Reality Defying Propaganda War on Russia

Daily round-the-clock US/Western propaganda war on Russia proved no match for reality on the ground.

Russian forces are systematically grinding down Ukraine’s ability to continue fighting much longer.

They’ve been overwhelmingly beaten by superior Russian military strength and tactics.

When the battle of Donbass ends, Ukraine may be largely demilitarized, its Nazified fighters eliminated, remnants alone remaining.

Most US/Western MSM pretend otherwise.

At this time, they can do little more than pretend, shout and pout.

Weapons and munition of every shape and kind to Ukraine from US/NATO regimes won’t change a thing.

Russia continues to target and destroy them.

Little at most reaches Ukrainian forces — far too little to matter.

Britain’s BoJo regime sounded delusional once again. 

Claiming that Ukraine largely controls its airspace ignored the destruction of its so-called air force by Russia.

Russian forces have total control over Ukraine’s airspace and coastal waters.

Out of touch with reality Zelensky lost his senses entirely with remarks like the following from his so-called spokesman, saying:

“(N)o one goes anywhere (sic).”

“We stay in Kiev and we fight (sic).”

Separately, puppet Zelensky again showed how detached he is from reality, saying:

“We will not lay down any weapons (sic). We will defend our state (sic).”

Overnight Tuesday, he sounded daft claiming that Ukrainian forces liberated “931 settlements (sic),” adding:

“Many cities and communities are still under the temporary control of the Russian army (sic). 

“But I have no doubt that it is only a matter of time before we liberate our land (sic).”

“(I)f you go against the Ukrainians, you lose (sic).”

A rude awakening should have hit home weeks ago. It awaits him ahead.

According to NYT fake news:

“Zelensky stood up to Putin (sic),” adding:

He “remain(ed) in the capital…despite the risks (sic).”

He “kept things running efficiently (sic).”

His “success (sic) is rooted in the (regime’s) ability to operate smoothly (sic).”

His “workplace (is) on Bankova Street” in Kiev (sic).

His “speeches rallied his countrymen and galvanized international support (sic).”

The above rubbish falls short of bad fiction. It’s typical Times trash.

The worst of it is from prostitute of the press Tom Friedman.

His latest propaganda piece called US-controlled, Nazi-infested Ukraine a “nascent democracy (sic).”

He lied accusing Vladimir Putin of a “barbaric attempt to wipe Ukraine off the map (sic).”

And this rubbish:

“(W)e should arm…Ukraine…because (its forces) are not just defending” the country (sic).

They’re “defending…a Europe whole and free (sic).”

“Putin’s lesson plan has gone badly awry (sic).”

He “destroyed two countries to save one face — his own (sic).” 

“(H)e will do anything to keep trying to save his face (sic).”

He’s “a twice-humiliated leader with nuclear weapons (sic).”

It’s “necessary that we make sure that Putin’s quest to find dignity by crushing that Ukrainian freedom movement fails (sic).”

No responsible editor would tolerate a reporter or columnist who presented the above vomit — and lots more like it — for publication.

Times editors feature it to their disgrace.

One thought on “Reality Defying Propaganda War on Russia

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman


    As I was walking into the office,

    The Ruble is 72.32 to the USD..!

    At the time of this Broadcast
    USD fell another 2.10 today..!

    That’s an enormous decline!

    Clearly, that’s on the Back of one
    critical dynamic, the Warning…

    Pres Putin’s Notice Board..
    In your Home Room..!


    In other words,


    Needless to say,

    72.32 is alot lower than 80 when the Gangsters started their big

    Gang Rape of Russia..!

    Looks like the Gangsters are gettin Fuxed..not Russia…!


    Of Course, we should also put into the 72.32 number…

    About 10 Nazi Collaborators
    Countries have wisely chosen to pay for Gas in Rubles..

    Rather than freeze..
    And have their own Citizens
    Tar and Feather them..!


    Except for the Polish Jokes and the Bulgars ..!

    I’ll have more to say about those Philistines

    In follow up Comment.

    Go Russia..
    To Total Victory…!


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