Russian Foreign Ministry on Ukraine Update

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) stressed the following:

“Russia continues its (SMO) to protect the population of (Donbass), demilitarize and deNazify Ukraine.” 

“Russian Armed Forces are…doing all they can to avoid civilian victims.”

Ukrainian forces and military targets alone are being struck — what distinguishes its SMO from all-out war.

At the same time, the empire of lies and its NATO vassals want perpetual conflict to create quagmire conditions for Russia. 

That’s what arming Ukraine is all about.

It has nothing to do with protecting the country and its people.

They’re only valued by US-dominated NATO for use against Russia.

Their regimes “encourage” Ukraine’s Nazified thugs “to commit war crimes,” MZ stressed.

US/NATO enlisted thousands of mercenaries from dozens of countries to fight against Russia in Ukraine — in flagrant breach of the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and other international law.

Many were eliminated. Many more returned home.

Numbers remaining are far fewer than weeks earlier.

They’ll all be eliminated or taken prisoner ahead — and not afforded POW status and rights because they’re criminals.

MZ: Ukraine is infested with “mercenaries of all stripes with combat experience (from) the world’s hot spots.” 

“They definitely have not been providing humanitarian aid in these” places. 

“They have not saved people but brutally murdered them, tortured them, took hostages, and demanded ransoms.” 

“They committed many terrible acts.”

“According to international humanitarian law, foreign mercenaries do not have the status of ‘combatants’ and cannot hope for relevant legal defense.” 

“Instead of easy money, they will at best bear criminal responsibility and serve long prison terms.”

The empire of lies and its NATO vassal states armed and trained Azov and other Nazified Ukrainian thugs. 

Now these elements hold civilians hostage as human shields.

Ones believed to be sympathetic toward Russia are tortured to death.

The full extent of their atrocities remains to be revealed.

A major effort is underway, said MZ, adding:

“Russia’s Investigative Committee partnered with the International Public Tribunal for Ukraine.”

“(E)xperts from over 20 countries (are) gather(ing) information about the Kiev regime’s criminal actions.”

A “systematic search for mass burial sites and missing persons (is underway in Donbass.”

A “database of (war crimes) committed by Ukrainian” forces is being compiled.

“Every (Nazified) Ukrainian (thug) involved in (committing war) crimes against civilians and Russian service personnel will be held accountable.”

Russia alone is providing large-scale amounts of humanitarian aid to liberated part of Donbass and Ukraine.

So far, over 15,000 tons were delivered to people in need.

According to MZ, “(m)ore than 22,000 tons are (readied) to be delivered.

Russian forces alone opened and protected humanitarian corridors for evacuation of almost 900,000 civilians out of harm’s way, including nearly 160,000 children.

Separately, MZ explained that Britain’s BoJo regime provided millions of pounds to the state-owned-and-controlled BBC propaganda operation — to wage all-out infowar on Russia and provide media support for Nazified Ukraine.

A Final Comment

According to a reporter embedded with Russian forces in Ukraine, US MSM “l(ied) about Russian atrocities in Mariupol.”

The US-dominated “West (is waging) propaganda war (on Russia) while it sponsors the Ukrainian army and its neo-Nazi battalions.”

For over 8 years, US/Western MSM “ignored Ukrainian army assaults on the people of (Donbass), who were forced to survive in underground bunkers.”

The US installed “puppet” rule in Kiev after the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 Maidan coup.

“Western media…l(ie) — blaming Russia for every atrocity in the (conflict) without proof, while failing to give any context for how (things) started and who is responsible.”

“The goal is clearly to mobilize public opinion against Russia in support of regime change or even a full-scale war.”

“The media in the West, in conjunction with politicians, sell stories to the public, at least half of which I dare to say are fabricated or used from other conflicts.”

On all things Russia and Ukraine, they’re fabricated across the board like the following NYT rubbish on Sunday, saying:

“As Western arms pour into Ukraine, Zelensky promises a victory (sic).”

Russia is destroying Western arms with precision accuracy, including new ones “pour(ing) into Ukraine.”

Claims of “victory” by puppet Zelensky reflect his delusion disorder.

According to psychiatrists, individuals affected by the mental illness cannot distinguish between what’s real and imagined.

Afford him no sympathy.

Serving US hegemonic interests, he’s fiddling in Poland while Ukraine burns.

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  1. My daily dose of Lendman-presented-and-articulated reality. Every line is a takeaway to be treasured as “truth” in a “faux,” Deep State-infused-and-fueled-by-all-the-usual-dastardly-suspects cesspool. Kudos!


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