Russophobes Front and Center on Propaganda TV

On all things Russia and Ukraine — along with all other major issues — truth and full disclosure are banned on US/Western propaganda TV.

Sunday in America was no exception to the longstanding rule.

Russiaphobes were again featured to do their thing.

Ukraine’s so-called PM, Denys Shmyhal, showed up on CBS (fake) News Face the Nation to lie and deceive viewers.

Where to begin.

He lied claiming that huddled masses of civilians are cowering “in basements (sic),” fearful of Russian forces in Mariupol (sic).

They’re overjoyed about being free at last from years of Nazified occupation.

Shmyhal lied saying that Russian forces committed “terrible atrocities, terrible war crimes on the Mariupol territory (sic).”

He lied claiming that “mass graves” were discovered in areas around the city (sic).

Calling Nazified Ukrainian thugs in Mariupol “brave soldiers” defied reality about how they terrorized, tortured and murdered civilians believed to be sympathetic toward Russia.

He lied claiming that “people are dying (in Mariupol) because…their houses…everything (was) mined by Russians (sic).”

He lied accusing them of “genocide.”

At the same time, he admitted reality, saying:

“(I)t’s impossible to win…the battle” against Russia.

Yet he called for more US/Western weapons — knowing that Russian forces are systematically destroying them.

On NBC (fake) News Meet the press, so-called “advisor” to puppet Zelensky, Igor Zhovkva, showed up to support the Nazi-infested regime and bash Russia.

Saying “(w)e need weapons. We need armored vehicles.”

“We need artillery systems and MLRS (multiple rocket launch systems).”

“We need tanks…That’s what we need immediately.”

Reality is situation hopeless against superior Russian military strength and tactics, but send them anyway, he urged.

He lied claiming that Russian forces only control “part of…Mariupol (sic).”

They liberated the city entirely last week — save for remaining Nazified thugs, likeminded mercenaries and civilians held hostage as human shields.

As earlier explained, they’re holed up in subterranean parts of the city’s Azovstal steel plant.

Whatever weapons and ammo they have left is worthless.

The facility is surrounded by Russian forces 24 hours a day.

The same goes for overhead Russian drones, monitoring the facility.

Any Ukrainians surfacing to challenge Russian forces will be eliminated swiftly.

They have a choice. Lay down their arms and surrender or perish inside the plant.

There’s no in between.

Zhovkva lied claiming that Russian forces failed to “open humanitarian corridors for civilians” to leave Mariupol (sic).

He lied saying civilians in the city “are living without elementary conditions, without food, without water supply…(sic).”

He lied claiming that Russia intends “to capture, if not all Ukraine, but the major parts of Ukraine, including the capital city of Kiev (sic).”

He lied accusing Russia of waging war on Ukraine since 2014 (sic).”

He ignored 8 years of US-orchestrated and directed Kiev war on Donbass — killing thousands of civilians, destroying vital infrastructure.

Militant Russophobe Michael McFaul showed up on Fox News Sunday, a transcript of his remarks not available at this time.

In mid-April on MSNBC fake news, he said the following about Russia and Ukraine:

Ukrainian forces “won the battle of Kiev” — not waged, adding:

It’ll “go down historically as one of the biggest battles in the history of Ukrainian sovereignty (sic), in the history of the Ukrainian nation (sic),” adding:

“Putin is losing the war (sic).”

He’s “blocking the news (sic).”

Public support for Putin is “erod(ing) (sic).”

Separately, he claimed that “Putin is turning Russia into North Korea (sic),” that Ukraine is his “Afghanistan (sic).”

“Send more weapons to Ukraine…(P)ut more sanctions against Russia (sic), he hyperventilated.

Puppet “Zelensky (is) a heroic figure fighting to stop Putin’s army (sic)” — from his Polish hideout.

“His army is barely able to move very slowly against the Ukrainian army (sic).”

Putin is “evil, (a) dictator (sic).”

He’s “not a rational actor (sic).”

The above rubbish and lots more like it is fed the US public daily on propaganda TV and in print.

Truth and full disclosure reality is consistently suppressed.

US MSM comprise a collective cesspool of fake news rubbish on virtually all domestic and geopolitical issues mattering most.

It’s the American way.

It’s been this way for time immemorial.

The same reality applies to Western MSM across the board.

3 thoughts on “Russophobes Front and Center on Propaganda TV

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman,

    Winkin, Blinkin and Nod..
    In Europe

    Looked exactly like the Conference Room
    adjacent to the Press Stage

    At the USA AFB in Weisbaden
    Or Maybe Rhinestine AFB..

    Then they look like they’re in
    A Baggage Claim Area

    or Cargo Hanger.

    Did anyone see the
    Three Stooges walking around?

    any live exterior footage that displayed Kiev..?

    I didn’t..!
    Just wondering…

    As you’re aware.
    These are pathological liars..

    Maybe the didn’t want to get
    Yamamoto ed..

    Flying into Kiev..

    Or Scared because of their own dirty business

    Like Pimpio Pompio

    Hiding because of his heinous
    War Crime..

    The assassination of Soleimani!

    Maybe the two Serial Killers who have already had an

    assassination attempt foiled
    On Kool Hand Lukashenko

    And the Gangsters never stop trying to kill Putin.

    Didn’t want some of their own medicine..

    In and out..
    Just in and out

    No waving
    Braving Photo Ops..

    Nothing in the Protocols of Diplomacy..

    In and Out..
    Like Gangsters

    Bag Money
    Maybe some blow

    A couple of tons.

    Our Champions.

    Heroes like the Bagman
    Taliban Johnny McCain

    Winkin and Blinkin ..

    ” Two Mules For Sister Sarah..!”

    Here’s the Point:

    Coming into the bldg
    I see the Mysterious deaths

    Of the Glazprom Execs

    So obviously overwrought with the Single thread..

    It’s an Obvious Set up

    The Skripals got novichuked but lived


    Preposterous Lies
    Oxfordian Baboonery

    And the Skripals
    not only lived..

    “Now they’re making their Home in Tucson, Arizona

    (Next to JoJo )

    Copping California Bud ..!”

    Get Back
    Well Get Back

    To where you once Belong..

    A Park Bench in Londow
    Was it Harrowdown..

    Dr David Kelly

    Scotland Yard
    Closed the Case immediately

    And Tony Blair
    With his Smoking Gun

    ” I’ll sex up the Intel”


    The Prime Minister
    By his own admissions


    A Complete Hoax.

    Millions Killed
    Trillions stolen.

    And the Nazi Press
    Still makes him a hero.


    Can never believe anything the say..

    The CIA murdered them to blame on Russia…


    Just like the FBI
    shot Hutchins

    The Russian Film Maker
    On the set in New Mexico

    Had a trick gun..
    Went off in your hand

    To pin it on Alex Baldwin.

    BTW…only one of two people could have brought in that gun

    And live ammo..

    And yet ..

    Case is dead.
    Sheriff has a Gag Rule
    And Baldwin has a Lawsuit.

    Cold Blooded Murder and Tyranny..

    American Style..!


  2. Mr Lendman

    Oops..did I forget to say,

    The Amazing Skripals ..

    Who died
    And came back from the Dead..

    Are in a Witness Protection Program in Tucson…

    Living Next door to JoJo
    Who’s also on the lamb

    In Witness Protection.


  3. Mr Lendman

    Serious Business Now..

    I was gratified to see Russia sent Washington an Official

    To immediately stop sending weapons to the Ukraine.

    A Formal Letter.
    They’ve been officially warned

    Brussels and NATO
    Need the same letter

    To digress only briefly

    In 1961 when Jack Kennedy told the

    Russians to remove their Weapons from Cuba..

    He also threatened to seize any ships
    Russian or anyone’s..
    On the High Seas ..

    And take the weaponry.

    Specifically to interdict the supply and / or blow up the Ship.

    That is what he did …

    Didn’t ask anyone’s opinion or Permission..!

    Cuba was 90 Miles away..

    And clearly, the USA

    Considered it their
    Sphere of Influence

    So what of Ukrainian Nukes
    Right on your Border…

    If you can’t see that.

    You’re a CIA agent at CNN
    Or a Nazi Collaborator.

    Next of course..

    Israel is bombing two sovereign countries right now..

    Two “Sovereign” and Peaceful Countries. .

    And Gaza…
    AND GAZA …!

    What dogma are the Zionists using…?

    Invoke the Bush Doctrine
    On Brussels…on NATO..

    NATO is at War with Russia!

    The Ukrainian Nazis are only the dumb Cannon Fodder..!

    Dying for Wall St !

    ( BTW..Nobody complained

    about the Bush Doctrine when they used it..

    Didn’t even come up ..!)

    Russia needs to send the exact same Letter to Brussels.

    Russia desperately needs to

    end the flow of weapons that are stated openly

    to kill Russian soldiers..!

    End it now..

    Or you’ll be Fighting this for the next ten years.

    Right in your own Front yard..!


    Here’s the Kicker

    Ukraine was
    (and is)

    Russia for a 1000 yrs..!

    Take it back..
    It’s Your’s

    Whose permission do you need?

    The USA Heroin Pushers?

    Who stole a Continent and then Half of Mexico..?

    The Brits..
    The Original Opium Pushers

    Who stole half the World..?

    Ask the British Pirates when they are giving back Ireland?


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