Demilitarizing Ukraine Proceeding with Overpowering Effectiveness

Using a small fraction of its military capabilities, Russian forces are systematically demilitarizing Ukraine as planned.

It’s happening despite billions of dollars worth of US/NATO weapons, munitions and equipment supplied to Kiev for the past 8 years.

Including new ones crossing into Ukraine from Poland, they’re being targeted and destroyed by Russian forces.

According to Russ-Warrior, Russia so far is only using about 12% of its forces, 10% of its warplanes, 7% of its tanks, 5% of its missiles, and 4% of its artillery.

Yet its forces keep advancing daily against outgunned, outmaneuvered, and outwitted Ukrainian Nazified and conscript troops.  

On Friday, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman, Zhao Lijian, minced no words saying:

“While Europe and the international community are calling to end the war, the US continues to fan the flames and is ready to fight to the last Ukrainian,” adding:

“The US continues to provide Ukraine with money and weapons.”

“Its true goal is not to attain peace, but for the conflict to continue.”

“As they themselves say, their goal is to weaken Russia.”

“As for whether the US brings peace or war, security or chaos, I think, the world knows the answer to these questions.”

On Friday, Sergey Lavrov said “Moscow does not consider itself at war with NATO, (but the US-controlled alliance) believes that it is at war with Russia.”

Dominant Biden regime hardliners, their NATO counterparts, and EU foreign policy chief Borrell said “Putin must lose. Russia must be defeated.”

Their Russophobic rage risks crossing the line to East/West confrontation — a doomsday scenario if thermonukes are used.

In the run-up to and since Russia’s SMO began, US-dominated NATO “encourage(d) Kiev to fight (Russia) to the last man by” supplying arms, munitions, related military equipment and foreign mercenaries for perpetual war, said Lavrov, adding:

Russia’s SMO to liberate and protect Donbass “has become the cause for the (US-dominated) West to introduce large-scale restrictive measures against Russia, its legal entities and individuals.” 

Their ruling regimes “do not hide the(ir) goal of ‘strangling’ our economy, undermining its competitiveness and blocking further progressive development of the country.”

“It is obvious that such (an) anti-Russia (policy) cannot be justified by anything and also has no prospects.” 

As President Putin noted, Russia withstood this unprecedented pressure. 

“The situation is stabilizing now, although, certainly, by no means all risks have gone,” Lavrov explained, adding: 

“In any case, it will not work out to weaken us.”

Moscow is “readjust(ing) the economy and safeguard(ing) itself against possible illegitimate unfriendly actions of opponents in future.”

“We will continue responding in a balanced and appropriate way to introduced restrictions, following tasks of supporting stability of the Russian economy, its financial system, and interests of domestic business and the entire population.”

“We will proceed with the adaptation to external challenges and intensify development programs for promising and competitive sectors.”

Russia’s SMO “is on track.” 

“Russian servicemen are doing everything to avoid losses among noncombatants.” 

“Strikes are made by high-precision weapons against military infrastructural facilities and materiel concentration areas.” 

“Unlike Ukrainian (conscripts) and (Nazified) units using (civilians) as human shields, the Russian army provides all possible help and support to the local population.”

Anti-Russia rage and hypocrisy defines US/Western policy.

Dominant Biden regime Russophobes are going all-out to prevent conflict resolution.

Indifferent toward the lives and well-being of Ukrainians, they’re considered expendable cannon fodder for use in pursuit of US imperial aims.

They’re no match against superior Russian forces.

In the last 24 hours alone, they destroyed more railway junctions in Western Ukraine, more power-generating substations.

When inoperable, Ukrainian trains cannot run, cannot transport anyone or anything to where they’re needed.

According to a statement by a battered and demoralized Ukrainian battalion, its servicemen “refuse to serve (any longer) for the following reasons:”

“No evacuation of the wounded”

“Lack of adequate command”

“Lack of heavy equipment”

“Lack of specialists in anti-tank weapons”

“Large losses of personnel (60%).”

“Loss of combat effectiveness of the company.”

“Lack of rotation for staffing a company.”

“We refuse to carry out orders that are aimed at the destruction of personnel.”

The above remarks reflect indisputable reality.

Ukraine’s military is being systematically smashed by overpowering Russian forces — using a small fraction of their capabilities.

Russian super-weapons exceed the best in the West.

They include ballistic and cruise missiles able to hit distant targets with pinpoint accuracy — delivered at hypersonic speed, largely or entirely beyond the ability of NATO air defense systems to intercept them.

Yet the Biden regime and subservient NATO ones keep pouring more weapons et al into Ukraine for Russian forces to destroy.

The end result of Russia’s SMO is clear and indisputable.

In the coming weeks, Vladimir Putin’s aim to demilitarize and deNazify Ukraine will be achieved as planned.

Will US/Western regimes and their press agent media continue to pretend otherwise?

Will they continue reporting fake news claims about a “faltering…stalled…demoralized” Russian campaign (sic)?

Or will they no longer be able to conceal reality — notably when battered and beaten Ukrainian forces no longer can continue fighting because of large-scale battlefield losses of manpower, weapons and munitions?

It’s just a matter of time until the above reality hits home like a hammer.

There’s nothing US/NATO regimes can do to counter what’s coming.

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