk must be cut down

    And buried where the
    “Grapes Of Wrath are Stored ”

    The Vulgar lies
    Hate Speech
    False Flags
    Mass Murder

    Ruled by Psychology warped and unfit Serial Killers

    All going into the TIOLET.
    In our Lifetime.

    That’s what a Russian Soldier
    Brings to the table of History!


    Go Russia
    To Total Victory…!

    Not in a hurry..
    But waiting with baited breath

    As is the entire World..
    For the impending Finale..!

    “Enquiring Minds want to Know”

    Are there real American Nazi Generals and US Officers


    ETC .


  2. Mr Lendman,

    Second Reading.

    You’re Dead Right.

    Having time to read and more closely evaluate the News..

    It’s absolutely, ” Time to take of both Gloves.”

    And your Pussy Riot Hat.

    I noticed Russia claimed all shipments of Weapons

    in the Ukraine are “Fair Game”


    All Weapons anywhere that are being sent to the Ukraine see FAIR GAME.

    If they’re in Poland, Romania,

    little england.. Germany..USA..

    Any fuxing where ..

    Please take off the Pussy Riot pajamas.

    This is imperative that the
    Red Ball Express end.

    If you can’t do that..
    You’ll have WWIII.


    If you can’t blow up
    Heavy Artillery unquestionably meant to kill Russians..

    Say, in the tarmac in Poland

    How you gonna have the Balls

    to Launch when the Nazis attack you in the Summer

    according to their plan?

    The Lesson is best applied now.

    The Gangsters are intent on a War.

    Okay give em a Taste of It.

    So get an idea of how much fun it will be.


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