Reality v. Farcical US/Western Claims About Russia’s SMO in Ukraine

On Monday, puppet Zelensky was shuttled from his Polish hideout to meet with US war secretary Austin and interventionist Blinken in Kiev — before scurrying back to whence he came.

Defying reality, Blinken sounded delusional, claiming:

“Russia is failing (sic). Ukraine is succeeding (sic).” 

“Russia sought as its principal aim to totally subjugate Ukraine (sic), to take away its sovereignty (sic), to take away its independence (sic). That has failed (sic).”

“We…demonstrate(d) our strong ongoing support for the (US-installed and controlled) Ukrainian (puppet regime) and for the Ukrainian people (sic).”

The same ones hegemon USA-dominated NATO doesn’t give a hoot about.

Ones the Pentagon and CIA use as cannon fodder for US proxy war on Russia.

So-called US-NATO “strategy (of) massive support for Ukraine, massive pressure against Russia, solidarity with more than 30 countries engaged in these efforts” failed dismally.

Blinken lied claiming that “real results” were achieved (sic).

Matching Blinken’s delusions, Austin said the following:

Puppet Zelensky “has the mindset that they want to win (sic), and we have the mindset that we want to help them win (sic).”

“The first step in winning is believing that you can win (sic).”

“We believe that they can win if they have the right equipment, the right support, and we’re going to do everything we can to ensure that gets to them.”

“We want to see ( that US-controlled, Nazi-infested) Ukraine remains a sovereign country (sic), a democratic country (sic) able to protect its sovereign territory (sic).”

“We want to see Russia weakened to the point where it can’t do things like invade Ukraine (sic).”

Further defying reality, Austin falsely claimed that Russia suffered significant military losses in Ukraine (sic), adding:

“A lot of its troops” were lost (sic).

Analyst Larry Johnson’s straight talk analysis refreshingly and effectively counters fake news about Russia’s SMO in Ukraine.

There’s no ambiguity about how things are going.

Ukraine’s military is being systematically degraded and smashed.

It’s evident by thousands of its forces surrendering to live, not die, hundreds more joining them daily.

Liberating Mariupol from years of Nazified occupation — enforced by state terror — is another clear example.

The same goes for eliminating US/NATO-supplied and home-produced weapons, munitions and military equipment, along with destruction of Ukrainian bases, weapons and fuel depots.

Kiev’s command and control was virtually eliminated.

Russian forces control Ukrainian airspace and coastal waters.

Regime forces were separated from each other, many surrounded by Russia’s military and isolated.

Kiev’s ability to resupply its troops was largely eliminated.

Johnson stressed the following:

US-dominated NATO regimes “are sending a large amount of material equipment and weapon systems to Ukraine and, shortly after they arrive and are being assembled, (they’re) blown up (by Russian) missile systems.”

“NATO systems (have been) worthless (in trying) to stop (Russian) hypersonic missile strikes.”

On US war secretary Austin, Johnson explained the following:

He was “promoted for reasons other than his military accomplishments.”

“(S)oldiers I know who served with him in combat theaters charitably describe him as a ‘dumb ass’ in charge of our national defense.” 

“As I recall, he left the military to make mega bucks working for one of the Pentagon’s largest defense contractors by helping win new defense contracts for his private sector employer.”

Here’s more reality on the ground in Ukraine, Johnson explaining:

“(V)ideo evidence…is rife with images of bodies of dead Ukrainians and tons of captured weapons and military supplies.”

Russian forces are systematically “grinding (Ukraine’s) military capability into dust.”

Yet as quoted above:

“Russia is failing (and) Ukraine is succeeding” — according to detached from reality Blinken.

The same goes for Austin claiming that Ukraine “can win (with) the right equipment (and) right support (sic).”

And the NYT as well, falsely claiming that throughout Russia’s SMO, puppet “Zelensky decided to personally remain in…Kiev…to reassure his people (sic)” — from his Polish hideout.

And this Times rubbish:

“Zelensky’s success (sic) is rooted in the (regime’s) ability to operate smoothly (sic) and take measures to help people cope (sic)…to keep the economy afloat and provide essential goods and services (sic).”

Saying “he combined six television stations…into one outlet for news” ignored that the move was all about banning what conflicts with the fabricated official narrative from getting air time.

Especially anything sympathetic toward Russia.

A pathetic figure, Zelensky is detached from reality, largely aware only about what his US handlers tell him.

Spending most of his time hiding out in Poland, he shows up in Kiev only when Western officials arrive — then back to his cross-border hideout after photo-ops.

The reality of what’s going on in Ukraine is hidden from public view in the West.

Wearing thin propaganda rubbish alone is featured — by MSM, Biden regime officials, congressional supporters, and their Western counterparts.

Ukraine’s battered and beaten military increasingly resembles a punch-drunk prize fighter.

The longer Russia’s SMO continues, the more likely it is that it’ll go down for the count.

That’s one of Russia’s main goals — demilitarizing the country, along with deNazifying it.

Noble aims, they deserve widespread support — along with condemning use of Ukraine by the US/West as a platform for perpetual war on Russia.

4 thoughts on “Reality v. Farcical US/Western Claims About Russia’s SMO in Ukraine

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  1. Mr Lendman..

    How does it look …
    Over there in the Ukraine..

    ” Like Saturday
    In the Park..

    You’d Think it Was the
    Fourth of July..!”

    I watch footage on Telegram.

    I see where Aero popped
    all the RR tracks to and from
    the Nazi ShangriLa..!

    Russian Aero all in…
    In to win, baby..!

    Can’t move shit
    DC shit ..

    If ya Ain’t got RR tracks..huh?

    Bout half the shit going straight to Russia..

    On Putin’s
    Friends and Family Program..


    Billions of dollars of Weapons to be given to DPR and LPR..!

    K…much to say.


    This is the Cauldren
    It was in WWII

    And it is now .
    This is a Land of the Big Show

    The Biggest ever in History

    right here ..
    All Hallowed Ground

    Watered with the Blood of Patriots..

    The Brave Heroic Soldiers of the Red Army..

    Remember the whole world had pretty much

    Pussied up to Hitler..

    He was bold
    and even getting Bolder..

    Never defeated in battle
    Till he met ..

    The Red Army Soldier..!

    K .,gotta say what’s up
    looking at the big board..!

    The Ukis have 300 to 400,000

    They’re playing Snooker
    Field Possum..

    They’ve had a long time to prepare

    They have been digging in
    And setting up well enough

    To take some good hits.

    I remember the Nazis at Normandy

    We’re pounded by both
    Naval Artillery and Air Power

    But the Pillboxs and Bunkers
    Were surprisingly still active and deadly .

    So too with all aerial bombing.
    Be appraised of that.

    I’m sure you are.

    Right now..
    The Cat is on a Hot Tin Roof

    Keep him occupied with
    Post Cards from Hell..

    And As younhead North..
    Please stay to the Right Side

    Stay in the Right Lane

    Interior Lines and shorter extensions..

    Easier transferring weapons and transportation for troops

    I think they’ll try to lure Russia into closing the Pincers.

    I wouldn’t attempt that now

    It’s a Trap
    They’re hoping to annihilate you

    Like Arminius at Teutonborg
    Comes to mind..

    Avoid them.

    When the Probe or breech your lines…

    Just kill or capture them
    Don’t follow them

    Attempting to “bag ” them
    It’s their play ..

    Their Foreplay

    They’ll only be small tactical
    Units probing anyway

    If a Division or more
    comes thru

    You stand back and call in Aero

    Just keep moving North
    “To Alaska..”

    To Kharkov..!
    The Killing Time .

    The Big Enchilada.

    “March to the Sound of the Cannons..”

    I can only say lastly, gentleman
    And Comrade General..

    An Army with
    300,000 to 400,000 men..

    Armed to the teeth
    Is nothing to be cavalier about.

    Not that you are.

    These Nazi Fuxs need at least
    another month of 24/7..

    Round the Clock

    “World Famous Uncle Joe’s Original Meatdip Sauce ..!”

    And Hold the Cheers..
    For the time being…

    Just give em hell, boys

    Give em
    More of the Same..babee.

    Go Russia
    To Total Victory..!


    ” The Tracks of My Teaes


    The broad..
    Strategic Outline sharpens.


  2. Mr Lendman

    A qwik spin thru the Jungle of Deception..of the MSM..

    The Peasant Anchors

    Are excited about the explosions in Russia..

    Today, the 5th or 6th one..
    Ukis blew up a Big Fuel Depot

    Made in the West..
    Two, they say

    This was 60 Miles
    inside Russia ..

    Probes and or feints
    as predicted…

    To be expected.

    The longer the Russians
    Don’t engage…

    Will drive them batty
    Frustrate them…

    Let them come to you..
    Do not go to them.
    In the Triangle..

    “Marianna Turkey Shoot”

    Last of three
    Like Yeremenko.

    RIP Comrade General..

    Attacking Russia will be there Superbowl..

    Austin and Blinky could have come to tell Zelensky

    The Poles are bringing in the Nukes..

    We’re gonna…. Yada yada..

    The Gangsters actually think they can win ..

    I really think so

    This is High Noon
    For the Dalton Gang.

    I know it as the Forward
    And Opening Chapter

    Of WWIII.

    Some Random items
    Worth mentioning.

    1)…Tulsi and Tucker..
    That’s the Ticket

    The T’ n T…
    America needs..

    At the very least
    Get off the War Wagon..

    Tulsi and Tucker
    That’s Tulsa Time
    In the Heartland of America..

    Tulsi and Tucker..
    In 24…

    Boy oh Boy..

    Just saying it is powerful.

    Then the Dream Team

    PCR Sec of State .
    ( Paul Craig Roberts )

    Stephen Lendman..ole Marine Sec of Defense..

    Put Ron Paul , Ron Unz,
    Scott Ritter in the Cabinet

    Than Cynthia McKinney
    Eva Barrett,
    Caitlin Johnston

    In the Cabinet..
    Get the USA back to some level of Sanity..

    At least we’d survive.


    Tulsi and Tucker..
    Blow it Up…!

    You heard it first
    Right here on
    The Lendman Blog

    The Authentic Record
    Of World Events..

    The Real Voice of America
    Herold the World…

    As if reading Herodotus and Nostradamus

    Prior to the events unfolding


    but yet you were already
    Aware ….

    Lendman Blog
    Had painted the Outline

    In the Sands
    Of time …!

    2)… Amazingly China had a 4.8% Growth in GDP in 1st Q

    3) Comrade Tovarish

    Could you trade that worthless piece of shit CIA clown

    For Assange…?

    The World would love you and Russia for it..

    They’d adore you..!

    Big Play..
    And it’s the Right thing to do

    Save his life..
    He’s an Angel of Light.

    I cannot emphasize enough
    What it would mean to

    hundreds of millions of People in the West..!

    I beseech you, sir..
    For all Humanity..!

    If so, please make your offer Public…

    So the lying conniving West looks like the Dealbreaker

    Not you.

    You tried.

    If it fails…

    Still a 100,000,000 People will respest you…just for trying.

    You’ll drive them into doing something rash.


  3. Mr Lendman

    The Gangsters are moving the US Embassy back to Kiev.

    Blow it up .

    Wherever the lot
    They’ll be building on.

    If you know
    Blow it up..!

    What’s protected .

    Wait ..

    Are our Embassies
    protected in NYC and Houston?

    All we know is that the USA is building another Spy Center

    With Satellite Communication
    And harboring Mercenaries..!

    Illegally in a War Zone
    And a Legitimate Target.’s WWII
    The Nazis are building a new HQ in Kiev..

    What would Stalin do..
    Don’t even need to answer.

    You should do the exact same thing…!

    New Bestseller in 2024

    “How I Won The War..!”
    By Vladimir Putin


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