Kernels of MSM Truth Amid Russia-Bashing Propaganda Rubbish

On all things Russia and Ukraine, it’s hard finding anything resembling truth and full disclosure from US/Western regimes and their MSM echo chamber.

Sticking to the fabricated official narrative is how they operate on virtually all major domestic and geopolitical issues — especially on all things related to flu/covid kill shots and invented US enemies like Russia.

Yet on Sunday amid its customary daily blitzkrieg of Russia-bashing fake news, the WSJ admitted that Ukrainian forces are hampered by “fuel shortages…following Russian missile strikes on oil refineries and storage depots in the country.”

The Journal quoted puppet Zelensky saying that Russia “destroy(ed)…fuel” storage facilities in the country and controls Ukrainian offshore waters.

The Journal omitted explaining that Russian strikes destroyed Ukrainian power generating substations, bridges and rail lines that prevent its trains from operating.

So they’re unable to resupply Ukrainian forces with weapons, munitions, equipment and everything else its military needs to operate.

Trucks when used are easy targets to spot and destroy, what Russia is able to do with precision accuracy.

Nor did the Journal or other MSM report anything about Russia’s elimination of Ukrainian warplanes, most of its drones, air defense systems, many weapons and munitions depots, its command and control capabilities, military bases and troop concentrations.

Nor anything about many thousands of Ukrainian forces killed and wounded, thousands more who surrendered or deserted units, or dismal morale throughout Ukraine’s military.

Or that Mariupol is entirely liberated from years of brutal Nazified occupation — save for about 2,000 fanatics and likeminded mercenaries holed up in the city’s Azovstal steel plant, along with unknown numbers of civilians held hostage as human shields.

The choice for these Nazi thugs is simple — surrender and live or refuse and die. Either way they’re doomed.

In a separate Russia-bashing report, the Journal virtually admitted that its forces control Ukraine’s Kherson and Zaporizhzhia regions — that Russia’s control over “southern Ukraine harden(ed),” that its forces are decisively winning the battle of Ukraine in less than so many words admitting what’s indisputable reality.

The vast majority of MSM reports on what’s going on are infested with state-approved rubbish.

On Sunday, the NYT quoted puppet Zelensky — taking credit for evacuating dozens of civilians to safety by Russia, ones who’ve been held captive by Nazified Ukrainian thugs inside Mariupol’s Azovstal steel plant.

Zelensky lied claiming that the regime he nominally heads is working to evacuate more.

According to Tass, around 85 civilians were rescued from captivity inside Azovstal through humanitarian corridors established by Russian forces — from April 30 to May 1, including women and children.

Kiev had nothing to do with freeing them from captivity, just the opposite, wanting them held indefinitely as human shields.

What the Times should have reported, it suppressed.

Rubbish it featured was fake news — like virtually all its reports on Russia and Ukraine.

And this WaPo fake news on Sunday, falsely claiming that the latest Biden regime proposed military aid will satisfy Kiev’s “needs on the ground (sic).”

Omitted was explaining that when US/Western weapons cross from Poland into Ukraine, Russia targets and destroys them.

Former chief UNSCOM weapons inspector in Iraq during the 1990s, Scott Ritter, stressed what’s indisputable.

MSM coverage of all things Russia and Ukraine has been “hysterically one-sided and divorced from reality” on the ground.

Russian forces are steadily “defeat(ing) Kiev’s” military.

Despite billions of dollars worth of weapons, munitions and equipment supplied to Kiev since early 2014, Russia destroyed or captured most of it. 

No matter how much more military aid the US/West tries delivering to Ukrainian forces, it’ll either be eliminated by Russia en route or shortly after arriving.

While the US/West may be winning the information war, reality on the ground in Ukraine is another matter entirely.

Russian forces are vastly superior to Ukrainian ones militarily and tactically.

Russia’s ability to capture Ukrainian territory the size of Britain in a few weeks alone proved its overwhelming superiority over an inferior adversary.

Russian forces control Ukrainian airspace and offshore waters.

While the body count of Ukrainian forces mounts by hundreds — killed, wounded and captured — daily, Russian troops press on to take and hold more of the country’s territory.

It’s just a matter of time before Donbass is fully liberated and Ukraine’s military is too badly defeated to continue the futility of going up against overpowering Russian superiority.

Fake news hyperbole by US/Western regimes and their MSM press agents is no match against indisputable reality on the ground.

While fighting continues for how much longer who knows, Russia decisively won the battle for Ukraine.

Truth-telling postmortems remain to explain what US/Western regimes and MSM suppressed from day-one of Russia’s SMO.

They’re coming ahead to set the historical record straight.

3 thoughts on “Kernels of MSM Truth Amid Russia-Bashing Propaganda Rubbish

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman

    If the War stopped now

    Simply geographically
    it would be a tremendous victory for Russia..!

    ” Land the Size of Britian..”

    Soon to be Beachfront Property in Odessa..!

    Call Coldwell Banker..!

    The Eastern Ukraine from Kharkov to Transnistria..

    Is like Maine to Miami


    And the most important part of the Ukraine..
    With Industry, coal and
    Black Sea Ports..!

    Somebody lost
    And it wasn’t Russia..!


    BTW..As pertinent as the Military Aquistions

    and the total Political destruction of the Western sponsored Nazi Regime…

    Everything pales thin compared to the enormous interest

    generated by “who is down there in the Basement” at Azovstol..!

    Astonishingly, everyone is talking about it here.

    Never seen anything like it.

    Beats out the Slap,
    Johhny Depp’s Divorce
    and even Elon Musk..!

    Should be a good indication of what the rest of the world feels also.

    Go Russia..
    To Total Victory..!

    It would be

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you, Mr. Lendman: Good report, and I needed a good report on this morning when all else seems on the brink of collapse and conflagration…”news” of Pelosi’s visit to Ukraine made me unable to stomach breakfast….


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