US/Western Shouting and Pouting While Russia Smashes Ukraine’s War-Making Machine

Short of launching WW III to doom us all — an ominous possibility — hegemon USA and its NATO vassal states can do little more than observe how superior Russian forces are systematically demilitarizing Ukraine’s war-making machine with precision accuracy.

In two months, they destroyed most of what US/NATO regimes spent to supply Kiev with weapons, munitions and related equipment for the past 8 years — at a cost of billions of dollars poured down the drain.

Unable to defeat Russia militarily by proxy war or any other way, their only recourse is to supply more weapons et al for its forces to destroy — along with shouting and pouting to vent their frustration.

According to NYT fake news on Saturday, Vladimir Putin’s ordered SMO “trampl(ed) on the sovereignty of a neighbor (sic).”

A follow-up bald-faced Big Lie falsely claimed:

“(R)uthlessness and grave atrocities toward civilians that have ensued since only reinforce that call (sic).”

None were committed by Russian forces, by Ukrainian troops alone, especially by its Nazified thugs.

The Times falsely blamed Russia for their crimes against humanity.

Saying it’s “undeniable that the US and its allies were — and still are — right to use sanctions to try to end this war (sic)” is another bald-faced Big Lie.

Sanctions by one nation against others flagrantly breach the UN Charter.

They’re what I call waging war by other means — war crimes by other means.

Russia is largely self-sufficient.

For years it’s been preparing for this type US/Western warfare to be launched to a far greater extent than earlier.

As a result, US/Western sanctions are largely shooting blanks and themselves in the foot by effectively sanctioning themselves and their people.

Throughout the post-WW II period, US sanctions war on dozens of countries achieved nothing.

They never got targeted countries to bow to its will at the expense of their own interests.

Instead of learning from past mistakes, the US keeps repeating them.

Even the Times admitted that US sanctions failed to achieve sought aims.

No matter how many more are imposed on Russia and other targeted nations, history shows a consistent pattern of failure.

The same goes for so-called secondary sanctions against nations unwilling to play by US rules, by maintaining normal relations with nations on Washington’s sanctions list.

According to WaPo fake news:

“Russian forces reduced…Mariupol almost to rubble, killing or injuring thousands of civilian residents (sic).”

Claiming “many (were) forcibly taken to Russia (sic)” was another bald-faced Big Lie.

Russia rescued well over 100,000 city residents through humanitarian corridors.

While fighting continued in the city, they’ve been out of harm’s way in Russia, grateful to be protected there.

And this fake news from WaPo.

Russian forces lay siege to Mariupol’s Azovstal steel plant where remaining Nazified thugs and likeminded mercenaries are holed up.

They’ll “die of illness, starvation or thirst if this siege…succeeds.”

“The US, Europe and (other) governments should demand that Russia deal with this catastrophe humanely (sic).”

WaPo ignored multiple Russian guarantees of life, sustenance and proper treatment of wounds to fighters inside Azovstal.

Only small numbers managed to get out safely.

Most others wish to leave but can’t.

A minority of Azov thugs threatened to lethally shoot anyone trying to seek safety outside the plant.

A 24/7 Russian guarantee of the above remains in place.

Claims of mass graves near Mariupol where Russian forces operated is another bald-faced Big Lie.

And this WSJ fake news, falsely claiming:

“Russia turned a Bucha building into an execution site and underground prison (sic),” adding:

“Russian troops arrived in waves in Bucha, each one crueller than the last (sic).”

“Russians divided the city into several zones and worked through a list of some 40 names of local politicians and state officials who lived in each zone, detaining and killing those they found (sic).”

“Russian troops took over a children’s camp, digging trenches at its entrance.”

“When the Russians left, local residents found five people there with their hands tied (sic).”

“They had been shot in the back of the head (sic).”

“In the center of Bucha, some Russian troops looted not just supermarkets but the local hospital as well, taking surgical tools and equipment for a field hospital they had set up in Hostomel (sic).

All of the above is made up rubbish.

So-called eye-witnesses when able to speak freely explained that they were encouraged or forced to recite Big Lies demanded by Ukrainian forces — falsely blame Russian forces for things they had nothing to do with.

A Final Comment

Puppet Zelensky sounds increasingly buffoon-like, delusional or deranged, overnight Saturday saying:

“We will be able to show the occupiers that the day when they will be forced to leave Ukraine is approaching (sic).”

From his Polish hideout, he likely knows no more than what his US/Western handlers instruct him to say.

He may be oblivious to how badly battered and beaten Ukrainian forces are at the hands of vastly superior Russian military strength and tactical skills.

Living in his own world of delusions and illusions, a previous article suggested that the gods made him mad.


5 thoughts on “US/Western Shouting and Pouting While Russia Smashes Ukraine’s War-Making Machine

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  1. Mr Lendman..

    If it was 100 yrs henceforward
    Let’s just say, the year 2122..

    And this Epic tale

    Of the Current
    19th Brumaire of Cadillac Joe..
    Was unfolding..

    The Audience would think it a Comedy..

    A Fake President
    Installed by a Drug Czar

    One of the Biggest Illegal
    Oligarchs on Earth.

    Dicky Doodle.
    previously the Nazj Genius

    Now all unwinding as he goes to the Grave

    Daytime…The Compound
    Dick is a False Flag in the Ukraine

    Talking to USAF General
    Getting Nukes to Poland

    “Did I ask you that General.
    No I didn’t…

    So shut the Fux up and Call Borrell..

    He’ll call that pussy Scholtzy

    ” MI6 calling..line 3, sir”.

    Dick takes LINE 2
    the Call from DNC

    Fux you..
    It was James Clyburns deal
    This fuxing idiot
    Call Nancy, that stupid bitch
    She talked to Joe

    Didn’t the Beyotch

    See that he was a babbling fuxin Idiot..

    Just Put in the Bitch..

    What .
    Who cares..

    So the Public hates her
    So what..

    Who else you little whinny shits have ..?

    Put her in..
    Just put her in..

    Hillary has brass balls
    She’ll pull off the hoax..

    She’ll make up some shit
    about Trump and Russia with a Straight Face..

    What..fux you..
    I didn’t put him in.. that was Brennan
    And Clapper those fuxing liars

    I see the two Intelligence Experts
    Shithead and Shithead

    Both vouched for Hunter
    On his Laptop.

    Those two Stupid expert

    No tell Brennan I won’t take his call

    Dick picks up Line 6

    Hello Geraldo..
    You shitting me..

    Supposed to be 200 Kilos
    Apiece for 5 guys..

    That’s 1000 en To. him back
    Tell him to call me.

    Holds down the Intercom Button

    “ piece of shit
    Can’t you handle the Small shit

    Wasting my time for a million bucks…

    Cotton get a Job ,
    You cockroach..!

    Picks up MI 6 call

    Hello Chatsworth
    Yes Splendid Weather…

    Wait I’ll check
    Houston, Hobby..

    24 47 209

    Got it..
    So you pulled down his knickers and caned him..

    You guys sure know how to have fun…




    I really don’t care how pink his ass was

    You sick Limey cunt

    All Twisted..

    Just get rid of him
    Didn’t wear a Mask to his own Xmas Party at his own house.

    Oh My God..
    What kind of a Man does that?

    Maybe he should go to Goal
    For a Year..

    No fux you.
    Just do it..

    Green Jacket Col
    Him..only him.

    Shut up and do it
    And call me after it happens

    Other than that
    Please don’t call me with your
    Sick Pedo shit..

    Okay, asshole…!”


    Let’s Preview

    A Fake President
    Installed by the Drug Kingpin

    “The Oligarch of Oligarchs”

    With another Fake President
    The Jewish Comedian in Kiev

    Who works for the
    Anti Russian Oligarch

    The Jewish TV Oligarch
    In the UKRAINE

    Who hates Russia
    Because he Stole their Money!

    Zelensky is a Clown

    Dirty Joe is even
    to far gone

    So Stupid..

    He’s unable to even be a Clown anymore..

    He’s an impediment to the Robbery Taking Place

    Right Now..
    The Gangsters praying the Stink of all Dirty Joe’s filth..

    Dirty Laundry.
    Spill over and fux up their
    Scam on the Yokels in Europe

    They’re trying to take down.

    And this
    This charade
    This Tragedy

    is the thin thread
    That drives the Locomotive to WWIII…!

    Just get rid of him


  2. Mr Lendman..

    I just saw CNN announcing
    1000 Dead Bodies Found in Kiev..

    Obviously People the Uki Nazis Murdered.

    How do we know..

    Look on a map.

    The Russians even got to the
    part of Kiev

    Where the CIA CNN say they were found…!


    More Baboonery
    From the CIA Baboons ..!


    This is like the BBC women

    Reporting that Bldg 7 had folded…28 minutes too soon.

    Another Fux Up.
    Self Incriminating.


    But nothing can top

    Telling Herr Steinmeier
    President of Germany

    He wasn’t Welcome.
    One minute off the Reservation

    And Nazi Boy..
    Nazi Boychek..

    On some good blow..
    Pissed away the 82.5%
    Big Dog…

    Leaders like that..

    Not gonna get the job done..
    Going down.

    Gonna call the Game right now

    ” This will be Imperialism
    Biggest Defeat

    since 1943 Stalingrad..!

    This is the 2nd Stalingrad

    And the Good News

    The 3rd And Final
    Coming before 2050.

    I have it on Dec 7, 2042

    Bye Bye Birdie.


    The the True Mark of Protodynastic empires rising and falling

    1)…The Objective View


    How specifically was this
    New Rome ruined so quickly

    Like any good analysis.

    After the Historical Materialism
    Is evaluated..

    The Substance and Force of the Hegemonic Power..

    The Economics, Culture, Size and Population,

    and Fire Power Strength.

    2)…Then next
    Most importantly

    You Would compare

    Dead Man Walking
    Dirty Joe…Esquire

    Jens…the Bobble Head Nazi

    Borrell the Franco Fascist
    Potbellied flaccid & greasy

    Van der Lies..
    the Dark Angel of Treblinka

    “Vee must kill Russians
    Vee must kill Russians..”

    Ist gut der Ukraina kilz Russkies
    Ist gutt…!”

    Well Achtung….Nazi Baby

    Let’s see BoJo
    The Pink Assed Clown

    Now wearing a Mask at home
    In case MI6 breaks in his door and catch him

    Not wearing a Mask


    ” Oh those British
    They’re so odd…!

    The PM of Harry Potter Land
    Ditched for Love..

    MI 6 in Love with the way

    Mr Green Jeans looks in a Polo Shirt..



    So twisted

    Are the Nazi Collaborators from Eton.. I mean, England.

    Macroni the Fux
    The Left Handed Imperialist

    Schlotzy the Nazi
    Soon to be gone.

    That’s the Line Up of Clowns and War Criminals taking the

    West to the
    “Twilight of the Clods”

    All on the gossomer wings
    Of a pathetic lie..

    And all the other Nazi yokels
    Know they’re lies..

    But have already sold their countries out.

    Passed the AIPAC sniff test

    Or they wouldn’t even be there as Loyal Members of the

    International HEROIN RING
    And War Mongers Club.


  3. Mr Lendman

    Very important comment
    By the Angel Gabriel.

    Cut thru the Clutter

    Put into straight up

    Starlink is Fuxin Russia..
    Big time now…

    Bad now
    Gonna get worse..!

    No Country would allow that..!

    Moreover I agreed with his polemic..

    In all the missteps and lack of vision the Good Guys displayed

    Viewing the World thru the Eyes of the Atlanticists

    5th Columnists

    Who will find away to destroy Russia…



    Almost have to work
    Overtime to make the inane
    Irrational decisions the Atlanticists made…

    Time after time
    After time..

    A distinct pattern of Wrong moves..

    Obviously wrong.

    And Now we’re here.

    Russia’s biggest Enemy

    In the USA
    We Call them Zionists


    They’re the American People’s
    Worst Enemy also.

    This is problem is very serious.

    Need a serious regimen of
    Pure Soul Music

    And the Boogie Stick

    Pop those Motherfuxers
    Right out of the Sky.

    $100,000 of Boogie Stick

    Takes out $100,000,000
    Of Satellites.

    That simple.
    Tried and True method

    meticulously performed now

    Easier than Doing Laser Surgery on your eyes..

    About the same degree of difficulty.. actually.

    Maybe take out a 100 or 200
    a week.

    Wait…would the USA like Cosmo link Satellites going over the Land of Lies…?

    Didn’t think so.


  4. Mr Lendman.

    Now Five Eyes Claiming that Russia is carrying out massive Cyber Attacks

    On the Poor English Speaking AUKUS World Terrorists ..

    Another new big field of development for the Nazis

    Five Eyes and a Baby..
    Rosemary’s Baby…


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