What Diabolical Schemes Do US Dark Forces and its Vassal States Plan Next?

Threatening everyone everywhere, hegemon USA is an unparalleled global menace.

The Biden regime and undemocratic Dems are worst of all.

Have they already launched WW III?

Do they intend using nukes against Russia — while pretending it’s in self-defense?

Already unsafe and unfit to live in, will advocates of peace, equity, justice and the rule of law in the US be targeted for elimination?

Do US dark forces intend targeting China in similar fashion to what’s going on against Russia for global war on two fronts?

International, constitutional and its statute laws deter no US ruling regime from pursuing its diabolical aims by its own rules, making them up to justify what’s unjustifiable.

Dirty business as usual is how hegemon USA operates — for higher stakes today than earlier.

At the same time, the vast majority of Americans have no say over who serves in high places, no say over how the nation is run, no way to pursue peace, equity and justice over endless wars on invented enemies.

The latest from Ukraine suggests that the US and vassal state Poland “are working on plans to establish tight (Warsaw) military-political control over” over Western Ukraine, according to Russian Foreign Intelligence Service chief Sergey Naryshkin, adding:

Pretending to be peacekeepers to protect against nonexistent Russian aggression, Polish military “combat missions” will gradually replace Ukrainian National Guard “control over strategic facilities” in the country’s west.

“Polish secret services are already searching for ‘agreeable’ representatives of the Ukrainian elite to form a Warsaw-oriented counterweight to” Kiev forces. 

If implemented, the scheme “will split the country.”

It will illegally give Poland territory it got after WW I ended — now part of Ukraine in the country’s West.

At this time, Warsaw hasn’t found other nations willing to go along with the scheme, Naryshkin explained, adding:

Polish troops reportedly will be deployed to Western Ukraine anyway — far from where Russian forces are operating, as things now stand.

If the US/Polish scheme intends for the latter’s troops to stay there with intent to annex Ukrainian territory, how will Kiev respond?

Imagine the irony if the Zelensky regime or a successor one seeks Russian help to prevent Poland from seizing Ukrainian land.

While highly unlikely and whatever happens ahead, at some point Kiev should realize that it’s being used by US-dominated NATO to achieve its diabolical aims at its expense.

In stark contrast, Russia is a good neighbor, one Kiev spurned by allying with US/Western dark forces.

It’s paying dearly for not choosing its allies wisely.

It may end up a rump state, losing eastern and western parts of the country — the latter to Poland, the former to Russia.

Separately on Thursday, the fake Biden is expected to seek rubber-stamp congressional approval for grand theft of assets held by Russian oligarchs with ties to or are sympathetic toward the Kremlin.

What’s planned is to allegedly aid Ukraine, a nation the US-dominated West doesn’t give a hoot about — except as a platform for endless proxy war on Russia.

Seizure or theft of another country’s assets flagrantly breaches international law.

The same goes for grabbing assets of its citizens.

Congressional legislation or executive office diktats cannot legally circumvent international law.

Of course, the rule of law never deterred the US from going its own way in pursuit of its imperial or other aims.

On all things Russia and other nations free from US control, Congress is highly likely to rubber-stamp whatever diabolical schemes its ruling regimes have in mind.

It’s the American way.

It’s how the scourge of imperial rampaging operates.

5 thoughts on “What Diabolical Schemes Do US Dark Forces and its Vassal States Plan Next?

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  1. Mr Lendman

    If the Poles cross the Border
    Hit em with everything you got

    They’ve been Warned repeatedly!

    Kill em all.

    Pray it’s about 50,000
    Polish Nazis.

    Feel no pity
    This is a Town with No Pity.

    Torturous Murdering NAZIS

    Pray they have some Estonians
    And Lithuanians..

    To send the body parts
    Back in a bag

    Also hit Warsaw
    Like there was no tomorrow

    I REPEAT..
    They’ve been Warned

    No BoJo the Clown
    Like in 1939
    Ain’t coming..

    Joey the Easter Bunny guy
    Ain’t got anything to help you

    Doesn’t want anything to do with the Big Dog..

    All Talk.

    As you would know by now
    If you weren’t Die Hard Nazi

    Blinded by the Light.

    Once Again..
    Mora Weiki Pol
    “Mora a Loser ”

    than we even suspected..!

    President Putin’s Warning..!

    Yo Mora Freak.m
    Mora Nazi Pohl..

    With the Masses chasing you with Pitchforks..

    You’re running for you life..

    Count the body bags
    As you fly away to Brussels

    Ooops… Russian Aero not only took out Central Warsaw

    they took out the
    Airport Runway also.

    Get in a Car
    See if you can make it to Germany

    Before some Mother’s of Dead Soldiers

    Smash your windows
    And beat you over the head with Iron Cast Fry Pans..

    Screaming ” Putin told you..
    Warned you ..
    But you work for Wall St.

    My son died for Wall St..!”

    To Washington


  2. Mr Lendman,

    Second Reading..
    Very very Important..

    Poland is having an Exercise..?
    What on their knees ..

    Kissing Uncle Sam’s Ass..?

    Tell the Polish Nazis and the Illiterates in Washington

    They are not bringing any new weapons to Poland.

    Not one.
    Or you’ll blow them and the Weaponry up.

    They’re intended to be used on Russia aren’t they Easter Bunny?

    Play the Tape..again,
    Only takes 15 seconds!

    Yo Nazi Collaborators
    What didn’t you understand?


    The Polish Jokes are going to execute a deep penetration

    an End Around on Belarus..
    Straight to Kiev..


    Their Hail Mary is designed to take the Pressure off the Massacre in the Ukraine

    And backdoor the Russians in Southern Belarus.

    The PigFuxs see a Flank open
    Plug that hole.. immediately.

    Moreover , once again
    pray there are some
    Lithuanian and Estonian
    Nazis to Decimate.

    Hope for 50K
    If you can Decimate 75%

    That’s a Good Day’s Work for the Lord.

    A Just God never liked Nazis..

    And 40,000 Body Bags
    don’t make for the
    perfect XMas Gifts ..

    Especially when you’re sitting in your home in Warsaw or anywhere in Poland..

    And it’s -4C on Xmas ..
    Like last year.

    Poles don’t learn by listening to Lectures..

    Poles learn by Hands on Experience.


  3. Mr Lendman,

    One important Caveat to the Polish American “Exercise”

    Supposedly Gathered in the Eastern part of Poland.


    They could very easily be used as a feint or ruse
    Or Bifurcated..

    Put on ships..

    Or Airlifted to the Kaliningrad Front.

    And obviously don’t need to explain the Defense to my distinguished “Colleagues in the Fighting Red Army..!

    I do suggest blowing up about 5 Big Nazi Townhalls in Poland

    The minute the Poles traverse either border or fire the first round.

    You know..they put a little skin in the game .

    The skin around their necks..!


  4. Mr Lendman,


    Heads Up..
    One of Two things…

    First One…

    If British Secret Service Fuxs are in the Nazi Ukraine..

    They’re heading to Mariupol
    The Azovstol Steel Mill

    With Assistance from Satellite
    and Combined Arms support

    They may try to blow the
    Pop Stand.

    Or get inside to Probably shoot and dispose of heavy Brass

    Right Now maybe MI 6

    Needs them to be an Assassination Team

    To shoot American General or other big wigs.

    Dead Men Tell No Tales.

    These are not the Top Ten
    But Well trained midlevel

    As the Suits won’t send
    001 to 009

    As they’re quite aware
    They’ll all Certainly Die.

    These are dead Men Walking.

    Second Option..

    These are the Demolition Guys
    To set the Nuke to go off


    To blame Russia..!

    Because it’s so dangerous
    Put out a $1,000,000 bounty


    On the head of every Englishman in Special Forces.

    Any information that leads to their arrest.

    You’ll receive the cash..




  5. Mr Lendman,

    The Polish American Exercise
    Stretches the Field on Russia

    Requiring a dedicated forces
    That could better used in the Ukraine.

    Undoubtedly a Smart Move
    For Monkey’s.

    1)… Stretch the Field on the Monkeys..

    Send big stuff..
    Big Big Stuff..

    Covered in Canvas
    Up to the Arctic bases.

    Long Range Whammy’s
    Hit the other side of the World..

    Triple Hit Mickey..XXX…


    2)…Put Shitloads of Missiles in Grodno, Belarus..

    The Golden Triangle
    Have the missiles pointed in
    three Directions…

    3)…on the Odessa File

    Shouldn’t you consider popping the

    B)…Fontanika… M14
    C)…Nerubiska …
    D)…the Bridge on E95

    Soften and Smooth out the road


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