MSM Delusional Propaganda Pretense

US/Western MSM are a collective menace to ordinary people yearning to breathe free.

Fake news mass deception is their stock and trade — truth and full disclosure banned in their propaganda reports, based on state-approved talking points.

Daily NYT editions read like Biden regime press releases.

Defying reality on Friday, the Times falsely claimed that Russian forces are “struggl(ing) to break through (Ukrainian) defenses (sic).”

Falsely accusing Russia of “shelling” Ukrainian cities, killing civilians and destroying homes, the Times lied.

Ukrainian troops and military targets alone have been targeted throughout Russia’s SMO.

And this Times fake news:

“(C)ounterattacks by Ukrainian forces (sic) continued to thwart a full Russian takeover of the…Kherson region (sic).”

Saying Mariupol is “largely in Russian hands” belied its liberation.

Calling Nazified thugs holed up in the city’s Azovstal steel plant “Ukrainian defenders” ignored the scourge of what they’re all about.

Citing Kiev propaganda, the Times falsely accused Russia of striking a Zaporizhzhia…residential neighborhood…obliterating nearly an entire block of single-family homes (sic).”

The Times quoted dementia Joe’s delusional double, falsely claiming:

Putin is worried about “abject failure (sic)” of Russian forces in Ukraine. 

So “he’s making nuclear threats (sic).”

Ukraine’s economy is projected to decline by 50% or more this year — because its US-controlled regime is used to wage proxy war on Russia, at the expense of more greatly immiserating its people more than already.

US/Western regimes and their MSM press agents pretend that its troops are holding up well against overpowering Russian forces.

According to what White House speechwriters were told, the fake Biden can’t pronounce the word “kleptocracy” without stumbling, mumbling and bumbling.

So choose another phrase for him to recite.

According to Pentagon fake news, Russia hasn’t “overcome logistical problems (sic)” to be supplied with food, fuel, weapons and ammunition (sic).”

And this fake news from Times prostitute of the press/pseudo-economist Paul Krugman:

Calling increasingly tyrannical USA an “arsenal of democracy (sic),” Krugman further embarrassed himself as follows, saying:

Ukraine “miraculous(ly) defeat(ed) Russia’s initial attack (sic).”

“Nobody can be sure about the extent to which Putin himself understands how the war (sic) is going (sic).” 

“Are his terrified officials willing to tell him the truth (sic)?”

Biden regime and congressional Dems are “talk(ing) optimistically…about outright Ukrainian victory (sic).”

You have to be demented, delusional and brainwashed to believe it.

More Krugman fake news followed, saying:

US military aid is a game-changer (sic). 

It’s “working strongly against Putin (sic).”

“Russia doesn’t appear to have the capacity to replace its (minimal) battlefield losses (sic).” 

“Western experts believe, for example, that fighting in Ukraine cost Russia two years’ worth of tank production (sic).”

So-called destroyed Russian tanks continue operating normally. 

Their armor protection cannot be penetrated by US TOW or Javelin missiles.

“(T)ime (is) on Ukraine’s side (sic),” according to Krugman’s perversion of reality.

“(B)attlefield successes…eluded (Russian forces) so far (sic).”

And this rubbish:

“(I)f (Nazi-infested) Ukraine…win(s) (against democratic Russia, it’ll) be a triumph for the forces of freedom everywhere (sic),” adding:

Hegemon USA, Britain’s BoJo regime and other NATO ones “ha(ve) been rock(s) in this crisis (sic).”

Dementia Joe’s double “has done an incredible job (sic).”

He “arguably d(id) more to defend freedom…than any president since Harry Truman (sic).”

How to respond to the above fake news rubbish.

It shows Krugman to be as delusional and out-of-touch with reality as the fake Biden and puppet Zelensky.

It also shows how he operates as a mouthpiece for US dark forces.

Once a congenital liar, always one — and a damn poor one at that.

One thought on “MSM Delusional Propaganda Pretense

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  1. Wonderful post…a pleasure to spin through…made my day (so far)…thanks, Mr. Lendman.

    My takeaway: “…the fake Biden can’t pronounce the word “kleptocracy” without stumbling, mumbling and bumbling.” I love it!!! (Memo: Biden’s/the moronic Dems’ pretense at hegemonship is flailing and failing…when will Humpty fall off that wall? bankruptcy looms…$40,000,000,000 to U.k.r.a.i.n.e. ?! — give us an effing break…while the MIC/Zioneocon overlord has its ultimate wet dream.)


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