Russia’s SMO Proceeding As Planned

Russian forces are decisively winning the battle of Ukraine by grinding down and degrading the US-controlled regime’s military.

What’s likely to be a short-term gesture announced on Monday, Russian Defense Control Center head, General Mikhail Mizintsev, said the following:

“Guided by purely humane principles, the Russian armed forces and the formation of the DPR from 14:00 [Moscow time, 11:00 GMT] on April 25, 2022, will unilaterally stop any hostilities” near the Azovstal plant in Mariupol. 

“(C)ombat units will be assigned to a safe distance and will ensure the withdrawal of (civilians) in any directions they choose.”

Nazified fighters and likeminded mercenaries in the plant willing to lay down their arms and surrender must come out unarmed, waving a white flag.

Russia’s earlier offers were ignored, except for a handful of fighters who managed to come out and surrender unharmed.

An example of overwhelming Russian military superiority over Ukrainian forces was reported by its Defense Ministry on Monday, saying:

“According to reconnaissance data, Ukrainian armaments, military hardware and ammunition were concentrated on the territory of depots in hangars for troop supplies.” 

“The military equipment and armaments were amassed in the depot area for their subsequent delivery to Ukrainian combat groups.” 

“(R)econnaissance data were confirmed by technical reconnaissance means, following which Iskander tactical missile systems delivered strikes on the depots,” destroying them, Russia’s MOD adding:

Hypersonic Iskander missiles used strike with precision accuracy up to a range of 500 km.

Its warhead is powerful enough to obliterate targets struck.

The Iskander system can use ballistic and cruise missiles.

They generate deception by electronic interference to evade enemy air defenses.

Its cruise missile fly at ultra-low altitudes.

Following terrain features, they’re virtually invisible, enemy air defenses unaware of them until after they strike and destroy targeted areas.

Separately on Sunday, Russia’s US envoy, Anatoly Antonov, said the following:

“The embassy is essentially under a blockade by the US authorities.”

“Bank of America shut down the accounts of our general consulates in Houston and New York.”

“For some time, even the exit from the embassy was being blocked (by) rather large protests.” 

“There were acts of vandalism. Paint was thrown thrown” at the embassy. 

Russian staff are receiving written and phone threats.

None of this would go on without approval by dominant Biden regime hardliners.

On Monday, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Yevgeny Ivanov said “unfriendly actions (will) not remain unanswered.”

US and likeminded NATO vassal officials are waging proxy war on Russia.

It’s been ongoing along its border for years, in Ukraine currently and domestically by targeting Russian diplomatic facilities and officials.

All of the above poses an ominous threat of crossing the line to possible full-blown East/West confrontation.

Longstanding US policy calls for regime change in Russia and other nations free from Washington’s control — by whatever it takes to achieve its diabolical aims.

A weeks earlier article explained Harvard University’s supported for Nazi-infested Ukraine — to its shame.

Its president Lawrence Bacow disgracefully ordered the Ukrainian flag raised over the Harvard Yard, desecrating it by its presence.

He might as well have ordered Nazi Germany’s flag hoisted along side it.

On April 22, the Harvard Gazette interviewed retired army general Douglas Lute, Harvard MPA, class of ’83.

Saying what’s going on in Ukraine will likely push NATO “farther east,” he falsely added the following:

Russia “invad(ed) Crimea in 2014 (sic).

No Russian invasion occurred, no annexation of Crimea.

“Sweden and Finland will be invited to join NATO.”

Russia will respond defensively by positioning nuclear weapons close to their borders, Lute failed to explain.

Saying NATO members will “likely” increase spending for their war-making machines left unexplained that it happens regularly regardless of what Russia does or doesn’t do.

And this from Lute:

EU regimes are deciding on how “to cut (their) reliance on Russian resources, oil and gas in particular.” 

“Those would be major enhancements of the sanctions regime against Russia.” 

“I am hopeful that our European friends and partners and allies will take that step.”

Lute failed to explain that EU regimes vowed to end their dependence on Russian commodities.

Then they said they’d only pay for them in dollars and/or euros.

Then they had a change of heart — knowing that their economies will suffer significantly if boycott vitally needed Russian energy and other key commodities.

So they’ll pay for them in rubles if that’s what Russia demands.

Lute claiming “Russia under Vladimir Putin will be a pariah state…isolated politically and economically (sic)” is worlds apart from what’s going on.

If the West wants to shoot itself in the foot more than already, that’s for its ruling regimes to decide.

Russia has cooperative relations with many nations, ones unwilling to bow to hegemon USA in ways harmful to their own interests.

Exports of Russian oil, gas, other commodities, weapons and other products are increasingly shifting to friendly nations over unfriendly ones.

Like puppet Zelensky, interventionist Blinken and hawkish Austin, Lute sounded delusional, saying:

“Ukrainians will continue to outperform Russia on the battlefield (sic).”

“Ukrainians will win out…because  of the incompetence of Russian forces in Ukraine (sic).”

With generals like Lute — retired or active — it’s easy to know why hegemon USA hasn’t defeated an invented adversary since WW II.

And it was only in the Pacific.

Russia defeated Nazi Germany’s Wehrmacht in Europe, not US forces as falsely claimed in the West.

A Final Comment

On Monday, I was emailed by a Russian citizen named Romah (Roman) from my blog site.

I don’t know where in Russia he lives, but it doesn’t matter.

Writing in English, he asked me to spread his message, precisely what I’m doing.

Hegemon USA “wants to dominate the world,” he stressed.

US and NATO regimes are “spead(ing) lies about Russia.”

“We are Russian and want” Western regimes to treat Russians as “equal” to themselves.  

Moscow’s operation in Ukraine was launched to demilitarize and “deNazify” the country — to end the threat it poses.

If Russian forces wanted to end things quickly without concern for civilians and vital infrastructure, “we would have done it in 48 hours.”

Ukraine would have been set ablaze.

The “US must find a peaceful deal with us” to get along over risking something much more serious than already.

I long ago learned that the function of language is to communicate.

I only know a few Russian words as never studied the language.

Roman’s English isn’t perfect.

But it’s perfect enough to communicate his thoughts well enough to be understood.

He and I are on the same page.

We abhor war and want peace.

We want the sovereign rights of all nations and their people respected.

We want a world far different from the American way.

Perpetually at war on invented enemies, its ruling regimes may destroy planet earth and all its life forms because of their rage to dominate by brute force.

6 thoughts on “Russia’s SMO Proceeding As Planned

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  1. Mr Lendman

    “Perpetually at War!”
    Those three little words…
    Sum up an Entire Resume of the Greatest Oligarchy

    Perhaps the Greatest Tragedy
    That ever beset Humanity..

    The Enormous Power of the USA…all used for Evil.

    There is a War going on ..


    This is a War…
    The Entire World must win.

    Imperative, that the People of the World survive this dark Chapter..

    The Darkest of All Times..
    The Third Reich

    Gehlen Nazis

    Have become the Fourth Reich.

    And beaten down, emasculated degenerated Toadies…

    Are joining the Nazi Coalition.


    Replace your Criminal Elite
    The .01% leading you to Death

    Sure as hell..
    Death and Destruction

    You will destroy yourself on the Brick Wall that is Russia.

    Is there no learning Curve?

    One question:

    Sweden joining in
    the Hitler Dream…
    To destroy Russia..?

    Think Sven…
    Got anything like the SARMAT?


    Does NATO have anything,..

    ANYTHING …….



    And since your Criminal Elite chose the Hitler Banner..


    And Why?

    So Saab can sell Weapons?

    Realize the Blatant Glaring Really….

    One terrible decision

    And Stockholm, Malmo Gottenberg, Uppsala..etc

    All Disappeared in 2.5 minutes

    5 or 6 Million Beautiful Innocent Swedes die…

    DNA lost forever.

    Please I beg you Choose wisely

    Call for a PLEBISCITE
    A question of this Magnitude

    Life or Death..

    Needs to be roundly discussed by the Citizenry.

    And then voted up or down.

    Two qwick Last Questions:

    1)..Why did the USA / NATO start this war on Russia..?

    “Because Russia was being too Aggressive…!

    While the West
    Completely dissed Putin
    for ten years

    And continued to put another NATO Country..

    After the other 30..

    And the Ukraine
    Proclaiming the desire to build and Put Nukes

    Right on the Russian Border..!

    Needless to say,
    And Bio Weapons Labs..!

    Does the irony make you puke?

    Second and Last Question:

    Sweden shares a 1000 mile border w Russia…

    Had any Problems with the Russians…in 75 years..? you haven’t .

    So Swedes are gonna be dumb enough to make Wall St problems..

    Sweden’s Problem..!

    BTW …nobody from Wall St
    Or Their Precious Children

    Is going to fight in this war
    Wall St started..

    Only you poor dumb bastards
    In Sweden

    Betrayed by your Ruling Class
    For 20 pieces of Silver.

    Oh..and the Ukis will die for
    US Imperialism..

    As Dirty Joe…
    The Easter Bunny guy..

    And the Kaganite Tribe’s
    The Jewish Nazi Nuland

    Are committed to fighting to the Last Ukrainian.


    No Refunds or Reduxs if the Barbaric criminals succeed.

    Right now..

    Russia and China

    As the entire West is crumbling into the abyss..


  2. Mr Lendman..

    Total War has been declared on Russia ..

    I pray the Russian Leaders know that…

    Their Atlanticists will never understand…

    Too invested in the Wrong side, they are….says Yoda… forever..

    Pure Poison
    The Enemy Within.

    The above 50 words expended on the 5th Columnists

    Is sufficient.
    We all know the Tragedy.

    The Point of my Polemic:

    Poland, Slovakia, Sweden, Czech, Lithuania, Estonia

    are also saying they’ve shipped Weapons …

    Particularly Heavy Duty types
    Gleefully they mention it..

    To be used
    To Kill Russian Soldiers..!

    Moldova has sent them apparently..

    But isn’t stupid enough to brag about like the Polish Jokes , etc

    EIN So,
    Dear FM Lavrov .

    Once again..

    Shouldn’t a Formal Letter be sent them..

    To Ceaee and Desist?

    And a Proviso that serious Consequences will result if
    they fail to heed this Warning.

    Last Warning.

    Qwickly..On the Shit Pile
    The White Helmets are there now with the Fake Shit Set Up.

    In a Battle Zone

    Legitimate targets..

    The Big Eye in the Sky should take them out..

    With Extreme Prejudice

    No questions asked…
    No answers needed.

    To Review,

    The Capitalist West
    At a Dead End..

    Has Declared Total War on Russia

    Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing actually



    And Militarily..

    And pays Ukis to die in military confrontation in Prolonged Battles with Russia…

    This unnecessary and immoral War…

    Completely Financed by the CIA and Run by the CIA ….

    Not just Sending weapons..
    But weapons
    That portend WWIII..!

    Such as using the high tech weapons from the USA
    That blew up the Moscow..!

    Real Big Ticket War.
    The Next Level..

    Moving the Clock ..

    One click closer to the end of the World.

    The Mad Men.

    Nobody ever punches them
    The Bully, in the Nose..

    Makes him stop

    and at least curtail
    his Violent behavior..

    Till the next lie and False Flag
    As you realize you’re actually Dealing

    with the Criminally Deranged!

    Russia please Respond to this new level of Terrorist Weapons

    Nazi Collaborators are sending The Ukraine…

    I implicitly in my remarks it’s
    Now or Never….!

    Needs to Stop abruptly.



  3. Mr Lendman,

    “Thus Sprach Zarathustra!”
    Your timely Record of the Real Events shaping our World

    The Last Reading

    2)… Russian Embassies
    3)…Harvard Veritas of CaCa.

    The real life and death account

    On the
    Fourth Reich Treadmill To Hell ..

    1)… Azovstol

    All the Satellite Communication with the Gangsters should be jammed.

    And trust me .
    Trust Ptolemy’s account

    Ptolemy Lagus..
    Alexanders highest General

    His account of the Macedonian Army’s encounter w Bactrians..

    The smell of BBQ meat
    To Starving Men

    Will drive them insane..
    Their olifactory glands
    Take over..

    Use Nature..
    Man’s own Nature

    It’s stronger than anything you can build in a factory

    Or Words you can conjure up.

    Try it..
    If it doesn’t work

    Feed the Locals
    And your Armies..
    Have a Spring Picnic.

    Needless to say,

    The entire World focused on who
    And what is down there..!

    2)… The Embassies
    In Houston and NYC

    Reminded me of the Japanese Embassy on Dec 7, 1941.

    Needless to say,
    I don’t think anyone needs me to tell them…

    This is an Act of War
    By the USA..

    By now
    On the “Road to Perdition”

    Only another Nail in the Coffin!

    Who could forget Obama’s throwing out the distinguished Russian Diplomatic Corp.

    At the Beginning.
    I said then…

    I say again, sir..
    It’s War …

    It’s to be War..

    Total War..!

    Only one thing Popeye can do now..

    with Bluto and his
    Gang of Nazi asslickers

    Send a Note.
    Make em deal they can’t refuse


    The Golden City on the Hill

    The Leading Intellectual Center of America…

    Hence the World..!

    The Gold Standard in Human Scholarship and Achievement

    Now turned to the Dark Side !

    This new Schmuck..
    Pathetic liar and sellout

    Just like lying Larry Summers..
    Before him .

    Lying Larry
    was at the Univ of Texas
    Before Harvard..

    I met him once,

    As a frosh walking across Campus
    I saw Rabbi Levi Olan..
    A Regent at Univ Texas

    Coming out of the
    Faculty Lounge .

    Rabbi Olan .

    Interestingly, was my Head Rabbi
    at Temple Emanuel in Dallas

    The Richest Temple in Texas
    Probably the World .

    Looking Backwards
    He was a Regent for a Reason.

    He saw me .
    I saw him .

    He stopped
    Introduced me to Prof Summers .

    A short kinda dumpy guy

    Not unpleasant..

    But only a cursory hello and handshake with Pure Evil.

    The Intellectuals are supposed to be with the People

    Important key element in every Social Movement

    in the past Radicalizations.

    Another aspect of the War on Russia as a Nation State and People..

    The illiterate Heroin Pushers
    Have compacted

    A War on Reason and Intellectualism itself..!

    Turning the Clock back to the Dark Ages.

    Close to half the
    Big Intellectuals are Jews..

    What, it’s a Secret?

    Now they are completely
    Co opted..

    Furcockta with Nazis..

    The Very Same Nazis that killed millions of Jews..

    Words cannot describe the Shame of that.

    So despicable it is.

    A Scar on the Face of Judaism for Centuries.

    Lost in the Desert, once again!


  4. Mr Lendman..

    Tony Blinken
    Talking Gangsta

    In a Freight Hangar


    In Poland..

    The Distinguished Sec of State
    From the Luggage Bin..


    Tiny Tony Blinken said,

    ” The Sovergn state of Ukraine
    Will be around a lot longer

    Than Vladimir Putin..!”

    In the Gutter Speech, Vocabulary and Intent…!”

    Sounds like a threat..

    Formulated to sound like a threat ..!

    Gangsta Style..
    Vile …?

    But indicates thoroughly
    The True nature of the Problem

    The Depth of the Corruption
    And Degeneration.

    And this is the Sec of State..!

    Imagine so Vulgar
    So Deranged

    He makes threats
    and bets Public bets

    On the lives of Other Leaders of State.

    Tiny Tim Tony .
    asslicking Sycophant

    Talking big Story..
    Sounds like a Killer ..

    Gotta shoot em Tony..
    You tried to kill Lukashenko.

    Thusly Friends,
    We present to you

    The Bankrupt..
    Corrupt Admin of Dirty Joe..
    And the Easter Bunny Gang..

    Pure low class Gangsters

    That’s America Now..!

    (Clown Act

    Sick Imperialist Clown Act
    The Finale…

    Liars Club ain’t just walking away from this Enormous Lie
    To Start WWIII…)


    I’m listening to the Sec of State

    make death threats…
    Veiled or not..

    They’re threats on a man’s life

    Putin, specifically..!

    As soon as you put a name on it the Veil is Dropped..!

    Nazi Press doesn’t say a word

    I ask Europe
    Is this the Life Partner
    You’re looking for…?

    Gonna protect you..

    They’re there to protect you..

    Ask to Leave .
    See what happens?


    There to protect
    And you must buy
    their obsolete weapons..!


    2% now


    The Speech of illiterates.
    Heroin Pushers..

    Are you threatening him
    Tony the Pistol…

    Gonna shoot him..

    Sounds like it..

    To close on this
    “Window on Sick America”

    I remember Barry Goldwater…
    After sitting on the famous

    Church 1975

    Investigating Cuba
    And Our Foreign Policy

    And Goldwater said,

    ” Damn, I thought the Cubans were lying .

    But I see it was all CIA lying..!”

    And all the attempts on Fidel life by the CIA..

    And other World Leaders the CiA assassinated..

    Sen Goldwater remarked,

    “CIA..It’s a gottdamn
    Murder Incorporated..!”


  5. Mr Lendman

    Oops.. sorry
    Left out the last paragraph..

    The Most Important thing

    The Big Tell .

    Tony is Really Frustrated..!

    Absolutely Livid..!


    Because the Russians are not falling into any traps..

    The Mash Pit.

    Russia is gonna take it.

    Keep in Mind..

    We’re only Half Way thru the
    Big Muddy..

    (Or as they say in the Ukraine,
    The Bug Muddy…a joke..sorry)

    Ukis have

    All been professionally hidden
    Top Notch Equipment

    Professional Communication

    And Big CIA, MI6, French FL and MOSSAD SNAKE PIT..

    Do.Not Ring their Doorbell
    Send a Get Well Soon Card !


    And I think the Uks have 400,000 men..

    Pre Flight
    Back in Dec 2021

    James and World Firepower
    Had them as 400,000-500,000!

    What changed ?

    Hidden and numbers
    Low Balled for a Reason

    CIA Deception and Duplicity.

    Mind you..
    With the anger that Tiny Tony
    Was Ventilating..

    Spewing out Pure Shit
    No Sec of State should or would spew..

    Was like the most beautiful
    Flower I ever saw

    Pure Joy
    “Ode to Joy and maybe a Smathering of Vivaldi
    “Four Seasons..”

    Spring time
    The piccolo was playing

    “Springtime in Slavayansk..”
    And the Western Nazis are losing..

    Nothing the Gangsters
    Have can stop Aero from it appointed Rounds..

    Give em a couple more weeks boys ….

    Some of that …

    “Uncle Joe’s Famous Snake Oil

    And Cure For Whatever
    Ails Ya Sauce..!”

    Tony was none to happy




    Whatever’s down there in the Basement at Azovstol

    Is Really worrying the Nazis in Washington..

    Tiny had to let some poison out
    And tell the World his

    ” losing position ”

    Will outlast one man..
    President Putin..


    Keep in mind ..

    All the Nothingburgers

    And the only real thing we can take away from this diatribe..

    Tiny Tony’s Trauma Tantrum

    The Nazis..
    They’re losing now..!


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