No Ambiguity About Who’s Winning the Battle of Ukraine

It’s not US/NATO or its Ukrainian proxy troops.

They’re being systematically degraded and eliminated by superior Russian military strength and tactics.

According to Nightvision:

“Not only are there dozens of daily surrenders on every front, but huge” numbers of Ukrainian fighters are being eliminated.

Reality forced Kiev to press reservist conscripts into action against Russian forces, ones “with little training” or stomach for war.

On Monday, Russian forces destroyed electrical power-generation stations in Krasnoye, Zdolbunov, Zhmerinka, Berdichev, Kovel, and Korosten railway hubs.

Located in Ukraine’s West, they’re out of action, no longer able to resupply Ukrainian forces by rail.

Rail lines and bridges from west to east in the country were destroyed.

What’s going on is part of a softening up process ahead of Russia’s stepped up Donbass offensive, Nightvision explained.

US/Western-supplied weapons, munitions, and equipment are either being destroyed or cannot be transported to eastern frontline positions because Ukrainians trains can’t run.

And the Kiev regime doesn’t have enough trucks to substitute for rail transport.

Ones used are easy targets for Russian forces to spot and destroy en route.

Making a bad situation worse for Ukrainian forces, they’re running out of spare parts and lack the ability to repair weapons and equipment as needed.

A Ukrainian field commander expressed frustration, saying:

“The situation is very bad.” 

Russian forces are “destroy(ing) everything with artillery shelling day and night.”

Most Ukrainian forces are isolated, their command and control destroyed.

The ability of Kiev to resupply them is minimal at best.

On Wednesday, Sergey Lavrov again said the Russia seeks a “peaceful settlement” of ongoing conflict.

Yet he knows that hegemon USA controls Ukraine and wants endless proxy war on Russia.

A negotiated ceasefire and end of conflict is off-the-table because dominant Biden regime hardliners reject it.

And puppet Zelensky has no say over what’s going on, especially not from his Polish hideout.

He serves at the discretion of his US master, taking orders, saluting, obeying and reciting scripted lines in daily addresses to the Ukrainian people.

Most Ukrainians likely gave up on him. 

Pretending that all Kiev needs to defeat Russia is more heavy weapons from US/NATO regimes should fool no one but himself.

Cloistered in Poland, detached from reality, knowing only what’s fed him by US/NATO officials, he likely doesn’t know that all is lost, that Russia won the battle of Ukraine.

Liberating Donbass remains to be accomplished.

It’s just a matter of time before the Kremlin and Russia’s Defense Ministry proclaim mission accomplished.

One more thing for the US/dominated West and Kiev to chew on is the following:

In response to the Biden regime’s grand theft of around $300 billion of Russian assets, Moscow is highly unlikely to relinquish hard-won control over southern Ukrainian territory when its SMO ends.

It’s rich in minerals and productive farmland. The Sea of Azov has untapped gas reserves.

Ukraine may never be the same again, a rump state remaining with much of its most valued territory controlled by Russia henceforth.

Hegemon USA’s grand strategy failed.

Ukraine’s military is becoming a spent force.

US/Western sanctions war on largely self-sufficient Russia sanctioned the imposing regimes most of all, shooting themselves in the foot.

US polls show that Republicans are highly likely to retake both houses of Congress in November mid-term elections.

If the fake Biden was up for reelection this year, a GOP candidate would likely trounce him.

On Wednesday, Russia’s state-owned Gazprom halted gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria — for failing to pay for what it imports in rubles, a company statement saying:

“As of the end of the working day on 26 April, Gazprom Export had not received ruble payments for gas deliveries in April from the companies ‘Bulgargaz’ (Bulgaria) and PGNiG (Poland).” 

As long as their ruling regimes fail to comply with Russia’s demand, they’ll no longer be supplied with what they greatly depend on.

Cutting them off will also hurt other Western countries as Russian gas transits through Poland to Germany, France and other European nations.

Oh to be a fly on the wall at the White House, Pentagon and CIA.

How lovely it would be to hear their moaning and groaning about how badly things are going in Ukraine.

Russia is winning.

They and their Ukrainian proxies are losing.

There’s nothing they can do about it as things now stand.

At the same time as a same-day article discussed:

Has WW III begun unannounced?

Knowing that Moscow cannot be defeated in Ukraine, have US/NATO dark forces decided to challenge Russia militarily?

Heaven help us if so — especially if nuclear war follows.

One thought on “No Ambiguity About Who’s Winning the Battle of Ukraine

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman,

    Pop Goes the Weasel..!

    Russia is simply shredding the Nazis ..

    Killing em..
    Bigger than Dallas

    Piece by piece..

    They’re getting knocked out of the Ring..!

    If it was a Prize Fight in Vegas
    The Ref would call the Fight..!

    This what I see is happening..

    ( from 8,000 miles away)

    And here’s what I really fear (think) is going to happen..

    As you have well described over and over again..

    The Nazi Collaborators
    Are going to use a drastic horrendous False Flag…

    Don’t need to tell you .
    Or any of our affiliates..

    “Put no Crime Beneath these
    Serial Killers..

    Especially when they’re losing..!”

    That’s what Tony Blinken’s little Gangster Rap really meant,

    “We’re losing …
    I’m frustrated like a little child!”


    “Putin is gonna get whacked”

    Yo Tony..
    Eat shit and die..little pimp.

    A Male Madeline Albright.

    Did you hear Sen. Rand Paul
    Interrogate the little pimp..?


    Importantly to note,

    Kim Iverson said she had information that the Brits

    Did Buscha..
    Specifically the Special Forces

    Later I read Pres Lukashenko corroborating her comment..

    said Belarus has all the details down to the exact license plate numbers of the British Pirates.



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