The Scourge of MSM’s War on Truth

MSM v. truth, full disclosure and journalism as it should be are mortal enemies.

Operating as weapons of mass deception, US/Western MSM are paid to lie and suppress truth in service to powerful interests.

The above reality hit home like a hammer on kill shots and all else flu/covid.

The same reality applies to waging all-out war of words on Russia — in support of US/NATO sanctions and proxy hot war on the country, along with providing press agent services for Nazi-infested Ukraine.

On Sunday, the NYT falsely accused Russia of killing thousands of civilians in Mariupol — a bald-faced Big Lie.

It repeated fake news about Russian responsibility for “atrocities in Bucha” — knowing nothing of the sort occurred.

It lied about “corpses of murdered civilians (discovered in) the Kiev region” after Russian forces were deployed to Donbass.

It was fake news.

If falsely accused Russia of “attempt(ing) to destroy the Ukrainian state (sic).”

An endless stream of Big Lies infests its reports on all things Russia and Ukraine.

Ignoring Nazi-infested fascist Ukraine, it lied accusing Russia of “fasci(st)” rule under Vladimir Putin (sic).

A previous article asked if the Times is incapable of truth-telling.

Its daily fake news editions bear testimony to what’s very much the case.

Donetsk and Lugansk in Donbass are independent republics.

They’re not Ukrainian territory as the Times falsely claimed.

The broadsheet supports pouring more weapons into Ukraine to prolong endless fighting.

No matter that Russia is effectively destroying them.

On Sunday, Russia’s Defense Ministry said its forces “performed 423 fire tasks” overnight.

Ten Ukrainian drones were destroyed in the last 24 hours — 551 since Fed. 24.

“(U)sing long-range high-precision air-based missiles,” Russian forces struck a military airfield near Odessa.

A logistics terminal “where a large batch of foreign weapons (were stored) was eliminated.”

On Saturday, Russian forces targeted 102 Ukrainian military targets, including “6 command posts, 84 strongholds and areas of concentration of manpower and military equipment as well as 10 artillery clusters.”

According to Times fake news, “Ukrainian leaders (sic) said they have the opportunity not only to defend their land but also to drive the Russians out (sic).”

According to WaPo fake news, Russia calls Ukrainians Nazis “to dehumanize them (sic).”

“Russian officials (are) the spitting image of what they pretend to condemn (sic).”

Ignoring Ukraine’s badly beaten and battered military — infested with Nazified thugs — WaPo pathetically called Russia’s dominant military operation in Ukraine “dysfunctional (sic).”

It lied about “mass civilian graves” near Mariupol. None exist.

It falsely accused Russian forces of shooting civilians “in the back of the head (sic).”

It lied claiming that Russia “prevent(s) refugees from leaving” conflict areas (sic).

It lied saying that Russian forces blocked “relief supplies from reaching injured and starving people (sic).”

And this WSJ fake news:

“Russia lost the battle of Kiev” — never waged.

Vladimir Putin “menace(s) Ukraine (sic).”

He intends to “assassinate (puppet) Zelensky (sic).”

“This is the time to give Ukraine all it can handle to press for victory against Russia (sic).”

An earlier Chicago Tribune editorial turned truth on its head, saying:

“The world isn’t safe with Putin in power (sic).”

“The Russian population must come to grips with (what it falsely called) reality (sic).”

Falsely calling Putin “a dictator (sic)” ignored Russia’s democracy — the real thing in stark contrast to US/Western fantasy versions.

All of the above and endless amounts more of the same assaults Americans and others in the West daily.

Truth-telling news and views are nowhere in sight.

MSM long ago banned journalism as it should be.

State-approved talking points are featured instead.

Americans are the most over-entertained, mind-manipulated ignoramuses on the planet.

On issues of most important to their lives, health and well-being, they’re detached from reality know-nothings.

They’re easy marks to be deceived by fake news.

It happens with disturbing regularity.

Polls prove it time and again.

4 thoughts on “The Scourge of MSM’s War on Truth

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman

    World War Z..

    And Russia is Winning..
    Big Time

    With the Big Ticket
    That few Countries can match

    If any ..!

    Russian Aero.
    Just like Wabash Cannonball

    Coming right at you..
    Right down the Tracks, babee!

    Yesterday, Aero hit some big

    Military and Nazi Political Centers in Lviv.

    Hit em good and proper, son!

    “How the West Was Won!”

    Like almost 500
    Nazi Spots disappeared.


    And only takes the flick of a Wrist..

    And two minutes later

    A group of 150 Mercenaries
    Psycho Killers..

    Are disappeared..

    In the Old Days

    When the USA and the Soviet Union were Allies in WWII

    Before the USA
    Degenerated in Nov 1963

    the Fourth Reich.

    You’d fly a B-52 to Dortmund
    Or Dusseldorf

    R/T was 8 hours

    And maybe do 1/2 the damage of one Russian Post Card.

    And your planes and crews got blown up as well.

    Here…the enemy dies
    You aren’t even scratched.

    The New Wars
    Of the 21st Century.

    In truth
    That is why all wars
    Are now obsolete.

    Amazing what the Russian Aero is doing ..!

    Honestly I don’t think
    The Uki Army can withstand

    A month more..of

    “Uncle Joe’s Old Time Remedy”

    Even though they need another month in the Blast Furnace

    The Kiln..

    Softens the viscosity.

    The Rabid Anti Russian

    Like a redux of
    Clockwork Orange..

    Where they show him watching
    Nazi torture scenes

    But he’s electrically “induced ”
    To see it as good

    That’s how fuxed up our World is today, my droogs & mateys!

    “Tis a sad, sad lament..”

    I might add
    You can’t win a War
    Hold territory

    Without an Army..
    Mind you .

    The Russian.Army is outnumbered by 2 or 3 to one.

    Russian Army is Fuxin doing

    Mixed attack..

    Running the ball
    Good Ground Game

    In the Air.. slinging it
    Deep Routes

    Time of Possession

    Yardage Gained..

    And Excellent Defense .

    Big Shout out to my Cousin

    The Great Warrior of Chechnya!

    Russia is gonna roll this puppy.

    Can you hear it..

    “It’s the sound of your foot steps..
    Telling me your closer ….!”

    After the War is Over.

    And it will be
    With a Total Victory for Russia

    The Waterloo of the West for the Epoch

    Of the Demise of the Pax
    NATO AUKUS Demon Deacons

    Then the Separate Peace
    With the Ukrainians

    What of these Uki soldiers

    I remember
    Back to our Civil War

    Ole Bobby Lee

    Gen Lee..

    After Appomattox
    Told his men..

    They’re lettinys just go home

    Ya sign a paper that you won’t take up arms again

    And go home..
    Ain’t going to be any jailing..

    ( of course, Johhny Reb..

    Didn’t commit atrocities like these Nazis ..All bets are off )

    Soldiers leave your weapons
    Officers can take their sidearms

    That’s about all there is to it, men ..

    And Very very few did.
    They’d had enough.

    The mumbling and grumbling
    A Yankee Carpetbagging.

    Went on forever,
    But they didn’t go Werewolves

    Like Nathan Bedford Forrest
    And his KKK..

    That was always a Supra or Quasi run affair.

    I’ll never forget what Zhukov told Rokossovski.

    Gotta be a Learning curve
    A Clockwork Orange Redux

    Hate, Vitriol and Loathing

    Won’t get the Ukrainians
    to the Winner Circle !

    And as we all know..
    They’re really Russia

    Western Capitalist Poison
    Totally fuxed em up.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The MSM are no more than Zionist/Jewish-owned ancillaries to the Zioneocons, MIC, Zio-Occupied-WashDC government (sic), Ziothinktanks, Big Pharma, Big Business, Big Finance….

    “Americans are the most over-entertained, mind-manipulated ignoramuses on the planet.” Amen. Amen. (and it’s by design!–and largely successful!)


  3. Mr Lendman..

    I mispoke slightly,

    Actually the Gangsters in Washington plan on keeping

    this War on Russia going for 10yrs..or longer.. forever..

    Eternally Bleeding Russia..!

    Why can’t Russia reciprocate?

    Hey ..can the Guys in the
    Pink Pussy Riot pajamas..

    Play the Same Game..
    Why not.

    Mexicans hate the Gringos
    Despise them.

    Walk down any street in Mexico
    And talk to the Citizens and you

    won’t find one person in ten that likes the lying Gringos.

    Just the reality.

    200 Years of US Imperialism didn’t make many friends.

    Only the thin layer of Comprador Criminal Elite.

    Offer $1000 a month to Mexicans to fight the Gringos

    And you’d have an Army of 100,000…in a month.

    It would be so easy.

    Fight em like Pancho Villa and Emiliano Zapata did…!

    These are still heros in Mexico
    Che Guevara is bigger life…?

    Have Cubans and Venezuelans lead them.

    Have them do cross border raids..!

    Similar to the Uki Nazis constant shelling of Donbass

    The Zapata Brigade could easily lob missiles at San Diego
    Right on the Border..

    And San Clemente, Loyola, etc
    As they’re only 35 miles away

    Realize Los Angeles is less than
    150 miles from Mexico.

    Rockets could easily hit LA
    Bel Air,Hollywood, Beverly Hills,

    And up the coast to Malibu..!

    Like taking candy from a baby!

    Moreover the Chicanos living in the USA would join up..

    About 10,000,000 in California!

    Keep the Insurrection going for decades..

    As it grows in leaps and Bounds.

    The Battle Cry,

    ” USA return to Mexico
    The Land you Stole from Us..!”

    Liked by 1 person

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