Putin Bashing Shoots Blanks

Brainwashed Americans virtually equate Vladimir Putin with Darth Vader, and no wonder.

The fake Biden defied reality by calling him a “murderous dictator (and) pure thug (sic).

Other US regime officials and congressional members demonized him in similar fashion — by making stuff up.

Along with other pejoratives, MSM call Putin “another Hitler…a right-wing strongman…a war criminal (sic)” and other demonizing remarks.

Russians aren’t swayed, far from it.

According to results by the All-Russia Public Opinion Research Center poll conducted from April 11-17, nearly 81% of Russians trust Putin.

His overall approval rating exceeds 78%.

In stark contrast, a Quinnipiac University poll conducted from April 7 – 11 showed that only “33% of respondents approve of how (the fake) Biden is handling his job.”

The vast majority of Russians respect and trust Putin.

The fake Biden’s dismal approval rating is the lowest in US history at this stage of a president’s tenure since presidential polling began.

In the 5th quarter of their terms in office, approval of US presidents since the early 1950s were as follows:

Dwight Eisenhower – 68.8%

Jack Kennedy – 78%

Richard Nixon – 56.6%

Jimmy Carter – 48%

Ronald Reagan – 46.3%

GHW Bush – 70.5%

Clinton – 52.1%

GW Bush – 79.5% (artificially inflated by 9/11)

Obama – 48.8%

Trump – 39.1%

The fake Biden – 33%

Operating as press agent for the regime he nominally heads and undemocratic Dems overall, MSM collectively praise what demands condemnation — while gratuitously denouncing all things Russia and its leadership.

In its latest fake news edition, the NYT falsely accused Russia and Vladimir Putin personally of “engaging in blackmail by cutting off supplies of natural gas to the (European) continent (sic)” — a bald-faced Big Lie.

Russia demands payment for its gas in rubles, its legitimate right.

After an initial temper tantrum by Europeans regimes, most agreed to comply.

Refuseniks have themselves to blame.

If Russian isn’t paid in rubles, its gas won’t flow to their countries.

On Wednesday, Russia ceased supplying gas to Poland and Bulgaria.

On the same day, reverse gas supplies —via the Yamal-Europe gas pipeline from Germany to Poland — increased more than five-fold per hour.

The increase came after Gazprom said it suspended gas flows to Bulgaria’s Bulgargas and Poland’s PGNiG — for refusing to make payments in rubles.

Reading scripted lines for him to recite overnight, puppet Zelensky continued his daily practice of embarrassing himself, saying:

Russia “is just waiting for the moment when one or another trade area can be used to blackmail Europeans politically (sic), or to strengthen Russia’s military machine, which sees a united Europe as a target (sic).”

More buffoon than leader, a figure knowing only what his handlers tell him while hiding out in Poland, most Ukrainians likely revile him for wrecking the country politically, economically and militarily.

On Thursday, the fake Biden will recite his own scripted lines via teleprompter about Russia’s SMO.

According to Pentagon spokesman Kirby, “more than half” of US howitzers were delivered to Ukraine.

Like always before, Kirby said nothing about how Russia is targeting and destroying Ukrainian weapons and munitions, including newly shipped ones.

Ukrainian trains are no longer running because Russian airstrikes knocked out power transformers and destroyed bridges over which they travel east east and west.

So trains are unavailable to resupply Ukrainian forces.

Trucks when used for this purpose are easy targets to be spotted and demolished, along their their cargo.

And this fake news by the Times:

The US and NATO vassal states “fear…that conflict may escalate into a wider war” cross-border.

Only if happens by US dark forces and complicit NATO ones, the Times left unexplained.

Russia’s SMO is confined to Ukraine with publicly stated objectives.

Its forces have no intention of widening conflict cross-border — except in self-defense if attacked by US/NATO regimes.

And this Times rubbish:

US and NATO regimes are “determin(ed) to help Ukraine defeat the Russians (sic).”

Only propagandists and their proliferators would say anything as absurd as the above.

Ukraine’s military is significantly battered and degraded.

Its deteriorated state worsens daily.

Overnight, Russian forces struck 100s of Ukrainian military sites, including command posts, company-level strongholds, large missile/artillery arms and fuel depots, (as well as) areas of amassed enemy manpower and military equipment.

Hundreds of Nazified forces were eliminated, according to Russia’s Defense Ministry.

Much the same continues daily with no letup.

For the past week or so, Russian strikes intensified as part of its campaign to liberate Donbass from the scourge of Nazified occupation.

Defying reality, WaPo sounded delusional saying:

The US-dominated West is “giving Ukraine weapons it needs to win (sic).”

Aid from the US/West “is indicative of Ukraine’s growing success (sic).”

“This does not augur well for Russia’s last-ditch offensive (sic) in” Donbass.

“Russia’s already badly battered forces (sic)…will not be able to continue attacking for much longer (sic).”

MSM rubbish like the above reflects whistling past the graveyard while Ukraine burns from the fury of overwhelming Russian military superiority over a battered and beaten adversary.

4 thoughts on “Putin Bashing Shoots Blanks

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  1. Mr Lendman…

    First off.. empirically..
    I must say,

    In my town,

    I’m surrounded by youngsters..
    Europeans and Americans..

    ( Everyone is young…

    Even the Cambodians ..
    Mostly under 30-35..

    Very very few my age.. sadly

    Mindful, the poor Cambodians
    We’re GENOCIDED by the CIA)

    Not only is the pathetic hoax
    Dirty Fuxin Joe,

    The Easter Bunny President..
    Going in the TIOLET..!

    Every American kid here
    aged 20-30 despises the Idiot.

    My empirical survey,

    Probably includes about two Dozen Yanks.

    Except there is one Trump Hater who still defends Joey

    A bar tender from NYC ..

    ( I should add..

    Who my Spanish Friend fired last month ..

    Because he couldn’t stand the sight of him anymore..

    He said, he fired him.
    On the Spur of the Moment

    Listening to him talking some shit..gave him double wages .
    Told em to check out..!)

    Even the Wokus Beauty Queen gal from Utah..I see at my gym,

    Turned on Joe..
    With Extreme Prejudice..!

    He’s done.

    2022 will be the END TIMES
    for the Liberal Collaborators!

    I caution only,

    But the Pubs are also despicable War Mongers and Collaborators!


    BTW..Sen Rand Paul is certainly Presidential Timber

    Oh, My Original Point:
    The Military Campaign,

    “Uncle Joe’s Original
    Lightning In a Bottle..”

    Is exactly what the Doctor Ordered..

    “The Doctor said to give em
    Jug Band Music..

    Seems to make em disappear real fine..!”

    Fuxin Nazis

    there goes the King’s Rook..!

    There goes the Queens Bishop!

    Gonna have to put some ground forces on the Stank

    Eventually..to clean up around the TIOLET BOWL

    But as long as the Russians are like, “Ghost Riders of the Sky”

    You see em..
    But you can’t touch em..

    And BOOM..
    You’re Dead..

    The Picnic will continue.
    Till Doomsday for the Nazis..

    Looming Large on the Horizon.

    The Key Factors..
    (From Left Field)

    A)…Keep out the sophisticated Weapons from the Western Nazis..

    B)..only Short qwick routes..
    Inside and overwhelming

    A massive use of combined arms in the Offensive..

    Give the Nazis nothing to hit
    In long line formation..

    Completely avoiding the “Bermuda Triangle”
    Road to Kiev..

    4)..Just Keep Doing what you’re doing..

    If it Ain’t Broke
    Don’t fix it..

    And now
    it’s firing on all 8 cylinders..!

    Take her out to Pomona Baby
    Let her really roar..

    Give the Nazi torturing Motherfuxers even more ..

    Pounding getting Worse..!
    No end in sight.

    5)..Can you jam all their satellites..and before the

    (Bagration II)

    6)..Are you giving Land to the Veterans

    Just like Gen Washington did

    I mean a 1000 acres out in the Beautiful Country and Woods of the Eastern half of Russia.

    Even Pacific Front lands..

    Beautiful virgin Land as far as the Eye can see ..
    And building Modern Russia..!

    They deserve it…for,

    As they say,
    Down in Texas,

    “Doing the Lord’s Work!”


    The Uki Nazis are getting Desiccated and Decimated.

    Under their God…
    Steppin “in Shit” Bandera..

    This will be the Biggest Defeat
    Of Western Imperialism our Lifetime.

    Whole World waiting for the
    Full Monte..

    The disclosure of Horrendous Nazi War Crimes..

    Evidence is 90 % gathered.

    Gonna explode..with the physical proof is exhibited.

    Somebody is gonna pay..!

    The Criminal Elite not walking away from this Debacle..

    Go Russia..
    To Total Victory…!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. When Putin talks the world had better listen.

    It is going to be very interesting when those arrogant neocon “owners of the world” call Russia’s “bluff” and thus hear the very loud blast of the other shoe dropping. Hopefully in DC, in London, in NY, in Tel Aviv, etc.
    Tony B.

    from Fox news with a bit of added clearness:

    In a direct threat to the West Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin pledged “lightning” fast strikes on any nation that “interferes” with “Russia’s war” in Ukraine.

    “If anyone ventures to intervene from the outside and [pose] unacceptable threats of a strategic nature to Russia, they should know that our counter-retaliatory strikes will take place with lightning speed,” he said.

    Russia once faced international ire [“western” Jewish ire] this week after it [actually after western MSM] suggested Western support of Kyiv during Russia’s more than 60-day invasion could lead to nuclear warfare.

    But despite calls from nations like the U.S. and U.K. to stop the “aggressive rhetoric,” Putin escalated the “tough talk” Wednesday.

    “We have all the tools to do this. The kind that no one else can boast of right now,” he said alluding to Russia’s deployment of a hypersonic missile last month.

    “And we will not boast; we will use them if necessary. I want everyone to know that,” he continued. “All the decisions have been made in this regard.”

    [Note, too, that Putin makes NO suggestion that these strikes will be nuclear as Russia has a number of non-nuclear weapons which can do much more damage than Japan received from the U.S. nukes of that day. These insane “western” talmudic cabalists are drooling a flood over the whole Rothschild world in their anxiety for a nuclear war, blaming Russia, of course.]

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