US/Western Propaganda War on Russia Losing Steam?

It continues daily despite growing evidence of Russian military superiority — what MSM are hard-pressed to deny.

According to NYT fake news:

Vladimir Putin “claimed victory in Mariupol on Thursday despite persistent fighting there (sic).”

He “publicly called off an assault on the final Ukrainian stronghold in the devastated city in a stark display of the Kremlin’s desire to present a success to the Russian public (sic).”

Time and again on all things Russia and Ukraine, the Times reinvents reality.

Blazing guns of Mariupol are Russia’s alone.

The city was entirely liberated — except for holdouts in the subterranean bowels of the city’s
Azovstal steel plant.

Whatever remaining weapons and ammo they may have at their disposal is worthless.

If surface to attack Russian forces, they’ll be swiftly wiped out.

What’s indisputable the Times suppressed.

The battle for Mariupol ended.

Only Times and other MSM fake news pretend otherwise.

Defying reality by falsely claiming that Russian forces haven’t “yet…fully conquered” Mariupol ignored what’s indisputable on the ground.

At the same time throughout 8 years of US-orchestrated and directed Kiev aggression on Donbass, the Times and other MSM falsely accused its long-suffering people of “fighting Ukraine since 2014 (sic).”

Blaming victims is longstanding US/Western policy — regurgitated by MSM press agents.

The fake Biden knows nothing more than lines scripted for him to recite or paraphrase.

At times, he looks bewildered and out touch with reality — a caricature of leadership even more delusional than puppet Zelensky.

Saying Russia will “never succeed in dominating and occupying all of Ukraine” ignored Vladimir Putin’s publicly stated objectives — especially the demilitarization and deNazification of the country.

Russia has no dominating and occupying aims.

Putin wants the scourge of US/Western supported Nazism in Ukraine eliminated.

He wants Russian security protected.

He wants an end to 8 years of Kiev aggression on Donbass, its long-suffering people freed from the cross-border menace they’ve faced.

Reciting scripted lines via teleprompter on Thursday, the fake Biden falsely claimed the following:

“Russian forces retreated from Kiev (sic), leaving behind horrifying evidence (sic).”

No Russian retreat occurred.

No horrifying evidence caused by its forces, no Russian “atrocities” — only by Ukrainian ones, mainly by its neo-Nazi thugs.

Saying the regime he pretends to lead is “moving as fast as possible to provide…weapons” ammo and equipment to Ukraine ignored that when spotted by Russian forces they’re destroyed.

He sounded as daft as puppet Zelensky, saying:

“You must be amazed at the courage of this country (sic), the resolve that they’re showing (sic), not just the milit- — their military, but the average citizen (sic).”

Thousands of Ukrainian fighters laid down their arms and surrendered.

Perhaps the White House imposter didn’t notice.

Perhaps he’s uninformed about reality on the ground in Ukraine.

He sounded delusional claiming that Ukrainian forces are “stop(ing)” Russian advances.

The same goes for saying “(e)very American taxpayer, every member of our armed forces can be proud of the fact that our country’s generosity (sic) and the skill and service of our military (sic) helped arm and repel Russia’s ‘aggression’ in Ukraine (sic), to beat back Putin’s savagery (sic) that tried to seize Ukraine’s capital (sic) and wipe out Ukraine’s government (sic).”

Based on the above and related remarks, the fake Biden sounds as cognitively impaired out of touch with reality as the real JB.

Living in their world of illusions, both figures are detached from reality — most likely unable to grasp what they’re told.

It’s apparent by the following:

According to the fake Biden, “(t)he battle of Kiev” — never waged — “was a historic victory for the Ukrainians (sic).”

“It was a victory for freedom (sic).”

Since taking office after usurping power, undemocratic Dems wrecked the US and grievously harmed its people more than already, as explained in a Thursday article.

Most disturbing is how they pushed things toward possible war with Russia.

The vast majority of ordinary Americans have no idea about the danger of what’s unthinkable becoming reality.

It’s because MSM operate as Biden regime press agents.

Supporting what’s crucial to oppose and denounce, they suppress what’s vital for everyone to know.

I’ve never been more concerned about what may lie ahead than now.

With Dem lunatics in charge of the Washington asylum when leadership is absent, what’s unthinkable may become reality with no one in charge to stop it.

6 thoughts on “US/Western Propaganda War on Russia Losing Steam?

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman..

    Just read that Russia is gonna take the Coast of the Black Sea



    It’s been Russian anyway for a 1000 yrs..

    Except for one 30yr qwirk.

    .03% Time in the Nazi World.

    Take it..
    It’s your’s anyway.

    Moreover ..

    Who does Russia need to ask Permission anyway..?

    No one.

    Russian Federation is 30 yrs old
    At 30 yrs old the USA in 1820s.

    Took all the Land from the
    Atlantic Ocean to Mississippi

    At 50 yrs had taken all the Land to the Rockies..!

    Don’t Remember them asking anyone’s permission!



    Liked by 2 people

  2. Mr Lendman

    Just read about
    The two facilities in Russia

    That caught on Fire.

    It’s sabotage.

    The Research Facility
    The Fire Started on
    the 2nd Floor of the Administration Bldg.

    That’s the tip off
    It’s sabotage.


    As I mentioned yesterday,

    Expect desperate moves
    By desperate Criminals.

    Me I’d announce

    Anyone involved with these crimes.

    Or has any knowledge of the Crime beforehand

    Without notifying Authorities
    Will be shot or spend the rest of their lives in Prison.

    We will find you.


    A $10,000 reward is being

    offered for any information that leads to a Conviction.

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  3. Mr Lendman..

    More and more Money
    Being lavished on Uki Nazis!

    Yellen.. Half Human

    Half Something from the Neanderthal Era ..

    Promises ” This is only the Beginning of the Money..!”

    The Jewish Yellen sick with
    The Stockholm Syndrome

    The Jewish Yellen..
    Rabid Supporter of Jew Killing Nazis…

    Gee Janet..

    Your Azov Nazis

    only Killed a Million Jews in the Ukraine..

    Would have killed a million more if the Russians hadn’t rescued them

    Are you daft..
    Are you blind

    Obviously you’re very very sick.

    So degenerated
    So Deformed

    To love such evil..

    You’re clearly not fit to be in a Leadership Position.


    Are you fit to be around
    Humans at all..?

    You’re so Deranged..

    You’re such a despicable person in every aspect of
    civility and humanity

    That I want to puke at the sight of your twisted contorted face

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Mr Lendman,

    All this money for Nazis..

    This will come back and bite the Human Filth

    right on their ass!

    As the American people

    Watch the Billions and Billions being lavished on the Nazis
    By the Human Filth..

    Almost overnight..
    They get funded.

    And yet
    Americans can barely put gas in the Tank or buy Groceries.

    The Library I your neighborhood is closed..
    Been Closed for Years.

    The Roads and Bridges are getting dangerous

    Traffic is unbearable.

    Our schools are underfunded
    And don’t work..

    The Air we breath
    The Water we drink

    Relegates America to
    Third World country.

    Our Streets
    Our Borders
    Our Schools aren’t safe

    Our savings are depleted.

    The Homeless and Hungry
    Are growing in leaps and bounds ..

    All we get is CIA NEWS.
    All legitimate news is blocked!

    Crime is Skyrocketing
    Along with Drugs..

    And the Human Trash

    Only care about their Nazi Brethren in the Ukraine..! do Nazis having State Power in the Ukraine

    Help the American citizen..?

    Here’s the GOOD NEWS .

    Swingers Club bought more rope, nails and lumber

    Gonna need it.

    Also will need to increase the Security Personnel

    Just so the American People
    Don’t strangle the Criminals

    And we can conduct a proper trial for them..

    Lordy Lordy
    Judgement Day a Coming!

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