Inching Toward Direct East/West Confrontation

If words could kill, East/West confrontation would already have begun by Russophobic US/Western regimes and their MSM press agents.

Along with daily war of words, Britain’s BoJo regime said it’s deploying 8,000 more heavily armed combat troops to locations near Russia’s borders.

They’ll join tens of thousands of other US/NATO forces already in locations on the phony pretext of combatting “Russian aggression (sic).”

And this from US-installed NATO puppet Stoltenberg:

The alliance intends to support Nazi-infested Ukraine “for months and years” of endless war.

So US-dominated NATO regimes “are preparing to provide support over a long period of time and also help Ukraine to transit or move from old Soviet era equipment to more modern NATO standard weapons and systems.”

Calling Ukraine “a highly valued partner of NATO” ignored its use by the Pentagon and CIA as a platform for endless war on Russia.

Ignored as well is how greatly Russian forces pummeled and degraded Ukrainian forces.

The longer they resist an inevitable Russian triumph, the greater the harm to themselves and Ukraine overall.

Interviewed by Time magazine from his Polish hideout — what it published on April 28 — puppet Zelensky pretends to be defending the nation in Kiev (sic).

He lied accusing Russia of committing war crimes (sic).

He lied claiming they’re guilty of rape and torture (sic).

Time magazine lied, pretending that he’s “lead(ing)” Ukraine (sic).

Puppets don’t lead. They follow orders from a higher power.

Zelensky knows no more than what his Pentagon and CIA handlers tell him.

He’s powerless while pretending otherwise.

Russian forces never entered Kiev.

Yet Zelensky — sounding delusional — falsely claimed that they tried to storm his compound in the city.

Pretending to be in it, he’s been in Poland throughout most of Russia’s SMO — save for returning to Kiev for brief photo-ops with Western officials.

Then scurrying back cross-border to Poland.

Defying reality like other MSM, Time magazine falsely claimed that “Ukrainian forces were fighting Russians in (Kiev) streets (sic).”

Before redeployed east for the battle of Donbass, they were positioned miles away from Kiev with no intention of entering the city.

With hegemon USA directing Ukrainian forces, it’s unclear how Zelensky spends his days in Poland — other that delivering a pre-scripted nightly address for him to recite.

His remarks reflect how delusional and out touch with reality he is.

He may not know how badly Ukrainian forces have been pummeled, battered and beaten — many thousands killed or wounded.

Countless thousands more surrendered, hundreds more joining them daily.

Like other MSM fake news, Time magazine was silent about reality on the ground.

If Zelensky was actually leading — free from US control — instead of cowering who knows where in Poland, he would have surrendered to Russia weeks ago.

Because he’s out of tough with reality and powerless, he has no knowledge of events on the ground, no authority to do what’s best for Ukraine and its long-suffering people.

Russia’s SMO will end when Ukraine is demilitarized and deNazified, when Donbass is fully liberated, when Moscow achieves the security it seeks.

Until then, Ukraine will be battered by superior Russian military strength.

It’s already wobbling like a punch-drunk prize fighter — badly beaten short of collapsing entirely.

It’s coming in the weeks ahead.

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