Russian SMO Faltering? Puppet Zelensky Targeted? Kiev Succeeding Militarily?

Ignoring reality on the ground, MSM falsely claim the above and similar rubbish.

According to the latest NYT fake news edition:

“Russia’s offensive in eastern Ukraine appears to be faltering (sic).”

“(I)ts troops (are) suffer(ing) battlefield losses and logistical and morale problems (sic).”

“In a sign of Moscow’s troubles (sic), some of the troops who had been trying to stamp out the last pockets of resistance in…Mariupol were redirected to” Donbass (sic).

“Russian forces continue to reign destruction on civilians in Mariupol (sic).”

Russian forces in the city “plundered more than 2,000 items from its museums (sic).”

Mariupol “civilians continue seeking shelter (from Russian forces in the city’s) Azovstal steel plant (sic).”

All of the above and more like it is fake news.

Indisputable facts on the ground in Ukraine are worlds apart from reinvented reality by the Times.

It further burnished its odious reputation as a lying machine press agent for wealth, power, privilege and imperial state wars of choice against invented enemies.

As a same day and earlier articles explained, Russian forces are systematically battering and beating Ukrainian troops.

Remaining Mariupol residents in the Donetsk city are free at last from US-supported Nazified occupation and brutality.

The city is entirely liberated, save for about 2,000 Nazified Ukrainian thugs, likeminded mercenaries and civilians held as human shields inside Mariupol’s Azovstal steel plant.

They’re hostages, yearning to be free from captivity at the hands of Ukrainian monsters.

Their fate inside the plant is sealed. 

Militants can either lay down their arms, surrender and be guaranteed life, sustenance and medical treatment as needed or die in the plant’s subterranean areas.

The same fate awaits their human shield hostages through no fault of their own.

Many thousands of Ukrainian forces were killed since Russia’s SMO began.

Thousands of others surrendered, choosing life over certain death if continue fighting.

Hundreds more Ukrainian troops surrender daily.

Attrition in their ranks is taking its toll on the ability of Kiev to continue what’s suicidal for their forces if fail to lay down their arms and surrender.

MSM-claimed counterattacks by its forces are virtually nonexistent.

The same goes for alleged battlefield successes.

There are none, just continued defeats as advancing Russian forces gain control over more Ukrainian territory — including the entire Kherson region.

As planned, Donbass will be liberated entirely in the coming weeks.

All the shouting, pouting and blustering otherwise by US/Western regimes and their MSM co-conspirators can’t change reality on the ground.

According to WaPo fake news, Russian forces targeted puppet Zelensky’s Kiev compound twice (sic).

No Russian forces entered the city.

None attacked Zelensky’s so-called compound.

Since early in Russia’s SMO, he’s been hiding out cross-border in Poland — save for a few brief appearances in Kiev for photo-op meetings with Western officials before scurrying back to who knows where he’s hiding.

And this WaPo fake news:

The “scale of…Russian military deaths will (soon) become clear (sic).”

Russia’s SMO “accelerated Putin’s downfall (sic).”

Ignoring his near-80% approval rating (compared to a dismal 33% for the fake Biden), WaPo defied reality by falsely claiming that Russians are “unhappy with him (sic).”

According to WSJ fake news:

“Ukraine’s military successes against Russia transformed calculations in Washington and other Western capitals (sic).” 

Their regimes see “a strategic opportunity” to counter Russian advances (sic).

Claiming the “outcome (of Russia’s SMO is) uncertain” is delusional in the face of steady advances by its forces toward demilitarizing and deNazifying Ukraine.

No “strategic win for the West” looms. Just the opposite.

How much longer can US/Western regimes and their MSM echo chamber pretend otherwise?

Propaganda doesn’t die a natural death. It needs shoving.

Even then, silence reflects its dying throes, no mea culpas expected — especially not from the empire of lies and its collective MSM ministry of fake news and mass deception.

At this time, it continues roaring about nonexistent heavy Russian battlefield losses, nonexistent Russian atrocities, nonexistent Russian weakness.

US-dominated NATO is at war with Russia by use of expendable Kiev proxies.

Like puppet Zelensky, Ukraine’s caricature of foreign minister — polar opposite the real thing — Kuleba pretends that with Western support, Kiev can defeat Russia.

And this from former Bush/Cheney regime official Daniel Fried — currently a neocon Atlantic Council member and board member of the hostile-to-democracy as it should be National Endowment of Democracy, saying:

“It took a while for the (Biden regime) to realize that…the Ukrainians could win (sic).”

Ukrainians “successfully push(ed) the Russians back (sic)?”

“Western (regimes) believe the Russians could be pushed back further (sic)?”

“(P)erhaps out of (Ukraine) altogether (sic)?”

Embedded in Kiev and with its forces, hegemon USA, vassal state Britain and other NATO regimes are very much involved in combatting Russia directly.

Their involvement heightens the risk of East/West confrontation if push things too far.

Yet the BoJo regime’s imitation foreign secretary Truss said Britain aims to push “Russia out of the whole of Ukraine.”

Meanwhile in the Nazi-infested pseudo-state, hundreds are being lawlessly arrested on suspicion of being sympathetic toward Russia.

Denied due process and judicial fairness, they face imprisonment, torture, and/or assassination.

That’s how the scourge of fascist tyranny operates — in Ukraine and the West.

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