Fake Biden Calls for Escalated Proxy War on Russia

Mumbling and bumbling incoherently when off-script — and at times when on it — the fake Biden called for tens of billions more military and related aid for US-controlled Ukraine.

It’s for waging perpetual US proxy war on Russia by Ukrainian foot soldiers — Nazified ones and involuntary conscripts.

Used in pursuit of US imperial interests, latter ones are considered expendable cannon fodder.

According to Nightvision’s latest report, video evidence this week showed “hundreds of losses (and) mass surrenders” of Ukrainian forces, adding:

They’re “unsustainable.”

Ukraine’s military “is getting crushed and obliterated…”

It’s happening at a time when Russia’s offensive to liberate Donbass entirely is only in its initial phase.

When ongoing full-blown, thousands of Ukrainian forces will likely be obliterated, thousands more highly likely to lay down their arms and surrender. 

While publicly claiming otherwise, hegemon USA officials and their NATO vassal counterparts know that the situation is hopeless.

Superior Russian military strength is systematically winning the battle of Ukraine.

And there’s nothing US-dominated NATO can do about it.

Nightvision explained that “(n)ot only have Russian advances been smashing Ukrainian defenses, but Russian strikes have continued their upswing on many objects of infrastructure.”

“TRO/Azov HQ…southwest of Kharkov…was destroyed.”

“(P)hotos (indicate) lot(s) of dead” Azov thugs.

Russian forces struck more Ukrainian railway junctures west of Kiev.

Because Kiev keeps shelling Donbass, killing and injuring civilians, Russia may “designate Ukraine as a terrorist state.”

Russian forces targeted the regime’s Artyom military facility and airfields near Kiev.

As new US/Western weapons cross into Ukraine from Poland, Russian forces target and destroy them.

Yet on Thursday, the fake Biden embarrassed himself again on US national television.  

Ignoring reality about Nazi-infested Ukraine and futility of its proxy war on Russia to advance US imperial interests at the expense of its own, the White House imposter asked Congress to approve $33 billion more in military and related aid for Ukraine.

The amount is fivefold the amount of the Kiev regime’s military budget.

In response, undemocratic Dem House majority leader Hoyer said Congress will provide whatever Ukraine needs.

Saying it’s to aid Kiev’s puppet regime “fight for freedom and democracy (sic),” Hoyer sounded as daft and delusional as the fake Biden and US-installed Zelensky.

And this from dementia Joe’s double:

The regime he nominally heads calls for “provid(ing) more artillery, armored vehicles, anti-armored systems, (and) anti-air capabilities” — for Russia to destroy before reaching Ukrainian forces.

And this delusional remark:

These weapons “have been used so effectively in the battlefield by Ukrainian warriors (sic).”

In a matter of weeks, Russian forces destroyed most US/Western weapons, munitions and equipment supplied to Ukraine for the past 8 years.

In the last 24 hours alone, Russian forces struck 76 Ukrainian military facilities, 6 missile and fuel depots, 35 armored vehicles, a command post, along with 74 troop and equipment concentration sites.

Hundreds of Ukrainian troops were eliminated.

Separately on Thursday, Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, reported the following:

“The Kiev regime, the US and the West, including NATO and EU institutions, collectively have started preparations for a major cyber provocation” against Russia. 

“We have been getting the evidence.”

“This is the first time a UN member-country has openly showed cyber aggression and declared war with the use of information technologies on other countries.”

“The architects and masterminds of the concept…will go beyond targeting…Russia and Belarus.” 

“They will go further to target other countries with their criminal activity.”

With full US/NATO support and encouragement, Ukrainian forces continue to shell Russian border areas, causing casualties and destruction.

“Kiev and Western (regimes should) take seriously the statements of our country’s Defense Ministry that further Ukrainian provocations to strike Russian targets will definitely lead to a harsh response from Russia,” Zakharova stressed.

At the same time, US/Western propaganda pushes the myth of Ukrainian forces holding their own, forcing Russia to retreat.

Telling it like it is, Ukrainian reporter Anders Aslund said the following:

Russian forces “captured the entire Kherson region. No Ukrainian advances. Not good.”

“Russia is increasing the pace of (its) offensive in Ukraine in all directions.”

And this from German reporter Julian Ropcke:

“…another grim day for Ukraine.”

“Russia is crushing the Ukrainian defense in many areas.”

And this from a trapped Ukrainian foot soldier from the bowels of Mariupol’s Azovstal steel plant where he and others are holed up.

Situation hopeless. “(W)e are completely surrounded.”

“(I)n our group, there are over 600 wounded guys.”

“They desperately need medical assistance.”

“There are no medicines, no personnel (to) help them.”

“There are huge problems with (lack of) water, food, (and) supplies of ammunition.”

“People here will die.”

“The wounded will die.”

“The living will die fighting (sic).”

The trapped foot soldier was silent about Russia’s guarantee of life, sustenance and medical care for those inside Azovstal who lay down their arms and surrender.

A humanitarian corridor was established for this purpose, clearly for trapped civilians as well, ones held by Nazified thugs as human shields.

Russian forces will win the battle of Azovstal in a matter of days.

It’s nearly over, save for the postmortems.

What’s true of Azovstal and liberation of Mariupol will be reality throughout Donbass ahead — likely in a matter of weeks.

At that time, Ukraine’s military will be too obliterated to continue fighting.

Most Nazified thugs will have been eliminated.

In areas liberated by Russian forces, Ukrainians will be free at last from the scourge of Nazified occupation and accompanying brutality.

3 thoughts on “Fake Biden Calls for Escalated Proxy War on Russia

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman

    The Red Army is doing a Fantastic job.

    The Military can and will win the War…

    my only beef ..

    And I became quite agitated today,

    Is that politicians don’t lose it..!


    President Putin said,

    “Don’t send weapons to the Ukraine.
    Or suffer the Consequences”

    But Lavrov walked it back, saying

    “We’ll Destroy all the weapons you send…

    Once the get to the Ukraine they’re legitimate targets”

    Is that what Putin said?

    No..no it’s not.

    There’s a huge descrepancy between the two.

    Like night and day.


    Hasn’t Russia always claimed and in practice

    blown up the weapons in the Ukraine sent by the West..?

    Why yes…yes they have.

    So Lavrov said nothing.

    But Wait..it would have been better if Lavrov actually said nothing..

    Because when Lavrov did say something..

    Something very important

    He Western Unioned
    the Gangsters

    That Russia isn’t going to hit them in Washington or London.

    Only the material in theater.


    The Gangsters are off the hook.

    Stop and think..

    Do the Nazi Collaborators in Washington really care if the weapons get blown up..?

    Or if Uki Nazis get blown up with it..?

    No..they don’t give a fux..

    As long as it kills one more Russian soldier.

    It’s not their money..
    The Taxpayers will pay to replace it ..

    And Raytheon makes even more money

    And the Criminal in Congress gets a huge donation from the munitions manufacturer..

    It’s a Win/ Win for them.

    Instead of the Gangsters
    worried about getting London blown up..

    with a Non Nuclear Sarmat

    An eye opener for the Public..
    Which would be terrific.

    Lavrov…only needed to say..
    ” He Means it too..!”

    Back up Putin 100%
    That’s his job

    Not water it down to shit.

    Thanks Mr..Lavrov..
    You’re fuxing terrible.

    Can’t do your job..

    Because you don’t know your Job.

    Sorry, the bitter truth.


  2. Mr Lendman

    Here’s what happened,

    The Professional Liars on the CIA News..

    Started that Nuclear label..

    And Tiny Tim Lavrov

    Very susceptible to the Gangsters confusion..

    Very concerned to not worry
    his colleagues in the West..

    Walked back everything.

    Putin’s One Point Presser turned to shit.

    Did Putin threaten anyone with Nuclear..


    Did you hear Putin say, “Nuclear”

    No..no he didn’t.

    you can be sure Putin would

    send a Non Nuclear Warning Shot across the Bow..

    Rather than the Real McCoy.

    I must be frank sir,

    For the First time…

    I’m not entirely certain Russia can win the War..

    Too many weak sisters
    in Management.

    Joe Stalin giving out a Warning

    And Molotov watered it down to nothing.

    Can’t even imagine it..

    Of Course Stalin and Molotov knew their enemy.

    Lavrov sadly hasn’t.
    He’s delusional.

    What totally ridiculous.


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