Reality v. Prostitutes of the Press

A personal note:

Following college and graduate school — with part-time jobs along the way to pay tuition expenses et al — I entered the workforce full-time in 1960 when Dwight Eisenhower was president.

After 7 years as marketing research analyst, I joined the Lendman Group small family business — remaining there until retiring at yearend 1999.

Little did I know or expect at the time that I’d become a pro bono writer, author and radio host in retirement.

From firsthand experience, I learned what journalism as it should be is all about — without ever having taken a course in school to teach me.

I learned the stark difference between straight-talk, telling-it-like-it-is, factual reporting and analysis v. what MSM prostitutes of the press produce daily — rubbish serving powerful interests at the expense of journalism to be proud of.

When hegemon USA goes to war or plans one, it’s always against invented enemies threatening no one.

Post-WW II alone, it’s been this way since its war machine raped and destroyed nonbelligerent North Korea.

Never in memory did MSM presstitutes explain that since the Korean peninsula was divided post-WW II to the present day, Pyongyang never once attacked another country.

In stark contrast, the US has been perpetually at war since the 18th century.

I’ve written in detail about its wars of aggression against Native Americans and one nation after another it preemptively attacked without just cause.

Today it’s at war against dozens of nations free from its control — by sanctions, direct and/or proxy hot war.

What led to Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine was made-in-the-USA.

The Obama/Biden and succeeding US regimes bear full responsibility for what’s ongoing now.

NATO regimes share blame as subservient vassals to US interests — at the expense of world peace, stability, the rule of law, as well as nations safe and fit to live in.

Since launching its operation two months ago tomorrow to demilitarize and deNazify Ukraine — to protect its security and liberate Donbass from its scourge — Russian forces have been systematically battering and beating Ukrainian regulars and Nazified fighters, according to the laws of war.

Attacking Ukrainian forces and related military targets alone, they’ve taken great care to avoid civilian casualties and vital infrastructure.

Russia’s operation is in stark contrast to how US-dominated NATO raped and destroyed one nation after another — massacring millions and turning cities to rubble since the alliance was created nearly 75 years ago.

All the while, soulless MSM whores have stuck exclusively to the fabricated official narrative.

Examples infest their daily editions — like the following this week:

From the NYT — my favorite prostitute of the press target:

“Dug in on the front lines, Ukrainian soldiers are fighting to repel the Russian onslaught (sic).”

Mariupol is a “pocket of serious (Ukrainian) resistance (sic).”

“The battle for the city illustrates both the brutality of the Russian invasion and its struggles (sic) — truths (sic) that have galvanized much of the world (sic) but that Moscow has worked hard to conceal from its own people (sic).”

WaPo quoted fake news rubbish about Russia’s operation in Mariupol by Kiev’s Iryna Vereshchuk, falsely claiming:

“Everything that you see during the day, when people are not allowed out, when buses do not go and there is no evacuation (sic).” 

“This is a violation of Russia’s guarantees (sic).”

And this WaPo rubbish:

“Russian forces reduced…Mariupol to rubble (sic), killing or injuring thousands of civilians (sic).”

And this WSJ fake news:

“Russia said (it took) control of Mariupol…though Ukrainian forces…inside a vast steel plant in the city and said they were continuing to launch attacks on Russian positions (sic).”

And this Journal rubbish:

“Ukraine is pressing Russia to allow a humanitarian corridor from” Azovstal so those inside wishing to leave can do so safely (sic).

A minority of trapped Nazified Azov thugs turned down multiple Russian offers of safe passage from the plant.

US/Western MSM quoted puppet Zelensky’s Big Lie.

As scripted by his US master for him to recite, he falsely said the following overnight:

“All nations that, like us, believe in the victory of life over death (sic) must fight with us.” 

“They must help us, because we are the first in line (sic).”

“And who will come next?”

Falsely implying that Moscow intends to attack and control other nations is straight from hegemon USA’s fake news Russia-bashing playbook.

Reality on the ground in Mariupol and elsewhere in Ukraine is worlds apart from daily rubbish by MSM prostitutes of the press.

Mariupol was liberated by Russian forces.

A couple of thousand Nazified fighters, likeminded mercenaries and civilians held hostage as human shields remain inside subterranean areas of the Azovstal steel plant.

Whatever weapons and ammo they have is worthless.

If surface to attack Russian forces surrounding the plant, they’ll be swiftly eliminated.

Long-suffering Mariupol residents are free at last from the scourge of Nazified occupation.

Russia continues to pour vital humanitarian aid into the city for its residents.

A humanitarian corridor was established for anyone inside Azovstal able to escape to do so safely.

Russian forces control the city.

Phony claims by congenital liars Blinken, his paid-to-lie and deceive mouthpiece Price and MSM echo chamber are refuted by indisputable reality on the ground.

There she goes again.

According to Biden regime under secretary of state for menacing invented enemies, Victoria Nuland:

Vladimir Putin “ordered…brutal war crimes” in Ukraine (sic).”

His use of tactical nuclear weapons cannot be ruled out (sic).

Like Blinken, Price, the fake Biden and other regime officials, Nuland is a serial liar and unindicted war criminal.

They represent the worst of how hegemon USA wages war on humanity at home and worldwide.

They never met a nation free from US control that they didn’t want raped and destroyed.

On the home front, Biden regime officials continue going all-out to eliminate tens of millions of unwanted Americans by kill shots.

Humanity’s greatest threat is headquartered in Washington — with branch offices in London, Paris, Berlin, other Western capitals and Tel Aviv.

The US drive for hegemony is an unparalleled threat to everyone everywhere.

Survival is up for grabs as long as it remains unchecked.

4 thoughts on “Reality v. Prostitutes of the Press

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman..

    Excellent Article.
    Relished the personal
    Walk thru History..

    So rich…
    So pregnant with our Arc

    The Rise and Fall of the American Empire


    I was 9..

    Could play AA Little League
    In Alabama..that Summer..

    Thought the whole future was gonna be like that Disneyland

    1960..Ike warned us..

    I was 12 when Kennedy got assassinated.

    The Republic died on that Fateful Day in Dallas

    The Coup we have never recovered from.

    Since then,
    All the Media Co opted…

    All State News.
    Liars news

    As you well know, sir

    You have patiently elaborated and taught me..

    These Actors
    In fact, clueless to History

    Actual illiterates.
    Are all War Criminals ..!

    All intended to dupe the Public into Wars.


    All the lies they spout

    They spew them out
    Knowing they’re lies..?

    Anything more reprehensible than that?

    And now..

    Just in Case you only landed
    On the Planet of the Apes

    All Alternative News to the

    The Heroin Pushers News

    News from the Same Guys

    that Shot MLK, JFK, RFK, MX and then 911

    The USA so Deformed
    It will need to be Cleansed.

    Fung Schwayed..

    But we know all that.

    I’m boring myself, much less you..LOL

    The War on the Ground in the Ukraine…being lost.

    And the other warm.
    The Bourgeois Liars Club News

    Also failing miserably now
    The ether wearing off.

    Citizens ask..

    ” what..I’m paying $5 bucks a gallon

    My kid drinks 1/2 as much milk

    And I’m doing this just to hurt Russia…?

    How does that help me?”

    Be perfectly Clear

    The Uki Army is getting wiped out.


    The Gangsters in Washington
    Need to keep the Illusion going

    They need the Ukis to just keep donating their Nazi Bodies
    Be Cannon Fodder

    So that Congress
    Can allocate billions of Dollars

    Which an enormous % will wind up in the Pocket of Dirty Joe’s

    And other War Criminals pockets.

    Be Certain

    Nothing the Human Pigs who now stand upright

    Can send their Nazi Brethren
    Will qualitatively change the Outcome.

    About half
    Is gonna be pilfered by the
    War Criminals..

    That’s the Game.

    If the Uks surrendered
    The Alibi goes away.

    Need to dumbfux Nazis to just stay on the Field

    And take one for the Gipper !

    Hey where’s the Trillions the Pentagon Lost, Previously?

    Any one of you. AIPAC Clowns even gonna ask..?

    That’s why Ms Piggy
    Squealing out the Trash

    The Russians are gonna use Tactical Nukes..

    Obviously from all the historical records it always means the

    Insane Human Pigs are about to do it.


  2. Mr Lendman,

    On Telegram..

    It said Blinken and Austin
    Are going to be in Kiev

    Russia should pound the living shit out of the Center of Kiev.

    No STOP…

    Been down this road

    100 times with ” lugubrious”
    “Slippery” Clients…

    I know what you’re thinking

    No that would be the wrong thing because it makes them look like the poor Victims

    Well the West has already painted them that 1000 times

    No here’s what it Does

    It paints a Picture of the
    Imminent Defeat of Zelensky

    Everything else
    Is tertiary..

    He’s gonna lose
    Don’t waste more money

    Bombs Everywhere..
    Doomsday Approaching.

    There’s nothing they can give him to turn it around.

    “Call me irresponsible..”

    Blinken and Austin may want to surrender

    While they still hold Odessa.

    And they can save part of their
    Eastern Army..

    Now getting Pulverized.

    Never learn to love
    the Art of War..

    But know the Art of War

    The First Half
    Ukis couldn’t do anything wrong

    Half Time the Bear
    Made some adjustments

    The Second Half
    The Ukis can’t do anything right

    And the Russians can’t do anything wrong..

    Gotta love Gates
    Those Demi Gods

    That roll the bones
    In the Temple of Janus

    Wipe out ancient Civilizations
    In the spin of the Wrist

    And a potion fixed in marble

    More powerful than man himself..

    The Numbers Enumerated.
    Whims of the Gods .

    Tickled while they play
    Empire by the giggling Fates.


  3. Mr. Lendman,
    I do not think it is the US striving for hegemony, it is the Globalists, being the Khazarian Mafia: jesuits, Rothschild, Rockefeller, Warburg et al. US military are just being used.


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