News and Views Suppressed by the Empire of Lies and its Subservient MSM

A personal note and a request:

On Moscow’s SMO in Ukraine, hegemon USA, its NATO vassals and Kiev proxies can do little more than shout and pout while watching superior Russian forces obliterate cannon fodder Kiev troops while destroying Western-supplied weapons, munitions and equipment.

While fighting continues for perhaps weeks longer, the outcome of Russia’s SMO was never in doubt before launched.

Mission accomplished will be part of Russia’s historical record along with its triumph over Nazi Germany’s Wehrmacht in WW II.

And there’s nothing US-dominated NATO can do about it — short of preemptively launching WW III to doom us all if things turn out this way.

A request to Vladmir Putin, Sergey Lavrov and other Russian officials:

With all due respect, please stop referring to hegemon USA and its Western vassal states as “partners.”

The same goes for calling their officials “colleagues.”

They and their nations are mortal enemies of Russia, its leadership, diplomats and people.

For decades, they plotted regime change — including by possible nuclear war.

They want Russia partitioned for easier control, its resources looted and people exploited as serfs.

Partners and colleagues don’t treat their counterparts this way.

Throughout the post-WW II period, the US operated exclusively by its own rules — in flagrant breach of international law and its own Constitution.

What happened earlier led to US/Western sanctions war and proxy hot war on Russia now — with the worst of diabolical aims in mind.

So please Vladimir and Sergey et al, stop calling US/Western regimes “partners.”

And stop calling their leaders and other officials “colleagues.”

Call them what they are — monsters pursuing the worst of high crimes of war and against humanity in service to the rogue states they represent.

That said, according to head of Russia’s Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological Protection Troops, General Igor Kirillov:

Hegemon USA may stage a false flag attack on Ukraine’s Zaporozhye nuclear power plant or another nuclear facility in the country with intent to cause the “deaths of tens of thousands of Ukrainian citizens and cause an environmental and humanitarian catastrophe” — falsely blamed on Russia.

One or more alternate provocations may be staged — involving use of “chemical, biological, or tactical nuclear weapons” to falsely blame Russia for what happens.

UAVs may be used to spray chemical and/or biological toxins on targeted areas with intent to produce mass casualties.

Put nothing past the US monster class in pursuit of its diabolical aims.

With Russia effectively smashing US/NATO Ukrainian proxy forces, something as ruthless as one or more of the above scenarios may be the next shoe — or multiple shoes — to drop.

For years, hundreds — maybe thousands — of US, UK and other NATO forces have been training and directing Ukrainian troops.

On Saturday, Russia’s Investigative Committee said it’s looking into reports about UK special forces in Ukraine — “experts in organizing mass protests, assassinations of political figures as well as preparing terrorist attacks.”

Their US counterparts are likely  there with them.

If they show up in conflict areas with Ukrainian forces, Russia should consider them legitimate targets for elimination. 

Separately according to deputy commander of Russia’s Central Military District, General Rustam Minnekaev:

Since Phase 2 of Russia’s SMO began this week, one of its objectives is “to establish complete control over Donbass and southern Ukraine.”

Things are heading steadily toward achieving this aim.

Separately on Saturday, analyst Larry Johnson noted the following:

“Instead of statesmanship and diplomacy, the US, Canada and Europe are acting like spoiled children angry at not getting what they want out of Russia.” 

“Rather than accept the reality that Russia is better positioned than any of the so-called First World nations to operate a self-supporting economy that can produce food and technology, the west persists in its delusion that it is pushing Russia to the brink of collapse.” 

Delusions and illusions are self-defeating.

While US and other nations are declining because of their arrogance and unwillingness to change, Russia is holding its own in the face of their sanctions and proxy hot war.

When the dust of today’s turmoil settles ahead one day, Russia, China and other nations free from foreign control will be rising in prominence in contrast to hegemon USA’s decline and fall like all other empires in world history.

Subservient Western vassal states will go down in similar fashion.

If nuclear war erupts in the interim, all bets are off.

3 thoughts on “News and Views Suppressed by the Empire of Lies and its Subservient MSM

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  1. Mr Lendman

    Thoroughly enjoy your article!

    Our Russian friends are so furcockta on that.

    Yes, Dear Russia..

    Your “Colleagues”are only thinking about cutting your throat..

    And stealing everything you have.

    What a Black Widow Spider has a moral Compass…

    And Ethical Faculties that can be Reasoned with..

    LAUGHABLE.. it’s so Preposterous

    No ..your Colleagues and Partners in the West are planning on using Nukes..

    On you and the Ukis.
    To blame you.

    Your Partners..

    I understand the Russians,

    Real Diplomats


    It’s Old School
    But in today’s reality

    It’s a misnomer to use those formulations,

    With all due respect
    It just sounds silly,
    Like Russia is Delusional.

    Actually reminds me of
    Bush 43…

    Who called the people who blew up the WTC on 911

    ” The ‘Folks’ that did this !”

    “Folks ” in Texas means your Friends and Neighbors who come over to watch Sunday’s
    Cowboy Game

    And have a BBQ…”

    Enough said.

    Kill James Bond
    Shoot the MOTHERFUXER.


    Me, I’d give out $10, 0000 to any information that leads to their


    Let’s see..
    They’ll be there Illegally

    Out of Brit Uniform..

    Out of the Geneva Convention

    “What’s that Ms Moneypenny?

    Kill James Bond
    by any Means Necessary..!”


  2. Mr Lendman

    Now I read Poland is making moves and putting troops on the Kaliningrad border..

    An Angel told me

    Gabriel the Angel..
    God’s Favorite Angel..

    In the Mystical and Mythical World…

    Isn’t that the vPlan
    To invade Kaliningrad?

    This is Phase Two of
    “When Doris Gets Her Oates”

    This is where the Lying
    Should stop..

    And the dying begin..!
    The Line in the Sand..

    “Oh, Doctor Doctor..
    Mr MD…”

    The Doctor said,

    This..and only this..

    President Putin

    With Great FanFare
    Pomp And Ceremony

    Generals and Dignitaries assembled..

    By the Scores

    In the Great Hall of the People

    Do a 30 sec Press Conference..
    I REPEAT..

    President Putin hold a 30: second Press Conference.

    Putin, standing at the Podium,

    ” If Poland fires one shot across the Border into Kaliningrad

    Ratchets up this war..

    Deepens and Enlarges the attack on Russia..

    We will blow up Warsaw.

    A Sarmat will be there in
    One minute and 22 seconds!

    Just One Warning.

    And thats final
    and non negotiable!

    You Decide..?”

    (The End)
    President Putin walks off the Stage…

    Thru the Assembly.

    Want to make an Omelette
    Gotta Crack a Few Eggs

    BTW ..Nobody in the West gonna be able to do anything

    Like little england gave Poland her Marker in 1939 ..


    The Nazi Coalition cannot be molified..

    Stopped with words.
    Only the Real McCoy
    Works on the Gangsters

    What .

    You’re going to Reason with these rabid Polish Nazis

    Munich 38..
    Peace in Our Lifetime..


    Pray the Estonian, Lithuanian Nazis get involved also.

    So you can Destroy ..
    Obliterate Tallinn and Vilnius

    What they’ve spent 70 yrs building

    And Russia can blow it all up in 2 Minutes…

    You Decide..
    Choose Wisely..

    Maybe ask your Citizens
    You claim to be a Democracy?


    A democracy down on it’s knees sucking the Cowboys dick..


    Gonna get blown up sucking that Cowboy Dick

    On your knees..

    In position for the PigFuxs
    Ceremony to begin

    gonna get your entire Country wiped out..

    You choose poorly.
    Get roasted

    Future is Defective
    No Refunds.

    Choose wisely.

    Why don’t you Fascists let the People vote

    on their own Death?

    You’re the criminal elite
    Who are the Nazi Collaborators

    Why not have a PLEBISCITE?


    Because the USA told you

    You can’t risk putting it to a vote.

    Don’t you get it
    You’re Nazis…

    You’re the Wall St

    The House of Satan’s
    Cannon Fodder..

    Good Good Good

    Kill your fuxing selves
    You idiots..
    Like we care.
    Like you or your shit hole country matter.


    Just kill Russians.
    That’s all.
    Other than that..
    What happens to you or your family.

    Doesn’t matter at all.
    Like we care.


    Couldn’t give a fux
    You and your dead corpse

    Won’t even make the
    Record Book

    Move the Needle at all.

    You simply Died for Wall St

    Like all the other yokels we got to do that

    It was so easy, all we had to do was greaee the Paupers in your Parliameny.

    The Criminal Elite
    A few shekels and they would vote for anything.

    BTW…your Polish, Estonian and Lithuanian “Leaders”

    Were the Cheapest crooks we ever encountered.

    Some would roll over and
    Suck my balls for $20

    and a Baloney Sandwich.

    It would be Laughable
    If it wasn’t so tragic.


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