Russian v. US Leadership: A Worlds Apart Difference Between Good and Pure Evil

The difference between Russian and US leadership couldn’t be more stark.

In the US, Jeffersonian and JFK leadership no longer exists.

Nor is there a Daniel Webster or Edward Brooke in Congress.

Nor a Thurgood Marshall or William  Brennan on the High Court.

Instead, a selected, unelected Biden impersonator resides in the White House.

Congress is infested with pro-war, pro-kill shots, anti-peace extremists.

“Equal justice under law” no longer guides Supreme Court rulings.

Nor is the High Court a “guardian of liberty.”

Nor do constitutional checks and balances restrain governance.

More than ever today, the US is ruled by men and women — not laws — who lie, connive, misinterpret and pretty much do what they please for their own self-interest and powerful constituents.

Democracy in America was always pure fantasy, existing for the privileged few alone at the expense of equity and justice for all.

“We the People — the Constitution’s opening words — means wealth and powerful interests exclusively, no one else.

From inception, the US has been perpetually at war against invented enemies.

Rare periods of peace have been exceptions to the longstanding rule.

Today, hegemon USA is waging undeclared war on Russia with the worst of diabolical aims in mind.

At war with the vast majority of Americans, it’s ongoing by kill shots and all things flu/covid to cull the population of unwanted millions.

It’s by systematically eliminating what remains of largely eroded freedoms.

America’s ruling class rage to dominate risks destruction of planet earth and all its life forms.

Throughout its history, the US was never beautiful, never exceptional, never morally or ethically superior, never the indispensable state.

Always a warrior state operating extrajudicially, today it’s an unparalleled menace — run by war-mongering psychopaths and sociopaths.

Russia’s governance is worlds apart different from the American way.

Democracy as it should be in the Russian Federation contrasts with its fantasy version in the US and throughout the West.

Vladimir Putin and Sergey Lavrov display preeminent leadership on world stage — in stark contrast to their pigmy US/Western counterparts, embarrassments to the positions they hold.

Commenting Monday on the risk of nuclear war, Sergey Lavrov said the following:

The “very significant…risks of nuclear war” cannot be ignored.

Lunatics in the West “wish for it” against Russia.

“The danger is serious, real. It cannot be underestimated.”

With the major threat to its security in mind, Moscow was “forced to defend Russians in” Donbass.

Its people were “bombed for eight years” by Ukraine — with full support and encouragement by the US-dominated West.

Their ruling regimes operate by the own rules alone — in flagrant breach of international law.

Arming Ukraine with billions of dollars worth of weapons, munitions and equipment for perpetual proxy war on Russia risks eventual East/West confrontation — possible nuclear war if things are pushed too far.

Things are heading in this direction by “cultivat(ing) (Russophobic extremism throughout the West) at the highest level.”

Separately on Monday at a Russian Prosecutor General’s Office Board meeting, Vladimir Putin once again displayed in words, tone and demeanor what leadership as it should be is all about.

His public remarks are always  important to hear – featuring straight talk based on facts, unlike double-talk by dominant extremist US and other Western officials. 

They despise Russia because it’s headed by responsible leadership.

Under Putin, Russia is proudly independent.

It’s not about to sacrifice its sovereign rights to hegemon USA or another foreign power.

Unlike the US-dominated West, Russia respects the rights of other nations, according to the rule of law.

On Monday, Putin explained that because US/Western regimes failed to “destroy Russia from within,” they turned to terror tactics.

They’re using Ukrainian forces to wage proxy hot war on Russia.

Putin quoted so-called EU foreign policy head Josep Borrell, saying on a visit to Nazi-infested Kiev:

“This war (sic) will be won on the battlefield,” eschewing diplomacy.

Putin’s well thought out measured remarks are in stark contrast to US/Western histrionic anti-Russia ravings.

Stressing the inability of US/Western regimes to destroy Russia from within or on the battlefield, Putin added:

“Our society has shown maturity and solidarity.”

“It supports our Armed Forces and…efforts to ensure Russia’s ultimate security and help the people living (in) Donbass.”

The US/West “continue(s) to fool their citizens…using their monopoly…information space position.”

“(B)ut they failed here (so) they switched to terror” — including a foiled plot to “murder (Russian) journalists,” adding:

“(W)e know the names of all Western handlers…all members of Western services, primarily the CIA, who are working with Ukrainian security agencies.”

In pursuit of their diabolical aims, their war on Russia by sanctions and other means has “not work(ed).”

Putin asked Russia’s Investigative 

Committee “to record such crimes in detail, to identify their masterminds and perpetrators, to initiate criminal cases and bring them to trial.”

“(S)tarting with the (Obama/Biden regime’s 2014) coup d’etat in Kiev, (8 years of) bloodshed and violence” followed.

The fake Biden, interventionist Blinken and other officials infesting the empire of lies pale in comparison to Russia’s leadership.

Hegemon USA’s rage for unchallenged global dominance should scare everyone — especially with undemocratic Dems in power.

More than ever before, today is the most perilous time in world history.

The risk of global war 3.0 is ominously high because lunatics run the Washington asylum.

Unchallenged, they may kill us all.

7 thoughts on “Russian v. US Leadership: A Worlds Apart Difference Between Good and Pure Evil

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman,

    The ethos is Gone.
    The Love of Nation and Self.

    The Spirit of the two as one
    In the mind.

    The Ancient Greeks considered Patriotism as their Religion..!

    They were one and the Same.

    In the current world..
    The most alienated
    that ever existed..

    We’re stripped of everything

    Not even Privacy or Private Thought..

    In the Bourgeois World
    The New Iconic Age..

    A Crocodile or a Polo Pony

    The Flaccid Placid Phat World of Cyber Grab and Go..

    Everyone has Everything
    No one has any Purpose.

    And in all history
    The Aspirations of the Elite

    We’re trickled down to the Plebeians..

    To be emulated..

    But now they have nothing to be emulated..

    They’re vacuus
    Alienated from even the thing
    They most desire..

    Yet don’t know
    What it is.

    except did Bitcoin hit $50K?

    All imaginary
    Meta Land..

    Layers and Layers
    Of Nothingness.

    That’s the Leitmotif
    Of our Times.

    The Pursuit of Nothingness.


  2. Mr Lendman,

    You know..
    To America..

    The Big Red Swatches
    Engulfing 85% of the Counties

    Little patches of Blue in the Predominantly Coastal Areas

    The MAGA American..
    And his ethos..

    Cuz I’ll tell ya Cuz

    Hes facing a whole ‘nother
    War of Worlds…

    Just as Real as Rain.

    Ole Tater Caldwell put it best
    You member him don’t ya..?

    Reverand Caldwell

    Preaching over at the
    Ebenezer Baptist Church..

    He said…

    “Some Folks
    Christian Folks..

    think Jesus came for the Lamb…

    Christian also,

    Believe Jesus came for the Wolf..!

    Sure as hell,

    One of them is gonna have to slay the other…!

    Maybe that’s all the Commotion now with Heaven.

    And we’re all just completely messed up…!”

    “You listening, Vern..?”

    “Maybe that’s what’s wrong ?”


  3. Mr Lendman,

    The Russians always take the High Road.

    The World knows that..besides the World

    of Nazi infested Europe..

    The Players like

    Saudi Arabia,
    South Africa

    Some “Bandung” in there..
    More than ever!

    Refused to go along with the USA ‘s “Italian Job ” on Russia!

    With China included
    It’s like 70% of the World

    The Polls have flipped,

    Russian Brand is Gold..
    USA Brand is Tainted.

    If it was Dog Food
    They’d take it off the Shelf.


    The Only point I want to make..
    As a mole tells one story
    He knows deeply..

    When you mentioned, say Thurgood Marshall..

    I laugh
    I should cry..

    In Dystopian America today,

    The MSM would label
    Sen Fullbright a Russian Bot..

    Or even Eisenhower..
    For acknowledging

    The Reality of Russian Security Concerns..!

    That’s how far gone we are over the Hill.

    Rejoice the End is Near..!


  4. Mr Lendman,

    ” We want to see the
    United States weakened to the point..

    Where it can’t do things like Invade Iraq…

    And American Officers and Soldiers

    fux little boys in the ass..
    In front of their Mothers..!”


  5. Mr Lendman..

    Wait a Minute Mr Postman.

    The Right Dishonorable
    Ben Wallace

    Pitcher for the Pirates..

    Said Gleefully to the House of Common Criminals in London

    “That Britian has every right
    To send British Missiles to the Ukraine to blow up Russia…!”

    Then Wouldn’t Russia also have the Right to send missiles to London…and blow up England?

    Of course…they would.

    What’s stopping them?

    It can’t be the Fear, of what’s now, a Third Rate Power..?

    Can it.

    It’s fear the Bully has embedded in the Underclassmen’s mind..

    To not touch the Monolith

    The Monolith is Sacrosanct.


    Wallace said that,
    And Lavrov replied,

    “So if the Ukraine did that..

    We would have the Right to blow up the Ukraine..!”


    No Mr Lavrov, sir…

    Russia would have the Right to blow up Merry fuxing England..

    Ben Wallace doesnt gives fux if Russia blows up Ukrainians..!

    Benny and the Vets would say,

    Who cares…

    As long as Russians are dying
    That’s all we care..”


  6. Mr Lendman,

    Dateline..April 27…1939

    Sweden and Finland now planning on joining NATO in May…

    They want to hurry up before all the Uki Nazi War Crimes are

    Uncovered that show the true nature of the Nazi Regime..!

    Notice the Nazi Collaborators in Sweden and Finland

    Don’t allow for a PLEBISCITE
    For their Citizens…

    To vote on such a disasterous program…

    No.. it’s a Rush to Judgement by the Criminal Elite.

    As the News..

    On top of pissant countries like Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Estonia, Lithuania…etc

    Openly announcing they are now and continue to send weapons to the Uki Nazis…


    USA and UK defy all reasonable protocols and continue to send weapons to Ukraine!

    Russia is like Open Season on Bear hunting…

    No license needed..
    No limit on Bearskins..
    Come one..Come all..!

    Bad now..
    Gonna get worse.

    To sum up..I’ll be brief..

    Notice not one Nazi State attacks North Korea..!

    Why is that..

    Because DPRK says,

    “If you send weapons or attack us..we’ll blow you up..!

    That simple.

    This splendid article should be

    Russia and North Korea..
    What a difference in Leadership

    Like night and day.


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